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* Wed Mar 24 2021 Egbert Eich <>
- Update to version 8.4.28:
  For details check:<issueID>
  * Use now converts relative paths to abspath (Issue #505).
  * Allow print statement in modulefiles (Issue #507).
* Wed Mar 17 2021 Ana Guerrero Lopez <>
- Update to version 8.4.27:
  * (8.4.21)
    + Add findLuaProg() or die
  * (8.4.22)
    + Fix luaCmd -> luaprog.
  * (8.4.23)
    + Fix goto in luaterm pkg.
  * (8.4.24)
    + Need to quote '?' in csh.
    + Make list of modules from spider skip .version* and .modulerc*
    + analyzeLmodDB now takes a list of all modules so that zero module
    usage can be reported.
  * (8.4.26)
    + Fix bug with building on Suse linux
    + Allow all paths (but MODULEPATH) to have trailing double slashes.
  * (8.4.27)
    + Fix default for SHORT_TIME
    + Adding isAvail() function for Lua modulefiles
    + Now reporting that is-avail() is not working for TCL modulefiles
* Tue Feb 09 2021 Christian Goll <>
- updated to version 8.4.20 which works with lua54
  * (8.4.20)
    + Adding wV field to MName and MT class (Merged wV branch)
    + This allows users to tell how (if any) default is set.
  * (8.4.19)
    + MasterControl:unsetenv(name) also clears stack if it exists.
    + Issue #490: use old way of following readlink as "readlink -f" is not
  * (8.4.18)
    + Issue #481 (and PR #488) are merged in. New configure options to specify
    where lua and luac executables exist (--with-lua= and --with-luac=).
    It is also possible to use --with-luaSuffix=.
    Both --with-lua= and --with-luac= must be specified if one is specified
    The option --with-luaSuffix= can not be used with --with-lua or
  - -with-luac
    + PR #489 is merged in. This fixes bug with "module --terse keyword"
  * (8.4.17)
    + If python exists on system use $PYTHON -mjson.tool on the generation
    of *.json files from update_lmod_system_spider_cache_files script.
    Note $PYTHON is found by looking for python3, python or python2
    + Added TCL module function require-fullname to match requireFullName
    in Lua.
    + Do not check $cache_type twice, use $ext = lua for lua like operations
    in update spider cache script.
  * (8.4.16)
    + Issue #483: Added hidden file to spider tests. Showing that it works
    + Fixed bug where providedByT (a.k.a. Extensions) was always
    printed when doing "ml keyword ..."
    + Added lua module function requireFullName()
  * (8.4.15)
    + Issue #480: Fix the try_load() function to ignore failure to be found but
    report broken modules.
  * (8.4.14)
    + Issue #480: make "module try-add <module_name>" ignore failure to be
    found but report broken modules.
  * (8.4.13)
    + Issue #479: Reworked MRC to fill mrcMpathT with mrc entries for each
    directory in $MODULEPATH. Then walk each mpath directory for hidden,
    global aliases, and module aliases
  * (8.4.12)
    + Make --nx only remove extensions from ml avail not spider. Make it a
    configure option.
  * (8.4.11)
    + Issue #476: Move mrcT.mpath to separate table mrcMpathT
    + Issue #477: Support finding real modules names with a version called
    + Show extensions from hidden modules when doing (module --show_hidden
    + Add option (--nx, --no_extensions) to not print extensions when doing
    "ml avail".
* Fri Oct 30 2020 Ana Guerrero Lopez <>
- Update to version 8.4.10:
  * Use LMOD_ALLOW_ROOT_USE to control whether root uses Lmod or not
  * Documentation updates
* Tue Sep 22 2020 Ana Guerrero Lopez <>
- Update to version 8.4.5:
  * Support for Lua 5.4 added.
  * Improved support for ksh and ksh scripts.
  * Improved documentation for software hierarchy and community module collections.
* Sat Mar 28 2020 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Fix the python3 switch on sphinx to not really pull any py2
* Tue Mar 24 2020 Ana Guerrero Lopez <>
- Update to version 8.3.6:
  * Create findExec shell function to locate commands like ps.
