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* Fri Feb 16 2018
- Do not redefine __spec_install_post, so let's run the generic
  spec_install_post handler, which happens to take care of debug
  info and the like.
- In order to not have the info files compressed (as this breaks
  maxima internal help handlers), we redefine __os_install_post to
  /usr/lib/rpm/brp-suse (skipping brp-compress).
* Thu Oct 05 2017
- Update to version 5.41.0:
  + Cross-compiling changes and improvements.
  + Documentation changes and improvements.
  + Build/installation improvements.
  + Updates to examples.
  + Changes and improvements to test system.
  + Changes and updates to nightly builds and tests.
  + Added the rules to build a snappy package.
  + Windows installer improvements and fixes.
  + Improvements to Windows maxima.bat.
  + Debian build improvements.
  + Compatibility improvements with diverse LISP compilers.
  + Plotting improvements; improved GNUPLOT error handling.
  + Code optimizations.
  + Removed some old/unused code; cosmetic changes.
  + New test cases.
  + Bug fixes.
- Reenable make check.
* Mon Jul 24 2017
- Drop recode dependency because it's unmaintained fate#323644
* Sun Jun 11 2017
- Update to version 5.40.0:
  + Core:
  - New functions encode_time and decode_time, with test cases.
  - change O(n^2) method for flattening list to O(n) method.
  - split totient into two parts
  - optimized gcfactor and tried to make it easier to read.
  - optimize gc squaring and inline gctime1
  - inline gctimes.
  - sped up psumsq.
  - speeded up imodp.
  - new implementation of ; is about a factor of 2 faster on
  - move jacbi and related functions from rat3c to numth
  - sped up divsum by splitting it in two parts where the lower
  - Numerous cross-compiling changes.
  - Numerous documentation changes and improvements.
  - Build/installation improvements.
  - Many updates to examples.
  - Many changes and improvements to test system.
  + Share:
  - add symplectic_ode package
  - Add Kaplan-Meier's survival and empirical distribution
  - Commit new version of COMA. Sent by Wilhelm Haager
  - Check for a constant "variable" of integration in romberg
    and bromberg
  - Import ODEPACK fortran code.
  - Julia() and mandelbrot() are modified to create
  - plotdf: An option to change the arrow density. Patch from
  + Bug fixes:
  - fix bug 3291: ecl on Linux needs utf-8
  - fix bug3300 Incorrect sha256sum output
  - In rtest_translator, skip some tests which cause a crash
    (bug #3291).
  - Implement numerical evaluation for gamma_greek. Fixes SF bug
  - In tests for kill(props), work around bug #3289.
  - In lsquares_mse, ensure temporary variable is assigned the
    correct value. #3282.
  - In lsquares_mse, ensure temporary variable is assigned the
    correct value. #3282.
  - In RISCHLOGEPROG, detect zero divisor. This fixes SF bug
  - Unlock :common-lisp package when compiling with SBCL. Fixes
    SF bug #3271.
  - Fix bug #2740: demo(romberg) fails
  - Add test for bug #2295: Failure to evaluate definite
  - Add tests for bug #2314: Two different results for an
  - In tests for simplify_sum, add a few more tests from bug
    report #3236.
  - operatingsystem: Make chdir work with recent gcl versions.
  - gcfactor(4/(%i+1)) gave an internal error in $bothcoef.
  - Give informative error message when some index is not an
    integer: "rat(-1) isn't an integer?"
  - work around bug in gcl decode-universal-time.
  - When evaluating float(diff(...)), apply float only to the
    first argument.
  - In GETL-LM-FCN-PROP, return NIL for argument which is not a
  - Remove built-in symbols from the list for user-defined
  - Handle Lisp arrays in MQAPPLY expressions more carefully.
  - Handle Lisp arrays in MQAPPLY expressions more carefully.
  - A solve() enhancement by Richard Fateman that should fix a
    zillion of bug tickets.
  - Translate define and ":=" correctly by nuking the translator
  - Fix bernoulli and binomial pdfs when p=0 or p=1
  - Fix bernoulli and binomial pdfs when p=0 or p=1
- Drop maxima-makeinfo-errors.patch; incorporated upstream.
- Remove unnecessary hidden dir .gitattributes.
