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Change Logs

Version: 1.2.1-bp151.1.2
* Mon Dec 10 2018
- Use pkgconfig(libav*) to refer to ffmpeg
* Mon Oct 22 2018 Ismail Dönmez <>
- Fix a typo in spec file
- Use %license
* Mon Dec 11 2017
- update service file: add reload action
* Mon Dec 11 2017
- Cleanup spec file with spec-clener
* Sun Dec 10 2017
- reworked specfile based on fedora variant
- switched to systemd
- added patch minidlna-vdr.diff to serve vdr files
- update to 1.2.1 release
  - Added Movian client detection and subtitle support.
  - Fixed an issue with discovery on non-Linux systems.
  - Fixed Bonjour discovery compatibility with TiVo Bolt.
  - Fixed NFO file parsing, and added change monitoring support for them.
  - Added a workaround for video thumbnails on some Samsung clients.
  - Added DoS protection for event subscriptions.
  - Fixed content browsing issues with some Samsung TVs.
  - Improved non-destructive update scan support.
- update to 1.2.0 release
  - Add libavformat > 57 compatibility.
  - Add TiVo Bonjour discovery support using Avahi for Bolt.
  - Improve Samsung BD-J5500 support.
  - Add quirk to fix video playback on Hyundai TVs.
  - Add non-destructive update rescan support.
  - Enhance bookmark support to work with Kodi.
- update to 1.1.6 release
  - Add AllShare and Windows client detection.
  - Update support for LG2012 TV.
  - Fix Samsung bookmarking on magic containers.
  - Fix SQL error when moving captions.
  - Add wide_links config option.
  - Fix external subtitles on Samsung Series J.
  - Add string localization support for magic containers.
  - Rework NLS init to work with non-en_US locales.
- update to 1.1.5 release
  - Re-enable Samsung DCM10, which adds video bookmarks and "BasicView" support.
  - Allow SSDP M-SEARCH from other subnets.
  - Fix some nfo file character escaping.
  - Fix crash with >3 network interfaces.
  - Support rotation of monochrome JPEGs.
  - Handle cover art streams that come after the video stream.
  - Recognize new hard links with inotify.
  - Work around LG TV ordering bug.
  - Implement TiVo image PixelShape support.
  - Support thumbnail rotation.
  - Use "Album Artist" tag from AAC files.
  - Add Korean translations.
  - Fix handling of bad FLAC files.
- update to 1.1.4 release
  - Add magic container infrastructure.
  - Add magic containers for 50 recent items for each category.
  - Fix bad null termination in AAC parsing.
  - Fix requests for the last byte of a file, which affected MKV playback on Philips TV's.
  - Support 64-bit time_t values.
- update to 1.1.3 release
  - Enhance log level settings.
  - Fix Samsung browsing when root_container is set.
  - Add Clang compiling support.
  - Fix compiling on systems without iconv.
  - Add merge_media_dirs option, to revert to the old behavior.
  - Add Asus O!Play client support.
  - Fix Broken SSDP multicast membership addition.
  - Fix crash bug with an emtpy filter argument.
  - Accept SMI subtitles in addition to SRT.
  - Add BubbleUPnP detection and enable subtitle support.
  - Allow the user to specify an arbitrary root container.
  - Add libavcodec > 54 / libav 10 compatibility.
  - Get embedded cover art from video files with recent libavformat versions.
  - Disable Samsung DCM10 capability, as it breaks compatibility with new models.
  - Add subtitle support for NetFront™ Living Connect middleware-based clients.
- update to 1.1.2 release
  - Show client status on our basic presentation page.
  - Add a new force_sort_criteria option, to globally override the SortCriteria value sent by the client.
  - Fix a couple resource leaks.
  - Add configuration include file support.
  - Support DLNA/UPnP-AV searches issued by clients using the Grilo framework.
  - Fix some clients playing artwork instead of movie.
  - Fix bookmarks on Samsung Series E clients.
  - Add an extra folder level if there are multiple media locations.
  - Fix some multicast membership issues with changing network settings.
  - Make max number of children (connections) configurable.
  - Fix choppy playback with some file types on Panasonic clients by increasing the max connection limit.
- update to 1.1.1 release
  - Add network interface monitoring support on Linux.
  - Don't require a configured network interface to start up.
  - Fix some minor spec compliance issues.
- update to 1.1.0 release
  - Add support for other operating systems.
  - Switch to autoconf from our handcrafted
  - Add configuration option for UUID.
  - Add configuration option to specify the user to run as.
  - Add support for limiting a media dir to multiple media types.
  - Force a rescan if we detect a new or missing media_dir entry.
  - Fix crash caused by certain TiVo clients.
  - Fix crash bug on video files with some ffmpeg library versions.
  - Add support for TiVo MPEG-TS files.
  - Add some logging and forking tweaks to work better with systemd.
  - Validate or escape user input to prevent SQL injection.
  - Add forced sorting support for Panasonic devices.
* Fri Apr 13 2012
- update to 1.0.24 release
* Thu Sep 08 2011
- updated to version 1.0.22
- added rescan action to rcminildna file
  1.0.22 - Released 24-Aug-2011
  - -------------------------------
  - Add bookmark support for some Samsung TV's.
  - Fix a memory leak when certain model Samsung TV's or Roku devices are on the network.
  - Fix detection of Samsung Series D models.
  - Add WAV MIME workaround for Marantz Receivers and Roku SoundBridge.
  - Fix bitrate displayed on Microsoft PFS devices.
  - Fix a scanner crash when trying to scan image files with no read access.
  1.0.21 - Released 18-July-2011
  - -------------------------------
  - Fix a few issues with new libav/ffmpeg versions.
  - Fix FF/REW of AVI files on Samsung Series B TV's.
  - Fix a crash bug when playing music on TiVo.
  - Add the ability to change the root media container.
  - Add WAV/RIFF INFO tag parsing support for the most common tags.
  - Fix a crash bug with clients that request a large number of results.
* Fri Jul 15 2011
- Initial version