  * Bugfixes.
* Wed Mar 11 2020 Ond?ej Súkup <>
- python3 based Sphinx
* Fri Feb 21 2020 Ana Guerrero Lopez <>
- Update to version 8.3.1:
  * The function extensions() now takes a string of comma separated names.
  * Add support for "atleast()" and "between()" functions support a "<"
    to signify a less than instead of less than or equal to between range.
  * Make "ml - foo" an error.
  * It is now safe to have os.exit(1) in a modulefile. Spider can now
    handle it.
- Remove obsolete BuildRequires on ohpc.
Version: 8.2.5-bp152.1.16
* Fri Nov 29 2019 Ana Guerrero Lopez <>
- Update to version 8.2.5:
  * Better support for the fish shell including tab completion
  * New function extensions(): This allows for modules like python
    to report that the extensions numpy and scipy are part of the
    modules. Users can use "module spider numpy" to find which
    modules provide numpy etc.
  * Added a new command "clearLmod" which does a module purge and
    removes all LMOD aliases and environment variables.
  * Remove asking for the absolute path for generating spiderT
    and dbT. It now only use when building the reverseMapT.
  * Lmod now requires "rx" other access when searching for
  * settarg correctly handles a power9 processor running linux.
- Refresh patch
  * Messages-Remove-message-about-creating-a-consulting-ticket.patch
* Thu Aug 22 2019 Ana Guerrero Lopez <>
- Update to version 8.1.14: (jsc#SLE-8512)
  * Extended Default feature added: module load intel/17 will find
    the "best" intel/17.* etc.
  * All hidden files are NOT written to the softwarePage output.
  * Lmod now correctly reports failed to load module "A" in the
    special case where "ml A B" and A is a prereq of B and A
    doesn't exist.
  * A meta module takes precedence over a regular module if the
    meta module occurs in an earlier directory in $MODULEPATH
  * Lmod output only "fills" when the text is more than one line
    or it is wider than the current width.
  * Embed the TCL interpreter in Lmod when a site allows TCL files
  * "module reset" resets $MODULEPATH to be the system $MODULEPATH
  * Improved tracing of module loads/unloads when --trace is given.
  * Allow MODULERCFILE to be a colon separated list.
- Set --with-fastTCLInterp=no, because this option is not supported
  with TCL 8.6
* Mon Mar 11 2019 Ana Guerrero Lopez <>
- Remove flavor 'doc-man' building a package only with the lmod manpage
  and move the manpage to lua-lmod.
- Remove the Recommends on lua-lmod-man and add a Provides instead.
- Update the Group tag for lua-lmod-doc to Documentation/Other because
  Documentation/PDF doesn't exist and make the package noarch.
* Wed Feb 13 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Declare bash-specific nature of build recipe.
* Fri Jan 25 2019
- Update to 7.8.15:
  * issue #379: Extra space required for shell function definitions
    under bash
  * issue #380: Change DependencyCk mode from load to dependencyCk,
    sType and tcl_mode remain load.
  * Fixed problem with unbound variable __lmod_sh_dbg in module shell
    function definition
  * Add unload state to tracing.
  * Define MCP and mcp earlier in lmod main() so that errors/warning
    found in SitePackage work.
  * issue #383: Use LUA_PATH to evaluate Version.lua instead of
    depending on ./?.lua to be LUA_PATH.
  * Added mgrload function and documentation
  * Fixed unbound variable in
  * Fixed bug when ~/.lmod.d/cache was read only.
  * Fixed quote rules for Python, R and CMAKE.
  * issue #390: Added a message when find first rules are used to set
    defaults when NVV is found in both avail and tracing.
  * issue #389: Honor newlines and leading spaces in Nag messages.
  * Allow MODULERCFILE to be a colon separated list.
  * issue #391: Only process the family stack when in the modulefile
    that requested it.
  * Allow MODULERCFILE to be a colon separated list with the priority
    be left to right instead of right to left.
  * Added cc test case for issues with choosing the correct module
    when doing reloadAll()
  * issue #394: Only reload modules when the userName has remained the
    same in mt.
