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Change Logs

Version: 1.0-bp150.2.4
* Mon Feb 05 2018
- Update to 1.0:
  * New, custom query parser which replaces Xapian's 'QueryParser'
    both in mu and mu4e. Existing queries should still work, but the
    new engine handles non-alphanumeric queries much better.
  * Support regular expressions in queries
  * cfind: ensure nicks are unique
  * auxiliary programs invoked from mu/mu4e survive terminating the
    shell / emacs
  * Allow for rewriting message bodies
  * Toggle-menus for header settings
  * electric-quote-(local-)mode work when composing emails
  * Respect format=flowed and delsp=yes for viewing plain-text
  * Added new mu4e-split-view mode: single-window
  * Add menu item for `untrash'.p
  * Unbreak abbrevs in mu4e-compose-mode
  * Allow forwarding messages as attachments
  * Default to 'skip duplicates' and 'include headers' in
    headers-view, which should be good defaults for most users. Can
    be customized using `mu4e-headers-skip-duplicates' and
    `mu4e-headers-include-related', respectively.
  * Many bug fixed (see github for all the details).
  * Updated documentation
- Remove upstreamed mu4e-1.0-alpha3-gh1168.patch
* Tue Jan 23 2018
- Add patch mu4e-1.0-alpha3-gh1168.patch
  * Fix for
- Make automake version requirement (1.14) explicit
* Mon Dec 18 2017
- Update to 1.0-alpha3:
  * parser: promote single value to a range for range-fields
  * mu: support 'raw' query (internally)
  * mu: handle funny msgids
  * mu4e: improve msgid quoting
  * mu4e: fix typo in mu4e~docid-msgid-param
* Mon Nov 13 2017
- Update to 1.0-alpha2:
  * Ensure mu4e-view-mode-hook run after text insertion
  * mu4e: fix bug preventing mu4e-headers-change-sorting to sort by list
  * mu4e: add mu4e-query-rewrite-functio
  * proc: ensure query string is utf-8
  * documentation fixes
* Sun Oct 29 2017
- Update to 1.0-alpha0:
  * mu4e: add mu4e-msg-changed-hook to mu4e-index-updated-hook globally
  * mu4e: Fix outdated docstring for `mu4e-headers-actions'
  * Add some improvements in attachment actions
  * mu4e: killing instead of interrupting update process
  * Use re-search-forward to find message signatures
  * mu4e: Add possibility to forward messages as attachments
  * mu: add 'tickle' command, for renaming messages
  * mu4e: allow for message body rewriting
  * mu4e: mu4e-message: allow for bodyless messages
  * mu4e: show inline text/plain as attachment
  * mu4e: don't require user-agent string
  * mu4e: Added new mu4e-split-view mode: single-window
  * mu: include signers in signature report
  * mu4e: display signers in signature header
  * bug fixes and documentation updates
* Thu Oct 26 2017
- Change gmime-devel BuildRequires to pkgconfig((gmime-2.6): do not
  care for actual package names, but for relevant symbols. In this
  specific case, gmime-devel was upgraded to version 3.0, with a
  2.6 compatibility package being present next to it.
* Tue Apr 11 2017
- Fix typographical issues with dots and apostrophes.
* Fri Apr 07 2017
- Use proper license (GPL-3.0+)
* Thu Apr 06 2017
- Add package mu4e (emacs+mu based email client)
- Change in BuildRequires:
  * Add emacs-nox >= 23, then mu4e gets automatically build
  * Add makeinfo, to handle info files
* Thu Mar 02 2017
- Initial package of version 0.9.18 for openSUSE