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Change Logs

* Tue Aug 10 2021 Hillwood Yang <>
- Update version to 1.26.0
  * Translations update
  * Replace the deprecated GtkTable with GtkGrid
  * Replace the deprecated gtk_widget_set_state with gtk_widget_set_state_flags
  * Remove useless and discarded gtk_button_released
  * Replace the deprecated g_bookmark_file_get_modified with
  * Fix compilation warning
  * Use gtk-cancel icon replace window-close icon
  * update copyright to 2021
* Mon Apr 26 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
- Update to version 1.24.2:
  * Translations update
  * Default applications: Add flac/x-flac format (mime-type) for media
* Sun Aug 16 2020 Alexei Sorokin <>
- Update to version 1.24.1:
  * mate-theme-info: Use of memory after it is freed.
  * build: Silent build warnings for distcheck.
  * Use default MATE_COMPILE_WARNINGS level.
  * Port libslab_handle_g_error to the built-in GLib logging
  * mate-about-me: Fix memory leak.
  * appearance: Fix memory leak.
  * Do not collect the translation for Icon.
  * Update translations.
Version: 1.24.0-bp152.1.10
* Wed Feb 26 2020 Alexei Sorokin <>
- Update to version 1.24.0 (changes since 1.23.1):
  * mouse: Add support for Acceleration Profiles
  * appearance: Fix memory leak.
  * appearance: Add new font for user.
  * Stop propagate error.
  * at-properties: Migrate from dbus-glib to gdbus.
  * Fix UI validation.
  * time-admin: Add license info in time-admin.ui file.
  * Search system themes in system data dirs.
  * display: Enable help button.
  * windows: Add window-properties.ui.
  * Avoid redundant redeclarations.
  * keybindings: Fix schema creation in makefile.
  * appearance: Fix desktop file creation.
  * shell: Fix typo in keyword name.
  * Migrate from intltool to gettext.
  * default-applications: Load icons as cairo surfaces.
  * icons: Force uniform size on icons.
  * remove warning: "__sun" is not defined, evaluates to 0.
  * fv: thumbnailer: Add font/collection to the supported
  * font-viewer: Add font/ttf and font/otf mime types.
  * time-admin: Fix memory leak.
  * time-admin: Don't share «void QuitApp(TimeAdmin *ta)» method.
  * default-applications: Remove messenger options from ui file.
  * time-admin: Remove unreachable code.
  * time-admin: Simplify date & time displaying.
  * time-admin: Save button cannot be enabled if NTP
    synchronisation is active.
  * time-admin: Display current time in time-admin.ui on startup.
  * time-admin: Rename adjustament to adjustment in time-admin.ui.
  * time-admin: A11y time-admin.ui.
  * time-admin: Add time-admin.ui.
  * default-applications: Fix Word Processor top margin.
  * Update translations
- Drop support for old openSUSE versions.
* Fri Jul 19 2019 Jonathan Brielmaier <>
- Update to version 1.23.1 (changes since 1.22.1):
  * Translations update
  * fix build error when not installed gla11y
  * remove lightdm-settings support
  * launch lightdm-settings if installed
  * use current running DM preferences program
  * support lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings as login preferences program
  * drop libXxf86 dependency
  * Use python3 for gla11y
  * Add scroll tabs with mouse wheel in severals capplets
  * avoid deprecated g_type_class_add_private
  * time-admin: smaller fixes.
  * use theme's icon preferences-system-time
  * common: Remove capplet-stock-icons
  * bump require of m-s-d and m-d
  * Add orca to Visual combo box if available
  * Add support for checking .ui accessibility with gla11y
  * Do not reload NTP and modify the button arrangement when starting the service
  * Authentication to add modification time
  * Use default color to set label and remove the maximum button
  * use Makefile pkgdatadir
  * g_date_time_unref datetime
  * Display the correct time when selecting the time zone
  * Memory leak: g_error_free(error);
  * Modify file format
  * enable to build time-admin for mate-control-center
  * add time-admin source code
  * add timezone translation files for time-admin
  * add image resources for time-admin applet
  * Populate initial messenger list with irc scheme handler apps
  * Set default icq/irc/ircs/sip/xmpp scheme handler
  * Add instant messenger keybinding into mate-keybinding-properties
  * Change the icon for instant messaging application
  * default-applications: Add a widget for a default messenger application
  * appearance.ui (cursor size scale)
  * Fix the icon sizes in Preferred Applications selector
  * capplets: Use gresources for UI files
  * Fix grammar mistake
  * Migrate from dbus-glib to GDBus
  * Use system data dirs to locate key bindings
  * control-center: Fix memory leak
  * Use GtkSeparatorMenuItem in Apparence preview
  * default-applications: Improve UI accessibility
  * Use keyboard device icon like in other hardware devices
  * Use icons provided by themes and remove not used icons
  * help: update copyright
  * add installation instructions
- remove patch:
  * mate-control-center-gtk-3.20.patch: we don't support gtk3.20
- remove dependency on xxf86misc as it was dropped upstream, fixes
- build require gtk >= 3.22, gio >= 2.50 and glib >= 2.50
- add mate-time-admin:
  * package its files
  * add dependency on polkit-gobject-1
* Sun May 12 2019 Alexei Sorokin <>
- Update to version 1.22.1:
  * default-applications: Improve UI accessibility.