- Add new mime, desktop and icon files to xmaxima file-list.
- Add BuildRequires: bash-completion for proper dir permissions
  for newly added bash-completion scripts.
* Mon Dec 19 2016
- Update to version 5.39.0:
  + New in Core: New functions firstn and lastn.
  + Changes in core:
  - Special variable clean-up
  - Crosscompiling support
  - Gnuplot 5.0 or newer versions
  - Documentation updates
  - function save: portable way to save "fast" arrays (hash
  - functions timedate, parse_timedate: handle timezone offsets
  - Floating point overflow handling
  - Complex numericals
  - Testsuite additions and improvements
  - GIT fixes
  - ODE improvements
  - Load .wxm files from wxMaxima
  - Temporary file handling improvements
  + New in share:
  - package decfp: decimal bigfloat package (thanks to Richard
  + Changes in share:
  - In some share test scripts, put reset() at the top
  - package solver: rename solver.mac to Solver.mac
  - package stringproc: new functions slessp, slesspignore,
    sgreaterp, sgreaterpignore (string comparison)
  - package charsets: several updates and improvements; still
    work in progress
  - package boolsimp: code clean-up; no functional changes
  - package descriptive, functions continuous_freq,
    discrete_freq: faster counting algorithm; accept arrays as
    well as lists
  + Bug fixes:
  - Fixed bug #3258: diff with negative order in integrate
  - Fix issue #3255 by changing how resimplification works
  - In risplit, in preparation of fixing issue #3255 (logarc)
  - Partial fix #3216: In package lapack, load without compile
  - Fixed bug #3232: In ezunits, don't compile predicate
  - Fixed GCL bug #49689: Mark a known failure in rtest11
  - Fixed bug #3213: Round when formatting bigfloats
  - Another test for bug #3244.
  - Fixed bug #3246: look-up entries for inv. trig
  - Fixed bug #3241: In MQAPPLY1, call AMPERCHK
  - Fixed bug #3235: In RGRP, rephrase test for ECL
  - Add tests from bug #3221
  - Fixed bug #3221: elliptic_pi(n,z,m) wrong for z > %pi/2
  - Fixed bug #453: algsys fails in simple case
  - Add tests from SF bug 2059.
  - Add tests from SF [bugs:2038] and [bugs:#2736]
  - SF [bug:#1266][bug:#3208] Don't use $radcan when simplifying
    in algsys.
  - Fix SF [bugs:#3208]. Use sqrtdenest in algsys to simplify
    partial solutions.
  - [bugs:#3208] algsys.lisp:presultant: resimplify result
  - share-subdirs.lisp is auto-generated and in version control,
    which is afaik unavoidable for the lisp-only build system.
    It also currently is out-of-sync with the repo => Updated
    the repo version.
  - Increase output when running
  - SF bugs 3210 and 3212. Fix algsys regressions.
  - Bug #2796 can't load ode2 with n declared constant
  - Bug report ID: 1621 Wrong solution to ode2
  - Fixed bug #2667: Distinguish trig function exponents in TeX
  - In rtest_log, additional tests for SF bug #3105.
  - Fixed bug #3148: Most of the change is in indentation
  - Fixed bug #3194: No simplification of tan(x+n%pi) and
  - Fixed bug #3186 and other get_plot_option issues.
  - Fixed bug #3022: Update the RPM spec file
  - Fixed bug #3180: declare(foo, antisymmetric)
  - Add test for SF bug #3090
  - Add test for SF bug #3170
  - Fixed bug #3144: Avoid unbounded recursion in PTIMES%E
  - Fixed bug #3109: is(sin(x) <= 1) returns "unknown"
  - Fixed bugs #3114, #3115: introduced by [647516] Fix
  - Partial fix to read_xpm.
