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Version: 0.11.1-bp155.1.6
* Tue Oct 11 2022 Michael Vetter <>
- Update to 0.11.1:
  * Additional validation checks for log formats have been
    added and will result in warnings. Pass -W on the
    command-line to view the warnings. The following new
    check have been added:
    + Each regex must have a corresponding sample log message
    that it matches.
    + Each sample must be matched by only one regex.
  * Added built-in support for anonymizing content. The
    :write-* commands now accept an --anonymize option
    and there is an anonymize() SQL function. The
    anonymization process will try to replace identifying
    information with random data. For example, IPv4 addresses
    are replaced with addresses in the range.
    (This feature is mainly intended to help with providing
    information to lnav support that does not have sensitive
  * Added parse_url() and unparse_url() SQL functions for
    parsing URLs into a JSON object and then back again. Note
    that the implementation relies on libcurl which has some
    limitations, like not supporting all types of schemes
    (e.g. mailto:).
  * Added the subsecond-field and subsecond-units log
    format properties to allow for specifying a separate
    field for the sub-second portion of a timestamp.
  * Added a keymap for Swedish keyboards.
  Breaking changes:
  * The regexp_capture() table-valued-function now returns NULL
    instead of an empty string for the capture_name column if
    the capture is not named.
  * Reduce the "no patterns have a capture" error to a warning
    so that it doesn't block lnav from starting up.
  * Some ANSI escape sequences will now be removed before testing
    regexes against a log message.
  * If a line in a JSON-lines log file does not start with a
    {, it will now be shown as-is and will not have the JSON
    parse error.
  Cost of Doing Business:
  * Migrated from pcre to pcre2.
* Fri Sep 02 2022 Michael Vetter <>
- Update to 0.11.0:
  * Redesigned the top status area to allow for user-specified
    messages and added a second line that displays an interactive
    breadcrumb bar. The top status line now shows the clock and
    the remaining area displays whatever messages are inserted
    into the lnav_user_notifications table. The information that
    was originally on top is now in a second line and organized
    as breadcrumbs. Pressing ENTER will activate the breadcrumb bar
    and the left/right cursor keys can be used to select a particular
    crumb while the up/down keys can select a value to switch to.
    While a crumb is selected, you can also type in some text to do
    a fuzzy search on the possibilities or, if the crumb represents
    an array of values, enter the index to jump to.
  * The pretty-print view will now show breadcrumbs that indicate the
    location of the top line in the view with the prettified structure.
  * Markdown files (those with a .md extension) are now rendered in the
    TEXT view. The breadcrumb bar at the top will also be updated
    depending on the section of the document that you are in and you
    can use it to jump to different parts of the doc.
  * The ":goto" command will now accept anchor links (i.e. #section-id)
    as an argument when the text file being viewed has sections. You
    can also specify an anchor when opening a file by appending
    "#". For example, "".
  * Log message comments are now treated as markdown and rendered
    accordingly in the overlay. Multi-line comments are now supported
    as well.
  * Metadata embedded in files can now be accessed by the
    "lnav_file_metadata" table. Currently, only the front-matter in
    Markdown files is supported.
  * Added an integration with to make it easier to edit
    log message regular expressions. Using the new "management CLI"
    (activated by the -m option), a log format can be created from
    a regular expression entry on and existing patterns
    can be edited.
  * In the spectrogram view, the selected value range is now shown by
    an overlay that includes a summary of the range and the number of
    values that fall in that range. There is also a detail panel at
    the bottom that shows the log-messages/DB-rows whose values are in
    that range. You can then press TAB to focus on the detail view
    and scroll around.
  * Add initial support for pcap(3) files using tshark(1).
  * SQL statement execution can now be canceled by pressing CTRL+]
    (same as canceling out of a prompt).
  * To make it possible to automate some operations, there is now an
    "lnav_events" table that is updated when internal events occur
    within lnav (e.g. opening a file, format is detected). You
    can then add SQLite TRIGGERs to this table that can perform a
    task by updating other tables.
  * Tags can automatically be added to messages by defining a pattern
    in a log format. Under a format definition, add the tag name
    into the "tags" object in a format definition. The "pattern"
    property specifies the regular expression to match against a line
    in a file that matches the format. If a match is found, the tag
    will be applied to the log message. To restrict matches to
    certain files, you can add a "paths" array whose object elements
    contain a "glob" property that will be matched against file names.