  * Use keyboard device icon like in other hardware devices.
  * control-center: Fix memory leak.
  * Use GtkSeparatorMenuItem in Apparence preview.
  * Remove dead store detected by clang.
  * Use icons provided by themes and remove not used icons.
  * help: Update copyright.
  * Update translations
Version: 1.22.1-2.1
* Sun May 12 2019
- Update to version 1.22.1:
  * default-applications: Improve UI accessibility.
  * Use keyboard device icon like in other hardware devices.
  * control-center: Fix memory leak.
  * Use GtkSeparatorMenuItem in Apparence preview.
  * Remove dead store detected by clang.
  * Use icons provided by themes and remove not used icons.
  * help: Update copyright.
  * Update translations
* Tue Mar 05 2019
- Update to version 1.22.0:
  * Depend on mate-desktop 1.21.2+ due to new the gschema key.
  * Bump required version of mate-menus.
  * Require mate-settings-daemon 1.21.2+.
  * Use new mate-menus api.
  * appearance: Add buttons-have-icons switch.
  * mouse: Add middle button emulation switch.
  * Avoid deprecated GtkStock.
  * Remove useless parameter in mate_theme_install_real.
  * theme-installer.c: Add tips when reinstall a existed theme.
  * Mouse: Include a toggle to enable or disable middlemouse paste.
  * capplets/keybindings: Avoid deprecated gdk_keymap_get_default.
  * display-capplet.ui: Replace deprecations.
  * libslab: Code clean up.
  * wm-common: Replace deprecated gdk_error_trap functions.
  * libslab: Replace deprecated gtk_menu_popup.
  * msd-input-helper: Replace deprecated gdk_error_trap functions.
  * mouse: Replace deprecated gdk_error_trap functions.
  * keybindings: Add a key binding to toggle the microphone's mute
  * keybindings: Add some key bindings to control volume quietly.
  * Account for nullptr error when we see G_IO_STATUS_EOF.
  * typing-break: Replace deprecated gdk_error_trap functions.
  * mate-keybinding-properties: Avoid deprecated
  * Add search option for mate-font-viewer.
  * Load avatar-default as default image.
  * A fix for accounts service support.
  * keybindings: Add a key binding to launch settings.
  * Add UI to control
  * Use fixed size to show user icon.
  * Add new api for EImageChooser.
  * get/set user face icon use accounts service.
  * eggcellrendererkeys: Avoid deprecated gtk_widget_modify_bg/fg.
  * Update MCC help.
  * default-applications: Use more common icon names for Office
  * mate-display-properties: Migrate from dbus-glib to GDBus.
  * Fix the runtime warning about gtk_widget_destroy.
  * Fixed number of cols error after reload menus.
  * Fixed crash when install/remove application.
  * capplets/mouse: .svg files instead .png in doubleclick artwork.
  * capplets/mouse: New doubleclick artwork with mate logo.
  * default-applications: Fix assertion failture on
  * default-applications: Add a widget for a default calculator
  * Update translations.
- Rebase mate-control-center-gtk-3.20.patch.
* Sat Dec 22 2018
- Update to version 1.20.4:
  * Disable deprecation warnings for distcheck.
  * default-applications: Use the selected word processor for RTF
    as well.
  * typing-break: Make images larger and load as surface.
  * Update hint for mouse double-click.
  * keybindings: Double click instead one click to edit keyboard
  * Fix spelling and grammar mistakes.
  * Update legal.xml.
  * Use make functions for HELP_LINGUAS.
  * Update translations.
- Rebase mate-control-center-gtk-3.20.patch.
* Sat Jun 16 2018
- Update to version 1.20.3:
  * display-capplet: Add css name for scrollarea.
  * Change cursor-size to 24px.
  * Update translations.
Version: 1.20.2-bp150.1.4
* Wed Apr 11 2018
- Update to version 1.20.2:
  * Add auto-detect toggle switch for font DPI.
  * Fix screen geometry when snapping windows on rotated displays.
  * Fix segfaults in theme installers.
  * Scale cursor size for HiDPI when changing themes.
