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Change Logs

Version: 0.9.3-bp150.1.3
* Wed Nov 01 2017
- Update to 0.9.3
  * Finally fixed battery calculations, it missed Power so left time was always at zero.
  * Fixed task window raising on drop file on it (was broken since 0.9.0).
- Added lxpanel-0.9.3-panel_config.patch
  * Fix rpmlint warning
- Added lxpanel-0.9.3-default_config.patch
  * Fix rpmlint warning
* Sun Dec 25 2016
- Update to 0.9.2
  * Fixed battery selection if battery detached but another is
  * Fixed battery percentage calculations if charge isn't available
    but energy is, it appears broken in 0.9.0
  * Fixed wrong state change on task button when hovered, it
    shouldn't receive selected state until window has urgency
  * Fixed wrong flat button appearance when hovered, it wasn't flat
  Changes on 0.9.2 since 0.9.1:
  * Fixed build failure without ALSA
  * Added alternative mixers if build using OSS
  * Fixed panel flicker with some window managers
* Thu Nov 24 2016
- Reword description.
* Mon Nov 21 2016
- Update to 0.9.0:
  * Added support for laptops with multiple batteries.
  * Added a way to scroll through workspaces by using the scroll wheel over the deskno plugin.
  * Bunch of fixes for GTK+ 3.0 compatibility.
  * Fixed outdated lxpanel man page.
  * Fixed weather locations query (since YQL was changed recently).
  * Converted space plugin into internal PanelSpace widget in liblxpanel.
  * Converted task button into widget class to avoid ambiguous code.
  * Added support for third-party plugins localized descriptions.
  * Implemented “lxpanelctl command …” to send message to panel plugin.
  * Added APIs for PanelIconGrid to draw focus on drop.
  * Converted launch button into widget class for more easy management.
  * Adjusted PanelIconGrid: min spacing is now 1, no_window flag is now left unset by default, spacing is taken into account on overall size to be consistent on chosen orientation.
  * Implemented dropping file or folder onto launch bar to create launcher.
  * Implemented dragging launchers around launchbars (between panels too).
  * Implemented dropping file or folder onto free panel space to create launcher.
  * Implemented dragging launchers from launchbar to some free panel space.
  * Added stripping scheme from URI menu://applications/… when a launcher is created, only menu-id itself should be used.
  * Implemented moving plugins across panel by means of middle button drag and drop, i.e. middle-click it then drag, and plugin will follow the mouse until middle button is released.
  * Merged ‘volume’ and ‘volumealsa’ plugins into single plugin which uses the same interface but different driver, in dependency on how it was built – either OSS or ALSA interface is used. Name ‘volume’ is used for simplicity while ‘volumealsa’ is supported for compatibility.
  * Made default channel in ‘volume’ plugin definable in config. If there is no config statement then plugin finds first usable one, the same as before.
  * Made clicks for Toggle Mute, Show Slider and Open Mixer actions of the ‘volume’ plugin configurable. Defaults are the same: left-click shows slider, middle-click toggles mute state.
  * Added support for ‘PCM’ and ‘Headphone’ channels for OSS mixer.
  * Added support for other (not default one) ALSA cards in ‘volume’ plugin via ‘CardNumber’ setting.
  * Added hotkey support into ‘volume’ plugin to be able to use multimedia keys for volume changing directly by plugin.
  * Fixed missing libkeybinder initialization (keybinding did not work).
  * Fixed check for attempt to add a binding for the same hotkey which is already bound elsewhere.
  * Added a configuration dialog to the ‘volume’ plugin with all the new settings available to choose and set, including preset of discovered mixers, with ability to type own command as well.
  * Fixed crash on action on task window which was deleted while task menu is still opened.
  * Fixed “dynamic” panel width allocation.
  * Fixed PanelIconGrid allocation in rigth-to-left languages, it was wrong so some icons might be invisible or placed under other plugins.
  * Removed call to gtk_widget_set_style() from volume slider to fix colors of current theme.
  * Changed icon size handling on task bar – it may now maintain the same size as rest of icons. It may affect users who are used to have thems maller, it’s why this feature was made configurable, corresponding config variable is UseSmallerIcons and default is 1 (old behavior).
