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Change Logs

* Tue Oct 30 2018 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
- Update to version 28.2.0
  * mkvmerge, mkvinfo, mkvextract, mkvpropedit, MKVToolNix GUI's info
  tool & chapter editor: fixed a case of memory being accessed after
  it had been freed earlier. This can be triggered by specially
  crafted Matroska files and lead to arbitrary code execution. The
  vulnerability was reported as Cisco TALOS 2018-0694 on 2018-10-25
  (CVE-2018-4022). Fixes boo#1113709.
- Update to version 28.1.0
  * mkvmerge: bugfix: AV1 parser: fixed an error in the sequence
  header parser if neither the `reduced_still_picture_header` nor
  the `frame_id_numbers_present_flag` is set.
  bugfix: AV1 parser: when creating the `av1C` structure for the
  Codec Private element the sequence header OBU wasn't copied
  completely: its common data (type field & OBU size among others)
  was missing.
  bugfix: Matroska reader, AV1: mkvmerge will try to re-create the
  `av1C` data stored in Codec Private when reading AV1 from
  Matroska or WebM files created by mkvmerge v28.0.0.
  * MKVToolNix GUI: bugfix info tool: the tool will no longer stop
  scanning elements when an EBML Void element is found after the
  first Cluster element.
- Update to version 28.0.0
  * mkvmerge: New feature: AV1 parser: updated the code for the
  finalized AV1 bitstream specification.
  New feature: AV1 packetizer: updated the code for the finalized
  AV1-in-Matroska & WebM mapping specification.
  New feature: AV1 support: the `--engage enable_av1` option has
  been removed again.
  New feature: MP4 reader: added support for AV1.
  New feature: DTS: implemented dialog normalization gain removal
  for extension substreams.
  New feature: VP9: mkvmerge will now create codec private data
  according to the VP9 codec mapping described in the WebM
  bugfix: JSON identification: fixed a bug when removing invalid
  UTF-8 data from strings before they're output as JSON.
  bugfix: MP4/QuickTime reader: fixed handling of PCM audio with
  FourCC `in24`.
  bugfix: MPEG transport stream reader, teletext subtitles: the
  decision whether or not to keep frames around in order to
  potentially merge them with the following frame is made sooner.
  That avoids problems if there are large gaps between teletext
  subtitle frames which could lead to frames being interleaved
  too late.
  * mkvmerge, mkvextract: New feature: simple text subtitles:
  added a workaround for simple text subtitle tracks that don't
  contain a duration.
  * mkvextract: New feature: added support for extracting AV1 to IVF.
  New feature: IVF extractor (AV1, VP8, VP9): precise values will
  be used for the frame rate numerator & denominator header fields
  for certain well-known values of the track's default duration.
  * MKVToolNix GUI: New feature: automatic scaling for high DPI
  displays is activated if the GUI is compiled with Qt ? 5.6.0.
  New feature: added a menu item ("Help" ? "System information") for
  displaying information about the system MKVToolNix is running on
  in order to make debugging easier.
  New feature: multiplexer, header editor: the user can enter a list
  of predefined track names in the preferences. She can later select
  from them in "track name" combo box.
  * mkvextract: bugfix: IVF extractor (AV1, VP8, VP8): the frame rate
  header fields weren't clamped to 16 bits properly causing wrong
  frame rates to be written in certain situations.
  * mkvpropedit, MKVToolNix GUI's header editor: bugfix: fixed file
  corruption when a one-byte space must be covered with a new EBML
  void element but all surrounding elements have a "size length"
  field that's eight bytes long already.
* Thu Oct 18 2018 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
- Update to version 27.0.0:
  * mkvmerge: New feature: chapters: the timestamps of chapters
  read from containers or from chapter files can be adjusted
  (multiplication and addition) with the new
  `--chapter-sync` option or using the special track ID `-2`
  for the existing `--sync` option.
  Bugfix: AC-3: dialog normalization gain removal was corrupting
  E-AC-3 frames irreversibly by writing checksums in places where
  they didn't belong. Additionally only the first E-AC-3 frame in
  a Matroska was processed but not additional dependent frames in
  the same block.
  * MKVToolNix GUI: New feature: multiplexer: adjusted & added
  controls for mkvmerge's new feature of being able to adjust
  chapter timestamps.
  New feature: multiplexer: the GUI can now ask for confirmation
  when the user is about to create a file that won't contain
  audio tracks. It does this by default if at least one source
  file contains an audio track.
  Bugfix: fixed a leak of Windows font resources leading to a
  general slowdown and subsequent crash.
- Update to version 26.0.0:
  * mkvmerge: New feature: chapter generation: if the name template
  given by `--generate-chapters-name-template` is empty, no names
  will be generated for the chapter atoms.
  New feature: chapters: chapter names generated from MPLS files
  will now use the name template if one is set via
  New feature: mkvmerge will no longer abort with an error message
  if no audio, video and subtitle tracks should be multiplexed.
  This allows copying of chapters from non-chapter source files.
  Bugfix: Matroska reader: fixed wrong timestamps when appending
  Matroska files where the second Matroska file's first timestamp
  is bigger than 0.
  Bugfix: MP4 reader: fixed division by zero errors during file
  identification if the timescale is 0 in the `MVHD` atom.
  Bugfix: Windows Television DVR files are now recognized as an
  unsupported file type. This prevents mis-detection as MPEG-2
  with an accompanying flood of error messages.
  * MKVToolNix GUI: New feature: the font size in the tool
  selector on the left will scale with the font size the
  user selects in the preferences.
  New feature: the GUI will no longer automatically resize the
  columns in tree and list views to match the content size.
  Instead it remembers and restores the widths set by the user.
  New feature: multiplexer: the chapter name template will now be
  set automatically to the name template in the preferences'
  "chapter editor" section. Additionally the option
  `--generate-chapters-name-template ?` will be passed to
  mkvmerge in situations when mkvmerge will generate chapters.
  New feature: chapter editor: if the chapter name template is empty,
  chapters will be generated without names.
  New feature: chapter editor: added an option to remove all chapter
  names to the "additional modifications" dialog.
  Bugfix: info tool: under certain circumstances "cues" were shown at
  the wrong level (inside the previous master element instead of on
  lvel 1).
  Bugfix: job queue: fixed invalid memory handling and consequent
  crashes when using the "edit in corresponding tool & remove from
  job queue" option if one of the files in that job contained
  attached files.
* Wed Aug 08 2018
- Update to 25.0.0:
  * mkvextract: New feature: VobSub extraction: empty SPU packets
    will now be dropped during extraction as other tools such as
    MP4Box cannot handle them correctly.
