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Change Logs

* Fri Feb 09 2018
- drop iconv call to avoid double-utf8-encoding of the mail templates
* Mon Jul 24 2017
- Run over with spec-cleaner
- Do not require recode and use iconv for conversions wrt fate#323644
* Mon May 25 2015
- update to
  o Add README.footers and footer-related resources
  o Support ESMTP so OpenSMTPD uses 8 bits (Paul Fariello)
  o Use iconv to convert unknown character sets
  o Handle unfolded header lines better
  o Add a tunable for moderation request lifetime (Timo Boettcher)
  o Ensure mlmmj-send always honours tunables (e.g. relayhost)
  o Fix reason in denial messages for mails without the list in To:
    or CC:
- mlmmj-rpmlintrc
  - removed line about arch dependent files
* Mon Jul 14 2014
- Don't require fdupes on <SLE11
* Mon Mar 24 2014
- update to version
  o simply fixes three bugs, one of which caused mail to be lost,
    so everybody currently running is encouraged to upgrade.
* Sat Jan 25 2014
- Updated source url
* Wed Dec 04 2013
- Update to version
  o Richer list texts (including a new naming scheme, conditionals,
    automatic wrapping and true UTF-8 support).
    See README.listtexts for more details.
  o Notifying posters when their posts are being moderated
    (notifymod tunable).
  o Not-me-too feature to avoid having the poster receiving their
    own messages (notmetoo tunable).
  o Ability to explicitly reject posts (exposed in new list texts).
  o Ability to explicitly obstruct subscriptions
    (exposed in new list texts).
  o Unsubscribe from all versions of a list at once (changed behaviour
    of +unsubscribe[-{digest|nomail}]; they now all remove the
    subscriber from all versions of the list).
  o Ability to switch between different versions of a list by
    using +subscribe[-{digest|nomail|both}] ('both' means normal and
    digest, and is a 'hidden feature' not mentioned in the supplied
    list texts).
  o Subscription ability in php-admin.
- built mlmmj-receive-strip in contrib directory
- move /usr/share/mlmmj/contrib to /usr/share/doc/package/mlmmj/examples
  where it fits better (according to rpmlint)
- addded rpmlintrc to exclude the examples
* Tue Nov 16 2010
- Update to version
  o Check return status in mlmmj-perl-admin when adding subscribers
  o Better validation of input in php-admin
  o Added Turkish translation
  o Fixed security bug in mlmmj-php-admin
  o Added README.postfix to distribution tarball
  o Added contrib/amime-receive
  o Fixed memory leak in substitute_one()
  o Updated German listtexts
  o Updated TUNABLES file
* Tue Apr 06 2010
- Update to version 1.2.17
  o Added ifmodsendonlymodmoderate tunable
  o Replaced class.FastTemplate.php with class.rFastTemplate.php in
  contrib/web/php-admin (Christoph Thiel)
  o Added information about digest and nomail to listhelp
  o Fixed bug in mlmmj-maintd which caused loss of archive files
  in some requeue cases (Robin H. Johnson)
  o Added README.postfix (Jeremy Hinegardner, Andreas Schneider)
  o Added support for digest and nomail to +list (Christoph Wilke)
  o Caseinsensitive string compare for owner addr when +list is
  invoked. Spotted by Pavel Kolar.
  o Added contrib/web/php-moderation (Thomas Goirand)
* Wed Aug 05 2009
- Update to 1.2.16
  o Updated Dutch listtexts
  o Updated Italian listtexts
  o Added Postfix pipe backend support
  o Added support for static bounce addresses
  o Added a sanity check in mlmmj-receive-strip
  o Added miscellaneous sanity checks
  o Disabled digest mails when 'noarchive' is set
  o Added Russian listtexts
  o Fixed mmap()ing of zero-sized files
  o Fixed mlmmj-recieve [sic] for architectures where
    sizeof(int) and sizeof(char *) differ
  o Added support for the 'originalmail' keyword
* Fri Nov 09 2007
- make deny mails more verbose
* Tue Jul 31 2007
- Update to 1.2.15
  o Added --enable-recieve-strip configure option
  o Added unicode support to listtexts
  o Fixed build outside the source directory
  o Moved English listtexts and install all languages
  o Fixed missing exit()s in case of failed execl() calls
  o Changed Message-ID headers to include FQDN
  o Added support for 'discard' keyword in access rules
- fdupe installed files
* Wed May 02 2007
- added mlmmj-1.2.14-discard.patch
  * Implemented discard for the access rules to be able to
    drop unwanted mails without notification
* Tue Apr 17 2007
- update to version 1.2.14
  * Fixed a small memory leak in log_oper() log rotation
  * Added contrib/recievestrip/ MIME processor (Sascha Sommer)
  * Fixed digest multipart boundary (Thanks to Ulrich Mueller)
  * Added support for mail size limit (Christoph Wilke)
  * Ignore empty lines in control files
- droppend patches:
  * mlmmj-1.2.13-find_email_adr.patch <- upstream
  * mlmmj-log.patch <- upstream
- add more and recode listtexts to utf8
* Mon Mar 26 2007
- Fix to/cc parsing of addresses with brackets and quotations
  * mlmmj-1.2.13-find_email_adr.patch
* Thu Jan 25 2007
- log access output to operation log and not to the general log
* Wed Jan 10 2007
- Update to version 1.2.13
- drop patches because they are included
  * mlmmj-defaulttextdir.patch
  * mlmmj-faq.patch
  * mlmmj-nodigestsub.patch
  * mlmmj-nonomailsub.patch
  * mlmmj-send_help-generic.patch
- Sascha reworked the log patch to include the from address when
  mails are denied and display the correct access rule
* Thu Nov 16 2006
- Update to final 1.2.12 which fixes a double free with headers
  containing a = [#220552]
- drop gethdrline patch because its included
* Fri Nov 10 2006
- fix header unfolding. gethdrline() did not handle end-of-file in
  headers correct [#219497]
* Mon Oct 23 2006
- update to RC4 from 1.2.12
  o Fixed memory leak in checkwait_smtpreply()
  o Changed mlmmj-process to look at environment variable DEFAULT
    instead of EXT for qmail (Fabio Busatto)
  o Added Frensh listtext unsub-confirm-digest
  o Fixed EOF handling in checkwait_smtpreply()
  o Fixed header unfolding in gethdrline()
  o Changed German listtexts
  o Changed English listtexts
  o Changed chomp() to also remove CR from CRLF sequences
- add default listtext dir