  * Log messages can now be detected automatically via "watch
    expressions". These are SQL expressions that are executed for
    each log message. If the expressions evaluates to true, an
    event is published to the "lnav_events" table that includes the
    message contents.
  * Added the "regexp_capture_into_json()" table-valued-function that
    is similar to "regexp_capture()", but returns a single row with a
    JSON value for each match instead of a row for each capture.
  * Added a "top_meta" column to the lnav_views table that contains
    metadata related to the top line in the view.
  * Added a "log_opid" hidden column to all log tables that contains
    the "operation ID" as specified in the log format.
  * Moved the "log_format" column from the all_logs table to a hidden
    column on all tables.
  * Add format for UniFi gateway.
  * Added a "glob" property to search tables defined in log formats
    to constrain searches to log messages from files that have a
    matching log_path value.
  * Initial indexing of large files should be faster. Decompression
    and searching for line-endings are now pipelined, so they happen
    in a thread that is separate from the regular expression matcher.
  * Writing to the clipboard now falls back to OSC 52 escape sequence
    if none of the clipboard commands could be detected. Your
    terminal software will need to support the sequence and you may
    need to explicitly enable it in the terminal.
  * Added the ":export-session-to " command that writes the
    current session state to a file as a list of commands/SQL
    statements. This script file can be executed to restore the
    majority of the current state.
  * Added the "echoln()" SQL function that behaves similarly to the
    ":echo" command, writing its first argument to the current
  * Added "encode()" and "decode()" SQL functions for transcoding
    blobs or text values using one of the following algorithms:
    base64, hex, or uri.
  * In regular expressions, capture group names are now semantically
    highlighted (e.g. in the capture, (?\w+), "name" would
    have a unique color). Also, operations or previews that use
    that regular expression will highlight the matched data with
    the same color.
  * Added an lnav_views_echo table that is a real SQLite table that
    you can create TRIGGERs on in order to perform actions when
    scrolling in a view.
  * Added a "yaml_to_json()" SQL function that converts a YAML
    document to the equivalent JSON.
  Breaking Changes:
  * Formats definitions are now checked to ensure that values have a
    corresponding capture in at least one pattern.
  * Added a 'language' column to the lnav_view_filters table that
    specifies the language of the 'pattern' column, either 'regex'
    or 'sql'.
  * Timestamps that do not have a day or month are rewritten to a
    full timestamp like YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.
  * Removed the summary overlay at the bottom of the log view that
    displayed things like "Error rate" and the time span. It doesn't
    seem like anyone used it.
  * Removed the "log_msg_instance" column from the logline and search
    tables since it causes problems with performance.
  * Search tables now search for multiple matches within a message
    instead of stopping at the first hit. Each additional match is
    returned as a separate row. A "match_index" column has been
    added to capture the index of the match within the message.
    The table regex is also compiled with the "multiline" flag enabled
    so the meaning of the '^' and '$' metacharacters are changed
    to match the start/end of a line instead of the start/end of
    the entire message string.
  * Search tables defined in formats are now constrained to only
    match log messages that are in that log format instead of all
    log messages. As a benefit, the search table now includes
    the columns that are defined as part of the format.
  * The lnav_view_filters table will treats the tuple of
    (view_name, type, language, pattern) as a UNIQUE index and
    will raise a conflict error on an INSERT. Use "REPLACE INTO"
    instead of "INSERT INTO" to ignore conflict error.
  * The types of SQL values stored as local variables in scripts
    is now preserved when used as bound variables at a later point
    in the script.
  * Toggling enabled/disabled filters when there is a SQL expression
    no longer causes a crash.
  * Fix a crash related to long lines that are word wrapped.
  * Multiple SQL statements in a SQL block of a script are now
    executed instead of just the first one.
  * In cases where there were many different colors on screen, some
    text would be colored incorrectly.
  * The pretty-print view now handles ANSI escape sequences.
  * The "overstrike" convention for doing bold and underline is now
    supported. (Overstrike is a character followed by a backspace
    and then the same character for bold or an underscore for
  * The ":eval" command now works with searching (using the '/'
- Remove gcc12-includes.patch fix-for-upstream-sources.patch
* Tue Jun 07 2022 Dirk Müller <>
- add gcc12-includes.patch to fix build with gcc 12
* Fri Feb 18 2022 Marcin Bajor <>
- Add temporary patch (fix-for-upstream-sources.patch) for the upstram issue
* Wed Nov 03 2021 Michael Vetter <>
- Update to 0.10.1:
  * Added ":show-only-this-file" command that hides all files except the
    one for the top line in the view.