  Bugfix: fixed a crash when mkvextract with a non-Matroska file as
    the source file.
  * MKVToolNix GUI: New feature:: multiplexer: added options to only
    enable tracks of certain types by default.
  New feature: multiplexer: added an option to enable dialog
    normalization gain removal by default for all audio tracks for
    which the operation is supported.
  New feature: multiplexer: when deriving track languages from the
    file names is active and the file name contains the usual
    season/episode pattern, then only the part after the
    season/episode pattern will be used for detecting the language.
  New feature: multiplexer: the regular expression used for deriving
    track languages from the file names can now be customized in
    the preferences.
  New feature: multiplexer: the user can now customize the list of
    track languages the GUI recognizes in file names. This list
    defaults to a handful of common languages instead of the full
    list of supported languages.
  Bugfix: multiplexer: when scanning playlists, all playlists were
    offered for selection regardless of the value of the "minimum
    playlist duration" setting.
  Bugfix: multiplexer: deriving track languages from file names:
    the regular sub-expressions for ISO 639-1 codes could match
    on empty strings, too, causing matches in wrong places and hence
    no language being recognized in certain situations.
  Bugfix: header editor: fixed a crash when saving the file fails
    (e.g. because it isn't writable).
  Bugfix: header editor: the editor was wrongfully claiming that
    mandatory elements with default values cannot be removed in
    the "status" text.
  Bugfix: preferences: on macOS & Linux the setting "enable copying
    tracks by their type" wasn't restored on program start.
  Bugfix: the central area is now scrollable, allowing the GUI to be
    resized to almost arbitrary sizes.
  Bugfix: multiplexer: the "copy file title to destination file name"
    functionality will now replace everything in the destination file
    name up to the last period instead of only up to the first period.
  * mkvmerge: New feature: SRT/ASS/SSA text subtitles: for files for
    which no encoding has been specified, mkvmerge will try UTF-8
    first before falling back to the system's default encoding.
  New feature: SRT/ASS/SSA/WebVTT text subtitles: a warning is now
    emitted if invalid 8-bit characters are encountered outside valid
    multi-byte UTF-8 sequences.
  New Feature: Matroska & MPEG transport stream readers: the encoding
    of text subtitles read from Matroska files can now be changed
    with the '--sub-charset' parameter.
  New feature: MP4 reader: improved the detection of edit lists
    consisting of two identical entries, each spanning the file's
    duration as given in the movie header atom. The second entry is
    ignored in such cases.
  New feature: JSON identification: the "display unit" video track
    property is now reported as `display_unit`. The JSON schema has
    been bumped to v11 for this change.
  New feature: AVC/h.264: empty NALUs will now be removed.
  New feature: input: format detection uses file-extension to improve
    performance and to give preference when several formats match.
  New feature: AV1: added support for reading AV1 video from
    Open Bitstream Unit files.
  New feature: AV1: adjusted the code for the AV1 bitstream format
    changes made up to 2018-05-02 (git revision d14e878).
  New feature: MP4 reader: if a track has an edit list with two
    identical entries, each spanning the file's duration as given in
    the movie header atom, then the second entry will now be ignored.
    Improves the handling of files with bogus data.
  Bugfix: AVC/h.264 and HEVC: fixed file identification failing
    for certain elementary streams due to internal buffers not
    being cleared properly.
  Bugfix: MLP code: fixed various issues preventing MLP from being
    parsed correctly.
  Bugfix: TrueHD/MLP packetizer; dialog volume normalization removal
    isn't attempted if the track is an MLP track as the operation is
    only supported for TrueHD, not MLP.
  Bugfix: MPEG TS reader: when reading MPLS mkvmerge will now
    compare the MPLS's start and end timestamps against the transport
    stream's PTS instead of its DTS. Otherwise the first key frame of
    a video track might be dropped if it isn't the first in
    presentation order.
  Bugfix: JSON identification: mkvmerge will ensure that all strings
    passed to the JSON output modules are valid UTF-8 encoded strings
    by replacing invalid bytes with placeholder characters. This avoids
    the JSON library throwing an exception and mkvmerge
    aborting on such data.
  Bugfix: audio packetizers: mkvmerge will now keep discard
    padding values if they're present for packets read
    from Matroska files.
  Bugfix:  Ogg Opus reader: packet timestamps aren't calculated by
    summing up the duration of all packets starting with
    timestamp 0 anymore. Instead the algorithm is based on the Ogg page's
    granule position and which packet number is currently timestamped
    (special handling for the first and last packets in the stream).
  Bugfix: E-AC-3 parser: fixed determining the number of channels for
    streams that contain an AC-3 core with dependent E-AC-3 frames.
  Bugfix:  Matroska reader: fixed mkvmerge buffering the whole file if a
    video track is multiplexed that consists of only one or a few frames.
  Bugfix: the "display unit" video track property will now be kept if
    it is set in the source file.
  Bugfix:  MP3 packetizer: removed a memory leak growing linearly with the
    track's size.
  Bugfix: VobSub packetizer: whenever a VobSub packet doesn't contain a
    duration on the container level, mkvmerge will now set it from
    the duration in the SPU packets. Before it was accidentally setting
    the SPU-level duration to 0 instead.
  Bugfix:  track statistics tags: if writing the `Date` element is
    deactivated via `--no-date`, the `_STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC`
    isn't written either anymore.
  Bugfix: removed several small, constant-size memory leaks.
Version: 22.0.0-bp150.1.3
* Mon Apr 09 2018
- Update to 22.0.0:
  * mkvmerge: New feature: AC-3, DTS, TrueHD: added an option for
    removing/minimizing the dialog normalization gain for all
    supported types of the mentioned codecs.
  New feature: AV1: added support for reading AV1 video from IVF,
    WebM and Matroska files.
  New feature: FLAC: mkvmerge can now ignore ID3 tags in FLAC
    files which would otherwise prevent mkvmerge from detecting the
    file type.
  Bugfix: MP4 reader: fixed reading the ESDS audio header atom if
    it is located inside a "wave" atom inside the "stsd" atom.
  Bugfix: MP4 reader: AAC audio tracks signalling eight channels
    in the track headers but only seven in the codec-specific
    configuration will be treated as having eight channels.
  Bugfix: MPEG TS reader: fixed wrong handling of the continuity
    counter for TS packets that signal that TS payload is present
    but where the adaptation field spans the whole TS packet.
  Bugfix: the 'document type version' and 'document type read version'
    header fields are now set depending on which elements are
    actually written, not on which features are active.