  - Correct documentation for rest
  - Fix test for orderlessp transitive
  - Fix in gcl-builds smismatch
  - Fix in timedate, round TZ
  - Remove redundant definition of copy from share/affine
  - Another fix for summation of rational functions
  - In package facexp, remove "&&" because
  - Ensure that OPR-TABLE associates "{" with $SET
  - Ran update_examples on Simplification.texi
  - Fix uses of complex-float-numerical-eval-p
  - Fix bug in running test files
  - Partially fixed assumptions regarding products and powers
  - Fix taylor testsuite failure bug introduced by [22f4fd]
- Add maxima-makeinfo-errors.patch to fix makeinfo errors for
  openSUSE <= 13.2 and Leap 42.1/2, apply it for all openSUSE
  versions as this is useful to fix despite makeinfo being too
  permissive for openSUSE > 13.2; sent upstream.
- Drop conditionals for supporting long outdated versions of
- Upstream generally does not ship the ChangeLog corresponding to
  the latest version, drop it from install completely.
* Wed May 18 2016
- Update to version 5.38.1:
  + Misc. bug fixes (aka no list of changes posted by upstream).
* Sun Apr 03 2016
- Update to version 5.38.0:
  + New in core:
  - Images in the HTML manual now are automatically shrinked to
    fit within the browser window, if neeeded.
  - A singlepage HTML manual (doc/info/maxima_singlepage.html)
  - Docu/Creating a release: Added a request to inform the
    wxMaxima team that aims to make a simultaneous release.
  - Commit charsets package as posted by Michel Talon
  - Add configure option --enable-mathjax to enable usage of
    MathJax in the html docs
  - Add simple documentation for bf_fft and bf_inverse_fft.
  - Added a small GUI for Windows users for selecting their
    default Lisp interpreter.
  - Allow setting the Lisp type (MAXIMA_LISP=...) using maximarc
    on Windows.
  - Try to exit gracefully if we are unable to connect to a server
  + New items in share:
  - draw: grid now not only accepts boolean values, but also a
    list of 2 numbers.
  + Changes in core:
  - Documentation: Add example images for the draw options.
  - Crosscompiling: update sbcl to the current version.
  - Adjust the tolerances of two li[2] numerical tests
  - Prevent the removal of the integervalued feature during a
  - Work around bug in ecl that causes all tests to fail.
  - Removed the --dynamic-space-size option for sbcl.
  - Fix bug in utf-8-fix-start-end and improve
    pseudo-unicode-support for GCL
  - WIP: Bigfloat FFT routines.
  + Changes in share:
  - Split up implementation of FFT in a separate package
  - Add the draw package to autoload updating the documentation
  - First attempt to rework numericalio.lisp for greater speed
    and memory efficiency.
  + Bug fixes:
  - Apply patch in bug report 3120.
  - Fix #3105: li[s](1.0) doesn't simplify.
  - Fix #3112: inaccurate zeta(n) for negative even n.
  - Fix #3098: li[3] nuemrical evaluation.
  - Fix SF bug report #3104: "limit(log(1 - exp(x)), x, 0,
    plus), numer => stack overflow"
  - Fix SF bug report #3103: "limit of li[..](...) with
    numer:true infinite recursion"
  - Fix SF bug #3102: "find_root(x,x,-1e300,1e300) => overflow"
  - Fix SF bug report #3099: "Float read is single-precision,
    though float() is double-precision"
  - Fix bug #481: ('m)[1] (meval)
  - Fixed bug #3075: '#3075 answer "3*false" from
  - Fixed bug #3081 'abs(...) -> "bfloat: attempted conversion
    of floating-point infinity."'
  - Fix #3069 limit(a/abs(x),x,0) crashes with stack overflow
  - Fix bug:#3065.
  - Fix bug #3058: Lingering assumptions after an interrupted
  - Add test for SF bug #2302: "'at' applied to definite
  - A quick solution for Bug 3052
  - Fix SF bug #3049: "set should act like list"
  - Fix SF bug #3045: "Save command now fails to generate lisp
  - Fix bug #3044: opsubst crash
  - Fix SourceForge bug #2159 - integration_with_logabs.
  - Fix SF bug #3003: make pdf returns an error.
  - Fix SourceForge bug #3017 - "integrate_use_rootsof" leads to
    wrong result.
  - Add tests to verify that SF bug #365 is fixed. Add tests for
    related bug #3072
  - Use per-maxima-instance filenames for draw and plot. Without
    this simultaneous plotting from concurrent maxima instances
    might result in name collisions.