  * Add Lmod version report to --trace output.
  * issue #394: use mname = MName:new("load",mt:userName(sn)) to get
    loadable file
    contrib/tracking_module_usage python scripts have been updated to
    support python2 and python3
- Fix shbang line in scripts.
* Fri Aug 17 2018
- Update to 7.8.1:
  * Fixed typo in myGlobals.lua about assigning LMOD_DUPLICATE_PATHS
  * Fixed TARG_TITLE_BAR_PAREN to always have a value, needed for tcsh.
  * Added LMOD_SETTARG_TITLE_BAR=yes to turn on the title bar.
  * Changed from sn-version to sn/version in title bar.
  * Changed the initialization of LMOD_SETTARG_CMD in and
    It is defined to be `:' iff it is undefined.  This allows settarg to work
    in sub-shells.
  * Use spider cache for "module --terse avail" when LMOD_CACHED_LOADS=yes
  * Fix bug with LMOD_SETTARG_CMD and csh.
  * Turn off LMOD_REDIRECT for tcsh
    Settarg now supports C/N/V and N/V/V module layouts.
  * Fixed a bug where sometimes a compiler-mpi dependent module wouldn't
    be found when it should.
  * Fixed issue #322 where non-existant directory would cause problems
  * Fix bug in settarg module for csh.
  * Fix bug in Csh.lua where semicolons inside an alias were removed.  Only remove the
    trailing semicolon.
  * Generate an LmodError() if the cachefile is broken.
  * Do not convert /foo/bar/../baz to /foo/baz.  Leave .. in paths. Fixes issue #324
  * The admin.list (aka, nag mesages) supports Lua regex's.  Responds to issue #326
  * The admin.list now supports multiple targets for the same message (issue #326)
  * Use full path_regularize() on all TCL program files.  Having paths like /a/b/../d
    caused problems for some users when interacting with TCL.
  * Do not look for lua_json.  Just use the one that comes with Lmod.
  * Fix sh_to_modulefile correctly handle bad options (issue #332)
  * Allow pushenv("FOO",false) to clear "FOO" (issue #331)
  * Always use ref counting for MODULEPATH.
  * Change the C-shell output to not use quotes and instead use back slashes to
    quote special characters like $.
  * Better filtering for c-shell output testing
  * Fix bug in sh_to_modulefile
  * Remove definition of SHOST from  Recompute it in settarg module.
  * Support relative symlink when trying to find cmd_dir
  * Now get modify time correctly from SpiderCache timestamp file.
  * Issue #346: do not use "ls" to get the list of directories when dealing with .modulepath
  * Issue #347: Just skip parsing "whole" if it is not a string (settarg)
  * Issue #348: Do not double the colon when the original was a single colon
  * Change ml so that ml av --terse is an error.
  * Making the settarg and lmod modulefiles be installed versionless.
  * Issue #353: Fix bug in end -> endif
  * Issue #352: Allow sites to control the prefix completely.
  * luaposix 34.0.4-1 wants to use setfenv() which only exists in Lua 5.1 and not in Lua 5.2+
    so Lmod now requires("posix") outside of strict.
  * Build lua-term in the correct location when --with-siteControlPrefix=yes
  * issue #347: Remove ./?.lua, ./?/init.lua from LUA_PATH and ./?.so from LUA_CPATH
  * issue #357: Add missing semicolons in settarg.version.lua
  * Fixed bug with lib directories not being readable.
  * issue #355: Make LMOD_RC support a colon separated list of possible lmodrc.lua files
  * Make bash, zsh and csh form LMOD_PKG to use <prefix>/lmod/lmod instead of
    <prefix>/lmod/<lmod_version> when allowing sites to completely control prefix (issue #352)
  * issue #359: Lmod can now use the internal version of lfs for installation.
  * issue #361: Support make -j install added.
  * issue #362: Trying to fix problem with RPM builds of Lmod at UGENT.
  * issue #358: Improved error msg when there is a syntax error in a modulefile.