  Bugfix: the 'document type version' header field is now set
    to 4 correctly if any of the version 4 Matroska elements
    is written.
  * mkvinfo: New Feature: the size and positions of frames
    within "SimpleBlock" and "BlockGroup" elements are now shown
    the same way they're  shown for other elements.
  Bugfix: summary mode: the file positions reported for frames in
    `BlockGroup` elements did not take the bytes used for
    information such as timestamp, track number flags or lace sizes
    into account. They were therefore too low.
  * mkvpropedit, MKVToolNix GUI header editor: the
    'document type version' and 'document type read version' header
    fields are now updated if elements written by the changes require
    higher version numbers.
  Bugfix: mandatory elements can now be deleted if there's a default
    value for them in the specifications.
  * MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: added options for deriving the
    track languages from the file name by searching for
    ISO 639-1/639-2 language codes or language names enclosed in
    non-word, non-space characters.
  Bugfix: info tool: implemented reading all elements in the file
    after the first cluster. Only top-level elements are shown;
    child elements are only loaded on demand.
  Bugfix: info tool: added a context menu with the option to show a
    hex dump of the element with the bytes making up the EBML ID and
    the size portion highlighted in different colors.
    In-depth highlighting is done for the data in `SimpleBlock`
    and `Block` elements.
  Bugfix: chapter editor: added an option to remove all end
    timestamps to the "additional modifications" dialog.
- Update to 21.0.0:
  * mkvinfo: the GUI portion has been removed. mkvinfo is now a pure
    command-line program again.
  * mkvmerge: New feature: track statistics tags: the `TagDefault`
    element will not be written anymore as it was always set to the
    default value `1` anyway.
  New feature: JSON files can now contain C++-style line comments
    outside of strings. Such comments, even though not part of the
    official JSON specifications, are now ignored when reading JSON
  Bugfix: Appending files with additional parts at the same time
    was broken if more than one additional part was appended.
  Bugfix: FLV reader: a single invalid AAC frame was written for
    AAC audio tracks with codec initialization data longer than five
  Bugfix: FLV reader: timestamps will be normalized down to 0.
  Bugfix: MP4 reader: if an AAC track doesn't contain an
    AAC-specific decoder configuration in the ESDS portion,
    then a default decoder configuration will be generated based on
    the track's header data instead of skipping the track.
  Bugfix: MP4 reader: fixed reading HEVC/h.265 video tracks if
    they're stored as Annex B byte streams inside MP4.
  Bugfix: Ogg Opus reader: mkvmerge will now emit a warning
    instead of aborting when it encounters an Ogg Opus page with
    no data in the packet.
  Bugfix: Matroska parser: fixed a segmentation fault that
    occurred whenever the first level 1 element after resyncing
    after an error in the file structure isn't a cluster.
  Bugfix: fixed a crash during file type detection for
    attachments if MKVToolNix is installed in a path with
    non-ASCII characters (e.g. German Umlauts).
  * MKVToolNix GUI: New Feature: chapter editor: opening a
    Matroska file without chapters in it will now open the file
    in an empty chapter editor instead of showing an error message.
  New Feature: an "info" tool has been added, replacing the
    functionality of mkvinfo's GUI. The functionality is not on
    par yet but will be for release v22.
  Bugfix: MKVToolNix GUI: Bugfix: multiplexer: the subtitle
    character set can now be set for appended subtitle files, too.
  Bugfix: MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: when appending, all tracks
    appended to disabled tracks will start out disabled, too.
  * mkvinfo: the `--hex-positions` parameter did nothing in summary mode.
  Bugfix: mkvinfo: Windows: line endings will be written as `\r\n`
    again instead of just `\n`.
  * mkvpropedit: Bugfix: adding track statistics tags: for tracks
    with content encoding (compression) mkvpropedit is now
    accounting the uncompressed number of bytes, not the encoded
    (compressed) number of bytes.
* Sun Jan 21 2018
- Update to 20.0.0:
  * Feature removal: several deprecated features have been removed:
  mkvmerge: the deprecated options `--identify-verbose`,
    `--identify-for-gui`, `--identify-for-mmg` and
    `--identification-format verbose-text`
  all command line tools: support for the deprecated, old,
    proprietary format used for option files
  all command line tools: support for passing command line
    options via the deprecated environment variables
  * mkvmerge: AVC/h.264 packetizer (framed): access unit delimiter
    NALUs will now be removed.
  bugfix: AVC/h.264 parser: when fixing the bitstream timing
    information mkvmerge will now use exact representations of
    the desired field duration if possible.
  bugfix: AVC/h.264 parser: mkvmerge no longer assumes that
    encountering sequence parameter set or picture parameter set
    NALUs signal the start of a new frame.
  bugfix: AVC/h.264 packetizer (framed): when mkvmerge is told
    to fix the bitstream timing information, it will now update
    all SPS NALUs, not just the ones in the AVCC.
  bugfix: MPEG TS reader: TS packet payloads will only be
    treated as PES packets if the payload actually starts with
    a PES start code. The prior behavior led to wrong timestamps
    and potentially broken frame data.
  bugfix: MPEG TS reader: mkvmerge will now drop incomplete PES
    packets as soon as an error is detected in the transport
    stream instead of passing the incomplete frame to the
    packetizer. An error is assumed either if the
    `transport_error_indicator` flag is set or if the value of
    the `continuity_counter` header field doesn't match the
    expected value.
  bugfix: Opus: when re-muxing Opus from Matroska mkvmerge will
    now write "block duration" elements for all block groups
    where a "discard padding" is set, too.
  bugfix: SRT reader: mkvmerge can now handle SRT files with
    timestamps without decimal places.
  bugfix: read buffer I/O class: the class could get out of sync
    regarding the file position of the underlying file I/O class
    causing wrong data to be returned on subsequent read
    operations. One result was that trying to identifying MPLS
    files that refer to very short M2TS files caused mkvmerge
    to segfault.
  bugfix: multiplexer core: if there's a gap in audio timestamps,
    a new block group/lace will be started for the first frame
    after each gap. Before the fix the frame after the gap was
    often stored in the previous block group causing the gap to
    be in the wrong place: at the end of that block group.
  * mkvextract: bugfix: AVC/h.264: if two consecutive IDR frames
    with the same `idr_pic_id` parameter and no access unit
    delimiters are found between them, mkvextract will insert an
    access unit delimiter in order to signal the start of a new
    access unit.
  * MKVToolNix GUI: bugfix: update check dialog: Markdown links will
    now be converted to clickable links.
