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Update Info: openSUSE-2022-24
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Change Logs

* Sat Jan 22 2022 Andreas Stieger <>
- update to 1.4.64:
  * CVE-2022-22707: off-by-one stack overflow in the mod_extforward
    plugin (boo#1194376)
  * graceful restart/shutdown timeout changed from 0 (disabled) to
    8 seconds. configure an alternative with:
    server.feature-flags += (?server.graceful-shutdown-timeout? => 8)
  * deprecated modules (previously announced) have been removed:
    mod_authn_mysql, mod_mysql_vhost, mod_cml, mod_flv_streaming,
    mod_geoip, mod_trigger_b4_dl
* Sat Dec 04 2021 Andreas Stieger <>
- update to 1.4.63:
  * import xxHash v0.8.1
  * fix reqpool mem corruption in 1.4.62
- includes changes in 1.4.62:
  * [mod_alias] fix use-after-free bug
  * many developer visible bug fixes
- build with pcre2 and without libev, as per upcoming deprecation
* Sun Nov 21 2021 Andreas Stieger <>
- update to 1.4.61:
  * mod_dirlisting: sort "../" to top
  * fix HTTP/2 upload > 64k w/ max-request-size
  * code level and developer visible bug fixes
* Sun Oct 24 2021 Andreas Stieger <>
- update to 1.4.60:
  * HTTP/2 smoother and lower memory use (in general)
  * HTTP/2 tuning to better handle aggressive client initial
  * reduce memory footprint; workaround poor glibc behavior;
    jemalloc is better
  * mod_magnet lua performance improvements
  * mod_dirlisting performance improvements and new caching option
  * memory constraints for extreme edge cases in mod_dirlisting,
    mod_ssi, mod_webdav
  * connect(), write(), read() time limits on backends (separate
    from client timeouts)
  * lighttpd restarts if large discontinuity in time occurs
    (embedded systems)
  * RFC7233 Range support for all non-streaming responses, not
    only static files
  * connect() to backend now has default 8 second timeout
* Tue Oct 05 2021 Johannes Segitz <>
- Added hardening to systemd service(s) (bsc#1181400). Added patch(es):
  * harden_lighttpd.service.patch
* Tue Sep 21 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Fix squatted descriptions.
* Sun Jul 18 2021 Andreas Stieger <>
- update to 1.4.59:
  * HTTP/2 enabled by default
  * mod_deflate zstd suppport
  * new mod_ajp13
* Mon Dec 28 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
- Update to 1.4.58:
  * [mod_wolfssl] use wolfSSL TLS version defines
  * [mod_wolfssl] compile with earlier wolfSSL vers
  * [core] prefer IPv6+IPv4 func vs IPv4-specific func
  * [core] reuse large mem chunks (fix mem usage) (fixes #3033)
  * [core] add comment for FastCGI mem use in hctx->rb (#3033)
  * [mod_proxy] fix sending of initial reqbody chunked
  * [multiple] fdevent_waitpid() wrapper
  * [core] sys-time.h - localtime_r,gmtime_r macros
  * [core] http_date.[ch] encapsulate HTTP-date parse
  * [core] specialized strptime() for HTTP date fmts
  * [multiple] employ http_date.h, sys-time.h
  * [core] http_date_timegm() (portable timegm())
  * buffer_append_path_len() to join paths
  * [core] inet_ntop_cache -> sock_addr_cache
  * [multiple] etag.[ch] -> http_etag.[ch]; better imp
  * [core] fix crash after specific err in config file
  * [core] fix bug in FastCGI uploads (#3033)
  * [core] http_response_match_if_range()
  * [mod_webdav] typedef off_t loff_t for FreeBSD
  * [multiple] chunkqueue_write_chunk()
  * [build] add GNUMAKEFLAGS=--no-print-directory
  * [core] fix bug in read retry found by coverity
  * [core] attempt to quiet some coverity warnings
  * [mod_webdav] compile fix for Mac OSX/11
  * [core] handle U+00A0 in config parser
  * [core] fix lighttpd -1 one-shot with pipes
  * [core] quiet start/shutdown trace in one-shot mode
  * [core] allow keep-alives in one-shot mode (#3042)
  * [mod_webdav] define _ATFILE_SOURCE if AT_FDCWD
  * [core] setsockopt IPV6_V6ONLY if server.v4mapped
  * [core] prefer inet_aton() over inet_addr()
  * [core] add missing mod_wolfssl to ssl compat list
  * [mod_openssl] remove ancient preprocessor logic
  * [core] SHA512_Init, SHA512_Update, SHA512_Final
  * [mod_wolfssl] add complex preproc logic for SNI
  * [core] wrap a macro value with parens
  * [core] fix handling chunked response from backend (fixes #3044)
  * [core] always set file.fd = -1 on FILE_CHUNK reset (fixes #3044)
  * [core] skip some trace if backend Upgrade (#3044)
  * [TLS] POSIX sh compat (fixes #3043)
  * [core] portability fix if st_mtime not defined
  * [mod_nss] portability fix
  * [core] warn if mod_authn_file needed in conf
  * [core] fix chunked decoding from backend (fixes #3044)
  * [core] reject excess data after chunked encoding (#3046)
  * [core] track chunked encoding state from backend (fixes #3046)
  * [core] li_restricted_strtoint64()
  * [core] track Content-Length from backend (fixes #3046)
  * [core] enhance config parsing debugging (#3047)
  * [core] reorder srv->config_context to match ndx (fixes #3047)
  * [mod_proxy] proxy.header = ("force-http10" => ...)
  * [mod_authn_ldap] fix crash (fixes #3048)
  * [mod_authn_ldap, mod_vhostdb_ldap] default cafile
  * [core] fix array_copy_array() sorted[]
  * [multiple] replace fall through comment with attr
  * [core] fix crash printing trace if backend is down
  * [core] fix decoding chunked from backend (fixes #3049)
  * [core] attempt to quiet some coverity warnings
  * [core] perf: request processing
  * [core] http_header_str_contains_token()
  * [mod_flv_streaming] parse query string w/o copying
  * [mod_evhost] use local array to split values
  * [core] remove srv->split_vals
  * [core] add User-Agent to http_header_e enum
  * [core] store struct server * in struct connection
  * [core] use func rc to indicate done reading header
  * [core] replace connection_set_state w/ assignment
  * [core] do not pass srv to http header parsing func
  * [core] cold buffer_string_prepare_append_resize()
  * [core] chunkqueue_compact_mem()
  * [core] connection_chunkqueue_compact()
  * [core] pass con around request, not srv and con
  * [core] reduce use of struct parse_header_state
  * [core] perf: HTTP header parsing using \n offsets
  * [core] no need to pass srv to connection_set_state
  * [core] perf: connection_read_header_more()
  * [core] perf: connection_read_header_hoff() hot
  * [core] inline connection_read_header()
  * [core] pass ptr to http_request_parse()
  * [core] more 'const' in request.c prototypes
  * [core] handle common case of alnum or - field-name
  * [mod_extforward] simplify code: use light_isxdigit
  * [core] perf: array.c performance enhancements
  * [core] mark some data_* funcs cold
  * [core] http_header.c internal inline funcs
  * [core] remove unused array_reset()
  * [core] prefer uint32_t to size_t in base.h
  * [core] uint32_t for struct buffer sizes
  * [core] remove unused members of struct server
  * [core] short-circuit path to clear request.headers
  * [core] array keys are non-empty in key-value list
  * [core] keep a->data[] sorted; remove a->sorted[]
  * [core] __attribute_returns_nonnull__
  * [core] differentiate array_get_* for ro and rw
  * [core] (const buffer *) in (struct burl_parts_t)
  * [core] (const buffer *) for con->server_name
  * [core] perf: initialize con->conf using memcpy()
  * [core] run config_setup_connection() fewer times
  * [core] isolate data_config.c, vector.c
  * [core] treat con->conditional_is_valid as bitfield
  * [core] http_header_hkey_get() over const array
  * [core] inline buffer as part of DATA_UNSET key
  * [core] inline buffer key for *_patch_connection()
  * [core] (data_unset *) from array_get_element_klen
  * [core] inline buffer as part of data_string value
  * [core] add const to callers of http_header_*_get()
  * [core] inline array as part of data_array value
  * [core] const char *op in data_config
  * [core] buffer string in data_config
  * [core] streamline config_check_cond()
  * [core] keep a->data[] sorted (REVERT)
  * [core] array a->sorted[] as ptrs rather than pos
  * [core] inline header and env arrays into con
  * [mod_accesslog] avoid alloc for parsing cookie val
  * [core] simpler config_check_cond()
  * [mod_redirect,mod_rewrite] store context_ndx
  * [core] const char *name in struct plugin
  * [core] srv->plugin_slots as compact list
  * [core] rearrange server_config, server members
  * [core] macros CONST_LEN_STR and CONST_STR_LEN
  * [core] struct plugin_data_base
  * [core] improve condition caching perf
  * [core] config_plugin_values_init() new interface