  * The ":write-raw-to" command now accepts a --view flag that specifies
    the source view for the data to write. For example, to write the
    results of a SQL query, you would pass "--view=db" to the command.
  * The commands used to access the clipboard are now configured through
    the "tuning" section of the configuration.
  * Added an "lnav_version()" SQL function that returns the current
    version string.
  * Added basic support for the logfmt file format. Currently, only files
    whose lines are entirely logfmt-encoded are supported. The lines
    must also contain either a field named "time" or "ts" that contains
    the timestamp.
  * Added the "logfmt2json()" SQL function to convert a string containing
    a logfmt-encoded message into a JSON object that can be operated on
    more easily.
  * Added the "gzip()" and "gunzip()" SQL functions to compress values
    into a blob and decompress a blob into a string.
    Interface changes:
  * The xclip implementation for accessing the system clipboard now writes
    to the "clipboard" selection instead of the "primary" selection.
  * The 'query' bookmark type and y/Y hotkeys have been removed due to
    performance issues and the functionality is probably rarely used.
  Bug Fixes:
  * The text "send-input" would show up on some terminals instead of
    ignoring the escape sequence. This control sequence was only
    intended to be used in the test suite.
  * Remote file synchronization has been optimized a bit.
  * Configuration values loaded from the ~/.lnav/configs directory
    are now included in the default configuration, so they won't be
    saved into the ~/.lnav/config.json user configuration file.
  * Key handling in the visual filter editor will no longer swallow
    certain key-presses when editing a filter.
  * Scrolling performance restored in the SQL view.
  * The ':redirect-to' command now works with '/dev/clipboard'
  * The field overlay (opened by pressing 'p') now shows 'log_time'
    for the timestamp field instead of the name defined in the format.
  * The search term in the bottom status bar will now update properly
    when switching views.
  * The "Out-Of-Time-Order Message" overlay will be shown again.
  * The tab for the "Files" panel will be highlighted in red if there
    is an issue opening a file.
  * Overwritten files should be reloaded again.
  * The "jget()" SQL function now returns numbers with the correct type.
  * The "json_contains()" SQL function now returns false if the first
    argument is NULL instead of NULL.
  * The local copies of remote files are now cleaned up after a couple
    days of the host not being accessed.
  * The initial loading and indexing phase has been optimized.
* Mon Aug 16 2021 Michael Vetter <>
- Update to 0.10.0:
  * Files on remote machines can be viewed/tailed if they are accessible
    via SSH. The syntax for specifying the host and path is similar to
    scp. For example, to view the files in the /var/log directory on the
    machine "":
    Note that you must be able to log into the machine without any
    Added the ':filter-expr' command to filter log messages based on an SQL
    expression. This command allows much greater control over filtering.
  * Added the ':mark-expr' command to mark log messages based on an SQL
    expression. This command makes it easier to programmatically mark
    log messages compared to using SQL.
  * Added support for archive files, like zip, and other compression formats,
    like xz, when compiled with libarchive. When one of these types of
    files is detected, they are unpacked into a temporary directory and
    all of the files are loaded into lnav.
  * Added an 'xpath()' table-valued function for extracting values from
    strings containing XML snippets.
  * Added the ':prompt' command to allow for more customization of prompts.
    Combined with a custom keymapping, you can now open a prompt and prefill
    it with a given value. For example, a key could be bound to the
    following command to open the command prompt with ":filter-in " already
    filled in:
    :prompt command : 'filter-in '
  * Added support for the W3C Extended Log File Format with the name
    "w3c_log". Similarly to the bro log format, the header is used to
    determine the columns in a particular file. However, since the columns
    can be different between files, the SQL table only has a well-known set
    of columns and the remainder are accessible through JSON-objects stored
    in columns like "cs_headers" and "sc_headers".
  * Added support for the S3 Access File Format.
  * To jump to the first search hit above the top line in a view, you can
    press CTRL+J instead of ENTER in the search prompt. Pressing ENTER
    will jump to the first hit below the current window.
  * Filtering, as a whole, can be now disabled/enabled without affecting
    the state of individual filters. This includes text and time-filters
    (i.e. :hide-lines-before). You can enable/disable filtering by:
    pressing 'f' in the filter editor UI; executing the ':toggle-filtering'
    command; or by doing an UPDATE on the "filtering" column of the
    "lnav_views" SQLite table.
  * Themes can now include definitions for text highlights under:
  * Added a "grayscale" theme that isn't so colorful.
