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Change Logs

* Tue Feb 12 2019 Antoine Ginies <>
- add a examples subpackage which include graphs* file to test Metis
* Mon Feb 11 2019 Egbert Eich <>
- Set default module version correctly when installing
  master package, unset when deinstalling the default library
- Fix %%post and %%postun scripts for HPC.
- Fix dependencies for HPC.
- Fix HPC modulefile:
  * Aibraries are always there when module file is installed.
- Fix package group names.
* Mon Jan 14 2019
- Remove dependency to a non-existing module package for HPC.
* Thu Nov 22 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Edit description to put time-sensitive wording into context.
* Fri Oct 26 2018
- General spec file clean up.
- Touch-up to the HPC build.
* Thu Nov 30 2017
- Implemented suse-hpc packaging
- Added metis-makefile-c-directives.patch
  - Provides cflags option to help provide metis native build process
* Fri Jun 20 2014
- Update to version 5.1.0, changes since version 4.0
  * strtoidx() addition for portable input file parsing
  * Fixed some bad memory allocation calls
  * Incorporated GKlib into METIS, which replaced many of its
    internal functions.
  * A nearly complete re-write of Metis' code-based that changed
    expanded the functionality of the command-line programs and
    API routines
  * Multi-constraint partitioning can be used in conjunction with
    minimization of the total communication volume.
  * All graph and mesh partitioning routines take as input the
    target sizes of the partitions, which among others, allow them
    to compute partitioning solutions that are well-suited for
    parallel architectures with heterogeneous computing capabilities.
  * When multi-constraint partitioning is used, the target sizes of
    the partitions are specified on a per partition-constraint pair.
  * The multilevel k-way partitioning algorithms can compute a
    partitioning solution in which each partition is contiguous.
  * All partitioning and ordering routines can compute multiple
    different solutions and select the best as the final solution.
  * The mesh partitioning and mesh-to-graph conversion routines can
    operate on mixed element meshes.
  * The command-line programs provide full access to the entire
    set of capabilities provided by Metis' API.
  * Re-written the memory management subsystem to reduce overall
    memory requirements.
  * Added back Fortran support in the form of alternate API names
    (see libmetis/frename.h).
  * Changed the license to Apache Version 2
- Move metis shared library to separate package
- Enable build tests
- Use proper build parameters
  * metis-cmake.patch
- Delete compilation time from metis programs to avoid unnecessary
  package republishing
  * metis-programs-no-compilation-time.patch
* Fri Aug 17 2012
- Buildreqs libtool for 12.2 an higher
- spec file reformating
* Sat Mar 17 2012
- remove %%debug_package macro which broke build on 11.3
* Sun Nov 08 2009
- new package