  * [mod_access] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [core] (const buffer *) from strftime_cache_get()
  * [core] mv config_setup_connection to connections.c
  * [core] use (const char *) in config file parsing
  * [mod_staticfile] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_skeleton] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_setenv] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_alias] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_indexfile] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_expire] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_flv_streaming] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_magnet] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_usertrack] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_userdir] split policy from userdir path build
  * [mod_userdir] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_ssi] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_uploadprogress] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_status] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_cml] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_secdownload] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_geoip] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_evasive] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_trigger_b4_dl] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_accesslog] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_simple_vhost] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_evhost] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_vhostdb*] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_mysql_vhost] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_maxminddb] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_auth*] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_deflate] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_compress] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [core] add xsendfile* check if xdocroot is NULL
  * [mod_cgi] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_dirlisting] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_extforward] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_webdav] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [core] store addtl data in pcre_keyvalue_buffer
  * [mod_redirect] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_rewrite] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [mod_rrdtool] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [multiple] gw_backends config_plugin_values_init()
  * [core] config_get_config_cond_info()
  * [mod_openssl] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [core] use config_plugin_values_init()
  * [core] collect more config logic into configfile.c
  * [core] config_plugin_values_init_block()
  * [core] gw_backend config_plugin_values_init_block
  * [core] remove old config_insert_values_*() funcs
  * [multiple] plugin.c handles common FREE_FUNC code
  * [core] run all trigger and sighup handlers
  * [mod_wstunnel] change DEBUG_LOG to use log_error()
  * [core] stat_cache_path_contains_symlink use errh
  * [core] isolate use of data_config, configfile.h
  * [core] split cond cache from cond matches
  * [mod_auth] inline arrays in http_auth_require_t
  * [core] array_init() arg for initial size
  * [core] gw_exts_clear_check_local()
  * [core] gw_backend less pointer chasing
  * [core] connection_handle_errdoc() separate func
  * [multiple] prefer (connection *) to (srv *)
  * [core] create http chunk header on the stack
  * [multiple] connection hooks no longer get (srv *)
  * [multiple] plugin_stats array
  * [core] read up-to fixed size chunk before fionread
  * [core] default chunk size 8k (was 4k)
  * [core] pass con around gw_backend instead of srv
  * [core] log_error_multiline_buffer()
  * [multiple] reduce direct use of srv->cur_ts
  * [multiple] extern log_epoch_secs
  * [multiple] reduce direct use of srv->errh
  * [multiple] stat_cache singleton
  * [mod_expire] parse config into structured data
  * [multiple] generic config array type checking
  * [multiple] rename r to rc rv rd wr to be different
  * [core] (minor) config_plugin_keys_t data packing
  * [core] inline buffer in log_error_st errh
  * [multiple] store srv->tmp_buf in tb var
  * [multiple] quiet clang compiler warnings
  * [core] http_status_set_error_close()
  * [core] http_request_host_policy w/ http_parseopts
  * [multiple] con->proto_default_port
  * [core] store log filename in (log_error_st *)
  * [core] separate log_error_open* funcs
  * [core] fdevent uses uint32_t instead of size_t
  * [mod_webdav] large buffer reuse
  * [mod_accesslog] flush file log buffer at 8k size
  * [core] include settings.h where used
  * [core] static buffers for mtime_cache
  * [core] convenience macros to check req methods
  * [core] support multiple error logs
  * [multiple] omit passing srv to fdevent_handler
  * [core] remove unused arg to fdevent_fcntl_set_nb*
  * [core] slightly simpify server_(over)load_check()
  * [core] isolate fdevent subsystem
  * [core] isolate stat_cache subsystem
  * [core] remove include base.h where unused
  * [core] restart dead piped loggers every 64 sec
  * [mod_webdav] use copy_file_range() if available
  * [core] perf: buffer copy and append
  * [core] copy some srv->srvconf into con->conf
  * [core] move keep_alive flag into request_st
  * [core] pass scheme port to http_request_parse()
  * [core] pass http_parseopts around request.c
  * [core] rename specific_config to request_config
  * [core] move request_st,request_config to request.h
  * [core] pass (request_st *) to request.c funcs
  * [core] remove unused request_st member 'request'
  * [core] rename content_length to reqbody_length
  * [core] t/test_request.c using (request_st *)
  * [core] (const connection *) in http_header_*_get()
  * [mod_accesslog] log_access_record() fmt log record
  * [core] move request start ts into (request_st *)
  * [core] move addtl request-specific struct members
  * [core] move addtl request-specific struct members
  * [core] move plugin_ctx into (request_st *)
  * [core] move addtl request-specific struct members
  * [core] move request state into (request_st *)
  * [core] store (plugin *) in p->data
  * [core] store subrequest_handler instead of mode
  * [multiple] copy small struct instead of memcpy()
  * [multiple] split con, request (very large change)
  * [core] r->uri.path always set, though might be ""
  * [core] C99 restrict on some base funcs
  * [core] dispatch handler in handle_request func
  * [core] http_request_parse_target()
  * [mod_magnet] modify r->target with "uri.path-raw"
  * [core] remove r->uri.path_raw; generate as needed
  * [core] http_response_comeback()
  * [core] http_response_config()
  * [tests] use buffer_eq_slen() for str comparison
  * [core] http_status_append() short-circuit 200 OK
  * [core] mark some chunk.c funcs as pure
  * [core] use uint32_t in http_header.[ch]
  * [core] perf: tighten some code in some hot paths
  * [core] parse header label before end of line
  * [mod_auth] "nonce_secret" option to validate nonce (fixes #2976)
  * [build] fix build on MacOS X Tiger
  * [doc] lighttpd.conf: lighttpd choose event-handler
  * [config] blank server.tag if whitespace-only
  * [mod_proxy] stream request using HTTP/1.1 chunked (fixes #3006)
  * [multiple] correct misspellings in comments
  * [multiple] fix some cc warnings in 32-bit, powerpc
  * [tests] fix skip count in mod-fastcgi w/o php-cgi
  * [multiple] ./configure --with-nettle to use Nettle
  * [core] skip excess close() when FD_CLOEXEC defined
  * [mod_cgi] remove redundant calls to set FD_CLOEXEC
  * [core] return EINVAL if stat_cache_get_entry w/o /
  * [mod_webdav] define PATH_MAX if not defined
  * [mod_accesslog] process backslash-escapes in fmt
  * [mod_openssl] disable cert vrfy if ALPN acme-tls/1
  * [core] add seed before openssl RAND_pseudo_bytes()
  * [mod_mbedtls] mbedTLS option for TLS
  * [core] prefer getxattr() instead of get_attr()
  * [multiple] use *(unsigned char *) with ctypes
  * [mod_openssl] do not log ECONNRESET unless debug
  * [mod_gnutls] GnuTLS option for TLS (fixes #109)
  * [mod_openssl] rotate session ticket encryption key
  * [mod_openssl] set cert from callback in 1.0.2+ (fixes #2842)
  * [mod_openssl] set chains from callback in 1.0.2+ (#2842)
  * [core] RFC-strict parse of Content-Length
  * [build] point ./configure --help to support forum
