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Change Logs

* Sat Dec 11 2021 Bjørn Lie <>
- Add f5e8da83f958797157423dc23818e6ebd6681d20.patch: Fixing
  compile issues and adding strikethru Markdown syntax support in
- Add pkgconfig(json-glib-1.0) BuildRequires: Dependency upstream
  should have listed.
- Drop lang pack Recommends, no longer needed.
- Update URL.
* Thu Sep 09 2021 Alexei Podvalsky <>
- Update to 1.13.1:
  * Changes
  * Updated Italian translation (thanks to @albanobattistella)
  * Updated screenshots for elementary OS 6.
  * Bug Fixes
  * Fixed command support for non-English keyboard layouts.
  * New
  * Added support for toggling the task indicator when multiple
    nodes are selected.
  * Added German translation (thanks to Peter Sonntaga).
  * Added zoom amount in the zoom button tooltip.
  * Added support for y command to create/remove node links when
    multiple nodes are selected.
  * Added support for x command to create connections when two
  * Added support for system dark mode setting.
  * Updated Italian translation (thanks to @albanobattistella).
  * Updated Russian translation (thanks to Alexandre Prokoudine).
  * Improved task indicator sizes in leaf nodes.
  * Changed fold indicator from a circle to a square.
  * Removed zoom in/out menu items and made them buttons instead.
  * Node/connection is now automatically selected on right click
    if it is not selected.
  * Moved node change contextual menu items into their own
  * Changed forward slash command to Control-A for selecting all
  * Changed backward slash command to Control-Shift-A for
    deselecting all text.
  * Changed F1 command to Control-? for displaying keyboard
  * Updated keyboard shortcuts cheatsheet.
  * Updated code base for elementary OS 6 (gtksourceview-4,
    libhandy-1, Flatpak support, etc.)
  * Fixed issue where sticker tooltips were not displaying
    translated names.
  * Fixed node resizing issues when system font is changed in
    system settings.
  * Fixed Flatpak issue to allow dark mode system settings to
    affect application.
  * Fixed layout issues when root node is resized.
  * Fixed squared and rounded link display for nodes attached to
    root node.
  * Fixed cursor location when End key used.
  * Fixed potential node identification generation issue that can
    lead to bad connections on load.
  * Fixed location of node stickers within the node to improve
  * Fixed issues copying and pasting a single selected node.
* Fri Jun 25 2021 eymeric dechelette <>
- Update 1.12.5:
  * Updated Italian translation (thanks to @albanobattistella)
  * Updated Russian translation (thanks to Alexandre Prokoudine)
    Bug Fixes:
  * Added missing translatable strings in various parts of the UI.
  * Fixed URL parser issues.
  * Fixed application crash when forward deleting non-Latin text
* Sat Apr 24 2021 Jason Kurzik <>
- Update 1.12.2:
  * Features and Changes
  * Added subscript and superscript support to Markdown parser.
  * Added support for switching tabs with Control-Tab and Shift-Control-Tab.
  * Added support for remembering last used open/save dialog directories.
  * Added support for Alt-Left/Right/Up/Down keyboard shortcuts to rearrange sibling nodes.
  * Added support for searching all tabs (thanks to @Messius58).
  * Added about window for non-elementary builds.
  * Added ability to move child nodes to parent via Alt+direction.
  * Added support for including images in Markdown export.
  * Added installation instructions to for Debian (thanks to Róbert Hubinák)
  * Added support for Control-Home/End to move the cursor to the beginning/end of the text.
  * Added support for folded children count tooltip.
  * Added Basque translation (thanks to @alexgabi)
  * Replaced export UI with a new, improved UI with support for export options.
  * Moved add node menu items to a submenu.
  * Improved focus mode behavior.
  * Changed property header button to a toggle button and clarified the tooltip
  * Changed keyboard shortcut to open sidebar from Control-| to F9.
  * Changed non-symbolic header bar icons to symbolic icons for non-elementary OS environments.
  * Improved link drawing algorithm to make link connections easier to see.
  * Changed "Link Color" in node inspector to "Color" to reflect the colors use.