  * Changed volume slider popup behavior – it now hides when loses focus.
  * Fixed invalid memory access in weather plugin.
  * Fixed incorrect reporting units on “Feel” value in weather plugin. YQL always reports Fahrenheit degrees there.
  * Added a safeguard on menu cache returning items with empty Exec line.
  * Fixed maximizing windows using task bar, GDK functions not always work.
  * Fixed wrong bind of preferences dialog to the panel, which resulted in other dialogs appear on the same workspace where preferences was.
  * Expanded launch buttons active area to launchbar borders so if clicked even into desktop corner, it should activate button at that corner.
  * Fixed few memory leaks in ‘batt’ plugin.
  * Removed unwanted conversions with energy for charge in ‘batt’ plugin which will mess up tooltip indications, and may make rate/percentage calculations invalid.
  * Replaced Xclimsg() with Xclimsgx() to be screen aware with X11 message.
  * Added a workaround for WM like MWM which does not properly resize down widgets of panel kind. It still leaves artefacts but is better now.
  * Added a workaround on GtkBox behavior which does not send allocation requests to children in some cases, so resizing of launchtaskbar on panel height change was broken.
  * Fixed PanelIconGrid layout on vertical panels with more than 1 column.
- Remove upstreamed patches:
  * lxpanel-0.8.1-Do-not-load-indicators-in-the-constructor.patch
  * lxpanel-0.8.1-Fix-crash-with-invalid-size-of-icon.patch
  * lxpanel-0.8.1-Fix-incorrect-panel-geometry-initialization.patch
  * lxpanel-0.8.1-Fix-lxpanel.pc-dependencies.patch
  * lxpanel-0.8.1-Fix-taskbar-plugin-crash.patch
* Sat Oct 31 2015
- Added lxpanel-0.8.1-Fix-lxpanel.pc-dependencies.patch
- Added lxpanel-0.8.1-Fix-taskbar-plugin-crash.patch
  * Fixes SF#758
- Added lxpanel-0.8.1-Fix-incorrect-panel-geometry-initialization.patch
  * Fixes SF#753
- Added lxpanel-0.8.1-Fix-crash-with-invalid-size-of-icon.patch
- Added lxpanel-0.8.1-Do-not-load-indicators-in-the-constructor.patch
  * Prevents loading indicators twice
* Wed May 06 2015
- New upstream version 0.8.1
  * Improved OSS headers detection a bit.
  * Fixed expand setting on plugins with default_expand when more
    than one is available on the same panel.
  * Fixed icon for task button that retrieved using WM_HINTS.
  * Fixed wrong PanelIconGrid arrangement in vertical panel
  * Fixed missing handlers disconnect when destroying Task
  * Removed writing debug messages to file when 'indicator' plugin
    is in use - it will write all the debug there and that changes
    the behavior which was not intended really.
  * Corrected background for 'indicator' plugin.
  * Fixed update 'indicator' plugin on configuration changes.
  * Fixed battery status: if discharge rate is 0 then it's charged.
  * Fixed incorrect cycle in netproc_devicelist_clear() leading to
    crash on resume (after suspend).
  * Fixed scanning for temperature sensors which failed with some
  * Changed reconfiguring panel behavior: callbacks to plugins will
    be sent on idle, not immediately to avoid "stuck" spin button
    (and eventually even crash was possible).
  * Fixed initial icon on 'volumealsa' to show real state instead
    of muted.
  * Fixed 'dclock' updating that it will show time on start, not
    just on next second change. It would create impression it's
    slow otherwise.