* Mon Dec 25 2017
- Update to new upstream release 19.0.0
  * mkvmerge: splitting by duration, by timestamps or by
    timestamp-based parts: mkvmerge will now consider the first
    key frame within 1ms of the requested value to be eligible
    for splitting.
  * mkvmerge: fixed reading text files encoded in UTF-16 order
    UTF-32 that have different forms of line endings (new lines,
    carriage returns or a mix of both).
  * MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: once a "subtitle/chapter
    character set" was set for a track it couldn't be changed
    back to the empty entry (= auto-detection) anymore.
* Tue Dec 12 2017
-Update to 18.0.0:
  * mkvmerge: bugfix: AAC ADTS parser: fixed interpretation of the
    `channel_configuration` header element for ADTS files that do
    not contain a program configuration element: value 7 means
    7.1 channels.
  bugfix: Matroska identification: the `date_local` and
    `date_utc` attributes will only be output if the identified
    Matroska file actually contains the "date" header field.
  bugfix: WebVTT: mkvmerge did not recognize timestamp lines if
    the hours components were absent.
  enhancement: AVC & HEVC ES parsers: performance improvements
    by copying much less memory around.
  enhancement: tags: reintroduced a workaround for non-compliant
    files with tags that do not contain the mandatory `SimpleTag`
    element. This workaround was removed during code refactoring
    in release v15.0.0.
  * mkvpropedit: bugfix: GUI's header editor: the `date` header
    field won't be added automatically anymore whenever the
    segment info section is edited and the `date` element is
    either deleted or not present in the first place.
  * GUI: multiplexer: the "AAC is SBR/HE-AAC/AAC+" checkbox in
    the "audio properties" section will be disabled if the
    functionality is not implemented for the selected track's
    codec & container.
  enhancement: multiplexer: the "reduce to core" checkbox in
    the "audio properties" section will be disabled if the
    functionality is not implemented for the selected track's
* Wed Nov 08 2017
- Update to 17.0.0:
  * The word "timecode" has been changed to "timestamp" everywhere.
  This affects program output (including mkvinfo's), GUI controls,
  command line parameters (e.g. `mkvmerge --timestamp-scale ?`) and
  file formats.
  All programs remain backwards compatible insofar as they still
  accept "timecode" in all those places.
  * mkvextract's command line interface has been changed to allow
  extraction of multiple items at the same time.
  * mkvmerge: New feature: AC-3: during identification regular AC-3
    and E-AC-3 tracks will now be identified differently for most
    container formats (exception: AVI, Real Media, Ogg/OGM).
    The codec will be reported as `AC-3` for regular AC-3 and as
    `E-AC-3` for E-AC-3 tracks instead of the combined `AC-3/E-AC-3`.
  bugfix: AAC ADTS parser: mkvmerge will now parse the
    `program_config_element` if it is located at the start of an AAC
    frame in order to determine the actual number of channels.
    This overrides invalid channel configurations in the ADTS headers.
  bugfix: fixed AC-3 being misdetected as encrypted MPEG program
    streams under certain conditions.
  bugfix: Dirac: under certain conditions (e.g. only muxing a single
    Dirac track without any other tracks) mkvmerge was always setting
    the pixel width & height to 123. The frame rate was wrong, too.
  bugfix: E-AC-3 in Matroska: if AC-3 cores and their corresponding
    E-AC-3 extension are located in two different Matroska blocks,
    then mkvmerge will now re-assemble them into a single block and
    only use the first block's timestamp.
  bugfix: SRT reader: fixed calculating the duration of entries
    starting with at a negative timestamp.
  bugfix: VC-1: under certain conditions (e.g. only muxing a single
    VC-1 track without any other tracks) mkvmerge was always setting
    the pixel width & height to 123. The frame rate was wrong, too.
  bugfix: command line options: an error message will be output if
    the single-value-form of the `--sync` option is used and it
    isn't a number (e.g. `--sync 0:asd`).
  * mkvpropedit, GUI's header editor: bugfix: both programs will now
    show proper error messages instead of crashing when certain
    kinds of data corruption is found when reading a file.
- Update to 16.0.0:
  * mkvmerge: New feature MP4 reader: added support for Vorbis.
  bugfix: AAC reader: mkvmerge will now emit an error message for
    AAC files whose header fields imply a sampling frequency
    or number of channels of 0.
  bugfix: AVC/h.264 ES parser: fixed the calculation of reference
    information for P and B frames. This also fixes some P frames
    being marked as B frames and vice versa.
  bugfix: AVC/h.264 ES parser: only non-key frames that have the
    NALU header field `nal_ref_idc` set to 0 will be marked as
    "discardable" in `SimpleBlock` elements. Other half of the
    fix for #2047.
  bugfix: HEVC/h.265: the generation of the HEVCC structure
    stored in `CodecPrivate` was wrong in two places:
    1. the position of the number of sub-layers was swapped with
    reserved bits and 2. the VPS/SPS/PPS/SEI lists did not start
    with a reserved 1 bit.
  bugfix: output: the `doc type version` will be set at least
    to 2 if certain elements are written (`CodecState`,
    `CueCodecState`, `FlagInterlaced`).
  bugfix: output: the track header attributes `MinCache` and
    `MaxCache` will not be written anymore.
  bugfix: Matroska reader: the "key" and "discardable" flags of
    SimpleBlock elements will be kept as they are.
  bugfix: Matroska reader: if present in the file,
    the "white colour coordinate x" track header attribute was
    written to both "white colour coordinate x" and
    "white colour coordinate y" in the output file.
  bugfix: Opus output: mkvmerge will now put all frames with
    discard padding into their own block group.
  * MKVToolNix GUI: Bugfix: header editor: removed the check for
    external modification when saving the file.
  bugfix: job queue: fixed calculation of total progress when
    automatic removal of completed is enabled.
* Thu Aug 31 2017
- Update to 15.0.0:
  * Requires libebml >= 1.3.5
  * Dropped disable-update-check.patch (upstream now provides
    configure option for disabling the update check).
  * mkvmerge, mkvpropedit, GUI's header and chapter editors: the
    programs will no longer add most missing Matroska elements that
    are mandatory but have a default value in the Matroska
    specification (e.g. the `TagLanguage` element with a value of
    `und` if it isn't present in its `SimpleTag` parent).
  * mkvmerge: the option `--colour-matrix` has been renamed to
    `--colour-matrix-coefficients` in order to match the
    specification more closely. The old option name will
    continue to be recognized as well.