  * Improved task button drawing.
  * Updated to Italian translation (thanks to @albanobattistella)
  * Updated to Brazilian Portugese translation (thanks to Felipe Simoes)
  * Opening a file will automatically close an existing unsaved, unchanged tab.
  * Changed color of connection drag handles to yellow.
  * Making it easier to grab connection drag handle when it is close to connection handles.
  * Reducing auto-saves when editing node text.
  * Many, many bugfixes since last update on OBS.
* Fri Oct 30 2020 Alexei Podvalsky <>
- Update to 1.11.3:
  * Changes
  * Updated Italian translation (thanks to Albano Battistella).
  * Bug Fixes
  * Fixed application crash issues due to using custom themes.
  * Added missing theme colors in custom theme pane.
  * Fixed issues with application crash when editing a root node.
  * Fixed issue with filepath parser highlighting normal text
    that contains slash characters.
* Sun Oct 11 2020 Alexei Podvalsky <>
- Update to 1.11.1:
  * New
  * Added Shift-e keyboard shortcut to edit note text for nodes
    and connections.
  * Changes
  * Updated Italian translation (thanks to @albanobattistella).
  * Improved automatic layout of node trees when adjacent tree
    sizes change.
  * Changed node and connection contextual menus to show (Edit
    Note) instead of (Add Note) and (Remove Note) options.
  * Bug Fixes
  * Fixing compilation issues.
  * Fixing behavior of 't' command when node is selected.
  * Fixing support for undo/redo of root node insertion.
  * Added Preferences dialog.
  * Added Portuguese translation (thanks to Andre Barata).
  * Added keyboard shortcut (Menu or Shift-F10) to display
    contextual menus in mindmap.
  * Added default theme preference option.
  * Added preference option to select map items on cursor hover.
  * Added Shift+Home/End support for selecting all text from
    current cursor to beginning/end of node or connection titles when
  * Added support for PlantUML import/export.
  * Added support for displaying notifications on completion of
    export operation.
  * Added keyboard shortcuts for displaying tabs in sidebar.
  * Added support for making filepath URIs clickable in nodes,
    connections and notes (displays the files in the file manager
  * When nodes are copied to clipboard, pasting them as text in
    an external application will be displayed as in text export
  * When text is copied to the clipboard from an external
    application, pasting as nodes in Minder will parse in text import
  * Improved look of menu accelerators and added missing
  * Changed 't' command to transition task status from disabled
    to enabled to done and back to disabled.
  * Fixed issues with undo/redo of node/connection title changes.
  * Fixed issue with undoing a connection add operation.
  * Fixed issue with connection titles being clear when
    connection is moved to a different node.
  * Fixed UI issue with changing window width by dragging right
    side of window when sidebar is hidden.
  * Fixed issues with inputting special characters with US
    international keyboard.
  * Fixed issue where images in resized nodes were not displaying
    properly on application restart.
  * Fixed issue where copying a filename in a file manager and
    pasting in Minder would attempt to past the icon image instead of
    the filename when editing text.
* Fri Aug 28 2020 Alexei Podvalsky <>
- Update to 1.10.0:
  * Working around layout issues when importing
    Freemind/Freeplane with folded nodes.
  * Merge pull request #205 from Fatih20/icon-redesign
  * Icon Tweaks
  * Fixing node link issue in Freemind/Freeplane formats.
  * Fixing parsing support for some Freemind/Freeplane formats.
  * Fixing application crash when node is deleted or cut.
  * Fixing issue with being able to identify folded node based on
    x,y coordinates.
  * Updating README.
  * Updating version.
  * Updating screenshots.
  * Updating application description.
  * Merge branch 'devel'
  * Merge branch 'mouse_shortcuts' into devel
  * Adding mouse events.
  * Checkpointing work on mouse event shortcuts.
  * Merge branch 'group_undo' into devel
  * Adding undo/redo group support to cut methods.
  * Fixing undo/redo issue with node groups.
  * Checkpointing group undo work
  * Fixing issue with attempting to export an SVG image to XMind.