  * Added the humanize_file_size() SQL function that converts a numeric size
    to a human-friendly string.
  * Added the sparkline() SQL function that returns a "sparkline" bar made
    out of unicode characters. It can be used with a single value or as
    an aggregator.
  * Added a "log_time_msecs" hidden column to the log tables that returns
    the timestamp as the number of milliseconds from the epoch.
  * Added an "lnav_top_file()" SQL function that can be used to get the
    name of the top line in the top view or NULL if the line did not come
    from a file.
  * Added a "mimetype" column to the lnav_file table that returns a guess as
    to the MIME type of the file contents.
  * Added a "content" hidden column to the lnav_file table that can be used
    to read the contents of the file. The contents can then be passed to
    functions that operate on XML/JSON data, like xpath() or json_tree().
  * Added an "lnav_top_view" SQL VIEW that returns the row for the top view
    in the lnav_views table.
  * The "generate_series()" SQLite extension is now included by default.
    One change from the standard implementation is that both the start and
    stop are required parameters.
  * Added the ";.read" SQL command for executing a plain SQL file.
  * Added the "-N" flag so that lnav will run without opening the default
    syslog file.
  Interface Changes:
  * When copying log lines, the file name and time offset will be included
    in the copy if they are enabled.
  * Log messages that cannot be parsed properly will be given an "invalid"
    log level and the invalid portions colored yellow.
  * The range_start and range_stop values of the regexp_capture() results
    now start at 1 instead of zero to match with what the other SQL string
    functions expect.
  * The ":write-cols-to" command has been renamed to ":write-table-to".
  * The DB view will limit the maximum column width to 120 characters.
  * The ":echo" command now evaluates its message to do variable
  * The ":write-raw-to" command has been changed to write the original
    log file content of marked lines. For example, when viewing a JSON
    log, the JSON-Line values from the log file will be written to the
    output file. The ":write-view-to" command has been added to perform
    the previous work of ":write-raw-to" where the raw content of the view
    is written to the file.
  * Unicode text can now be entered in prompts.
  * The replicate() SQL function would cause a crash if the number of
    replications was zero.
  * Many internal improvements.
* Fri Sep 25 2020 Michael Vetter <>
- Update to 0.9.0:
  * Added support for themes and included a few as well: default, eldar,
    monocai, night-owl, solarized-light, and solarized-dark. The theme
    can be changed using the ':config' command, like so:
    :config /ui/theme night-owl
    Consult the online documentation for defining a new theme at:[1]
  * Added support for custom keymaps and included the following: de, fr,
    uk, us. The keymap can be changed using the ':config' command, like so:
    :config /ui/keymap uk
    Consult the online documentation for defining a new keymap at:[2]
  * The following JSON-Schemas have been published for the log format and
    configuration JSON files:[3][4]
    Formats should be updated to reference the schema using the "$schema"
  * Indexing of new data in log files can now be paused by pressing '='
    and unpaused by pressing it again. The bottom status bar will display
    'Paused' in the right corner while paused.
  * CMake is now a supported way to build.
  * When viewing data from the standard-input, a symbolic name can be used
    to preserve session state. The name can be changed using the
    "rename-stdin" lnav script or by doing an UPDATE to the filepath
    column of the lnav_file table. For example, to assign the name
    "journald", the following SQL statement can be executed in lnav:
    ;UPDATE lnav_file SET filepath='journald' WHERE filepath='stdin'
  * The size of the terminal can be accessed in SQL using the $LINES and
    $COLS variables.
  * The raise_error(msg) SQL function has been added to make it easier to
    raise an error in an lnav script to stop execution and notify the user.
  * Added the json_concat() function to make it easier to append/concatenate values onto arrays.
  * Added the ":write-jsonlines-to" command that writes the result of a SQL query to a file in the JSON Lines format.
  Interface Changes:
  * Data piped into lnav is no longer dumped to the console after exit.
    Instead a file containing the data is left in .lnav/stdin-captures/
    and a message is printed to the console indicating the file name.
  * In time-offset mode, the deltas for messages before the first mark
    are now negative instead of relative to the start of the log.
  * The $XDG_CONFIG_HOME environment variable (or ~/.config directory) are
    now respected for storing lnav's configuration. If you have an existing
    ~/.lnav directory, that will continue to be used until you move it to
    $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/lnav or ~/.config/lnav.
  * Removed the ':save-config' command. Changes to the configuration are now
    immediately saved.
  * Added 'notice' log level.