  - Allow sbcl to use enough memory to compile Lapack (linux+mac
  - Remove the two black lines at the border of the bounding box
    that were introduced with gnuplot 5.0
  - Fix integrate((4*x^3-x^2+4*x)^(-2/3)*(12*x^2-2*x+4),x);
  - li[2] and li[3] fixes.
  - Try to fix the trace output when the lisp_print trace option
    is set.
  - In MEVAL1, call GETCHARN only if argument is a symbol. Fixes
    bug reported to mailing list 2016-01-06.
* Wed Nov 11 2015
- Update to version 5.37.3:
  + Undocumented bug fixes.
* Fri Sep 18 2015
- Update to version 5.37.2:
  + Undocumented bug fixes.
* Tue Sep 01 2015
- Update to version 5.37.1 (List of changes includes fixes from
  version 5.37.0):
  + New items in core:
  - new function with_default_2d_display: ensure pretty-printing
  + New items in share:
  - new package cryptools: tools for cryptography.
  - new package elliptic_curves: elliptic curves over prime
    fields and binary fields.
  - new function cgrind: output Maxima expressions as C code.
  - package draw: new function vennplot (Venn diagrams).
  - package stringproc: new functions flush_output, readbyte,
    and writebyte.
  + Changes in core:
  - function gf_symmetric renamed to gf_balanced.
  + Changes in share:
  - functions md5sum, sha1sum, sha256sum and base64_decode:
    accept and return numbers and octet lists as well as
  - packages aes and aes2: provide flexible support for
    different data types, e.g. octet lists.
  + Bug fixes:
  - [#3005]: Manual is wrong about "sqrt" and "radexpand".
  - [#2998]: extra () in display2d:false output.
  - [#2988]: documentation error in gf_manual.pdf.
  - [#2987]: Some divergent integrals give error, some don't.
  - [#2982]: Display of taylor series in wrong order.
  - [#2980]: "rectform" causes infinite recursion depending on
    variable name.
  - [#2975]: number of distinct partitions gives wroing result.
  - [#2972]: Wrong limits involving logs.
  - [#2937]: dotscrules and antisymmetric.
  - [#2936]: stack overflow in integrate.
  - [#2934]: dotscrules and antisymmetric.
  - [#2929]: misformatting in debugger help message.
  - [#2905]: Assigning variable twice yields different results.
  - [#2620]: atan2(y,x)+atan2(-y,x) doesnt always return 0.
  - [#2230]: abs(x)^(2*int) doesn't simplify.
  - [#2211]: rtest_sign #77.
  - [#2183]: eigenvectors of a 10 x 10.
  - [#1193]: ev doesn't bind functions safely.
  + Unnumbered bugs:
  - commit [6779ac0]: zn-nrt: root of zero should be zero.
  - commit [b212487]: Fix up version variables so that
    load(drawutils) succeeds.
  - mailing list 2015-08-29: Documentation fails with error.
  - mailing list 2015-08-27: Warnings from loading cartan package.
  - mailing list 2015-08-25: Strange symmetry of acoth(x), area
    cotangens hyperbolicus function (#552).
  - mailing list 2015-08-17: trouble with GCL build.
  - mailing list 2015-06-11: rationalize(0.1) and the manual.
* Wed Aug 19 2015
- Exclude PowerPC64 architectures (no clisp available there yet)
* Tue Aug 18 2015
- Update to version 5.37.0:
  + Changes undocumented by upstream.
- Disable %check because there seems to be an upstream issue with
  make check in the Makefile causing build failures.
* Sun May 10 2015
- update to 5.36.1
  + Bug 2936: Stack overflow in integrate
  + fixed Bugs in the draw package
  + Problem in loading wxm files from the Explorer in Wxmaxima
* Fri Apr 17 2015
- Update to version 5.36.0:
  + New items in core:
  - Function parse_timedate: parse time/date string
  + New items in share:
  - Function lll: Lenstra-Lenstra-Lovasz algorithm
  + Changes in core:
  - at: remove variables in simplification
  + Other changes:
  * package contrib_ode: update test suite
  * package ezunits: additional femto, pico, nano, and micro fractions
  * package ezunits: apply rules more aggressively
  * package maxima-odesolve: documentation
  * package gentran: update
  * package draw: geometric transformations for 2D implicit functions
  * package coma: new version
  * package maximaMathML: hook mechanism
  * package noninteractive: new script expand_branches.mac
  + Several bug fixes; see
    for the full list.