  * all: bugfix: selecting the program's language (e.g. via the
    `--ui-language`command-line option or via the GUI's
    preferences) did not work on Linux & Unix if the `LANGUAGE`
    environment variable was set and didn't include the desired
  * MKVToolNix GUI: new feature: multiplex tool: added a new entry
    to the "source files" context menu labeled "Set destination
    file name from selected file's name". It will force the GUI
    to consider the selected file to be the reference for
    automatically setting the file name, no matter which file was
    originally added as the first file. It will also force setting
    the destination file name once if automatic destination file
    name generation is turned off in the preferences.
  new feature: multiplex tool: added an option in the preferences
    on "Multiplexer" ? "Output" labeled "Only use the first source
    file that contains a video track". If enabled, only source
    files containing video tracks will be used for setting the
    destination file name. Other files that are added are ignore.
  new feature: header editor: added support for editing the video
    colour attributes.
  new feature: header editor: added support for the "video
    projection" track header attributes.
  new feature: job queue: selected jobs can now be move up and
    down by pressing the `Ctrl+Up` and `Ctrl+Down` keys.
    Additionally, push buttons to move them up & down are shown
    if the corresponding option is enabled in the preferences.
  bugfix: removed the keyboard shortcuts for switching between
    the different tools (e.g. `Ctrl+Alt+1` for the multiplexer).
    They overlapped with basic functionality on keyboards that
    use an `AltGr` key, e.g. German ones, where `AltGr+7` emits
    `{`. As `AltGr+key` is implemented as `Ctrl+Alt+key` under the
    hood, this means that `AltGr+7` is really `Ctrl+Alt+7` which
    the GUI now took to mean "switch to the job queue" instead of
    "insert `{`".
  bugfix: header editor: after saving the file the GUI wasn't
    updating its internal file modification timestamp. That lead
    to the GUI wrongfully claiming that the file had been
    modified externally when the user wanted to save the file
    once more, requiring a reload of the file losing all
    modifications made since saving the first time.
  * mkvmerge: new feature: added support for the
    "video projection" track header attributes.
  bugfix: DTS handling: some source files provide timestamps for
    audio tracks only once every `n` audio frames.
    In such situations mkvmerge was buffering too much data
    resulting in a single gap in the timestamps of one frame
    duration after frame number `n - 1` (the second audio
    timestamp read from the source file was used one output
    frame too early).
  * mkvinfo: new feature: added support for the
    "video projection" track header attributes.
  bugfix: fixed a null pointer dereference if an `EbmlBinary`
    element's data pointer is a null pointer.
  * mkvpropedit: new feature: added support for editing the
    video colour attributes.
  new feature: added support for the "video projection"
    track header attributes.
* Fri Aug 25 2017
- Split boost-devel BuildRequires for Tumbleweed
- Update to version 14.0.0
  * mkvmerge, mkvpropedit, MKVToolNix GUI (chapter editor):
  new feature: added support for chapters in WebM files that is
    spec-compliant by removing all tag elements not supported
    by the WebM spec.
  * translations: added a Romanian translation of the programs.
  * mkvmerge: bugfix: AVC/h.264 and HEVC/h.265 parser: fixed wrong
    frame order & timestamp calculation in certain situations when
    SPS (sequence parameter sets) or PPS (picture parameter sets)
    change mid-stream.
  bugfix: MPEG-1/-2 video: the "remove stuffing bytes" feature
    introduced in v5.8.0 was broken. In a lot of situations it
    did not detect the end of a slice correctly and removed 0 bytes
    that were actually part of the slice structure. Often there
    were no visual problems as decoders were able to ignore such
    errors, but in other cases there are visual artifacts upon
    decoding. As detecting the slice end properly requires parsing
    the whole slice structure, this feature has been removed again.
  bugfix: MPEG PS reader: fixed mkvmerge trying to handle an "end"
    code the same way as a "program stream map" code.
  bugfix: MPEG TS reader: mkvmerge won't emit warnings if the
    system's `iconv` library doesn't support the ISO 6937
    character set.
  bugfix: when appending fails the error message details (e.g.
    "the number of channels differs: 1 and 2") were often not output.
  new feature: AAC: implemented support for AAC with 960 samples per
  new feature: identification: if the encoding/character set of a
    text subtitle track is known (e.g. because a byte order mark is
    present in the file), then it will be output during
    identification as the `encoding` property.
  new feature: WAV reader: added support for Wave64 files.
  * MKVToolNix GUI: bugfix: multiplex tool: implemented a workaround
    for a crash that could occur during drag & drop if at least one
    of the columns is hidden.
  bugifx: multiplex tool: appended tracks can no longer be enabled
    (selected for multiplexing) if the track they're going to be
    appended to is not enabled.
  bugifx: multiplex tool: if the GUI is set to ensure unique output
    file names, it will now verify that right before starting to
    multiplex/adding the job to the queue, too.
  bugifx: fixed the total progress reverting to 0% instead of
    staying at 100% when all jobs have finished. This was introduced
    by the attempt at fixing the computation of the value of total
    progress bar for multiple jobs running.
  new feature: multiplexer: if the encoding/character set of a
    subtitle track cannot be changed, the GUI will deactivate the
    "subtitle character set" drop-down box and ignore changes to it
    when multiple tracks are selected. Additionally, if the track's
    encoding is known and cannot be changed (e.g. due to a
    byte order mark in the file), that encoding will be selected in
    the drop-down box automatically. Both changes signal to the user
    that she doesn't have to take care of the encoding herself.
  new feature: chapter editor: added a function to the "additional
    modifications" dialog for calculating and setting the end
  new feature: changed the shortcuts for switching between the
    various tools from `Alt+number` (e.g. `Alt+1` for the multiplexer
    tool) to `Ctrl+Alt+number` in order to avoid clashing with
    Windows' input method for arbitrary characters (pressing and
    holding `Alt` and typing the codepoint on the number pad).
  new feature: added a "Window" menu and entries with shortcuts for
    selecting the next (`Ctrl+F6`) respectively previous tab
    (`Ctrl+Shift+F6`) in the current tool.
* Thu Jul 13 2017
- Update to version 13.0.0
  * mkvmerge: new feature: MPEG TS reader: information about
    multiple programs will be output as container properties during
    verbose/JSON identification.
  bugfix: MP4 reader: MPEG-1/2 video read from MP4 files was written
    with an invalid codec ID (e.g. `V_MPEG7`) in certain cases.
  bugfix: MPEG PS reader: made the file type detection less strict
    so that garbage at the start of the file doesn't prevent detection.
  bugfix: MPEG PS reader: (E-)AC-3 tracks were not detected if the very
    first packet for that track didn't contain a full (E-)AC-3 frame.
  bugfix: MPEG TS reader: fixed mkvmerge not detecting all tracks in
    MPEG transport streams containing multiple programs.
  bugfix: MPEG TS reader: fixed track content being broken for some
    tracks read from MPEG transport streams containing multiple programs.
  bugfix: JSON identification: the `stream_id` and `sub_stream_id`
    track properties were output as hexadecimal strings instead
    of unsigned integers. As the `ts_pid` track property was only
    used for MPEG transport streams, its value is now output as
    `stream_id` instead, and the `ts_pid` property has been removed.