  * [core] stricter parse of numerical digits
  * [multiple] add summaries to top of some modules
  * [core] sys-crypto-md.h w/ inline message digest fn
  * [mod_openssl] enable read-ahead, if set, after SNI
  * [mod_openssl] issue warning for deprecated options
  * [mod_openssl] use SSL_OP_NO_RENEGOTIATION if avail
  * [mod_openssl] use openssl feature define for ALPN
  * [mod_openssl] update default DH params
  * [core] SecureZeroMemory() on _WIN32
  * [core] safe memset calls memset() through volatile
  * [doc] update comments in doc/config/modules.conf
  * [core] more precise check for request stream flags
  * [mod_openssl] rotate session ticket encryption key
  * [mod_openssl] ssl.stek-file to specify encrypt key
  * [mod_mbedtls] ssl.stek-file to specify encrypt key
  * [mod_gnutls] ssl.stek-file to specify encrypt key
  * [mod_openssl] disable session cache; prefer ticket
  * [mod_openssl] compat with LibreSSL
  * [mod_openssl] compat with WolfSSL
  * [mod_openssl] set SSL_OP_PRIORITIZE_CHACHA
  * [mod_openssl] move SSL_CTX curve conf to new func
  * [mod_openssl] basic SSL_CONF_cmd for alt TLS libs
  * [mod_openssl] OCSP stapling (fixes #2469)
  * [TLS] - refresh OCSP responses (#2469)
  * [mod_openssl] compat with BoringSSL
  * [mod_gnutls] option to override GnuTLS priority
  * [mod_gnutls] OCSP stapling (#2469)
  * [mod_extforward] config warning for module order
  * [mod_webdav] store webdav.opts as bitflags
  * [mod_webdav] limit webdav_propfind_dir() recursion
  * [mod_webdav] unsafe-propfind-follow-symlink option
  * [mod_webdav] webdav.opts "propfind-depth-infinity"
  * [mod_openssl] detect certs marked OCSP Must-Staple
  * [mod_gnutls] detect certs marked OCSP Must-Staple
  * [mod_openssl] default to set MinProtocol TLSv1.2
  * [mod_nss] NSS option for TLS (fixes #1218)
  * [core] fdevent_load_file() shared code
  * [mod_openssl,mbedtls,gnutls,nss] fdevent_load_file
  * [core] error if s->socket_perms chmod() fails
  * [mod_openssl] prefer some WolfSSL native APIs
  * quiet clang analyzer scan-build warnings
  * [core] uint32_t is plenty large for path names
  * [mod_mysql_vhost] deprecated; use mod_vhostdb_mysql
  * [core] splaytree_djbhash() in splaytree.h (reuse)
  * [cmake] update deps for src/t/test_*
  * [cmake] update deps for src/t/test_*
  * [build] remove tests/mod-userdir.t from builds
  * [build] fix typo in src/ EXTRA_DIST
  * [core] remove unused mbedtls_enabled flag
  * [core] store fd in srv->stdin_fd during setup
  * [multiple] address coverity warnings
  * [mod_webdav] fix theoretical NULL dereference
  * [mod_webdav] update rc for PROPFIND allprop
  * [mod_webdav] build fix: ifdef live_properties
  * [multiple] address coverity warnings
  * [meson] fix libmariadb dependency
  * [meson] add missing libmaxminddb section
  * [mod_auth,mod_vhostdb] add caching option (fixes #2805)
  * [mod_authn_ldap,mod_vhostdb_ldap] add timeout opt (#2805)
  * [mod_auth] accept "nonce-secret" & "nonce_secret"
  * [mod_openssl] fix build warnings on MacOS X
  * [core] Nettle assert()s if buffer len > digest sz
  * [mod_authn_dbi] authn backend employing DBI
  * [mod_authn_mysql,file] use crypt() to save stack
  * [mod_vhostdb_dbi] allow strings and ints in config
  * add
  * move to scripts
  * [build] build fixes for AIX
  * [mod_deflate] Brotli support
  * [build] bzip2 default to not-enabled in build
  * [mod_deflate] fix typo in config option
  * [mod_deflate] propagate errs from internal funcs
  * [mod_deflate] deflate.cache-dir compressed cache
  * [mod_deflate] mod_deflate subsumes mod_compress
  * [doc] mod_compress -> mod_deflate
  * [tests] mod_compress -> mod_deflate
  * [mod_compress] remove mod_compress
  * [build] add --with-brotli to CI build
  * [core] server.feature-flags extensible config
  * [core] con layer plugin_ctx separate from request
  * [multiple] con hooks store ctx in con->plugin_ctx
  * [core] separate funcs to reset (request_st *)
  * [multiple] rename connection_reset hook to request
  * [mod_nss] func renames for consistency
  * [core] detect and reject TLS connect to cleartext
  * [mod_deflate] quicker check for Content-Encoding
  * [mod_openssl] read secret data w/ BIO_new_mem_buf
  * [core] decode Transfer-Encoding: chunked from gw
  * [mod_fastcgi] decode Transfer-Encoding: chunked
  * [core] stricter parsing of POST chunked block hdr
  * [mod_proxy] send HTTP/1.1 requests to backends
  * [tests] test_base64.c clear buf vs reset
  * [core] http_header_remove_token()
  * [mod_webdav] fix inadvertent string truncation
  * [core] add some missing standard includes
  * [mod_extforward] attempt to quiet Coverity warning
  * [mod_authn_dbi,mod_authn_mysql] fix coverity issue
  * scons: fix check environment
  * Add avahi service file under doc/avahi/
  * [mod_webdav] fix fallback if linkat() fails
  * [mod_proxy] do not forward Expect: 100-continue
  * [core] chunkqueue_compact_mem() must upd cq->last
  * [core] dlsym for FAMNoExists() for compat w/ fam
  * [core] disperse settings.h to appropriate headers
  * [core] inline buffer_reset()
  * [mod_extforward] save proto per connection
  * [mod_extforward] skip after HANDLER_COMEBACK
  * [core] server.feature-flags to enable h2
  * [core] HTTP_VERSION_2
  * [multiple] allow TLS ALPN "h2" if "server.h2proto"
  * [mod_extforward] preserve changed addr for h2 con
  * [core] do not send Connection: close if h2
  * [core] lowercase response hdr field names for h2
  * [core] recognize status: 421 Misdirected Request
  * [core] parse h2 pseudo-headers
  * [core] request_headers_process()
  * [core] connection_state_machine_loop()
  * [core] reset connection counters per connection
  * [mod_accesslog,mod_rrdtool] HTTP/2 basic accounting
  * [core] connection_set_fdevent_interest()
  * [core] HTTP2-Settings
  * [core] adjust http_request_headers_process()
  * [core] http_header_parse_hoff()
  * [core] move http_request_headers_process()
  * [core] reqpool.[ch] for (request_st *)
  * [multiple] modules read reqbody via fn ptr
  * [multiple] isolate more con code in connections.c
  * [core] isolate more resp code in response.c
  * [core] h2.[ch] with stub funcs (incomplete)
  * [core] alternate between two joblists
  * [core] connection transition to HTTP/2; incomplete
  * [core] mark some error paths with attribute cold
  * [core] discard 100 102 103 responses from backend
  * [core] skip write throttle for 100 Continue
  * [core] adjust (disabled) debug code
  * [core] update comment
  * [core] link in ls-hpack (EXPERIMENTAL)
  * [core] HTTP/2 HPACK using LiteSpeed ls-hpack
  * [core] h2_send_headers() specialized for resp hdrs
  * [core] http_request_parse_header() specialized
  * [core] comment possible future ls-hpack optimize
  * [mod_status] separate funcs to print request table
  * [mod_status] adjust to print HTTP/2 requests
  * [core] redirect to dir using relative-path
  * [core] ignore empty field-name from backends
  * [mod_auth] fix crash if auth.require misconfigured (fixes #3023)
  * [core] fix 1-char trunc of default server.tag
  * [core] request_acquire(), request_release()
  * [core] keep pool of (request_st *) for HTTP/2
  * [mod_status] dedicated funcs for r->state labels
  * [core] move connections_get_state to connections.c
  * [core] fix crash on master after graceful restart
  * [core] defer optimization to read small files
  * [core] do not require '\0' term for k,v hdr parse
  * [scripts] enhancements
  * [core] document algorithm used in lighttpd etag
  * [core] ls-hpack optimizations
  * [core] fix crash on master if blank line request
  * [core] use djbhash in gw_backend to choose host
  * [core] rename md5.[ch] to algo_md5.[ch]
  * [core] move djbhash(), dekhash() to algo_md.h
  * [core] rename splaytree.[ch] to algo_splaytree.[ch]
  * [core] import xxHash v0.8.0
  * [build] modify build, includes for xxHash v0.8.0
  * [build] remove ls-hpack/deps
  * [core] xxhash no inline hints; let compiler choose
  * [mod_dirlisting] fix config parsing crash
  * [mod_openssl] clarify trace w/ deprecated options
  * [doc] refresh doc/config/*/*
  * [core] code size: disable XXH64(), XXH3()
  * [doc] update README and INSTALL
  * [core] combine Cookie request headers with ';'
  * [core] log stream id with debug.log-state-handling
  * [core] set r->state in h2.c
  * [mod_ssi] update chunk after shell output redirect
  * [mod_webdav] preserve bytes_out when chunks merged
  * [multiple] inline chunkqueue_length()
  * [core] cold h2_log_response_header*() funcs