  * issue #365, #366: Fix typo in Makefile about pkgs.
  * Modify end2end test to use build-in lua pkgs only.
  * issue #370: Allow for exact match with fn and fullName w/o regex pattern matching
    added % quoting for '-' in docs.
  * Support for making lmod silence shell debug output (when doing set -xv for bash or zsh)
    The command "make world_update" now marks the latest release as the latest release at
  * The new module command now returns the status from the eval of the lmod command
  * Block .version.version and .modulerc.version files from being included in DirTree
  * Bash like shells now output without double quotes.
  * Fix fish shell output for path and infopath. Fix shell function output for zsh/bash
  * issue #374: convert ~ to $HOME internally.  This allows C-shell users to use ~
    inside a modulefile and have it work when unloading.
  * issue #375: Support for is-loaded and is-avail added.
  * Do not convert LMOD_PKG from /opt/apps/lmod/7.7.35 to /opt/apps/lmod/lmod if the link exists.
  * When building reverseMap also take abspath(path) and store it if different.
  * Now make startup scripts (,, use PKGV instead of PKG so
    that the pre-install create $VERSION files. The install target will convert them to PKG.
  * Check for "g" tools like gbasename, gexpr as well as the regular basename, expr etc.
  * General support for the modulerc files to be written in lua. They have a .lua extension.
  * Bug fix for 7.7.38 where it did not work for Lua 5.1
* Fri Aug 17 2018
- Change %license to a %my_license macro to be able to
  build for the HPC module on SLE-12.
* Fri Aug 17 2018
- Move doc and man page building into separate flavors.
* Wed Apr 18 2018
- use license macro for License file.
* Wed Apr 18 2018
- Replace %__ type macro indirections.
- Update RPM groups, summaries, find|xargs commands.
* Wed Apr 18 2018
- Avoid conflicting script snippets from 'Modules' and 'lua-lmod'
  in /etc/profiles.d by making sure that both packages cannot be
  installed simultaneously (boo#1089970).
* Mon Oct 16 2017
- Doc-Ugly-workaround-for-bug-in-Sphinx.patch
  On SLE-12 and Leap 42.x Sphinx generates an incorrect tex file.
  This patch adds ugly code to the documentation Makefile to patch
  it up and work around this problem.
* Tue Oct 10 2017
- Make lua-lmod Arch-dependent: it hard codes the search path to
  .so plugins used by other Lua packages (boo#1061205).
* Fri Oct 06 2017
- Update to 7.6:
    1. Support for disable <collection_name>
    2. A marked default is honored even if it is hidden
    3. Support for depends_on() as a better way to handle module dependencies.
  * Lmod 7.5:
    1. Added -T, --trace option to report restore, load, unloads and spider.
    2. Report both global and version aliases with module --terse
    Add Global Aliases output to module avail if they exist.
    3. Support for isVisibleHook (Thanks @wpoely86!) to control whether
    a module is hidden or not.
    4. Support for "spider -o spider-json" to set the key "hidden"
    to true or false for each module.
    5. Setting LMOD_EXACT_MATCH=yes also turns off the display of (D) with
    6. CMake "shell" added.
    7. Added feature that LMOD_TMOD_FIND_FIRST.  A site can decide to force
    FIND_FIRST instead FIND_BEST for NV module layouts.
    Bug Fixes:
    1. Fix bug where Lmod would be unable to load a module where NV and
    NVV module layouts were mixed.
    2. Fix bug where LMOD_CASE_INDEPENDENT_SORTING=yes wasn't case
    independent when using avail hook.
  * Lmod 7.4:
    1. Using built-in luafilesystem if system version doesn't exist or < 1.6.2
    2. Support for setting LMOD_SYSHOST with configure.
    3. Sites or users can use italic instead of dim for hidden modules
    4. Detailed spider output reports all dependencies hidden or not.
    5. Support for fish shell
    6. Move almost all configuration variables from to and
    similarly for tcsh.
    Bug Fixes:
    1. Fixed bug that caused LMOD env vars to be lower cased.
    2. Fixed bug where tcsh/csh exit status was not returned.
    3. bash and zsh tab completions works when LMOD_REDIRECT is yes.