    The JSON schema version has been bumped to 8 due to this change.
  bugfix: fixed a crash when appending video tracks where one track
    has a CodecPrivate member and the other one doesn't.
  bugfix: track statistics tags: the `NUMBER_OF_BYTES` tag
    is supposed to contain the number of bytes in a track before any
    of the content encoding schemes such as lossless compression
    is applied; however, mkvmerge was wrongfully using the number of
    bytes after the schemes had been applied.
  bugfix: CLPI & MPLS parsers: MPLS and CLPI files with version
    number `0300` as used on Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs are
    now accepted as well.
  * MKVToolNix GUI: new feature: multiplex tool: added a column
    "program" to the tracks list. Certain container types such
    as MPEG transport streams can contain multiple programs.
    The new column will contain the service name (think TV station
    names such as "arte HD") for such streams.
  bugfix: fixed computation of value of total progress bar for
    multiple jobs running.
  bugfix: multiplexer, adding new attachments: when the GUI checks
    if there's an attachment with the same name it will now
    disregard disabled attached files.
  new feature: multiplex tool: the dialog asking the user what to
    do with dropped files (add to current settings, add to new
    settings etc.) now remembers the previous decision and defaults
    to it the next time it's shown.
  new feature: tabs can now be closed by pressing the middle mouse
  * mkvpropedit: bugfix: fixed a crash when the selector used
    for `--tags` is invalid.
* Tue Jun 06 2017
- Adjust usage of gccN-c++ for Leap42 and SLE12
* Tue May 30 2017
- Update to version 12.0.0
  * MKVToolNix GUI: new feature: the key combination
    Ctrl+Shift+Space will now toggle the selection of the current
    item in all tree views where multiple selections are allowed.
  new feature: chapter editor: added the extension `*.cue`
    to the "open chapter file" dialog.
  bugfix:preferences ? job actions, type "play audio file":
    the GUI will no longer clear the audio file name input if the
    user aborts the audio file selection dialog.
  bugfix: multiplexer tool: the "show command line" dialog will no
    longer include the mkvmerge executable's location as the first
    argument for the two "MKVToolNix option files" escape modes.
  bugfix: header editor: empty track language elements are now
    treated the same as those set to invalid ISO 639-2 codes:
    as if they were set to `und` = "undetermined".
  new feature: watch jobs: the user can now have the GUI execute
    an action once as soon as the current job or the whole queue
    finishes. The actions are the same ones that can be configured
    to be run automatically after job or queue completion.
  new feature: implemented several built-in actions that can be
    executed either on special events or once via the "watch jobs"
    tool. These are: playing an audio file; hibernating, sleeping
    and shutting down the computer.
  new feature: multiplex tool: added a new option for what to do
    after starting to multiplex/adding to the job queue:
    "close current settings" will close the current multiplex
    settings without opening new ones.
  * mkvmerge: New feature: cue sheet parser: if the cue sheet
    contains a non-empty `TITLE` entry and if no other segment title
    has been set yet, then the segment title will be set to the
    cue sheet's `TITLE` value.
  new feature: added an option `--no-date` that prevents the "date"
    field from being written to the segment information headers.
  new feature: FLAC reader: added support for handling embedded
    pictures as attachments.
  new feature: MP4 reader: Added support for parsing the "COLR"
    atom and including its values as track headers.
  bugfix: HEVC/h.265 parser: fixed the superfluous copying of the
    'bitstream_restriction_flag' and its dependent flags in the
    VUI parameters of the sequence parameter sets if the timing
    information is present, too.
  bugfix: MPEG TS reader, AAC parser: the MPEG TS reader will now
    force the AAC parser to use the multiplex mode that the MPEG TS
    reader has detected. This prevents the AAC packetizer from
    mis-detecting it in its own attempt to identify the mode.
  bugfix: MPEG TS reader: valid MPEG transport streams that start
    with an h.264/h.265 start code were not recognized as a
    supported file type.
  bugfix: MPEG TS reader: fixed a potential read access from
    invalid memory addresses in the code parsing the program
    map table (PMT).
  bugfix: MPEG TS reader: if packets are encountered that belong
    to a PID not listed in the program map table (PMT), mkvmerge
    will attempt to determine their type and codec from the content.
    This supported content types are AAC (ADTS only) and AC-3.
  bugfix: MP4 reader: fixed finding and parsing the `colr` atom if
    there are more than one video extension atoms and the `colr` atom
    is not the first one.
  bugfix: MP4 reader: the `nclx` colour type of the `colr` atom is
    now recognized, too.
  bugfix: AAC parser: fixed mis-detection of certain data as valid
    ADTS AAC headers resulting in memory allocation failures.
  bugfix: AVC/h.264 parser: mkvmerge will now ignore bogus timing
    information in the sequence parameter sets.
  bugfix: AVC/h.264 & HEVC/h.265 parsers: all trailing zero bytes
    will now be removed from NALUs.
  bugfix: HEVC/h.265 parser: fixed copying the
    `bitstream_restriction_flag` and all dependent fields in the VUI
    parameters of the sequence parameter sets.
  bugfix: HEVC/h.265 parser: fixed the calculation of the number of
    parameter set arrays in the HEVCC data structure stored in
  * mkvpropedit: bugfix: header editor: added support for editing the
    "date" segment information field.
* Tue Mar 28 2017
- Update to new release 10.0.0
  * mkvmerge: new feature AVC/h.264 and HEVC/h.265 parser: mkvmerge
    will now drop all frames before the first key frame as they
    cannot be decoded properly anyway.
  new feature HEVC/h.265 parser: added a workaround for invalid
    values for the "default display window" in the VUI parameters
    of sequence parameter sets.
  bugfix MP4 reader: fixed track offsets being wrong in certain
    situations regarding the presence or absence of edit lists
    ('elst' atoms) & composition timestamps ('ctts' atoms).
  bugfix MP4 reader: offsets in "ctts" are now always treated
    as signed integers, even with version 0 atoms.
  bugfix Matroska reader: fixed handling BlockGroups and
    SimpleBlocks with negative timestamps.
  bugfix MP3 packetizer: the MP3 packetizer will no longer drop
    timestamps from source containers if they go backwards.