* Wed Mar 14 2018
- remove xorg-x11-devel, adjusting buildrequires to what
  configure checks for and what libraries are linked in
  the final executable.
* Fri Mar 09 2018
- Update to version 1.20.0:
  * Require GTK+ 3.22 and GLib 2.50.
  * Add support for HiDPI displays.
  * libslab nameplate-tile, shellwindow: Replace GtkAlignment with
    a GtkBox.
  * libslab tile.c: Replace deprecated gtk_widget_set_state().
  * libslab slab-section, app-shell, searchbar: Avoid deprecated
  * app-resizer: Fix a build warning
  * libslab nameplate-tile: Avoid deprecated
  * libslab nameplate-tile: Remove one deprecated usage of
  * libslab: Don't use deprecated gdk_app_launch_context_new().
  * eel-alert-dialog: Replace some GtkStock items.
  * keybindings: Fix a couple of build warnings.
  * libslab bookmark-agent: Fix some xdg paths.
  * Use g_object_unref() instead of deprecated rsvg_handle_free().
  * keybindings: Fix and add mnemonics in the custom command
  * keybindings: Allow to select an installed application through a
  * libslab: Avoid deprecated gdk_screen_width/height().
  * appearance-font.c: Avoid deprecated
  * Avoid deprecated gdk_screen_get_width/height().
  * libslab: Drop an unneeded libslab_mate_desktop_item_open_help()
  * libslab: Drop uneeded support for gnome-main-menu.
  * typing-break: Avoid deprecated GDK pointer and keyboard types.
  * libslab: Don't use deprecated gtk_show_uri().
  * display scrollarea: Avoid deprecated gtk_adjustment_changed.
  * keybindings eggcellrendererkey: Avoid deprecated GDK pointer
    and keyboard types.
  * display scrollarea: Fix a -Wuninitialized build warning.
  * display scrollarea: Avoid deprecated gdk_window_get_pointer().
  * Avoid deprecated gdk_screen_get_monitor_,
    gdk_screen_make_display_name(), gdk_display_get_screen() and
    gdk_display_get_n_screens() functions.
  * capplet-util: Don't use deprecated gtk_show_uri().
  * typing-break: Avoid deprecated GtkMisc, gtk_alignment_new().
  * mouse: Fix a build warning.
  * mouse: Warn about enabling multi-finger emulation.
  * Enable default broswer setting support for text/html.
  * libslab: Restore missing variable initialisation.
  * An implementation of WidthOfScreen and HeightOfScreen.
  * Fix support for external localisations in .desktop files.
  * Add the support for cursor sizes of 96 and 128.
  * man: Fix the title of the mate-window-properties page.
  * man: Fix titles of the mate-typing-monitor and
    mate-thumbnail-font pages.
  * Fix font dpi with "org.mate.desktop.font-rendering.dpi" by
  * theme-installer.c: Add missing g_object_unref in
  * theme-util.c: Fix reinstalling the deleted theme can cause
  * Support the theme compression package for installing XZ format.
  * eggcellrendererkeys.c: Fix build warnings.
  * theme-thumbnail.c: Fix build warnings with 'write' and 'pipe'.
  * libslab: Store the search entry widget as GtkEntry.
  * libslab: Fix the search icon being misaligned.
  * libslab: search-entry.c: Fix a build warning.
  * Remove a useless duplication in mate_theme_install_real.
  * Fix Window Border theme cannot be deleted.
  * Update the windows tiling gsettings key.
  * shell: Add a Comment field to the .desktop file.
  * Update translations.
- Add mate-control-center-gtk-3.20.patch: Restore GLib 2.48 and
  GTK+ 3.20 support.
* Sat Jun 17 2017
- Update to version 1.18.2:
  * libslab: Make ThemedIcon use style_updated instead of style_set.
  * libslab: Correct icon loading code.
  * about-me-password UI: Set max_width_chars for description-label.
  * Restore Polish translation credits from GNOME.
  * Update translations.
* Tue Apr 04 2017
- Update to version 1.18.1:
  * Add support for switching themes on Metacity >= 3.20.
  * appearance-ui: Add primary-toolbar style class for toolbar in
    interface preview.
  * keyboard-properties-xkbot: Avoid deprecated GtkAlignment.
  * theme-thumbnail: Avoid deprecated GtkAlignment.
* Tue Mar 14 2017
- Update to version 1.18.0:
  * NEWS: Use consistent, project wide, markdown-like formatting to
    make generating release announcements easier.
  * Build: Require libmatekbd, libmate-desktop, marco,
    mate-settings-daemon >= 1.17.
  * Build: Require XCursor and XInput unconditionally.
  * Move to GTK+3 (require GTK+ >= 3.14), drop the GTK+2 code and
  - -with-gtk build option.