  * If a "timestamp-format" is used in an element of a "line-format", the
    field name is ignored and a formatted timestamp is always used.
  * Ignore stdin when it is connected to /dev/null.
Version: 0.8.5-bp152.1.9
* Mon Apr 08 2019
- Update to 0.8.5:
  * Added a visual filter editor to make it easier to update existing
    filters. The editor can be opened by pressing TAB. Once the editor
    is opened, you can create/delete, enable/disable, and edit the patterns
    with hotkeys.
  * Added an 'lnav_view_filters' SQL table that can be used to
    programmatically manipulate filters.
  * Added an 'lnav_view_filter_stats' SQL table that contains the number of
    times a given filter matched a line in the view.
  * Added a 'log_filters' column to log tables that can be used to see what
    filters matched the log message.
  * A history of locations in a view is now kept so that you can jump back
    to where you were previously using the '{' and '}' keys. The location
    history can also be accessed through the ":prev-location" and
    ":next-location" commands.
  * The ":write-*" commands will now accept "/dev/clipboard" as a file name
    that writes to the system clipboard.
  * The ":write-to" and ":write-raw-to" commands will now print out comments
    and tags attached to the lines.
  * Added a ":redirect-to " command to redirect command output to the
    given file. This command is mostly useful in scripts where one might
    want to redirect all output from commands like ":echo" and ":write-to -"
    to a single file.
  * If a log file format has multiple patterns for matching log messages,
    each pattern is now tried to match a message in a file. Previously,
    only one pattern was ever used for an entire file.
  * Added haproxy log format from Peter Hoffmann.
  * Added 'spooky_hash()' and 'group_spooky_hash()' SQL functions to
    generate a hash of their parameters.
  * Added 'time_offset' to the 'lnav_file' table so that the timestamps in
    a file can be adjusted programmatically.
  Interface Changes:
  * The auto-complete behavior in the prompt has been modified to fall back
    to a fuzzy search if the prefix search finds no matches. For example,
    typing in ":fin" and pressing TAB would previously not do anything.
    Now, the ":fin" will be completed to ":filter-in " since that is a
    strong fuzzy match. If there are multiple matches, as would happen
    with ":dfil", readline's menu-complete behavior will be engaged and
    you can press TAB cycle through the options.
  * Added CTRL+F to toggle the enabled/disabled state of all filters for the
    current view.
  * The '-r' flag is now for recursively loading files. The functionality
    for loading rotated files is now under the '-R' flag.
  * The current search term is now shown in the bottom status bar.
  * Some initial help text is now shown for the search and SQL prompts to
    refresh the memory.
  * When entering the ":comment" command for a line with a comment, the
    command prompt will be filled in with the existing comment to make
    editing easier.
  * Hidden fields now show up as a unicode vertical ellipsis (⋮) instead of
    three-dot ellipsis to save space.
  * Pressing 7/8 will now move to the previous/next minute.
  * The ":write-raw-to" command has been changed to write the entire
    contents of the current view and a ":write-screen-to" command has been
    added to write only the current screen contents.
  * Disabled filters are now saved in sessions.
  * The ":adjust-log-time" command now accepts relative times as input.
  * The ":write-json-to" command will now pass through JSON cells as their
    JSON values instead of a JSON-encoded string.
* Tue Aug 28 2018
- Update to 0.8.4:
  * Added the ':comment' command that can be used to attach a comment to a
    log line. The comment will be displayed below the line, like so:
    2017-01-01T15:30:00 error: computer is on fire
    + This is where it all went wrong
    The ':clear-comment' command will remove the attached comment. Comments
    are searchable with the standard search mechanism and they are available
    in SQL through the "log_comment" column.
  * Added the ':tag', ':untag', and ':delete-tags' commands that can be used
    to attach/detach tags on the top log line and delete all instances of
    a tag. Tags are also searchable and are available in SQL as a JSON
    array in the "log_tags" column.
  * Pressing left-arrow while viewing log messages will reveal the source
    file name for each line and the unique parts of the source path.
    Pressing again will reveal the full path.
  * The file name section of the top status line will show only the unique
    parts of the log file path if there is not enough room to show the full
  * Added the ":hide-unmarked-lines" and ":show-unmarked-lines" commands
    that hide/show lines based on whether they are bookmarked.
  * Added the "json_contains()" SQL function to check if a JSON value
    contains a number of a string.
  * The relative time parser recognizes "next" at the beginning of the
    input, for example, "next hour" or "next day". Handy for use in the
    ":goto" command.