  * Fixing image support to XMind export/import.
  * XMind export enhancements.
  * Merge branch 'conn_edit_title' into devel
  * Fixing various critical errors in regards to editing
  * Finishing support for edit connection title on creation
  * Fixing group drawing when nodes are folded.
  * Fixing issue with making node visible when it it folded and a
    node link to it is clicked.
  * Fixing critical error when double-clicking an empty
    connection title
  * Changing connection to allow sticker to be dropped even when
    title does not exist.
  * Adding support for panning with middle mouse button.
  * Adding keyboard shortcut for 'Zoom to Fit'.
  * Attempting to fix compile issues with newer valac compilers.
  * Merge branch 'devel' of into
  * Fixing issues around opening/saving documents
  * adding create group
  * ...
* Thu Aug 13 2020 Alexei Podvalsky <>
- Update to 1.9.2:
  * Fixing some issues with tree overlay in Freemind and
    Freeplane imports.
  * Fixing application crash when exporting to Freemind.
  * Merge branch 'freeplane_crash'
* Thu Jul 16 2020 Alexei Podvalsky <>
- Update to 1.9.1:
  * Merge branch 'xml_huge_fix'
  * Fixing issues with reading large/deep XML-styled files
  * Fixing issue with setting the cursor when zoom is not 100%
  * Merge pull request #165 from albanobattistella/patch-1
  * Update it.po
  * Merge branch 'devel'
  * Fixing string copy of node text to clipboard.
  * Updating appdata.
  * Fixing issue with pasting UTF-8 text from clipboard.
  * Updating Minder version and appdata.xml
  * Chaning panning to use the Alt key while the mouse is being
  * Adding proper support for opening one or more files from
  * Fixing issue with connection color handling.
  * Bug fixes
  * Fixing issues with quick entry from previous submission.
  * Fixing issues with pasting text in QuickEntry.
  * Fixing issues with selection box behavior.
  * Fixing QuickEntry issues.
  * Checkpointing work on fixing/enhancing quick entry (work in
  * Updating contextual menus.
  * Changing select parent node algorithm to work with multiple
  * Updating selection shortcut cheatsheet.
  * Fixing issues with selection boxes.
  * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel
  * Fixing application crash when animation is disabled and the
  * Merge pull request #141 from febrezo/master
  * changing warning to message
  * Adding debug output
  * Adjusting default connection colors and causing connections
    to follow theme colors unless manually changed.
  * Fixing syntax issue with
  * Fixing custom theming issues.
  * Making default connection color lighter to improve contrast
    against background.
  * Merge branch 'master' into devel
  * ...
* Sun May 17 2020 Alexei Podvalsky <>
- Update to 1.8.0:
  * Added support for pasting an image or text as a new node.
  * Added support for pasting an image or text, replacing the current node content.
  * Added support for pasting text, replacing the current connection content.
  * Added task support to Outliner import/export.
  * Added keyboard shortcut (Control-E) to display export interface.
  * Added support for creating a new root node hitting the Return key when no node is selected.
  * Added ability to add a new root node via the contextual menu when no node is selected.
  * Added ability to launch quick entry dialog via the contextual menu when no node is selected.
  * Added node alignment support for manual node layouts.
  * Added ability to create a connected root node.
  * Added ability to replace/edit nodes via the Quick Entry feature.
  * Added .editorconfig file.
  * Updated image editor dialog button bar to include support for clipboard operations.
  * Improved display of buttons in image area of the node inspector sidebar.
  * Updated keyboard shortcut cheatsheet.
  * Changed quick text entry keyboard shortcut from Control-E to Control-Shift-E.
  * Changed the paste text in contextual menu to indicate what will be pasted.
  * Updated Outliner import/export support for tasks.
  * Added tooltip and changed cursor when cursor is over a link and the Control key is held down.
  * Removed empty Outliner rows from being added when Outliner file is imported.
  * Fixed loss of selection when shift key is held down and the background is clicked.
  * Added themed background color to exported PDF format.
  * Fixed exports to allow existing files to be overwritten.
  * Fixed Org-Mode export syntax errors.