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Change Logs

* Tue Mar 20 2018
- Update to version 18.03
  * AV1: support of AOmedia AV1 based on latest specifications
    draft, raw (OBU) and in MKV
  * MXF: HDR metadata support
  * MXF: detection and parsing of ProRes (SMPTE RDD 44)
  * MXF: framerate container/stream incoherence detection
  * DPX: endianess, packing mode, compression mode
  * AVC: add consumer camera recording date/time
  * AVC: add consumer camera model name and iris F number
  * JPEG: ICC parsing, display of ICC color space
  * EBUCore: possibility to inject external metadata in the output
    from MediaInfo
  * JSON output
  * Attachments: do not provide anymore attachments content in XML
    by default, reducing XML output size
  * colour description: trying (again!) to have more coherent
  * DCP/IMF: fix crash with some CPL files
  * I782, FFV1: Golomb Rice parsing was wrong
  * I210, FFV1: remove sar_den test must be 0 if sar_num is 0
  * AAC: SBR parsing issue with 3+ channel streams, with sometimes
    false-positive PS detection
  * BMP: was wrongly considering 4-bit without palette as with
    palette so  wrong bit depth
  * DPX: some elements in trace were wrongly displayed (wrong
  * B1082, Ancillary data: fix infinite loop
* Thu Dec 21 2017
- Update to version 17.12
  * MediaInfoOnline:
  * JavaScript build and example
  * Dolby Vision: detection of Dolby Vision and display of profile
    for MPEG-TS and MP4 files
  * MPEG-4: Support of external time code tracks (.qtc)
  * JPEG 2000: Support of IMF profiles
  * F523, BDMV: Support of UHD Blu-ray playlist
  * Endianness and Sign report for PCM Matroska tracks
  * MPEG-4: Resolume DXV display
  * MPEG-4: support of file names >64 chars long or non ASCII for
    referenced files
  * Slight binary size optimizations
  * colour_description: some changes in order to have more
    readable names (DCI P3, Display P3, sRGB)
  * MP4: crash with some HEVC streams with Dolby Vision
  * VC-3: frame rate should not be detected as wrong when there
    are several frames per block
  * Matroska: wrong color range info
  * Matroska: fix crash with some corrupted files
  * MXF: better support of height when there is an incoherence
    between header and footer
  * transfer_characteristics: fix BT.2020 difference between
    values 14 and 15
  * Trace: fix freeze with some files
  * Trace: invalid character encoding with some MOV files
  * Some memory leak fixes
- New source URL
- Dropped kde4 subpackage
- Spec cleanup
* Thu Nov 02 2017
- Update to version 17.10
  * Version scheme is now YY.MM (year dot month, 2 digits each)
  * New MediaInfo XML output, with XSD, more suitable for
    automatic parsing. Use " --Output=OLDXML" for keeping previous
  * New " --Info_OutputFormats" option for listing supported
    output formats
  * Universal Ad ID: refactored display, better display of value
    and registry, XML name slightly modified
  * MOV: support of HDR metadata (MasteringDisplayColorVolume,
    MaxCLL, MaxFALL)
  * BWF: display of UMID and loudness info
  * AAC: show program_config_element in trace
  * MPEG Audio: frame rate info
  * PCM in WAV and Matroska: Support of ValidBitsPerSample
  * I197, EBUCore: 1.8 output uses now final version of XSD and
    final XSD location
  * Matroska: tweaking frame rate empirical detection for some
    corner cases
  * I1070, LAME 3.100 info tag was incorrectly parsed
  * B1068, MPEG Audio: Incoherent duration between General and
    Audio parts, Audio part duration fixed
  * Matroska: showing "A_MS/ACM" Matroska CodecID
  * MXF: Fix crash with some buggy files
  * MXF: was not well supporting MXF referencing only 1 file
  * PCM in WAV: 8-bit content is unsigned and without endianess
  * PCM in WAV and Matroska: More coherency between Wave info
    and ExtensibleWave Info (bitdepth, sign)
  * WAV: GUID display was with first 8 bytes in wrong order
  * Several crash fixes
* Mon Sep 11 2017
- Update to version 0.7.99
  * EBUCore: JSON output
  * EBUCore: add writingLibraryName and writingLibraryVersion
  * Ad-ID identifier display on a single line ("Value
    (Registry)" format)
  * MPEG-4: Better display of format of VobSub tracks
  * MPEG-4: CodecID is stsd name + ObjectTypeId for mp4a, mp4v,
  * AVC: preferred_transfer_characteristics support
  * MPEG Video, MPEG-4 Visual, AVC, HEVC, MPEG-4, Matroska:
    correct detection of RGB
  * matrix_coefficients: detection of Y'D'zD'x and
  * AAC: info about SBR/PS being implicit/explicit/NBC (Not
    Backward Compatible)
  * AAC: indicate audioObjectType in CodecID
  * Fix a weird 1.334 DAR due to a rounding issue
* Wed Aug 09 2017
- Update to version 0.7.98
  * Matroska: handling of files with Tracks element after Cluster
  * Matroska: detection of Duration tag alone and use it even if
    tag writing date is not there.