  * [core] update HTTP status codes list from IANA
  * [mod_wolfssl] standalone module
  * [core] Content-Length in http_response_send_file()
  * [core] adjust response header prep for common case
  * [core] light_isupper(), light_islower()
  * [core] tst,set,clr macros for r->{rqst,resp}_htags
  * [core] separate http_header_e from _htags bitmask
  * [core] http_header_hkey_get_lc() for HTTP/2
  * [core] array.[ch] using uint32_t instead of size_t
  * [core] extend (data_string *) to store header id
  * [multiple] extend enum http_header_e list
  * [core] http_header_e <=> lshpack_static_hdr_idx
  * [core] skip ls-hpack decode work unused by lighttpd
  * [TLS] error if inherit empty TLS cfg from globals
  * [core] connection_check_expect_100()
  * [core] support multiple 1xx responses from backend
  * [core] reload c after chunkqueue_compact_mem()
  * [core] relay 1xx from backend over HTTP/2
  * [core] relay 1xx from backend over HTTP/1.1
  * [core] chunkqueue_{peek,read}_data(), squash
  * [multiple] TLS modules use chunkqueue_peek_data()
  * [mod_magnet] magnet.attract-response-start-to
  * [multiple] code reuse chunkqueue_peek_data()
  * [core] reuse r->start_hp.tv_sec for r->start_ts
  * [core] config_plugin_value_tobool() accept "0","1"
  * [core] graceful and immediate restart option
  * [mod_ssi] init status var before waitpid()
  * [core] graceful shutdown timeout option
  * [core] lighttpd -1 supports pipes (e.g. netcat)
  * [core] perf adjustments to avoid load miss
  * [multiple] use sock_addr_get_family in more places
  * [multiple] inline chunkqueue where always alloc'd
  * [core] propagate state after writing
  * [core] server_run_con_queue()
  * [core] defer handling FDEVENT_HUP and FDEVENT_ERR
  * [core] handle unexpected EOF reading FILE_CHUNK
  * [core] short-circuit connection_write_throttle()
  * [core] walk queue in connection_write_chunkqueue()
  * [core] connection_joblist global
  * [core] be more precise checking streaming flags
  * [core] fdevent_load_file_bytes()
  * [TLS] use fdevent_load_file_bytes() for STEK file
  * [core] allow symlinks under /dev for rand devices
  * [multiple] use light_btst() for hdr existence chk
  * [mod_deflate] fix potential NULL deref in err case
  * [core] save errno around close() if fstat() fails
  * [mod_ssi] use stat_cache_open_rdonly_fstat()
  * [core] fdevent_dup_cloexec()
  * [core] dup FILE_CHUNK fd when splitting FILE_CHUNK
  * [core] stat_cache_path_isdir()
  * [multiple] use stat_cache_path_isdir()
  * [mod_mbedtls] quiet CLOSE_NOTIFY after conn reset
  * [mod_gnutls] quiet CLOSE_NOTIFY after conn reset
  * [core] limit num ranges in Range requests
  * [core] remove unused r->content_length
  * [core] http_response_parse_range() const file sz
  * [core] pass open fd to http_response_parse_range
  * [core] stat_cache_get_entry_open()
  * [core,mod_deflate] leverage cache of open fd
  * [doc] comment out config disabling Range for .pdf
  * [core] coalesce nearby ranges in Range requests
  * [mod_fastcgi] decode chunked is cold code path
  * [core] fix chunkqueue_compact_mem w/ partial chunk
  * [core] alloc optim reading file, sending chunked
  * [core] reuse chunkqueue_compact_mem*()
  * [mod_cgi] use splice() to send input to CGI
  * [multiple] ignore openssl 3.0.0 deprecation warns
  * [mod_openssl] migrate ticket cb to openssl 3.0.0
  * [mod_openssl] construct OSSL_PARAM on stack
  * [mod_openssl] merge ssl_tlsext_ticket_key_cb impls
  * [multiple] openssl 3.0.0 digest interface migrate
  * [tests] detect multiple SSL/TLS/crypto providers
  * [core] sys-crypto-md.h consistent interfaces
  * [wolfssl] wolfSSL_CTX_set_mode differs from others
  * [multiple] use NSS crypto if no other crypto avail
  * [multiple] stat_cache_path_stat() for struct st
  * [TLS] ignore empty "CipherString" in ssl-conf-cmd
  * [multiple] remove chunk file.start member
  * [core] modify use of getrlimit() to not be fatal
  * [mod_webdav] add missing update to cq accounting
  * [mod_webdav] update defaults after worker_init
  * [mod_openssl] use newer openssl 3.0.0 func
  * [core] config_plugin_value_to_int32()
  * [core] minimize pause during graceful restart
  * [mod_deflate] use large mmap chunks to compress
  * [core] stat_cache_entry reference counting
  * [core] FILE_CHUNK can hold stat_cache_entry ref
  * [core] http_chunk_append_file_ref_range()
  * [multiple] use http_chunk_append_file_ref()
  * [core] always lseek() with shared fd
  * [core] silence coverity warnings (false positives)
  * [core] silence coverity warnings in ls-hpack
  * [core] silence coverity warnings (another try)
  * [core] fix fd sharing when splitting file chunk
  * [mod_mbedtls] quiet unused variable warning
  * [core] use inline funcs in sys-crypto-md.h
  * [core] add missing declaration for NSS rand
  * [core] init NSS lib for basic crypto algorithms
  * [doc] change mod_compress refs to mod_deflate
  * [doc] replace bzip2 refs with brotli
  * [build] remove svnversion from versionstamp rule
  * [doc] /var/run -> /run
  * [multiple] test for nss includes
  * [mod_nss] more nss includes fixes
  * [mod_webdav] define _NETBSD_SOURCE on NetBSD
  * [core] silence coverity warnings (another try)
  * [mod_mbedtls] newer mbedTLS vers support TLSv1.3
  * [mod_accesslog] update defaults after cycling log
  * [multiple] add some missing config cleanup
  * [core] fix (startup) mem leaks in configparser.y
  * [core] STAILQ_* -> SIMPLEQ_* on OpenBSD
  * [mod_wolfssl] use more wolfssl/options.h defines
  * [mod_wolfssl] cripple SNI if not built OPENSSL_ALL
  * [mod_wolfssl] need to build --enable-alpn for ALPN
  * [mod_secdownload] fix compile w/ NSS on FreeBSD
  * [mod_mbedtls] wrap addtl code in preproc defines
  * [TLS] server.feature-flags "ssl.session-cache"
  * [core] workaround fragile code in wolfssl types.h
  * [core] move misplaced error trace to match option
  * [core] adjust wolfssl workaround for another case
  * [multiple] consistent order for crypto lib select
  * [multiple] include mbedtls/config.h after select
  * [multiple] include wolfssl/options.h after select
  * [core] set NSS_VER_INCLUDE after crypto lib select
  * [core] use system xxhash lib if available
  * [doc] refresh doc/config/conf.d/mime.conf
  * [meson] add matching -I for lua lib version
  * [build] prepend search for lua version 5.4
  * [core] use inotify in stat_cache.[ch] on Linux
  * [build] detect inotify header <sys/inotify.h>
  * [mod_nss] update session ticket NSS devel comment
  * [core] set last_used on rd/wr from backend (fixes #3029)
  * [core] cold func for gw_recv_response error case
  * [core] use kqueue() instead of FAM/gamin on *BSD
  * [core] no graceful-restart-bg on OpenBSD, NetBSD
  * [mod_openssl] add LIBRESSL_VERSION_NUMBER checks
  * [core] use struct kevent on stack in stat_cache
  * [core] stat_cache preprocessor paranoia
  * [mod_openssl] adjust LIBRESSL_VERSION_NUMBER check
  * [mod_maxminddb] fix config validation typo
  * [tests] allow LIGHTTPD_EXE_PATH override
  * [multiple] handle NULL val as empty in *_env_add (fixes #3030)
  * [core] accept "HTTP/2.0", "HTTP/3.0" from backends (fixes #3031)
  * [build] check for xxhash in more ways
  * [core] accept "HTTP/2.0", "HTTP/3.0" from backends (#3031)
  * [core] http_response_buffer_append_authority()
  * [core] define SHA*_DIGEST_LENGTH macros if missing
  * [doc] update optional pkg dependencies in INSTALL
  * [mod_alias] validate given order, not sorted order
  * [core] filter out duplicate modules
  * [mod_cgi] fix crash if initial write to CGI fails
  * [mod_cgi] ensure tmp file open() before splice()
  * [multiple] add back-pressure gw data pump (fixes #3033)
  * [core] fix bug when HTTP/2 frames span chunks
  * [multiple] more forgiving config str to boolean (fixes #3036)
  * [core] check for __builtin_expect() availability
  * [core] quiet more request parse errs unless debug
  * [core] consolidate chunk size checks
  * [mod_flv_streaming] use stat_cache_get_entry_open
  * [mod_webdav] pass full path to webdav_unlinkat()
  * [mod_webdav] fallbacks if _ATFILE_SOURCE not avail
  * [mod_fastcgi] move src/fastcgi.h into src/compat/
  * [mod_status] add additional HTML-encoding
  * [core] server.v4mapped option
  * [mod_webdav] workaround for gvfs dir redir bug
* Tue Jul 28 2020 Thorsten Kukuk <>
- Remove SuSEfirewall2 service files, SuSEfirewall2 does not exist
* Thu Jul 02 2020 Alexander van Kaam <>
- Changed /etc/logrotate.d/lighttpd from init.d to systemd
  fix boo#1146452.