  * Added a "text-transform" option for formatting JSON log messages. The
    supported options are: none, uppercase, lowercase, and capitalize.
  * Added a special "level" field name for formatting JSON messages so
    that the lnav level name can be used instead of the internal value in
    the JSON object.
  * Added a log format for journald JSON logs
  Interface Changes:
  * When typing in a search, instead of moving the view to the first match
    that was found, the first ten matches will be displayed in the preview
  * The pretty-print view maintains highlighting from the log view.
  * The pretty-print view no longer tries to reverse lookup IP addresses.
  * The online help for commands and SQL functions now includes a 'See Also'
    section that lists related commands/functions.
  * The HOME key should now work in the command-prompt and move the cursor
    to the beginning of the line.
  * The :delete-filter command should now tab-complete existing filters.
  * Milliseconds can now be used in relative times (e.g. 10:00:00.123)
  * The J/K hotkeys were not marking lines correctly when the bottom of
    the view was reached.
  * The level field in JSON logs should now be recognized by the level
    patterns in the format.
* Thu Jun 07 2018
- Update to version 0.8.3b
  - minor fixes
- Fix URL
* Wed Jun 06 2018
- Fix build for Leap 15.0
* Mon Feb 12 2018
- Update to 0.8.3:
  * Support for the Bro Network Security Monitor log file format.
  * Added an fstat() table-valued function for querying the local filesystem.
  * Added readlink() and realpath() SQL functions.
  * Highlights specified in log formats can now specify the colors to use for the highlighted parts of the log message.
  * Added a ":quit" command.
  * Added a "/ui/default-colors" configuration option to specify that the terminal's default background and foreground colors should be used instead of black and white.
  * The help view now includes all the command-help that would pop up as you entered commands and SQL queries.
  * Hidden fields and lines hidden before/after times are now saved in the current session and restored.
  * Unicode characters should now be displayed correctly (make sure you have LANG set to a UTF-8 locale).
* Thu Dec 28 2017
- Specify C++ compiler explicitly when using non-default GCC
- Add specific version build requires for SQLite
* Thu Dec 21 2017
- Update to 0.8.2:
  * The captured timestamp text in log files must fully match a
    known format or an error will be reported.
    The previous behavior was to ignore any text at the end of
  the line
  * Log format definitions can now specify the expected log level
    for a sample line
  * Log formats can now define a default set of highlights with the
    "highlights" property
  * Added a ':mark' command to bookmark the top line in the current view
  * For a full list please see the NEWS file
- Remove lnav-fix_32bit_use_size_t.patch: upstreamed
* Wed Aug 17 2016
- update to 0.8.1
  * see NEWS file for changelog
- specfile cleanup
* Fri Jan 03 2014
- update to 0.6.2:
  * adds word-wrap support
- changes from 0.6.1:
  * adds support for JSON-encoded log files
  * some minor fixes and performance improvements
* Mon Sep 02 2013
- update to 0.6.0:
  * Custom log formats and more builtin formats
  * Automatic extraction of data from logs
  * UI improvements, support for 256 color terminals
  * package: update header and license
- changes from 0.5.1:
  * Added the '-t' and '-w' options which can be used to prepend a
    timestamp to any data piped in on stdin and to specify a file to
    write the contents of stdin to.
- changes from 0.5.0:
  * Files can be specified on the command-line using wildcards so that
    new files are automatically loaded.  Directories can also be passed
    as command-line arguments to read all of the files in the directory.
  * Added the 'C' hotkey to clear any existing user bookmarks.
  * Added experimental support for accepting input from mice.
* Sun Jul 31 2011
- fix 32bit builds
* Thu Jul 21 2011
- update to 0.4.0:
  * files that are not recognized as containing log messages have been broken
    out to a separate text files view; you can flip between the log view and
    the text file view with the 't' hotkey; when viewing text files, the 'f'
    hotkey will switch between files
  * files compressed with bzip2 are recognized and decompressed on the fly
  * added a "session" file and command for storing commands that should be
    executed on startup; for example, if you always want some highlighting to
    be done, you can add that command to the session file
  * add some more log file formats for generic log files
  * performance improvements for compressed files
* Mon Apr 26 2010
- update to 0.3.0:
  * switch between the SQL result view and the log view while keeping the top
    of the views in sync with the "line_number" column
  * the "line_number" column is no longer included in the SQL result view's
    stacked bar graph
  * a "warnings" count was added to the histogram view
* Thu Feb 25 2010
- initial package (0.2.0)