  * Fixed wrong task button activation on not processed drag of
* Mon Dec 08 2014
- New upstream version 0.8.0
  * complete multi-monitor support
  * improve and further simplify plugins API
  * full changelog at
* Thu Oct 23 2014
- new upstream version 0.7.2
  * Fixed unhiding panel if it becomes empty and height_when_hidden
    is 0
  * Fixed invalid X protocol word size: despite of stating it 32
    bit, the X server uses unsigned long which is 64 bit on 64-bit
  * Adapted to use libmenu-cache >= 1.0.0 - it could show empty
    folders in the desktop menu
  * Fixed crash in taskbar after visible task changed name then
  * Ensured panel background update after some plugin was resized
  * FileManager statement from old config should never be scanned
  * Fixed positioning of new created panel, the edge was not saved
  * Eliminated hardcoded "xterm" in 'volumealsa' plugin - LibFM has
    enough means to call terminal when needed
  * Fixed crash if 'volumealsa' plugin initialization failed
- removed unnecessary patches
  * lxpanel-0.7.1-fix-empty-panel-unhide-if-height_when_hidden-is-0.patch
  * lxpanel-0.7.1-fix-panel-covering-maximized-windows.patch
* Mon Sep 22 2014
- new upstream version 0.7.1
  * Fixed search for the gtkrc file.
  * Fixed search path for configuration - it should be not
    compilation time path but paths using $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS.
  * Fixed incorrect flag for 'launchbar' plugin which marks him
  * Fixed dragging of task buttons.
  * Corrected using $XDG_MENU_PREFIX to work the same way as
    libfm does.
  * Fixed using font description, font in gtkrc file was ignored.
  * Improved search for hw sensors in /sys/class/hwmon/ hierarchy.
  * Improved check for critical temperatures in 'termal' plugin,
    now each individual hardware setting (if available) is also
    taken into consideration.
  * Fixed parsing alias name in 'weather' plugin settings.
  * Got rid of all individual plugins/*/Makefile - those rules
    more easily can be contained in the plugins/
    Adding a simple plugin basically would mean to add three
    lines into that file instead of writing whole
  * Fixed invalid system config path search ("lxpanel" part was
  * Fixed incorrect requirements in the lxpanel.pc file.
  * Fixed memory leak in the 'volumealsa' plugin.
  * Now 'volumealsa' checks for 'MixerCommand' setting in the
  configuration before guessing it.
  * Fixed color saving in the configuration.
  * Fixed incomplete resources deallocation in 'volumealsa'
  * Fixed make uninstall (it left plugins installed).
  * Fixed monitor number set from GUI.
  * Fixed hang on netstatus icon in auto-hidden panel.
  * Fixed icon grid compilation with GTK+ < 2.20.
  * Fixed compilation without menu-cache.
  * Now man pages are included in the GIT and tarball, not just
    xml files.
  * Fixed incorrect printf arguments in 'netstatus' plugin.
- Removed
- Added
- Added lxpanel-0.7.1-fix-panel-covering-maximized-windows.patch
* Thu Aug 21 2014
- new upstream version 0.7.0
  * New plugin 'launchtaskbar' with combined functionality from
    'launchbar' and 'taskbar'. For easy support codebase is
    merged instead of doing duplicates but appearance is still
    the same in dependency from mode chosen.
  * Integrated with LibFM, all launching and application selection
    in the launchbar settings is done by LibFM now.
  * New simpler plugins API implementation, using LibFM plugins
    loader. In new API some callbacks were simplified and some
    removed, see all the detailed descriptions in the file
  * New plugins are GtkWidgets now, therefore there is no explicit
    destroy for them or their data, all will be handled implicitly.
  * Changed config access with simple API similar to libconfig one.
  * Using icon caching from LibFM.
  * Applications properties in the menu are managed by LibFM API,
    no more calls to lxshortcut application.
  * Setting for file manager is not handled on its own but XDG
    setting is used now, i.e. default choice for "inode/directory"
    MIME type.
  * Setting for terminal is handled by LibFM, therefore it is the
    same as in PCManFM now, no own setting anymore.
  * Replaced configure option --enable-cast-checks with
  - -enable-debug.
  * Replaced 'pager' plugin with former 'wnckpager' one. The
    'wnckpager'name is still supported for compatibility but it is
    the same plugin.
  * Added new plugin 'weather', written by Piotr Sipika.
  * Using drag & drop handling from LibFM in launchbar. It is
    possible now to use any kind of files as launchbuttons, and
    folders can receive drops as well.
  * Allowed drag applications from system menu plugin so they now
    can be dropped somewhere. The obvious example is drop on the
  * Using human readable sensor names if available (like 'Core 0',
  * Panel is allowed to hide completely (setting width when hidden
    to 0).
