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Change Logs

* Thu Apr 26 2018
- Only produce docs during one flavor to avoid duplicate binary.
* Mon Oct 30 2017
- do not build for Lua 5.2
* Thu Aug 10 2017
- Updating to version 3.4:
  * Incompatible Changes  Incompatible Changes
    posix.syslog constants LOG_AUTHPRIV, LOG_FTP and LOG_SYSLOG are no longer
    documented, and only defined when supported by the host C library. They are
    not part of the POSIX API, and prevented compilation of luaposix on AIX and
    getopt.getopt was a binding to the GNU getopt_long extension, which is not
    a POSIX API, and prevents luaposix from compiling on hosts that do not
    provide the extended API. Instead we now correctly bind POSIX getopt(3) in
  * New Features
    Replaced all Autotools and supporting Slingshot code with new Lua- based
    build-aux/luke and lukefile describing how to compile and install
    everything. Building with LuaRocks now leverages this too.
    New posix.sys.socket.getsockopt and posix.sys.socket.getpeername bindings.
    New posix.sys.msg.msgctl binding, and posix.sys.msg.IPC_RMID,
    posix.sys.msg.IPC_SET and posix.sys.msg.IPC_STAT constants to use with it.
    New posix.unistd.ftruncate and posix.unistd.truncate bindings.
    posix.fcntl.fcntl now accepts undocumented posix.fcntl.O_TMPFILE value
    where supported by the host C library.
  * Bugs Fixed
    posix.unistd.ttyname now returns an error message in addition to nil when
    it fails.
  * maint-sync-luke-with-upstream.patch:
    Backported from upstream to make this build and install with the 'luke'
    version included.
* Thu Aug 10 2017
- Fix provides/obsoletes for the old package name.
* Thu Jul 13 2017
- Put documentation on %_docdir/%name not just %_docdir
* Thu Jul 13 2017
- Switch to multibuild build
- Update to 33.3.1:
  * Various lua5.3 fixes
- Drop patch install_path.patch
* Wed Jan 04 2017
- Replaced 'makeinstall' by 'make_install'.
- Removed %clean section.
- Replaced Documentation/http by Documentation/HTML.
* Mon Oct 17 2016
- Setting 'download_files' service to mode='localonly'
  and adding source tarball. (Required for Factory).
* Tue Oct 11 2016
- Initial version of lua-luaposix: 33.2.1.