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Change Logs

Version: 0.4.16-bp150.1.3
* Fri Mar 09 2018
- Use latest libpng
* Fri Mar 09 2018
- Use pkg-config information to set PNG_PNG_INCLUDE_DIR for cmake
* Tue Jan 23 2018
- Added PostgreSQL database backend
* Mon Jan 22 2018
- Recommend minetest-game to make server package more useful by default
* Mon Jun 05 2017
- Update to version 0.4.16:
  * Add 2D sheet animations for nodes ''(sfan5)''
  * Drop client side chat prediction. No more messages shown to chat
    when you talk and you are disconnected. ''(red-001)''
  * Add particle animation, glow ''(sfan5)
  * Server list: add ping indicators ''(kilbith)''
  * Server side occlusion culling ''(lhofhansl)''
  * New custom progress bar (you can customize it with texture packs)
  * Implement delayed shutdown for server owners: /shutdown 60 =>
    shutdowns in 1 min /shutdown -1 cancels it
  * Add support for requesting a reconnect and changing the shutdown
    message to /shutdown
  * Add a mapblock cache in MeshUpdateQueue to improve client rendering
    performance ''(celeron55)''
  * Player data can now be into database. This is an important change,
    players to files are always supported for this release but deprecated.
    Files backend for players will be removed in a future release. See for compat matrix and
    migration steps.
  * Sounds: add fading sounds
  * Save automatically window size when modified. This behaviour can
    be disabled in client settings
  * Add cancel button to password change formspec
  * Improve pause menu with more user friendly informations and update
    keys dynamicly depending on your configuration
  * Merge singleplayer & server tab on desktop clients
  * Add /clearinv chat command
  * Add keyword-based search to server-list and advance settings
  * Add hardware-based itemstacks and node coloring
  * Undersampling which should make minetest run better on low end devices
  * Full changelog see
- Minor spec cleanup.
* Thu Jan 05 2017
- Add use-pkg-config-to-find-luajit.patch
* Mon Dec 26 2016
- Update to 0.4.15
* Wed Jul 27 2016
- Replace fonts by system ones.
- Fixed license.
* Mon May 16 2016
- Update to 0.4.14
- Removed upstream fixed fix-cguittfont.patch,
  i18n.patch and fix-find-luajit.patch
* Wed Dec 02 2015
- Added fix-cguittfont.patch to fix missing library "libcguittfont".
* Tue Nov 24 2015
- Update to 0.4.13:
  * Added: fix-find-luajit.patch to detect systems luajit correctly
  * Removed upstream fixed FindJson.cmake.patch and
* Sun Apr 12 2015
- Cleaned up spec file
  - Used spec-cleaner
  - sorted and revised BuildRequires
  - removed all "%if 0%{?suse_version}" - there's too many openSUSE
    specific things to keep it really multi-distro.
- Splitted compilation of minetest and minetestserver
  (idea borrowed from ArchLinux)
  - Splitted minetest package into minetest, minetestserver and
- Enabled support for translations.
  - Added minetest-lang subpackage.
- Enabled support for redis and leveldb to minetestsever
- Fixed support for
- Made minetest use system jsoncpp and lua instead of bundled ones.
- Added files:
  - minetest@.service
  - minetest-rpmlintrc
  - supress warning aboud desktop file pointing to minetest-wrapper
- Added patches:
  - FindJson.cmake.patch - copied from Debian.
  - i18n.patch - copied from Debian.
  - minetest-0.4.8-shared-irrlicht.patch - copied from Fedora.
  - shared_mods.patch - copied from Debian and modified.
- Added "minetest" user and group for minetestserver.
* Thu Feb 19 2015
- update to 0.4.12
* Wed Jan 07 2015
- update to 0.4.11
* Thu Nov 27 2014
- update title and description
* Tue Jan 07 2014
- update to 0.4.9
- use simpler GitHub release
* Thu Aug 08 2013
- update to 0.4.7
* Fri Apr 12 2013
- update to version 0.4.6
* Sun Dec 09 2012
- Build version 0.4.4
* Thu Sep 20 2012
- Build version 0.4.3
* Tue Aug 07 2018
- Update to version
  * Fix boo#1103904
  * Fix crash caused by log_deprecated
    and the use of deprecated functions
  * Fix crash on pause menu when pressing up/down keys
- Remove use-pkg-config-to-find-luajit.patch: fixed upstream.
- Update to version 0.4.17:
  * Dungeons: Mostly fix missing stair nodes
  * Cavegen: Fix variable typo that broke mgvalleys large cave
  * Prevent translating empty strings
  * upright_sprite: Fix texture position for players
  * core.rotate_node: Do not trigger after_place_node for mod
  * Generate Notifier: Clear events once after all
    'on generated' functions
  * Fix liquid post effect colour behaviour in third person view
  * Delete world dialog: Move buttons to avoid
    double click deletion
  * Fix /shutdown countdown parameter
  * Check argument types inside MetaDataRef Lua API
  * dropped items and falling nodes: Delete in 'ignore' nodes
  * Fix off-by-one in log output line length
  * Fix buffer parameter not working in getMapSlice()
  * Fix rounding error in g/set_node caused by truncation to float
  * Fix dancing text in text input fields
  * Fix undefined behaviour on getting pointer to data in
    empty vector
  * Fix wrong scrolling in text areas
  * Damage: Remove damage ignore timer due to abuse potential
  * Ensure no item stack is being held before crafting
  * Several documentation additions, improvements
  * core.rotate_node: Run callbacks like with any
    regular placed node
  * Biome dust node: Only place on 'walkable' cubic
    non-liquid drawtypes
  * Fix issue Minetest crash when custom font path is not exist
  * Fix Settings tab formspec alignment
  * Do not scale texture unless necessary
  * Fix day_night_ratio_do_override not being initialised
  * Fix default item callbacks to work with nil users
  * Prevent from crafting non-existent, unknown items
  * Profiler: Fix var args not being passed to
    callback register function
  * Fix attached particle spawners far from spawn
  * Localplayer: Fix disable_jump effect and standing node position
  * Fix blocks written by vmanip not being marked as modified
  * Fix Rotate Node Placement
  * ServerEnv: Clean up object lifecycle handling
  * Fix the core.wrap_text function
  * Fix empty legacy meta being persisted
  * Statbars: fix incorrect half-images in non-standard
  * serialize: use a temporary for SerializeException
  * Fix player coordinate rounding in collisionMoveSimple()
  * Fix for empty key/value when reading item string with
    wear but no metadata
  * Fix render order of overlays
  * Fix console resize issue when maximising game window
  * Fix console not being properly resized after
    window size changed
  * Verify HudSetParams input when hotbar textures are set
  * (Re)spawn players within 'mapgen_limit'
  * Fix sending color codes to clients that don't support them