    This keeps A/V in sync for files where the source was in sync
    even though their timestamps aren't monotonic increasing.
  bugfix AVC/h.264 parser: mkvmerge will now drop timestamps
    from the source container if no frame is emitted for that
  bugfix HEVC/h.265 parser: mkvmerge will now drop timestamps
    from the source container if no frame is emitted for that
  * mkvinfo: the timestamps of SimpleBlocks with negative
  timestamps are now shown correctly.
  * mkvextract: SSA/ASS: fixed extraction when the "Format"
  line in the "[Events]" section contains less fields than the
  default for SSA/ASS would indicate.
* Mon Feb 20 2017
- Update to new release 9.9.0
  * mkvmerge: AC-3 handling: some source files provide timestamps
    for audio tracks only once every n audio frames. In such
    situations mkvmerge was buffering too much data resulting in
    a single gap in the timestamps of one frame duration after frame
    number n - 1 (the second audio timestamp read from the source
    file was used one output frame too early).
  bugfix MP4 reader: mkvmerge was only reading a small part of MP4
    DASH files where the first "moov" "mdat" atoms occur before the
    first "moof" atom.
  bugfix MP4 reader: edit list ("edts" atoms) that are part of the
    "moof" atoms used in MP4 DASH files weren't parsed. Instead the
    edit lists from the main track headers inside the "moov" atom
    were used.
  bugfix MP4 reader: when an MP4 DASH file contained both normal
    chunk offset table in their regular "moov" atoms, a
    sample-to-chunk table ("stsc" atom) whose last entry had a
    "samples per chunk" count greater than 1 and DASH "trun" atoms,
    then mkvmerge was calculating wrong positions the frame content.
  bugfix MP4 reader: mkvmerge couldn't deal with the key frame index
    table having duplicate entries. The result was that only key
    frames up to and including the first duplicate entry were marked
    as key frames in the output file. All other frames weren't, even
    though some of them were referenced from the key frame table
    after the first duplicate entry.
  bufix MP4 reader: when an MP4 file contained more than one copy of
    the "moov" atom (the track headers etc.), mkvmerge was parsing
    them all adding tracks multiple times.
  bugfix MP4 reader: fixed an integer overflow during the timestamp
    calculation leading to files with wrong timestamps. Such files
    could not be played back properly by most players.
  bugfix MPEG TS reader: if the PMT lists a DVBSUB track, mkvmerge
    will now recognize it without having to find a packet for it
    within the probed range.
  bugfix splitting by parts (both the "timestamps" and the "frames"
    variants): fixed the calculation of track statistics tags. When
    calculating the duration the skipped portions weren't taken into
    account leading to a too-high duration. As a consequence the BPS
    tag (bits per second) was wrong, too.
  bugfix reading files with DVB/HDMV TextSV subtitle tracks with
    invalid CodecPrivate caused mkvmerge to abort with an error
    from boost::format about the format string not having enough
  bugfix: fixed misdetection of certain AC-3 files as MP3 files
    which led to an error message that
    "the demultiplexer could not be initialized".
  bugfix: fixed huge memory consumption when appending big Matroska
    files with sparse tracks (e.g. forced subtitle tracks).
    The Matroska reader will now queue at most 128 MB of data.
  bugfix MP4 reader: the timestamps of all multiplexed tracks will
    now be 0-based properly.
  bugfix MP4 reader: the DTS-to-PTS offsets given by the "ctts"
    atoms are now applied for all tracks containing a "ctts" atom,
    not just h.264 & h.265 tracks.
  * Some new features and enhancements
- Now required for man pages:
  libxslt-tools, docbook-xsl-stylesheets  and po4a
* Fri Jan 27 2017
- Update to new release 9.8.0
  * mkvmerge: MP4 reader: when an MP4 file contained fewer entries
  for timestamps than frames (which they never should), mkvmerge
  would use 0 as the timestamp for all the other frames. This
  resulted in effects such as the last frame of an output file
  having a timestamp of 0 and in split files having a much longer
  duration than they should have. Fixes #1847.
  bug fix: the MPEG transport stream reader was using an outdated
  format for the "CodecPrivate" element for HDMV TextST subtitles.
  This has been updated to the current format which only contains
  the "dialog style element". Existing Matroska files using this
  outdated scheme can be fixed by running them through mkvmerge.
  bug fix: files smaller than 4 bytes were wrongly identified as
  MPEG transport streams.
  bug fix: if a codec delay is set for a track in the input file,
  it is kept. Fixes #1849. bug fix: fixed that the error message
  "not enough space on disk" was shown twice on some operating systems.
  teletext subtitle bug fix: fixed the handling of DVB teletext subtitles
  signaled with data unit ID 0x02 and that contain pages from multiple magazines.
  bug fix: when using --track-order without specifying all tracks,
  the track numbers could end up in a way the user did not expect.
  Now mkvmerge will always assign track numbers for those tracks
  that are listed in --track-order first. The other tracks are
  assigned numbers afterwards. Fixes the second part of #1832.
  bug fix: when reading Matroska files the movie title was always
  taken from the first Matroska source file, even if that file
  didn't have a title set. Fixes one part of #1832.
  MP4: fixed detection of MP3 audio when the object type ID in the
  ESDS signals MP2 and the track headers have invalid values for
  number of channels or sampling frequency. Fixes #1844.
  The command line option "--check-for-updates" has been removed.
  * GUI: the cache cleanup process that's run automatically when
  the GUI starts no longer blocks file identification until it
  is finished. Additionally the process will only be run once
  per release of MKVToolNix. Fixes #1860.
  certain failures during file identification that can be
  traced to broken installations won't be stored in the cache
  anymore. Without this fix the GUI would still use the cached
  failed identification result even though the underlying
  might have already been fixed.
  multiplexer: changing default values in the preferences (e.g. the
  default track language to set) did not affect files whose
  identification results had already been cached.
  multiplex tool bug fix: under certain circumstances the GUI was
  creating invalid JSON files when starting to multiplex resulting
  in an error message ("JSON option files must contain a JSON
  array consisting solely of JSON strings").
  re-worked the startup code not to use lock files when trying to
  open a socket for communicating with an already-running instance.
  This aims to prevent situations with stale lock files not being
  cleaned up and the GUI not starting anymore as a result.
  This might fix or prevent issues like #1805.