    4. Can now conflict with a version.
    5. Fixed bug with addto a:b:c
    6. Fixed bugs in computeHashSum, generating softwarePage.
  * Lmod 7.3:
    1. The isloaded() function has been repaired.
    2. Updated French, German and Spanish translations.
    3. Two error message related to missing modules are now available for
  * Lmod 7.2.1:
    1. A test suite for testing the Lmod installation has been added. See for details.
    2. Added support for localization of errors and warnings and messages.
    3. Language Translations complete: ES, Partial: FR, ZH, DE
    4. Introduced "errWarnMsgHook" to take advantage of the new message
    Bug Fixes:
    1. Several bug fixes related to Spider Cache and LMOD_CACHED_LOADS=1
    2. Repaired zsh tab completion.
    3. Minimize the output of Lmod's BASH_ENV when debugging Bash shell
    4. Allow colons as well as spaces for the path used in the addto command.
    5. Handles module directories that are empty or bad symlink or a .version
    file only.
    6. Fix bug in module describe.
  * Lmod 7.1:
    1. The commands "module --show_hidden avail" and "module --show_hidden"
    list now show "hidden" modules with the (H) property.  Also they are
    displayed as dim.  This works better on black backgrounds.
    2. Added the command "module --config_json" to generate a json output of
    Lmod's configuration.
    3. Add support for env. var. LMOD_SITE_NAME to set a site's name.  This is
    also a configure option.
    Bug Fixes:
    1. Hidden module now will not be marked as default.
    2. Now check permission of a directory before trying to open it.
    3. Lmod now does not pollute the configure time value of LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    and LD_PRELOAD into the users env.
    4. Lmod now handles illegal values of $TERM.
  * Lmod 7.0:
    1. This version support N/V/V. (e.g. fftw/64/3.3.4).  Put a .version file
    in with the "64" directory to tell Lmod where the version starts.
    2. Marking a default in the MODULERC is now supported.
    3. User ~/.modulerc has priority over system MODULERC.
    4. System MODULERC  has priority over marking a default in the module
    5. Installed Modules can be hidden by "hide-version foo/3.2.1" in any
    modulerc file.
    6. The system spider cache has changed.  Please update your scripts to
    build spiderT.lua instead of moduleT.lua
  * Lmod 6.6:
    1. Now uses the value of LD_PRELOAD and LD_LIBRARY_PATH found at configure
    time to run all TCL progams.
    2. Now uses a custom _module_dir function for tab completion in bash for
    module use path<TAB>. Thanks to Pieter Neerincx!
    3. Support for LMOD_FAMILY_<name>_VERSION added.
    4. If ~/.lmod.d/.cache/invalidated exists then the user cache file(s) are
    ignored. When generating a user cache file ~/.lmod.d/.cache/invalidated
    is deleted.
    Bug Fixes:
    1. Correctly merges spider cache location where there are multiple
    lmodrc.lua files.
    2. Remove leading and trailing blanks for names in setenv, pushenv,
    prepend_path, etc.
    3. ml now generates error for unknown argument that start with a double
    minus. (e.g. ml --vers)
    4. pushenv("name","") fixed when unloading module.
    5. Make sure to regularize MODULEPATH when ingesting it for the first
- replaced by:
  Removed: The site name is now provided by the env variable LMOD_SITE_NAME.
* Thu Oct 05 2017
- Fix build for Leap, SLE-12 and SLE-15.
- Remove _service file: the service can be run with
  'osc service run download_files' as well.
* Tue Sep 05 2017
- Change group of documentation package to Documentation/Other.
* Mon Aug 14 2017
- Fix group of doc package.
- Change BuildRequires from ohpc to ohpc-macros.
* Thu Aug 10 2017
- Fix build: add buildrequires for texlive-latexmk, texlive-makeindex and
* Thu Aug 10 2017
- Prepare for suse default settings (bsc#1053237).
* Mon Jun 26 2017
- correct buildrequires for building on Leap 42.3 and on SLE15+