  * Matroska: mapping of colour description elements, timecode and
    handler name to corresponding MediaInfo fields
  * I169, WAV: too much aggressive detection of wrong 5-channel
    audio, now limited on AC-3 and DTS
  * transfer_characteristics and matrix_coefficients slight change
    in order to have them unique per ISO integer value
  * EBUCore: All XML elements are correctly escaped
  * PBCore: All XML elements are correctly escaped
* Fri Jun 30 2017
- Update to version 0.7.97
  * HEVC: support of stream having VPS hrd_parameters
  * FLV: support of FLV files with an ID3v2 header
  * FLV: detect some incoherent frame rates in buggy files
  * TIFF: support of more tags
  * I518, AAC: consider 4 back channels as 2 side + 2 back channels
  * Matroska: integrate all elements from Matroska specs in
  * WAV: parsing of MPEG Audio extension "mext" chunk and
    displayed in MediaTrace
  * MPC: channels count
  * AAC: ADTS/ADIF duration in case of full parsing and/or "risky
    bitrate estimation" option
  * MXF: less false-positive detection of some files as MXF
  * B1053, WAV: metadata coherency, ignore "fact" chunk more often
    in order to avoid bad information when this chunk is buggy
  * B1029, DPX: DPX endianess not considered with some fields in
  * Custom template: can check "Other" part as any other parts
  * Matroska: fix parsing issue with small byte blocks are taken
    from the file e.g. when reading from HTTP link
  * Matroska: files with unknown block size were flagged as
  * MediaTrace: values with a \n were breaking the text report
  * Some typos (RefFrames, SPF)
* Thu Jun 01 2017
- Update to version 0.7.96
  * Chinese (Simplified) translation updated
  * MPEG-4: display of recorded date from DV substream
  * Disabling web link as they are too much outdated
  * I505, AC-3: crash with some potentially malformed frames
  * I477, AVC: fix hang when open .mpls from some 3D BD
  * MPEG-4: does not show "1904" year is raw value is 0 (Mac/Linux)
  * Dedicated read thread disabled by default (rare dead locks)
  * #B1027, MPEG-TS: some files where detected as MPEG-TS or BDAV
    but they aren't
  * Sequence of files : frame count was wrong with sequence of
    MPEG-TS files (was count of files)
  * MXF: detection of more 608/708 with parsing of few frames in the
    middle of the file was broken
* Fri May 05 2017
- Update to version 0.7.95
  * EBUCore: EBUCore 1.8 with acquisition metadata output.
  * Better support of growing files, especially when accessed by FTP
  * Matroska: better support of some broken files (high
    EBMLMaxSizeLength, padding before start of EBML)
  * EXR: showing Multipart and Deep flags
  * EXR: show image compression method
  * EBUCore: fixed display aspect ratio (was using rational)
  * EBUCore: fixed frame rate factor (was num/den instead of factor)
  * AVC: some streams with dynamic frame type were having a wrong
    frame rate
  * MPEG-4: some old AAC tracks were not correctly detected
  * Matroska: was sometimes displaying "Bit depth: Bit0" when bit
    depth is unknown
  * Nut: fix crash with some files
  * FFV1: PixelAspectRatio was an integer, switched to 3-digit
  * DTS: fix frame count
  * Dolby E: fix frame count
  * EBUCore: fix regression creating invalid XML files
  * AVC: some streams with dynamic frame type were having a wrong
    frame rate
* Sun Apr 30 2017
- call gzip -n to make build fully reproducible
* Thu Mar 30 2017
- Update to version 0.7.94
  * VC-3: detection of embedded time code + VC-3: better
    support of stream with width 960 or 1440
  * VC-3: support of version 3 (a.k.a. DNxHR), including
    profile and level for version 1/2 (a.k.a. DNxHD)
  * Matroska trace feature: reduction of its size
  * MXF trace feature: reduction of its size
  * M143, MXF with Acquisition Metadata: crash fixed
  * Several crash fixes
  * Matroska: detection of native FFV1 CodecID ("V_FFV1") +
    AC-3/E-AC-3: detection of Atmos inside core streams
  * AC-3/E-AC-3: slight reorganization of metadata display for
    dual mono and surround
  * AC-3/E-AC-3: "complete main" and similar info moved to
    "Service kind" dedicated line
  * AC-3/E-AC-3: more precision about how is built a stream
    (e.g. "E-AC-3+Atmos / E-AC-3" or "TrueHD+Atmos / TrueHD /
  * WTV: basic detection
  * MPEG-TS: Detection of Opus
  * URL: "URLEncode" option for saying if the input should be
    URL encoded or not (default is guess = no change except if
    it contains spaces)
  * MediaTrace: for bitstreams (not bytestreams), bit offset
    was wrong
  * HLS: duration was sometimes wrong, reading only the first
    TS file duration. Now full duration is displayed
  * MPEG-TS: if stream is encrypted or invalid, level was
    sometimes not the expected one for AVC (e.g. "BaseLine@3.0"
    instead of "Baseline@3")
  * Matroska: FFV1 stream width/height was not initialized
    when Matroska track header width/height is after CodecID
  * FFV1: fix potential crash with some buggy slice headers
  * Matroska: crash in case of big attachment and CRC32 present
* Sat Mar 04 2017
- Trim description, avoid rhetorical questions.