  * A lot of new features and enhancements, please refer to
- Rebased disable-update-check.patch
- spec file cleanup
- Adjusted BuildRequires
  * Since 9.7.1 QT >= 5.3 is required
  * Since 9.7.1 a c++ compiler with some c++14 features is required
    e.g. gcc >= 4.9 or clang >= 3.4
* Wed Nov 30 2016
- Update to new release 9.6.0
  * mkvmerge: bug fix: mkvmerge was entering endless loops under
    certain conditions when appending files.
    MPLS parser bug fix: fixed reading the "in" & "out"
    timestamps for "play items". This bug resulted in mkvmerge
    not reading the correct range from the referenced M2TS file
    under certain rare circumstances.
  * MKVToolNix GUI: job output tool bug fix: the button for
    acknowledging warnings & errors wasn't properly disabled when
    the user used outside methods of acknowledging them
  * mkvextract: VobSub bug fix: mkvextract will add a "langidx"
    line to the .idx file upon extraction.
  * mkvmerge & mkvextract: added support for HDMV TextST subtitles.
* Thu Oct 27 2016
- Update to new release 9.5.0
  * mkvmerge: bug fix: The Ogg/OGM reader did not recognize Opus
    files with comment headers anymore.
    WAV reader bug fix: the track properties (channels, samplerate)
    for DTS and AC-3 in WAV will now be derived from the decoded
    bitstream headers instead of the WAV file header as the latter
    is often incorrect.
    WAV reader bug fix: fixed detection and merging of DTS in WAV
    that uses the 14-bytes-in-16-bytes packing method.
    MPEG transport stream reader bug fix: fixed mis-detection of
    certain h.264 files as MPEG transport streams.
    MPEG transport stream reader bug fix: fixed the handling of
    Blu-ray PCM audio with an odd number of channels by removing
    their alignment bytes.
    h.264 elementary stream handling bug fix: if mkvmerge ever
    encounters changing SPS or PPS NALUs (ones where their ID has
    been encountered before with different settings) in the h.264
    then it will prepend all following key frames with all
    currently active SPS and PPS NALUs. This enables playback from
    arbitrary key frames even if they require other SPS or PPS
    settings than the ones stored in the AVCC in CodecPrivate.
    VobSub handling bug fix: mkvmerge and mkvextract will now
    update the duration stored in the SPU bitsream with the
    duration from the container level if it differs at least 1ms.
  * mkvprpedit, MKVToolNix GUI: Added support for "field order"
    video track header element.
- Use GPG signature for verification.
* Fri Sep 16 2016
- Update to new release 9.4.2:
  * mkvmerge: bug fix: using very large --sync values with certain
    container formats was causing mkvmerge to abort muxing.
    bug fix: fixed an invalid memory access (use after free)
    during global destruction phase.
    bug fix: HEVC parser: fixed three invalid memory accesses.
    bug fix: MP4 reader: fixed an invalid memory access
    bug fix: AAC reader: fixed mkvmerge throwing an uncaught
    exception due to the sample rate being 0.
    bug fix: MP4 reader: an error message will be printed
    instead of an uncaught exception when an invalid atom chunk
    size is encountered during resync.
    bug fix: AVC & HEVC readers: the readers will now refuse to
    handle files where the detected pixel width or height is
    equal to or less than 0.
* Thu Sep 01 2016
- Update to new upstream release 9.4.0:
  * MKVToolNix GUI: merge tool bug fix: the automatic adjustments
    to the output file name based on the track types selected for
    muxing and the mechanism for keeping output file names unique
    had been broken since release v9.3.0.
    chapter editor bug fix: overly long chapter names don't cause
    the GUI's window to become overly wide anymore.
  * mkvmerge: bug fix: mkvmerge does no longer emit a warning if no
    comment header packet is found when reading tracks from
    Ogg/OGM files.
    bug fix: VP8 in Ogg: fixed dropping the first frame and the
    timestamp calculation.
    bug fix: when appending files mkvmerge wasn't starting clusters
    on video key frame anymore for the first and all following
    appended files.
    DTS bug fix: if present mkvmerge will use an XLL extension's
    sample rate information as the sample rate to put into
    the track headers.
  * mkvpropedit: bug fix: mkvpropedit will no longer say that it's
    writing the changes if only attachment changes are specified
    and none of the specified attachments can be found.
  * Some enhancements, please refer to the changelog within the
* Fri Jul 15 2016
- Update to new upstream release 9.3.1:
  * libebml >= 1.3.4 and libmatroska >= 1.4.5 are now required
  * A lot of bugfixes and new features, new mkv elements are
    supported, for a list of all changes, please refer to the
    changelog provided by the package.
* Tue May 31 2016
- Update to new upstream release 9.2.0:
  * mkvmerge: bug fix: the "interval" chapter generation mode was
  always creating one chapter too many.
  bug fix: if a certain number of chapters had been generated with
  - -generate-chapters then mkvmerge wasn't replacing the void
  placerholder with the actual chapters.
  bug fix: fixed detection of (E-)AC-3 in MPEG TS files with
  unusual stream types (e.g. 0x87) but with (E-)AC-3 PMT
  * mkvmerge, mkvextract: bug fix: fixed handling of Big Endian PCM
  with a bit depth other than 16, 32 or 64 bits/sample. Other
  formats were using the Little Endian codec ID, but their content
  was actually not byte-swapped to match it. Now those other bit
  depths are byte-swapped to Little Endian, too.
  * MKVToolNix GUI: merge tool bug fix: the track column "default
  track in output" wasn't taking into account if the track had its
  "default track" flag set to "no" in the source file. This would
  result in the column showing "yes" in certain situations even
  though mkvmerge would assign "no".
  * Some other improvements, some enhancements and other bugfixes,
  please refer to the changelog file provides with the package.
* Mon Apr 25 2016
- Update to new upstream release 9.1.0:
  * mkvmerge: bug fix: AVC/h.264: fixed handling of interlaced frames
  with bottom field first.
  bug fix: mkvmerge will no longer abort reading a Matroska file
  with a structural error right before the first cluster.
  bug fix: the "text_subtitles" property of the JSON/verbose
  identification modes was always set to true for all subtitle
  tracks, even for those that aren't text subtitles (VobSub, PG).
  bug fix: the language code signaled in the MPEG TS PMT is taken
  into account when selecting the character encoding to use
  during decoding of the teletext subtitles, not just the
  "national character set" stored in the teletext page headers.
  * MKVToolNix GUI: bug fix: Fixed huge memory consumption in the
  JSON library by updating said JSON library.
  bug fix: In merge-tool: when adding playlists the GUI won't ask
  the user whether or not to scan if there's only a single
  playlist in that directory.