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Change Logs

Version: 1.1.0-bp150.2.3
* Thu May 03 2018
- Replace enchant-devel with pkgconfig(enchant) BuildRequires.
* Wed Aug 09 2017
- update to 1.1.0:
  * New "VI" mode (option 'vi_mode') (Holger Weiß)
  * Fix issues in buddylist rebuild (franky)
  * Do not use g_slist_free_full() which requires glib2 2.28.0 (Frank Bergmann)
  * Use UTF-8 validation of file content when sending a message from a file
  * Documentation updates
- use enchant instead of aspell [bsc#1052959]
* Fri Feb 10 2017
- Update to version 1.0.5:
  * Much better performances with huge rosters.
  * Fix an issue with carbons (CVE-2017-5589, bsc#1024690).
  * Fix a small memory leak.
  * contrib/vim: Support reloading filetype detection.
* Sat Dec 10 2016
- Update to version 1.0.4 (changes since 1.0.2):
  * Link with the tinfo library.
  * Fix default modules directory on OpenBSD.
  * Create the history log directory if it doesn't exist.
  * [OTR] Do not send empty subjects.
  * [UI] /set does not display password values anymore.
  * [MUC] Use nick to set the role.
  * Check the origin of roster pushes (bsc#1014976).
    See Gajim's CVE-2015-8688 and
  * Misc help/documentation updates.
* Fri Mar 04 2016
- Update to 1.0.2:
  * Compatible with Loudmouth >=1.5.3 with SHA256 support.
  * Ignore the untrusted certificate warning when user sets a
  * Stop HTML-escaping OTR messages – only strip known tags.
  * Read $HOME/.mcabberrc if there is no mcabber configuration
  * Minor documentation updates.
* Thu Feb 11 2016
- Update to 1.0.1:
  * [PGP] Improve PGP-encryption support.
  * [PGP] Improve support for GnuPG v2+.
  * [PGP] Encrypt messages with our own PGP key and decrypt our own
    encrypted messages when Carbons are enabled.
  * [PGP] New PGP options: 'gpg_path' and 'gpg_home'.
  * [PGP] Check all signatures and stop immediately if one could be
  * Improve Carbons support.
  * New option: 'clear_unread_on_carbon'.
  * Improve SSL fingerprint management;
    Display the server SSL fingerprint when we connect.
  * Use XDG configuration directory if it contains a configuration
  * Fix a few memory leaks.
  * Fix external password support (especially on OS X).
  * Fix resizing when mcabber is built with --enable-sigwinch.
  * Fix reading of history log files w/o LF character.
  * Minor documentation updates.
  * Other misc. bugfixes and cleanups.
- Use tarball signing.
* Thu Aug 20 2015
- Correct ncurses BuildRequires.
* Sun Jun 28 2015
- Update to 1.0.0:
  * Message Carbons support / XEP-0280.
  * Support for using external password managers.
  * [UI] Add a backward completion.
  * [UI] Multilanguage spell checking.
  * [UI] New option 'buffer_smart_scrolling' to lock buffer.
    automatically when scrolled u.
  * [UI] New command /roster next_open_buffer.
  * [UI] New option 'attention_char'.
  * [UI] Try to display the GLib warnings in the log window.
  * [UI] Display the number of occupants in MUC rooms.
  * [UI] New option switch /room topic -u to unescape the topic.
  * [MUC] A Support for storing MUC room passwords.
  * [MUC] Use bookmarked password (if any) when using "/room join".
  * [Hooks] New "hook-mdr-received" hook.
  * Remove support for obsolete XEP 22.
  * Misc. bugfixes and minor improvements.
* Fri Mar 06 2015
- add patch up_one_line_message_length.patch (bnc#906685)
* Thu Oct 30 2014
- Update to 0.10.3:
  * [UI] Add option 'iq_time_hide'.
  * [UI] Add 'iq_version_hide_os', 'iq_version_hide_version'.
  * Improved handling of damaged history log files.
  * Switch to libotr v4 API.
  * Add SSL options.
    These options require a patched Loudmouth library.
  - "ssl_ciphers" to define the allowed ciphers.
  - "ssl_ca" to set additional trusted certificates.
  * Fix compilation for old loudmouth libraries.
  * Add 'color_timestamp' to highlight timestamp added by server.
  * Handle SIGHUP signal.
  * Misc. bugfixes.
- Drop mcabber.desktop.
- Major spec cleanup.
* Sun Jun 16 2013
- libotr2-devel became required to build to fix oS 12.3+.
- Fixed up via `spec-cleaner`.
- License tag was set to GPL-2.0+ to fix warning.
* Sun Dec 02 2012
- update to 0.10.2:
  * the FIFO and url_regex systems have been modularized
  * load the appropriate modules if you want these features
  (the sample configuration file has been updated)
* Wed Dec 01 2010
- update to 0.10.1:
  * display a warning when the configuration file hasn't been updated
  * display better messages when connecting to the XMPP server
  * [MUC] do not block MUC private messages when 'block_unsubscribed' is set
  * [MUC] fix handling of empty room topic
  * [MUC] add caps to presence when joining a MUC room
  * new option 'completion_ignore_case' - completion is now case sensitive by default
  * display module API information in the output of /version
  * increase the number of available categories for completions
  * [Hooks] new "hook-subscription" hook, update to the message-in hooks (See ChangeLog.api)
  * many misc. bugfixes
  * minor documentation update
* Sun Apr 11 2010
- update to 0.10.0:
  * switch to the loudmouth Jabber library
  * "username" has been replaced with "jid" in the configuration file
  * mcabber can now do DNS SRV lookups
  * buffers have priorities, that are used to jump to the next unread buffer
  * the attention sign (!) is displayed for urgent messages or when the user nickname is used in a MUC room
  * prints a list of options with "/set"
  * add support for modules
  * sample "beep" module
  * message receipts (XEP-0184) support
  * new command /request ping
  * add libidn support
  * allow changing the nickname in MUC bookmarks
  * a suffix can be appended to completed nicknames
  * command "/source" now accepts a file pattern
  * tracelog level can now be changed at runtime
  * small vCard support improvements
  * startup status can be set in the configuration file
  * obsolete option 'hide_offline_buddies' has been removed
  * obsolete XEP-0022 (message events) is now disabled by default
  * no suffix is displayed in the status bar after the 'info' value
  * add vim syntax file for mcabber history log files
* Wed Oct 07 2009
- update to 0.9.10:
  * supports spell checking with Enchant
  * many small improvements and bugfixes
* Thu Oct 09 2008
- update to 0.9.9:
  * a few bugfixes
  * some translation updates
  * a new Czech translation
* Mon Oct 06 2008
- update to 0.9.8:
  * URLs can be extracted from messages to the log window using the url_regex
  * OTR messages are now flagged with "O"
  * two new commands have been added, "/buffer save" and "/echo"
  * several new options and UI improvements
* Thu Apr 17 2008
- new upstream version
* Sun Jan 13 2008
- update to 0.9.6
* Wed Nov 21 2007
- update to 0.9.5