  * Port from libunique to GtkApplication.
  * Rework font-viewer: Add font browsing mode, support for TTC
    fonts, and make it appear in the menus.
  * Add libinput support for mouse and touchpad.
  * Mouse: Add a separate touchpad motion settings on touchpad tab.
  * Mouse: Change tab label from General to Mouse.
  * Mouse: Change natural scroll mnemonic from 'a' to 'n'.
  * Fix lots of GTK+ deprecations.
  * Some more fixes and cleanups.
  * Update translations.
* Wed Feb 08 2017
- Update to version 1.16.1:
  * Appearance: Fix live updating of the various theme details.
  * Appearance: Fix vertical expand of content on window resize in
    GTK+3 build.
  * Keyboard: Fix vertical expand of content on window resize in
    GTK+3 build.
  * Shell: Force icon size in libslab to avoid huge icons.
  * GTK+3: Fix build with Marco 1.17.
  * Fix a couple of memleaks.
* Tue Sep 20 2016
- Update to version 1.16.0:
  * Build: Drop dconf 0.10 compatibility.
  * Appearance: Change default hinting style to slight and render
    antialiasing samples using that style.
  * Appearance: Render hinting samples using RGBA antialiasing.
  * Appearance: Place theme name below theme preview in GTK+3
    build to match GTK+2 one.
  * Appearance: Center theme name in GTK+3 build to match GTK+2
  * Appearance: Hide Colours tab in Customise Theme dialogue in
    the GTK+3 build as changing theme colours doesn't work in GTK+3.
  * GTK+3: Fix build with appindicator support enabled.
  * GTK+3: Fix showing monitors in display properties with
    GLib 2.49.6.
  * GTK+3: Fix various deprecations.
  * Some code cleanups.
* Sun Aug 14 2016
- Update to version 1.14.1:
  * About me: Add some space between username and buttons.
  * About me: Fix UI freeze when changing the password.
  * Make distcheck use currently selected GTK+ version.
  * Update translations.
* Sat Apr 09 2016
- Update to version 1.14.0:
  * Touchpad settings: Support edge and two-finger scrolling
  * Some more fixes and cleanups.
  * Update translations.
  * Fix Changelog generation
* Mon Feb 22 2016
- Update to version 1.13.2:
  * Fix more deprecations and warnings.
* Fri Feb 05 2016
- Update to version 1.13.1:
  * Fix build warnings about incorrect pointer types.
  * GTK+3: Fix several deprecations.
  * GTK+3: Fix theme previews in mate-appearance-properties.
  * Drop "Ubuntu hacks" (--enable-ubuntu build option) as Ubuntu
    dropped that stuff long ago.
* Tue Jan 26 2016
- Update to version 1.13.0:
  * Move to mate-menus.
  * Drop MateConf migration script.
  * Window properties: Make all three window focus modes selectable.
  * Gtk3: Fix some deprecations.
  * Fix more build warnings.
* Mon Dec 07 2015
- Update to 1.12.1:
  * Display: Fix crash due to a regression.
  * Fix some bottom items being not accessible in some cases.
  * Some more fixes.
  * Update translations.
- Enable SNI-tray (appindicators) support.
* Thu Nov 05 2015
- Update to 1.12.0:
  * Appearance: restored Interface tab.
  * Display: show output names in addition to display names.
  * Keybindings: added keybinding for logout.
  * Touchpad settings: add option to enable/disable touchpad.
  * Improve categorisation.
  * Retrieve strings directly from gschema (requires intltool
  * Some more fixes and cleanups.
* Fri Oct 09 2015
- Update to 1.11:
  * Switch to org.gnome.SessionManager.
  * Display settings: add support to set the primary monitor.
  * Gtk2 Restored Interface tab in Appearance capplet.
  * Touchpad settings: add support for natural scrolling, 2 finger
    and 3 finger clicks.
  * Gtk3: Fix font rendering in Appearance and mate-font-viewer.
* Mon Oct 05 2015
- Update to 1.10.2:
  * Appearance: fix possible segmentation fault on closing.
  * Appearance: allow to save notification theme optionally.
  * Display: made changing refresh rate actually work.
  * Fix build with prefix other than /usr.
  * Help fixes.
  * Update translations.
* Mon Jul 13 2015
- Update to 1.10.1:
  * Appearance: add theme changing support for metacity >= 3.16.
  * Help fixes.
  * GTK+3 fixes.
  * Translations update.
* Mon May 04 2015
- Update to version 1.10.0
  * No changes since version 1.9.1
* Thu Jan 22 2015
- Update to version 1.9.1 (unstable)
  * Adapt to MateDesktop MateRR* API changes