Version: 1.4.49-bp150.2.3
* Sat Mar 31 2018
- update to 1.4.49
  + - next is 1.4.49
  + [core] adjust offset if response header blank line
  + [mod_accesslog] %{canonical,local,remote}p (fixes #2840)
  + [core] support POLLRDHUP, where available (#2743)
  + [mod_proxy] basic support for HTTP CONNECT method (#2060)
  + [mod_deflate] fix deflate of file > 2MB w/o mmap
  + [core] fix segfault if tempdirs fill up (fixes #2843)
  + [mod_compress,mod_deflate] try mmap MAP_PRIVATE
  + [core] discard from socket using recv MSG_TRUNC
  + [core] report to stderr if errorlog path ENOENT (fixes #2847)
  + [core] fix base64 decode when char is unsigned (fixes #2848)
  + [mod_authn_ldap] fix mem leak when ldap auth fails (fixes #2849)
  + [core] warn if mod_indexfile after dynamic handler
  + [core] do not reparse request if async cb
  + [core] non-blocking write() to piped loggers
  + [mod_openssl] minor code cleanup; reduce var scope
  + [mod_openssl] elliptic curve auto selection (fixes #2833)
  + [core] check for path-info forward down path
  + [mod_authn_ldap] auth with ldap referrals (fixes #2846)
  + [core] code cleanup: separate physical path sub
  + [core] merge redirect/rewrite pattern substitution
  + [core] fix POST with chunked request body (fixes #2854)
  + [core] remove unused func
  + [doc] minor update to *outdated* doc
  + [mod_wstunnel] fix for frames larger than 64k (fixes #2858)
  + [core] fix 32-bit compile POST w/ chunked request body (#2854)
  + [core] add include sys/poll.h on Solaris (fixes #2859)
  + [core] fix path-info calculation in git master (fixes #2861)
  + [core] pass array_get_element_klen() const array *
  + [core] increase stat_cache abstraction
  + [core] open additional fds O_CLOEXEC
  + [core] fix CONNECT w strict header parsing enabled
  + [mod_extforward] CIDR support for trusted proxies (fixes #2860)
  + [core] re-enable overloaded backends w/ multi wkrs
  + [autoconf] reduce minimum automake version to 1.13
  + [mod_auth] constant time compare plain passwords
  + [mod_auth] check that digest realm matches config
  + [core] fix incorrect hash algorithm impl
  + [doc] NEWS
* Thu Nov 23 2017
- Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
  %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Sun Nov 12 2017
- new upstream release 1.4.48
  + requires automake 1.14
  + new mod_authn_sasl module
- remove autoreconf call; was required for mod_geoip patch, which is now
- add cyrus-sasl-devel, package mod_authn_sasl
* Tue Oct 24 2017
- update to 1.4.47
  + [core] stricter validation of request-URI begin
  + [core] fix 1.4.46 regression in config match
  + [core] normalize config addrs for != match
  + [core] normalize config addrs for eq and ne
  + [core] fix 1.4.46 regression in Last-Modified
* Sun Oct 22 2017
- new upstream release 1.4.46
- drop lighttpd-1.4.x_out_of_bounds_read.patch (fixed upstream)
- use systemd, drop init script
- drop support for suse_version <= 1210
- add some new modules and packages
- drop __DATE__/__TIME__ sed hack (usage disabled upstream by default)
* Wed Oct 04 2017
- use php7 for TW (boo#1058101)
* Thu Mar 09 2017
- added lighttpd-1.4.x_out_of_bounds_read.patch: fix out of bounds
  read in mod_scgi (debian#857255)
* Mon Jan 16 2017
- make lighttpd user own /var/log/lighttpd/
  to be able to write logs there
* Sat Jan 14 2017
- fix some rpmlint messages
  + update FSF address for lighttpd.init
  + install example scripts without +x to avoid pulling shell
  + W:file-contains-current-date /usr/sbin/lighttpd is a false positive;
    it only happens when the last-source-modified date is the same as
    the build date
  + I: binary-or-shlib-calls-gethostbyname has been forwarded upstream
* Sat Jan 14 2017
- update to 1.4.45
  + - next is 1.4.45
  + [mod_cgi] skip local-redir handling if to self (fixes #2779, #2108)
  + [mod_webdav] fix crash when plugin_ctx cleaned up (fixes #2780)
  + [mod_fastcgi] detect child exit, restart proactively
  + [mod_scgi] detect child exit, restart proactively
  + [TLS] = "disable" for low mem (fixes #2778)
  + [doc] NEWS
  + [tests] update test skip count for !fcgi-responder
  + [tests] FCGI_Finish() final request before exit
  + [tests] give time for periodic jobs to detect exit
  + [mod_cgi] check cgi fd for num bytes ready to read
* Mon Jan 09 2017
- lighttpd-1.4.13_geoip.patch is long gone; it was replaced with
  mod_geoip-for-1.4.39.patch but is now included upstream
* Sat Dec 24 2016
- update to 1.4.44
  + - next is 1.4.44
  + [mod_scgi] fix segfault (fixes #2762)
  + [mod_authn_gssapi] fix memory leak
  + [config] warn if mod_authn_ldap,mysql not listed
  + [mod_magnet] fix magnet_cgi_set() set of env vars (fixes #2763)
  + [mod_cgi] FreeBSD 9.3/MacOSX does not have pipe2() (fixes #2765)
  + [mod_extforward] fix crash on invalid IP (fixes #2766)
  + [mod_fastcgi] fix segfault if all backends down (fixes #2768)
  + [mod_cgi] fix out of sockets error for POST to CGI (fixes #2771)
  + [mod_auth] compile fix for Mac OS X XCode (fixes #2772)
  + [mod_authn_gssapi] better resource cleanup
  + [core] compile fix for Mac OS X 10.6 (old) (fixes #2773)
  + fix race in dynamic handler configs (reentrancy) (fixes #2774)
  + [mod_authn_mysql] close mysql_conn in cleanup
  + [mod_webdav] compile fix when locking not enabled
  + load mod_auth & mod_authn_file in sample/test.conf
  + comment out auth.backend.ldap.* in tests/*.conf
  + [mod_fastcgi,mod_scgi] warn if invalid "bin-path"
  + RAND_pseudo_bytes() is deprecated in openssl 1.1.0
  + openssl 1.1.0 init and cleanup
  + [mod_cgi] remove direct calls to network_backend*
  + [build] build network_*.c into lighttpd executable
  + suggest inclusion of mod_geoip... before mod_ssi.
  + set systemd settings similar to lighttpd2
  + [doc] remove reference to Linux rt-signals
  + [mod_authn_gssapi] fix missing error ret, coverity
  + [core] rename li_rand() to li_rand_pseudo_bytes()
  + remove #include "stream.h" where not used
  + [mod_cml] include lua headers before base.h
  + [core] combine duplicated connection reset code
  + [mod_ssi] produce content in subrequest hook
  + [core] remove srv->entropy[]
  + [core] defer li_rand_init() until first use
  + [core] permit connection-level state in modules
  + [mod_dirlisting] render dirlisting as HTML (fixes #2767)
  + [mod_proxy] replace HTTP Host sent to backend (fixes #2770)
  + [mod_ssi] basic recursive SSI include virtual (fixes #536)
  + [mod_ssi] implement, ignore <!--#comment ... -->
  + [core] consolidate duplicated read-to-close code
  + [core] fix segfault when parsing a bad config file
  + [core] support Transfer-Encoding: chunked req body (fixes #2156)
  + [autobuild] set NO_RDYNAMIC=yes for midipix
  + [mod_proxy] proxy.balance = "sticky" option (fixes #2117)
  + [mod_secdownload] warn if SHA used w/o SSL crypto
  + [build] compile fixes for AIX
  + [build] check for pipe2() at configure time
  + [mod_evhost] fix an incorrect error trace
  + [tests] mark tests/docroot/www/*.pl scripts a+x
  + [mod_proxy] proxy.replace-http-host enable/disable
  + [mod_cgi] fall back to pipe() if pipe2() fails
  + fix SCons fullstatic build with glibc pthreads
  + [TLS] openssl 1.1.0 makes SSL_OP_NO_SSLv2 no-op
  + [doc] NEWS
* Mon Oct 31 2016
- update to 1.4.43
  + - next is 1.4.43
  + [autobuild] remove mod_authn_gssapi dep on resolv
  + [mod_deflate] ignore '*' in deflate.mimetypes
  + minor: make more convenient for me
  + [autobuild] omit module stubs when missing deps
  + [autobuild] rm module stub code for missing deps
  + [TLS] openssl 1.1.0 hides struct bignum_st
  + [autobuild] move http_cgi_ssl_env() for Mac OS X (fixes #2757)
  + [core] use paccept() on NetBSD (replace accept4())
  + [TLS] remote IP conditions are valid for TLS SNI (fixes #2272)
  + [doc] lighttpd-angel.8 (fixes #2254)
  + [cmake] build fcgi-auth, fcgi-responder for tests
  + [mod_accesslog] %{ratio}n logs compression ratio (fixes #2133)
  + [mod_deflate] skip deflate if loadavg too high (fixes #1505)
  + [mod_expire] expire by mimetype (fixes #423)
  + [mod_evhost] partial matching patterns (fixes #1194)
  + [mod_evhost] mod-evhost.t tests (#1194)
  + build: use CC_FOR_BUILD for lemon when cross-compiling
  + [lemon] standalone; remove #include "first.h"
  + [mod_dirlisting] config header and readme files
  + [config] warn if mod_authn_ldap,mysql not listed
  + fix FastCGI, SCGI, proxy reconnect on failure
  + [core] network_open_file_chunk() temp file opt
  + [mod_rewrite] add more info in error log msg
  + [core] fix fd leak when using libev (fixes #2761)
  + [core] fix potential streaming tempfile corruption (fixes #2760)