  * The IconGrid converted into GtkContainer derived class
  * Allowed to use <USER_CONFIG_DIR>/lxpanel/<profile>/gtkrc for
    the panel custom style setup.
  * The panel itself in not a struct now but a GtkWindow derived
    class so no special API to destroy it is required.
  * Improved the layout of icons in panel, they will not align to
    the edge of screen but appropriately to panel height. Some of
    them did that already but some were aligned to the screen edge
    without any gap.
  * The button to configure plugin in panel plugins configuration
    tab is renamed from 'Edit' to 'Properties'.
  * All logging is unified. The option --log is deprecated and
    isn't used anymore. User can change logs appearance using
    G_MESSAGES_DEBUG and G_MESSAGES_PREFIXED environment variables
    (see GLib docs).
  * Old APIs are in place still for backward compatibility with
    third party plugins but will be dropped later, supposedly on
    next feature release point. Old APIs are not present in public
    headers, compatibility is on binary level only.
  * A whole lot of bugfixes.
- added
  to make LXPanel not to crash when it's clicked on an empty part
* Fri May 09 2014
- new upstream version 0.6.2
  * monitors: fix for newer kernels (>=3.14)
  * misc,menu: ID 3615268 - lxpanel load icon from icon theme first
  * batt: detect when battery is inserted or removed
  * batt: don't fail if there is no battery
  * menu: fix ID: 3614733, doesn't interpret %c in .desktop
* Sun Jan 05 2014
- new upstream version 0.6.1
  * no changelog provided
* Thu Mar 28 2013
- update to 0.5.12 (bugfix release, no changelog provided)
  * obsoletes lxpanel-0.5.10-automake-1.12.patch
  * obsoletes lxpanel-0.5.8-fix-libgmodule-underlinking.patch
- use pkgconfig() BuildRequires when possible
* Fri Jun 22 2012
- update to 5.10
  * configuration for two panel layout
  * new plugins monitor, netstat and wnckpager
- refresh automake patch and apply on 12.2+ only
- explicitly require menu-cache
* Mon Jun 11 2012
- lxpanel includes code from Suxpanel which is GPL 2.0 only, the
  resulting binary is thus also GPL 2.0 only and not GPL 2.0 or
  later (bnc#766371)
* Thu Jun 07 2012
- build with automake 1.12
  * automake-1.12.patch
* Tue Jan 17 2012
- added lxpanel-0.5.8-fix-libgmodule-underlinking.patch in order to
  explicitly link against libgmodule
- removed unecessary build dependencies
* Thu Jan 12 2012
- change license to be in format
* Thu Sep 22 2011
- fixed typos in lxpanel.spec
* Fri Jul 29 2011
- New upstream bugfix version 0.5.8
- removed lxpanel-0.5.7-fix-gcc-warnings.patch
  lxpanel-0.5.7-fix-gcc-warnings.patch and
  lxpanel-0.5.7-fix-gtkrequisition.patch now in upstream code
Version: 0.10.1-bp154.1.34
* Tue Mar 02 2021 Dirk Müller <>
- update to 0.10.1:
  * Fixed battery alarm when measurement of current is missing.
  * Fixed spelling errors on "allow to" in plugins descriptions, and "GTK2+" to
    more correct "GTK+".
  * Fixed battery indication when charge_full and energy_full are not available.
  * Corrected scaling of volume plugin for HiDPI monitors.
  * Fixed connection name dropdown list in netstatus plugin.
* Mon Nov 30 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
- Add explicit pkgconfig(gdk-pixbuf-xlib-2.0) BuildRequires:
  plugin.c includes the relevant header.
* Sat Jul 04 2020 Andreas Stieger <>
- lxpanel 0.10.0:
  * Allow switching workplaces by scrolling over the pager
  * Font display fixes
  * Memory calculation in lxpanel monitor now aligns with 'free'
  * Updates to weather plugins: Remove Yahoo, add OpenWeatherMap
  * Fix crashes in some specific locations
  * Fix battery color (must be green) when battery is fully charged
  * Fix ambiguity in keyboard layout names