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Change Logs

* Thu Jan 09 2020 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- With the upgrade to 2.3.0d6 obsoleted these patches:
  * mininet-2.2.1-private-mount.patch
  * mininet-2.2.1-fallback-to-ovs-testcontroller.patch
  * mininet-2.2.1-add-ovs-testcontroller.patch
  * mininet-2.2.1-default-ofport.patch
* Thu Jan 09 2020 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Rename back to mininet as it is simple tool only
- Build with just python3 in mind
* Wed Dec 11 2019 Erico Mendonca <>
- Upgraded to version 2.3.0d6.
- Removed previous patches, as they seem to have been merged upstream.
- SPEC remade to conform to python single-spec.
- Enabled tests (but they seem to required a root user).
Version: 2.2.1-bp150.2.4
* Mon Mar 13 2017
- Adjust openvswitch dependencies since the openvswitch and openvswitch-dpdk
  packages have been merged into a single 'openvswitch' package.
* Fri Nov 25 2016
- Use the openvswitch capabilities as dependencies to accept the
  openvswitch-dpdk packages as well.
* Thu Mar 24 2016
- Cherry-pick upstream patches (and one from PR) to fix compatibility
  with latest OVS releases.
  * Add mininet-2.2.1-add-ovs-testcontroller.patch: Take renamed
    ovs-testcontroller into consideration when checking for existing
    OVS controllers.
  * Add mininet-2.2.1-fallback-to-ovs-testcontroller: Fixes previous
    upstream patch to use the ovs-testcontroller if it's present.
  * Add mininet-2.2.1-default-ofport: Adds support for the new OpenFlow
    port if the controller listens to it.
* Mon Feb 29 2016
- Initial commit of version 2.2.1
  * Add upstream mininet-2.2.1-private-mount.patch: Fixes mounts
    with newer systemd