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Change Logs

Version: 2.9-bp150.2.4
* Wed Oct 11 2017
- Fixed future Factory build, see (boo#1062783)
* Sat Jul 29 2017
- Dropped linssid-use-static-qwt.patch and
- Added linssid-use-shared-qwt-qt5.patch
- Build against system qwt6-qt5 shared lib
- Added linssid-icons-patch to fix icons locations
- Fixed executable path
* Fri Sep 30 2016
- Update to version 2.9
  * Conversion from old linux wireless tools to nl80211 tools.
  * New information displayed - bandwidth, make and model of
    router (when available)
  * Updated vendor database
- Updated bundled qwt library to 6.1.3 and added attendant
- Dropped linssid-fix-make-and-compile-errors-2.7.patch and
* Sat Oct 24 2015
- Fixed Leap build
* Mon Jan 26 2015
- Added linssid-qt-5_4-static-const-fix.patch for OpenSUSE > 13.2:
  + Fix compiling with Qt >= 5.4
* Thu Nov 20 2014
- Added required dependencies
* Sat Nov 01 2014
- Update to version 2.7:
  + Hopefully fixes an occassional problem in some configurations where LinSSID hangs during
    scan when the wifi interface is connected to an attach point
  + Updated vendor database
* Sun Jul 27 2014
- Update to version 2.6:
  + Fixes a possible bug in interface detection
  + Static link to libboost-regex (openSUSE dropped in patch)
  + Update vendor database
- Updates from version 2.5:
  + Fixes an issue with how the zsh shell interprets command lines.
    Huge thanks to Alex Stelmachonak.
- Updates from version 2.4:
  + Same as 2.3 code but necessary to get a i386 build through
    Canonical. Long story.
- Updates from version 2.3:
  + Fixed issue with RTL8187SE card and driver not providing
    frequency resulting in LinSSID crash.
  + Renamed the column that displays WEP, WPA2, etc., to "Privacy".
  + Added column for protocol {a,b,g,n}. (Note that many drivers do
    not report protocol.).
  + Modified data logging format to reflect as above.
  + Added buttons for immediate clear or set of plotting of all
    visible attach points.
  + Improved response to Plot column check boxes.
  + Cleaned up a few minor bugs.
  + Updated vendor database.
- Updates from version 2.2:
  + Fixes several small bugs.
  + Adds a status display line to top panel.
  + Now built with QT5 and Qwt 6.1.
  + Updated wifi vendor database.
- Rebase linssid-fix-make-and-compile-errors.patch to clean up build errors and desktop file.
* Fri Feb 28 2014
- Initial build.
- Add linssid-fix-make-and-compile-errors.patch: Clean up pro,
  desktop files and fix compile errors.
- Add linssid_wrapper script to ensure the /usr/sbin path is set
  and removed when finished.
Version: 3.6-bp152.4.3.1
* Sat Sep 05 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to Version 3.6
  * Attempts to resolve 802.11s mesh network nodes to their
    master. If otherwise not reported, marks SSID field of mesh
    node APs as "<mesh-masterSSID>".
  version 3.5:
  * New vendor database and search scheme that now looks in ieee
    oui large, medium, and small block databases. Previously only
    looked in large block database because that's where 98% of
    all devices are found.
  * Displays SSID of attach points with no SSID as "<hidden>".
  version 3.4:
  * Fixes location and owner of ".linssid.prefs" and
    Instead of placed in /root and owned by root they are now
    placed in "$HOME" and owned by "$USER" when launched with
    linssid-pkexec which is the normal .desktop launch.
  * Fixed some wrongly addressed cosmetic icons.
  * Updated vendor data file. (Version 3.3 had some trailing
    characters that messed up data logging.)
  * Sundry under-the-hood optimizations.
  version 3.3:
  * Adds selection of table font size in preferences dialog.
  version 3.2:
  * Now shows mark for control channel on the channel plots.
    Very useful for making sure your control channel(s) don't
    overlap with the neighbors'.
  * Fixes potential memory leak with attached plots.
  version 3.1:
  * Big change - now requires polkit (policykit) authentication.
    No way around this as debian/ubuntu/* has emasculated su and
    A step backward IMHO. Now the whole app must run as root.
    So, all of the prefs and log files are now in /root and are
    owned by root. And, the whole app must run as root instead
    of just well-tested system parts.
  * Major rewrite of the synchronization between the main window
    and the data getter.
  * Install rewrite
  * Desktop file fix
  * Updated vendor database
  version 3.0:
  * Fix race condition with large number of SSID
  * Updated vendor database
- Refreshed linssid-icons.patch and
  linssid-use-shared-qwt-qt5.patch to use pkgconfig
- Avoid use of /? signs in specfiles as per guidelines.
- Spec cleanup