  + minor: coverity comments
  + [mod_scgi] fix prefix matching to always match url
  + move script to doc/scripts/ax_prog_cc_for_build.m4
  + [autobuild] adjust for FreeBSD
  + [core] check fcntl O_APPEND succeeds w/ mkstemp()
  + [doc] NEWS
  + [autobuild] add lemon.c to src/
  + [autobuild] build fix for lemon.c
  + [autobuild] put ax_prog_cc_for_build.m4 in top directory
  + [scons] workaround FreeBSD11 fullstatic link error
  + [scons] only apply FreeBSD11 workaround on FreeBSD
  + [mod_cgi] FreeBSD 9.3 does not have pipe2()
  + [build] move some build scripts to scripts/
  + [autotools] fix for opensuse 13.2
  + [build] fix warning for (potentially) unused func
* Mon Oct 31 2016
- package new modules
- remove mod_geoip_for_1.4.40.patch
* Sun Oct 16 2016
- update to 1.4.42
  + - next is 1.4.42
  + [TLS] SSL_shutdown() only if handshake finished
  + [mod_proxy,mod_scgi] shutdown remote only if local (#2743)
  + [core] check if client half-closed TCP if POLLHUP (#2743)
  + [core] enforce wait for POLLWR after EINPROGRESS (fixes #2744)
  + [core] do not enter handler twice after read body
  + [core] proxy,scgi omit shutdown() to backend (fixes #2743)
  + [mod_dirlisting] dirlist does not handle POST
  + [mod_dirlisting] js column sort for dirlist table (fixes #613, fixes #2315)
  + [mod_auth] Digest auth fails after rewrite (fixes #2745)
  + [mod_auth] refactor out auth backend code
  + [mod_auth] refactor out auth backend code
  + [mod_auth] refactor out auth backend code
  + [mod_auth] extensible interface for auth backends
  + [mod_auth] extensible interface for auth backends
  + [core] better DragonFlyBSD support (fixes #2746)
  + [mod_auth] include base.h for USE_OPENSSL def
  + [mod_auth] support CRYPT-MD5-NTLM algorithm (fixes #1743)
  + [mod_auth] terminate salt for CRYPT-MD5-NTLM
  + [core] fix crash if ready events on abandoned fd (fixes #2748)
  + fix mis-cast in unused code
  + [mod_auth] http_auth_md5_hex2bin()
  + [mod_auth] remove empty mod_auth.h
  + [mod_auth] mod_authn_mysql.c MySQL auth backend (fixes #752, fixes #1845)
  + [mod_cgi] permit CGI exec of unreadable files (fixes #2374)
  + [mod_uploadprogress] add to default build
  + [mod_geoip] add to default build (fixes #2705, fixes #2101, fixes #2092, fixes #2025, fixes #1962, fixes #1938)
  + [mod_fastcgi] Authorizer support with Responder (fixes #321, fixes #322)
  + [tests] test coverage for issues (#321, #322)
  + dynamic handlers store debug flag in handler_ctx
  + [mod_fastcgi] allow authorizer, responder for same path/ext (#321)
  + backport mod_deflate to lighttpd 1.4 (fixes #1824, fixes #2753)
  + [autobuild] test_configfile might need vector.c (fixes #2752)
  + remove unused sys-mmap.h from stat_cache.c
  + [mod_deflate] fix longjmp clobber compiler warning
  + remove unused array type TYPE_COUNT data_count
  + [mod_auth] structured data, register auth schemes
  + [mod_auth] mod_authn_gssapi Kerberos auth backend (fixes #1899)
  + silence warnings from clang ccc-analyzer
  + [autobuild] skip two new tests if no fcgi-auth
  + [SCons] define with_krb5 for SCons build
  + [SCons] fix syntax error in SConstruct
  + [SCons] define with_geoip for SCons build
  + [CMake] fix clang -Wcast-align warnings in lemon.c
  + remove excess initializers (fix compiler warnings)
  + fix errors detected by Coverity Scan
  + performance: use Linux extended syscalls and flags
  + [mod_scgi] add uwsgi protocol support
  + [mod_auth] refactor LDAP code into smaller funcs
  + [mod_auth] HTTP Basic auth backends also do authz (#1817)
  + [mod_auth] ldap filter subst user for multiple '$' (fixes #1508)
  + [mod_auth] permit specifying ldap DN; skip search (fixes #1248)
  + [autobuild] update module/feature report
  + [cmake] build mod_authn_gssapi if WITH_KRB5
  + DragonFlyBSD defines __DragonFly__ (#2746)
  + [mod_auth] fix printing of IP in error trace
  + quiet coverity warning
  + [mod_mysql_vhost] support multiple '?' replacement (fixes #2163)
  + [core] make server.max-request-size scopeable (#1901)
  + [core] server.max-request-field-size (fixes #2130)
  + [core] optional condition in config "else" clause (fixes #1268)
  + [core] restrict where config "else" clauses occur (#1268)
  + silence warnings from clang ccc-analyzer
  + consistent, shared code to create CGI env
  + [TLS] replace env entries in https_add_ssl_entries
  + [TLS] set SSL_CLIENT_M_SERIAL w/ client cert SN (fixes #2268)
  + [TLS] set SSL_CLIENT_VERIFY w/ client cert (#1288, #2693)
  + [TLS] set SSL_PROTOCOL, SSL_CIPHER* (fixes #2511)
  + [core] rand.[ch] to use better RNGs when available
  + [mod_cgi] fix pipe_cloexec() when no O_CLOEXEC
  + ignore return value from fcntl() FD_CLOEXEC
  + silence warnings from clang ccc-analyzer
  + fix SCons build
  + build w/o compiler warnings if no zlib or bz2lib
  + parallelize dist package build (
  + [doc] NEWS
  + quiet coverity warning
  + add random() to list of rand() fallbacks
* Sun Jul 31 2016
- update to 1.4.41
  + - next is 1.4.41
  + remove long-deprecated, non-functional config opts
  + [config] inherit server.use-ipv6 and server.set-v6only (fixes #678)
  + [build] allow AUTHOR, KEYID overrides to packdist
  + [mod_auth] fix Digest auth to be better than Basic (fixes #1844)
  + [doc] update memcache references to memcached
  + [mod_ssi] fix #config sizefmt="bytes"
  + fix some warnings reported by cppcheck
  + workaround clang compiler warning
  + [autobuild] move inet_pton detection later
  + [core] #include <sys/filio.h> for FIONREAD (fixes #2726)
  + [autobuild] clock_gettime() -lrt with glibc < 2.17
  + minor: spelling changes in some comments/messages
  + [security] do not emit HTTP_PROXY to CGI env
  + [build_cmake] clock_gettime() -lrt w/ glibc < 2.17 (fixes #2737)
  + [core] avoid spurious trace and error abort
  + [core] stay in CON_STATE_CLOSE until done with req
  + [core] $HTTP["remoteip"] must handle IPv6 w/o []
  + [mod_status] show keep-alive status w/ text output (fixes #2740)
  + do not set REDIRECT_URI in mod_magnet, mod_rewrite (#2738)
  + revert 1.4.40 swap of REQUEST_URI, REDIRECT_URI (fixes #2738)
  + [core] permit IPv6 address scope identifier
  + [core] consolidate duplicated response_end code
  + [TLS] better handling of SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ/WRITE
  + [TLS] read all available records from SSL_read()
  + [core] try AF_INET after AF_INET6 if use-ipv6
  + [core] fix result copy from getaddrinfo()
  + [core] set chunkqueue tempdirs at startup
  + [core] check if EAI_ADDRFAMILY is defined
  + [core] set chunkqueue tempdirs at startup /var/tmp
  + [security] ensure gid != 0 if server.username set (fixes #2725)
  + [security] disable stat_cache if !follow-symlink (fixes #2724)
  + [core] fix buffer_copy_string_hex() assert (fixes #2742)
  + fix buffer.c comments to match encoded_chars_*
  + [security] encode quoting chars in HTML and XML
  + [cmake] always define _GNU_SOURCE
  + [cmake] enable warnings for GCC and Clang
  + [cmake] set cmake_minimum_required to 2.8.2
  + [doc] NEWS
* Sat Jul 16 2016
- update to 1.4.40
  + - next is 1.4.40
  + [mod_ssi] enhance support for ssi vars
  + add handling for lua 5.2 and 5.3 (fixes #2674)
  + use libmemcached instead of deprecated libmemcache
  + add force_assert for more allocation results
  + cleanup dead keyvalue code
  + [autobuild] fix lua configure error handling
  + [mod_cgi] use MAP_PRIVATE to mmap temporary file instead of MAP_SHARED (fixes #2715)
  + [core] do not send SIGHUP to process group unless server.max-workers is used (fixes #2711)
  + [mod_cgi] edge case chdir "/" when docroot "/" (fixes #2460)
  + fix links to online docs in template config files
  + [mod_cgi] issue trace and exit if execve() fails (closes #2302)
  + [configparser] don't continue after parse error (fixes #2717)
  + [core] never evaluate else branches until the previous branches are aready (fixes #2598)
  + [core] fix conditional cache handling
  + [core] improve conditional enabling (thx Gwenlliana, #2598)
  + [buffer] use explicit integer promotion to make the code more readable
  + [config] extend duplicate-array-key error (fixes #2704)
  + [mod_compress] case-insensitive content-codings (fixes #2645)
  + [plugins] don't include dlfcn.h if not needed (fixes #2548)
  + [mod_fastcgi] 404 for X-Sendfile file not found (fixes #2474)
  + [mod_cgi] send 500 if CGI ends and there is no response (fixes #2542)
  + [mod_cgi] consolidate CGI cleanup code
  + [mod_cgi] simplify mod_cgi_handle_subrequest()
  + [mod_cgi] kill CGI if fail to write request body