- Specfile cleanup: remove empty %clean section.
* Wed Feb 18 2015
- Fix references to .info files in post/postun scriptlets.
* Thu Dec 25 2014
- Uodate to version 5.35.1:
  + Core:
  - In evaluation, allow general expressions as operators
  - Function supcontext: evaluate argument(s)
  - Functions supcontext, newcontext: return made-up name if
    none supplied
  - Function powerseries: bug fixes
  + Share:
  - Eulix: numerical solution of ordinary differential
  - script hermite_reduce.mac: implement Rothstein-Trager
  + Documentation updates
  + Bug fixes:
  - #2847: limits of powers of constants
  - #2845: Avoid initialization-time compile in commac.lisp
  - #2818: Problem with trigreduce
  - #2816: Significant reduction in processing LaTeX output in
    imaxima in new version
  - #2815: abs_integrate leads to infinite recursion
  - #2814: abs_integrate: integration of x*ceiling(x)
  - #2800: a typo in mode_identity documentation
  - #2774: desolve doesn't know how to interpret temporary
  - #2623: shortest_path
  - #2575: Integration error: integrate(sqrt(k-k*cos(2*x)), x)
  - #2371: limit((exp(a*x)-1)/(exp(a*x)+1),x,inf) fails
  - mailing list 2014-11-26: Error in histogram and
  - mailing list 2014-09-01: SIGN1 strangeness, was: Problem
    with bfloat
- Package /usr/share/locale/pt/LC_MESSAGES/
* Mon Sep 08 2014
- Update to version 5.34.1:
  + Reorder components so that SCHATCHEN-COND macro is defined
    before use
  + Put ChangeLog-5.34 on list of files
    float inf; this fixes a bug in SIGN1, which expects that
    $FLOAT always returns a finite number
  + Removes dashed option from terminal commands
  + Put clebsch_gordan.texi on list of Texinfo files
  + Use <FOO> instead of dollar sign as separator in category
    intermediate output; this is necessary to allow dollar sign as
    an indexed item in documentation
- Upstream now install ChangeLog file automatically, drop
  external ChangeLog-5.34 file.
* Sat Aug 30 2014
- Update to version 5.34.0:
  + New items in core:
  - function invert_by_gausselim: invert by Gaussian elimination
    (used to be function invertmx)
  - function invert_by_adjoint: invert by adjoint method (used
    to be function invert)
  - functions push, pop: now implemented in core
  + New items in share:
  - package coma: functions for control engineering
  - function sha1sum (package stringproc): compute SHA1 hash
  - engineering-format.lisp: change default float display format
  + Changes in core:
  - function invert: use adjoint method or Gaussian elimination
    depending on size of matrix
  - function tex: Define TeX properties for gamma_incomplete and
  + Bug fixes:
  - #2785: dynamics package: plotting fails on evolution() and
    other functions
  - #2784: Ceiling gives error, without even an error message
  - #2782: realroots(x*y) internal error
  - #2776: Error when integrate sqrt
  - #2775: powerseries of some log expressions
  - #2772: powerseries of some trig expressions
  - #2768: "notequal" tries to put multiprecision rational
    numbers into floats
  - #2765: powerseries of a derivative
  - #2764: power series of 1 + x^n and regression tests in
  - #2763: symmetricp(matrix) DOEs not work
  - #2760: powerseries at infinty broken
  - #2755: powerseries of natural exponential
  - #2751: powerseries of bessel functions needlessly fail
  - #2750: powerseries(x^x,x,0) gives Lisp error
  - #2749: Float evaluation of sinh causes Lisp error instead of
    overflowing to bigfloat
  - #2746: scifac / gcfac crash
  - #2745: limit with numer:true
  - #2741: imaxima preamble broken for display in emacs
  - #2738: Integrate encountered a Lisp error: The value 2 is
    not of type LIST
  - #2732: wrong answer for similar to gaussian integral
  - #2726: integrate produces wrong answer for Gaussian Moments
  - #2725: pochhammer(n,x) documentation
  - #2721: maxima can't refresh plots in gnuplot_pipes format
  - #2719: Matrix invert() behaviour
  - #2718: imaxima LaTeX definitions conflict with amsmath