- Drop export CFLAGS.. this is already done by %configure.
* Sun Feb 26 2017
- Update to version
  * Fix a performance regression in the matroska parser
  version 0.7.92
  New features:
  * #F507, MXF: detection of HLG Transfer Characteristic
  * #F508, HEVC: support of preferred_transfer_characteristics
    SEI (from HEVC/H.265 draft, preferred method for HLG in DVB)
  * MXF: parsing of AVC descriptors and crosscheck with the
    essence content
  * MP4: more AppleStoreCountry values mapped to countries, show
    the country number if unknown
  * File extension: test if the file extension correspond to the
    container format
  * AVI/WAV: test of truncated file
  * MIXML output: Format_Profile divided in Format_Profile,
    Format_Level, Format_Tier
  * ID3v2: TCAP tag is mapped to new field "PodcastCategory"
  Bug fixes:
  * MIXML output: some *_Original values were missing
  * MXF/Teletext: was not correctly detecting non subtitle
  * ID3v2: TP2 tag was incorrectly mapped to "Accompaniment",
    now mapped to "Album_Performer"
  * ID3v2: TSO2 tag was incorrectly mapped to "Performer_Sort",
    now mapped to "Album_Performer_Sort"
  * ID3v2: TCMP tag was displayed twice (2 "Compilation" lines)
  * Windows version was sometimes showing a long character
    string in Windows explorer, changed to a shorter character
  version 0.7.91
  New features:
  * Add TIFF extension to Windows shell extension
  * IMF and PTX: more languages detected from file names (but
    the full list of common languages tags still need to be added)
  * IMF and PTX: support of non-standard but common "LAS" =
    "Spanish (Latin America)" language code
  * MXF: Support of color primaries, transfer characteristic,
    coding equations defined in SMPTE ST 2067-21:2016 e.g. xvYCC
    or BT.2020
  * Minor performance optimizations and cleanup (Thanks to Pavel
  * MediaTrace optimization for Matroska
  Bug fixes:
  * Fixed parsing of FFV1 v0/v1
  * PTX: fix crash due to bad parsing of some file names while
    looking for track language
  version 0.7.90
  New features:
  * #M94, WAV: support of file with a buggy RIFF header
  * Matroska: detection of segment size of zero (compatibility
    risks e.g. Windows 10 Media Player does not play such file)
  * MXF: detection of some incoherences between header and footer
  * MXF: display of Locked information
  * N19/STL: support of 48/50/60 fps content
  * N19/STL: display of time code of first frame
  * AC-3: bit depth
  * MPEG Video: CBR bitrate mode information based on vbv_delay
  * DXW: support of fake time code attribute
  Bug fixes:
  * Teletext in MPEG-TS: CodecID, format (classic teletext or
    subtitle), video delay were sometimes not displayed
  * PDF: fixed crash with some files with full analysis set
  * #B485, BMP height is negative
  * Several minor fixes
- Dropped mediainfo-rpmlintrc
* Thu Oct 06 2016
- Update to version 0.7.89
  * too many changes to list, see included History_*.txt
- Added kf5-mediainfo
- Spec cleanup
* Thu Mar 27 2014
- update version 0.7.67
  * MXF: duplicate display of some time code streams in ancillary data
  * B814, AAC: Wrong detection of audioObjectType==29
* Thu Feb 28 2013
- update to 0.7.62
  * see History_CLI.txt and History_GUI.txt for details.
* Thu Oct 04 2012
- update to 0.7.60
  * see History_CLI.txt and History_GUI.txt for details.
* Sat May 19 2012
- add autoconf/automake/libtool to BuildRequires to fix >12.1 build
* Mon Oct 24 2011
- update to 0.7.50
* Wed Mar 09 2011
- update to 0.7.42
* Sat Nov 13 2010
- update to 0.7.36