  + [mod_proxy] use case-insensitive comparision to filter headers, send Connection: Close to backend (fixes #421)
  + [mod_dirlisting] dir-listing.hide-dotfiles = "enabled" by default (fixes #1081)
  + [mod_rewrite] fix return type of process_rewrite_rules
  + [mod_secdownload] fix buffer overflow in secdl_verify_mac (reported by Fortify Open Review Project)
  + [mod_fastcgi,mod_scgi] fix leaking file-descriptor when backend spawning failed (reported by Fortify Open Review Project)
  + [core] improve array API to prevent theoretical memory leaks
  + [core] rename variable in array.c
  + [core] refactor array search; raise array size limit to SSIZE_MAX
  + [core] fix memory leak in configparser_merge_data
  + [core] provide array_extract_element and use it
  + [core] configparser: error on duplicate keys in array merge (fixes #2685)
  + [core] more careful parse of $SERVER["socket"] config str (prepare #2204)
  + [core] accept $SERVER["socket"] without port, use server.port as fallback (fixes #2204)
  + [mod_magnet] define lua_pushglobaltable (for lua5.1) and use it (fixes #2719)
  + [ssl] support disabling ssl.verifyclient.activate in SNI callback (fixes #2531)
  + restart (some) syscalls after SIGCHLD interrupted them; should fix LDAP problems (fixes #2464)
  + [core] log remote address on request timeouts (fixes #652)
  + [autobuild] use AC_CANONICAL_HOST instead of AC_CANONICAL_TARGET (fixes #1866)
  + [core] fix request_start in keep-alive requests to mark time when received first byte (fixes #2412)
  + [core] truncate pidfile on exit (fixes #2695)
  + consistent inclusion of config.h at top of files (fixes #2073)
  + [autobuild] include first.h in make dist
  + [core] add generic vector implementation
  + [core] replace array weakref with vector
  + [base64] fix crash due to broken force_assert
  + [unittests] add test_buffer and test_base64 unit tests
  + [base64] fix another crash due to broken force_assert conditions
  + [buffer] refactor buffer_path_simplify (fixes #2560)
  + [http_auth/mod_fastcgi] check get_http_*_name() for NULL return (#2583)
  + validate return values from strtol, strtoul (fixes #2564)
  + add NEWS entry for previous commit
  + [mod_ssi] Add SSI vars SCRIPT_{URI,URL} and REQUEST_SCHEME (fixes #2721)
  + [config] warn if server.upload-dirs has non-existent dirs (fixes #2508)
  + [mod_proxy] accept LF delimited headers, not just CRLF (fixes #2594)
  + [core] wait for grandchild to be ready when daemonizing (fixes #2712, thx pasdVn)
  + [core] respond 411 Length Required if request has Transfer-Encoding: chunked (fixes #631)
  + [core] fixed the loading for default modules if they are specified explicitly
  + [core] lighttpd -tt performs preflight startup checks (fixes #411)
  + [stat] mimetype.xattr-name global config option (fixes #2631)
  + [configparser] fix small leak on config failure
  + [mod_webdav] allow Depth: Infinity lock on file (fixes #2296)
  + [mod_status] use snprintf() instead of sprintf()
  + pass buf size to li_tohex()
  + use li_[iu]tostrn() instead of li_[iu]tostr()
  + [stream] fstat() after open() to obtain file size
  + [core] clean up srv before exiting for lighttpd -[vVh]
  + [mod_fastcgi,mod_scgi] check for spawning on same unix socket (fixes #319)
  + [mod_cgi] always set QUERY_STRING (fixes #1339)
  + [mod_auth] send charset="UTF-8" in WWW-Authenticate (fixes #1468)
  + [mod_magnet] rename var for clarity (fixes #1483)
  + [mod_extforward] reset cond_cache for scheme (fixes #1499)
  + [mod_webdav] readdir POSIX compat (fixes #1826)
  + [mod_expire] reset caching response headers for error docs (fixes #1919)
  + [mod_status] page refresh option (fixes #2170)
  + [mod_status] table w/ count of con states (fixes #2427)
  + [mod_dirlisting] class for dir <tr> (fixes #2304)
  + skip spawning backends for preflight tests (#2642)
  + [core] define __STDC_WANT_LIB_EXT1__ (fixes #2722)
  + [core] setrlimit max-fds <= rlim_max for non-root (fixes #2723)
  + [mod_ssi] config ssi.conditional-requests
  + [mod_ssi] config ssi.exec (fixes #2051)
  + [mod_redirect,mod-rewrite] short-circuit if blank replacement (fixes #2085)
  + [mod_indexfile] save physical path to env (fixes #448, #892)
  + [core] open fd when appending file to cq (fixes #2655)
  + [config] server.listen-backlog option (fixes #1825, #2116)
  + [core] retry tempdirs on partial write, ENOSPC (fixes #2588)
  + untangle overly complex control flow logic
  + defer reading request body until handle subrequest (fixes #2541)
  + mv funcs from connections.c to connections-glue.c
  + defer reading request body until handle subrequest
  + always poll for client POLLHUP/POLLERR events (fixes #399)
  + remove handle_joblist hook
  + handlers can read response before sending req body (fixes #131, #2566)
  + [mod_cgi] asynchronous send of request body to CGI
  + improve dynamic handler control flow logic
  + [doc] add mimetype.use-xattr to conf.d/mime.conf
  + [doc] enhance error msg for backend server config
  + [doc] add ref to RFC 7232 for conditional requests
  + make (compile and link) cleanly under cygwin
  + [core] compile with upcoming openssl 1.1.0 release (fixes #2727)
  + fix some warnings reported by static analysis tool
  + [core] set REDIRECT_STATUS to error_handler_saved_status (fixes #1828)
  + remove unused con->error_handler member
  + [core] server.error-handler new directive for error pages (fixes #2702)
  + set REDIRECT_URI in mod_rewrite, mod_magnet
  + [doc] add server.error-handler
  + server.error-handler new directive for error pages
  + [core] support IPv6 in $HTTP["remote-ip"] CIDR cond match (fixes #2706)
  + [doc] NEWS
  + [core] http_response_send_file() shared code (#2017)
  + [mod_fastcgi] use http_response_xsendfile() (fixes #799, fixes #851, fixes #2017, fixes #2076)
  + [mod_scgi] X-Sendfile feature (fixes #2253)
  + [mod_cgi] X-Sendfile feature (fixes #2313)
  + [mod_cgi,mod_fastcgi,mod_scgi] X-Sendfile features
  + [mod_webdav] lseek,read if fs can not mmap (#2666, fixes #962)
  + [mod_compress] use mmap and trap SIGBUS (#2666, fixes #1879)
  + fallback to lseek()/read() if mmap() fails (#fixes 2666)
  + [mod_auth] skip blank lines and comment lines (fixes #2327)
  + [core] fallback to write if sendfile not supported (fixes #471, #987)
  + minor: add missing #include <errno.h>
  + [core] preserve PATH_INFO case on case-insensitive fs (fixes #406)
  + [doc] add mimetype.use-xattr to
  + [doc] NEWS
  + [mod_ssi, mod_cml] set DOCUMENT_ROOT to basedir (fixes #2383)
  + [core] cmd line opt to shutdown after idle time limit (fixes #2696)
  + [network] separate addr trans from socket creation
  + [core] lighttpd -1 handles single request on stdin socket (fixes #1584)
  + lighttpd run modes for idle timeout, one-shot
  + [mod_fastcgi,mod_scgi] IPv6 support (fixes #2372)
  + [mod_status] add JSON output option (fixed #2432)
  + [mod_webdav] map COPY/MOVE Destination to aliases (fixes #1787)
  + [mod_webdav] improve PROPFIND,PROPPATCH (#1818, #1953)
  + [mod_webdav] improve PROPFIND,PROPPATCH; map COPY/MOVE Destination
  + [doc] NEWS
  + reset response headers, write_queue for error docs
  + fix typo in new cgi.x-sendfile directives
  + clean up oneshot_fd resource upon startup error
  + minor: fix compiler warning for extra ';'
  + build with libressl
  + [core] fix IPv6 address + port parsing (#2204)
  + static build instructions using SCons or make
  + [core] fix config merge of array lists
  + [core] simplify config merge of array lists
  + [core] add default modules while processing server config
  + [mod_auth] preserve WWW-Authenticate for error docs (fixes #2730)
  + check close() return code after writing to file
  + [doc] NEWS
  + adjustments for openssl 1.1.0 pre-release
  + [config] support include file glob (fixes #1221)
  + [mod_evasive] 302 redirect option if limit reached (fixes #2199)
  + [build] enhancements for cross-compiling (fixes #2276)
  + [mod_accesslog] report aborted con state with %X (fixes #1890)
  + [mod_ssi] fix SSI statement parser
  + [mod_ssi] include relative to alias,userdir (fixes #222)
  + [mod_ssi] add PCRE_* options to constrain regex
  + [mod_ssi] more flexible quoting (fixes #1768)
  + [core] wrap IPv6 literal in "[]" in redirect URL
  + [mod_ssi] fix parse of tag across buf boundary (fixes #2732)
  + [mod_cgi,mod_scgi] X-Sendfile sets file_started (fixes #2733)
  + [mod_fastcgi] no chunked response w/ X-Sendfile (fixes #2733)
  + [config] opts for http header parsing strictness (fixes #551, fixes #1086, fixes #1184, fixes #2143, #2258, #2281, fixes #946, fixes #1330, fixes #602, #1016)
  + [config] normalize IP strings in lighttpd.conf