  - #2717: plot2d treats linear and log plots inconsistently
  - #2716: is allows more than one argument
  - #2711: `i' is not local in `geosum'
  - #2710: `rempart' from package `functs' fails
  - #2707: `rowp' fails if `p' function is defined
  - #2697: Inconsistent handling of Greek symbols
  - #2683: Plot2d default terminal broken
  - #2678: transform_xy rejects argument constructed with
  - #2677: [gnuplot_pm3d,false] does not disable pm3d
  - #2621: "gamma limit error"
  - #2526: abs_integrate fails on integrate(sqrt(x + sqrt(x)), x)
  + unnumbered bugs:
  - mailing list 2014-08-16: bind stack overflow in loop
  - mailing list 2014-07-01: "rtest8.mac test failure"
  - mailing list 2014-06-29: "rule issue"
  - limit((atan(x)-(%pi/2))/(sin(10/x)),x,inf)
  - ezgcd(p1,p2,...) => true when ratp returns true for any
- Packaging change: Source tarball does not include ChangeLog-5.34
  by mistake, download from upstream git and package it
* Thu Apr 03 2014
- Update to version 5.33.0:
  + New in share:
  - package alt-display: hook for nonstandard display functions
  - package kovacicODE: Kovacic method for ordinary differential
  - package odes: several methods for ordinary differential
  - package trigtools: manipulating trigonometric function
  - package sound: functions for audio synthesis
  + Changes in core:
  - promote result to bigfloat on floating point overflow
  - variables declared to be irrational are considered real
  - display floats with leading "0." instead of "." only
  - function tex: accepts Lisp objects now
  - functions expintegral_shi, expintegral_chi: limits
  - functions hankel_1, hankel_2: numerically evaluate when the
    order is complex
  - function declare: rational and irrational properties
    mutually exclusive
  - functions get, put: when first argument is a string, assume
    it is the name of an operator
  - functions round, truncate: handle arguments of zeroa and
  - functions for Galois fields: improve power tables and
    introduce nth root
  - operator @: TeX property
  +  Other changes:
  - package ezunits: TeX property for units conversion operator
  - package maximaMathML: some updates
  - package draw: support for gnuplot terminal canvas
  - documentation: updating Brazilian Portuguese translation of
    user manual
  +  Bug fixes:
  - 2703: plotting option legend causes an error
  - 2702: plotting option adapt_depth causes an error
  - 2701: plotting option logy causes an error
  - 2700: plot option psfile causes an error
  - 2699: nticks seems ignored
  - 2696: *prompt-prefix* and *prompt-suffix* not inserted for
    askinteger / asksign
  - 2695: kill kills built-in properties of operator after
    user-defined property
  - 2687: call-arguments-limit easily exhaustable in tex1
  - 2682: Function zeta fails numerically for large numbers that
    aren't even integers
  - 2681: solve_rec wrong result
  - 2676: integral incorrect when variable is subscripted
  - 2675: maxima will not do the simplest of definite integrals
    and will not factor otherwise
  - 2671: Since 4833b5 Maxima (with ECL at least) outputs
    palette numbers gnuplot
  - bug in gnuplot_term option
  - bug in starplot
  - bug in ratinterpol
  - %e^^A should not simplify to %e^A
  - %pi is now correctly rounded with high probability
  - embedded plotting bug in XMaxima
  - bug in single-label case for plotting option 'label'
  - bug in comment indentation in Emacs
  - $CONS and friends should treat lists the same as other
  - mailing list 2014-02-27: "assigning to a list of structure
    fields does not work"
* Thu Jan 02 2014
- Update to version 5.32.1:
  + New share items contrib/odes and contrib/trigtools,
    contributed by Aleksas Domarkas
  + Fix starplot
  + Fix a bug in gnuplot_term option: the value of gnuplot_term
    option must be appended to "set term ", rather than being
    passed directly to gnuplot
  + Temporal fix until next wxMaxima release
- Drop maxima-gnuplot-output-set-term.patch: patch incorporated