  + [build_cmake] use MODULE on Mac OS X (fixes #1761)
  + minor: quiet some compiler warnings
  + use buffer_string_set_length() to truncate strings
  + use buffer_string_set_length() to truncate strings
  + [config] server.bsd-accept-filter option
  + [mod_webdav] create file w/ LOCK request if ENOENT
  + [doc] NEWS
  + [mod_webdav] getetag and lockdiscovery live props
  + [mod_webdav] create file w/ LOCK request if ENOENT
  + [core] buffer large responses to tempfiles (fixes #758, fixes #760, fixes #933, fixes #1387, #1283, fixes #2083)
  + [core] stream response to client (#949)
  + [TLS] release openssl buffers as used (fixes #1265, fixes #1283, #881)
  + [config] config options to stream request/response (#949, #376)
  + [core] option to stream request body to backend (fixes #376)
  + separate routines for reading output from backends
  + [core] option to stream response body to client (fixes #949, #760, #1283, #1387)
  + drain backend socket/pipe bufs upon FDEVENT_HUP
  + http_response_backend_error()
  + remove excess calls to joblist_append()
  + defer choosing "Transfer-Encoding: chunked"
  + asynchronous, bidirectional streaming options
  + fix errors detected by Coverity Scan
  + [build] update EXTRA_DIST w/ new files
  + chunkqueue_append_chunkqueue()
  + fix errors detected by Coverity Scan
  + [cygwin] fix mod_proxy and mod_fastcgi ioctl use
  + use con->conf.server_tag in modules
  + [mod_webdav] remove excess SQL param to UNLOCK
  + [doc] NEWS
  + graceful shutdown without unnecessary 1 sec delay
  + fix error handling for portability (NetBSD)
  + [core] disable Nagle algorithm (TCP_NODELAY)
  + [core] add declarations to fdevent.h (#2373)
  + [build] add $(ATTR_LIB) to liblightcomp_la_LIBADD
  + [cygwin] minor: fix compiler warning
  + [tests] remove dependency on
  + [core] fix s6_addr type-punned compiler warning
  + [TLS] fix return value checks during cert init
  + [core] fix server.max-request-size to be precise (fixes #2131)
  + [mod_webdav] fix proppatch mem leak, other fixes (#fixes 1334, #fixes 2000)
  + [autobuild] CMake check for struct tm tm_gmtoff (fixes #2014)
  + [core] remove assert in fdevent_unregister()
  + [mod_uploadprogress] fix mem leak (#1858)
  + [core] make server.max-request-size scopeable (fixes #1901)
  + [mod_fastcgi,mod_scgi] check for spawning on same unix socket (#319)
  + [mod_fastcgi,mod_scgi] check for spawning on same unix socket (#319)
  + fix gcc 6.1.1 compiler warn misleading-indentation
  + [mod_accesslog] %a %A %C %D %k %{}t %{}T (fixes #1145, fixes #1415, fixes #2081)
  + [mod_access] new directive url.access-allow (fixes #1421)
  + [core] fdevent_libev: update use of ev_timer
  + [core] fdevent_libev: workaround compiler warning
  + [tests] remove some tests duplicated in mod-cgi.t
  + [mod_cgi] handle local redirect response (fixes #2108)
  + update lighttpd -h
  + [doc] add self to AUTHORS (discussed w/ stbuehler)
  + [doc] NEWS
* Sat Jan 02 2016
- update to 1.4.39
  + -next is 1.4.38
  + fix output links
  + [stat-cache] fix handling of collisions, might have returned wrong data (fixes #2669)
  + [core] allocate at least 4k buffer for incoming data
  + [core] fix search for header end if split across chunks (fixes #2670)
  + [core] check configparserAlloc() result with force_assert
  + [mod_auth] implement and use safe_memclear, using memset_s or explicit_bzero if available
  + [core] don't buffer request bodies smaller than 64k on disk
  + add force_assert for many allocations and function results
  + [mod_secdownload] use a hopefully constant time comparison to check hash (fixes #2679)
  + [config] check config option scope; warn if server option is given in conditional
  + [core] revert increase of temp file size back to 1MB, provide a configure option "server.upload-temp-file-size" instead (fixes #2680)
  + [core] add '~' to safe characters in ENCODING_REL_URI/ENCODING_REL_URI_PART encoding
  + [core] encode path with ENCODING_REL_URI in redirect to directory (fixes #2661, thx gstrauss)
  + [core] refactor base64 functions into separate file
  + [mod_secdownload] add required algorithm option; old behaviour available as "md5", new options "hmac-sha1" and "hmac-sha256"
  + [autobuild] fix missing header in tar ball
  + mod-auth.t: no crypt md5 for darwin
  + [tests] test apr-md5 in mod-auth.t
  + [tests] do not half-close socket before having received the response (fixes #2688)
  + [mod_fastcgi/mod_scgi] zero sockaddr structs before use (fixes #2691)
  + [network] add darwin-sendfile backend (fixes #2687)
  + [core] show correct crypt support result (fixes #2690)
  + - next ist 1.4.39
  + [core] fix memset_s call (fixes #2698)
  + [chunk] fix use after free / double free (fixes #2700)
  + [scons] fix fullstatic build
* Tue Sep 01 2015
- Add perl(CGI) BuildRequires in order to be able to pass the test
* Sun Aug 30 2015
- update to 1.4.37
  + - next is 1.4.37
  + [mod_proxy] remove debug log line from error log (fixes #2659)
  + [mod_dirlisting] fix dir-listing.set-footer not showing
  + fix out-of-filedescriptors when uploading "large" files (fixes #2660, thx rmilecki)
  + increase upload temporary chunk file size from 1MB to 16MB
  + fix undefined integer shift
  + rewrite network (write) backends
  + [cmake] lowercase commands, whitespace cleanup, remove clutter in else(...), endif(...), endforeach(...)
  + [cmake] cleanup cache variables if features get deactivated
  + fix some unchecked return value warnings
  + maintain cq->bytes_in in chunk API; keep bytes_out/bytes_in synced
  + [cmake] don't put date into config.h (not used anyway), only unset local vars for disabled features instead of clearing cache
  + [cmake] fix FreeBSD linker bug
  + [tests] search for perl in PATH instead of /usr/bin; whitespace + test config cleanups
  + [kqueue] fix kevent call
  + [tests] fix warning about newline in filename
  + [autoconf] define HAVE_CRYPT when crypt() is present
  + [bsd xattr] fix compile break with BSD extended attributes in stat_cache
  + [mod_dirlisting] remove sys/syslimits.h; base.h already includes limits.h
  + small README for FreeBSD build setup
  + [build] put --as-needed into linker flags instead of cflags
  + [mod_cgi] rewrite mmap and generic (post body) send error handling
  + [mmap] fix mmap alignment
  + [plugins] when modules are linked statically still only load the modules given in the config
  + [scons] various improvements
  + [mmap] handle SIGBUS in network; those get triggered if the file gets smaller during reading
  + [scons] fix crypt() detection, other improvements
  + [scons] fix build
  + fix some warnings found by coverity ("leak" in setup phase, not catching too long unix socket paths in mod_proxy)
  + use fakeroot for make dist to have root owned files in tar
Version: 1.4.54-bp150.3.3.1
* Sun Oct 13 2019 Andreas Stieger <>
- update to 1.4.54 (boo#1111733):
  * behavior change: strict URL parsing and normalization (configurable)
  * performance enhancements
  * bug fixes
- includes changes from 1.4.53:
  * TLS-ALPN-01
  * systemd socket activation
  * bug fixes
- includes changes from 1.4.52:
  * performance enhancements
  * bug fixes
- includes changes from 1.4.51:
  * new module: mod_authn_pam
  * multiple security fixes
    + process headers after combining folded headers
    + mod_userdir security: skip username "." and ".."
- includes changes from 1.4.50:
  * CVE-2018-19052: path traversal in mod_alias (boo#1115016)
  * security: use-after-free after invalid Range request
  * multiple bug fixes
- Fix build with PostgreSQL 11 in Tumbleweed (boo#1153722)
- Switch to unmodified upstream tarball, add upstream signing
  keys and verify source signature
* Wed Jun 12 2019 Dominique Leuenberger <>
- BuildRequire pkgconfig(systemd) instead of systemd: allow OBS to
  shortcut the build queues by allowing usage of systemd-mini
* Wed May 02 2018
- Revert that pgsql workaround for tumbleweed: pampering over
  issues like this is just hiding problems. A real fix was
  submitted to the postgresql package instead.
* Sat Apr 28 2018
- workaround for tumbleweed
  * update-alternatives not expanded in the build VM
    due to unknown reasons, thus /usr/bin/pg_config
    is meaningless
* Fri Apr 06 2018
- Updated 10-ssl.conf (TLSv1.2 only) for lighttpd.conf in
* Fri Apr 06 2018
- Updated 'SSL Support' section in lighttpd.conf: TLSv1.2 only
Version: 1.4.55-bp151.4.6.1
* Fri Mar 06 2020 Vít?zslav ?í?ek <>
- Remove deprecated GeoIP support (bsc#1156198)
  * drop mod_geoip subpackage
* Sun Feb 02 2020 Andreas Stieger <>
- update to 1.4.55:
  * a multitude of bug fixes