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Change Logs

* Sun Nov 01 2020
- Update to version 5.3+git20201027:
  * Fixing code scanning alerts.
  * Removing unnecessary dependencies.
  * Adding codeql analysis
  * Adjustments for KP_ALTERNATIVE option.
  * Fixing 'kpalternative' option.
  * Adjustments in the file dialog.
  * Adding usefull gtk extension methods from pw3270 application.
  * Enabling copy-as-image action.
  * Adding "copy-as-html" action.
  * Refactoring error popup.
  * Adding signal for customized action fire.
  * Checking for invalid key-file.
  * Adding styles to popup dialog.
  * Adding dynamic font spacing option on settings.
  * Blinking SSL indicator while downloadin CRL.
  * Fixing default keycode for "PF-12".
  * Fixing warnings.
  * Refactoring PFkey engine to allow remapping from accelerator dialog.
  * Working on load/save settings engine.
  * Changing SSL toggle to dropdown to allow more options.
  * Fixing load/save popup return signals.
  * Refactoring popup engine.
  * Delaying "has_timer" signal to avoid thread issues.
  * Adding property with the OIA-Timer state.
  * Enabling keytable search.
  * Allowing image formats on clipboard.
  * Updating filename extension based on file type.
  * Auto selecting format from file extension.
  * Implementing "save as image".
  * Allow to override build date with SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
* Thu Jun 04 2020
- Update to version 5.3:
  * Signal tables are now static.
  * Updating README.
  * Fixing build in newest gcc.
  * Changing type of the PACKAGE_RELEASE macro to allow non numeric values.
  * Updating version info.
  * Adding release info when trace window starts.
  * Refactoring accelerator engine.
  * Build instructions for macOS
  * Refactoring keytable management.
  * Sets Courier New as default print font for macOS
  * Change default font for macOS
  * Add support to macosx
  * Disabling "apply" button when host & service name are not set on host properties widget.
  * Show host properties when terminal widget is activated without any host info.
  * Refactoring actions.
  * Adding group on property action (required for screen-model property actions).
  * Fixing security dialog layout on windows.
  * Implementing copy with center button.
  * Adding smart copy options.
  * Fixing toggle actions.
  * Fixing tooltip for screen paste options.
  * Implementing configuration for the "paste screen" option.
  * Implementing clipboard settings dialog.
  * Adding convenience method for comboboxes.
  * Implementing cut&paste settings dialog.
  * Settings dialog should destroy with parent.
  * Moving property based actions to terminal library.
  * Adding signal for OIA clicks.
  * libv3270 now uses his own translation domain.
  * Fixing v3270 state methods.
  * Adding PF/PA Actions.
  * The toggle action now lives in lib3270.
  * Implementing GActions for v3270 terminal.
  * Adding print and save actions in a more standard format.
  * Adding key-file save & load on print operation object.
  * Adding signal for keyfile load on terminal widget.
  * Removing deprecated signals.
  * Implementing accelerator edit widget.
  * CG character 0x20 should be blank.
  * Loading accelerators from keyfile.
  * Isolating CG translation table.
  * Fixing CG char 0x00.
  * Color theme are now standard widget properties.
  * Saving color & host-type properties to settings files.
  * Implementing the "save to keyfile" method.
  * Improving the "can't paste formatted data" popup dialog. It can be disabled now.
  * Fixing "\n" at the end of text copy.
  * Adding default action for the "click" on the OIA's security state icon.
  * Disabling traces when the trace widget is destroyed.
  * The "trace" widget can now be create/destroyed changing a terminal property.
  * "keep-alive" is a network setting, then, it should be in the connection dialog.
  * Refactoring clipboard methods.
  * Fixing charset reset issue.
  * Refactoring configuration dialogs to a more standard and consistent behavior.
  * Adding property for dynamic font space for compatibility with the previous version.
  * Adjustments in the model_number property.
  * Host select widget is now sensible to connection state.
  * Changing the default session name from "application name" to "product name".
  * Fix based on comment from OBS request
  * Adjusments base of the comments on OBS Request 735904 (
  * Fixing as requested on review of
  * Trigerring reconfigure event when terminal size changes.
  * Moving charset translation to main library.
  * Getting product name from lib3270 configuration.
  * Refactoring build process.
  * Refactoring "paste from file" method.
  * Refactoring print settings dialog.
  * Adding popup asking for user intervention when the SSL negotiation fails.
  * Removing lib3270 log redirection.
  * Implementing the new smart paste feature.
  * Refactoring clipboard manager.
  * Moving selection management methods to protocol library.
  * Moving terminal definitions to separated include file.
  * Adding signal when session name changes (required for the HLLAPI plugin module).
  * Updating package to follow naming guidelines.
Version: 5.2-bp152.1.97
* Mon Oct 07 2019 Ismail Dönmez <>
- Cleanup spec file
- Drop support for <= SLE12-SP2
* Tue Oct 01 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Drop unnecessary build requirements. Own all produced glade
  directories instead.
- Enable parallel build.
- Rectify descriptions.
* Tue Sep 10 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Use -ffat-lto-objects when building static libraries.
* Fri May 31 2019
- Update to version 5.2:
  * Fixing package gen.
  * Updating read me.
  * Updating build info.
  * Windows native file dialog is hanging sometimes, replacing it.
  * Updating package info.
  * Adjustments in the V5.1 ft dialog.
  * Working on the new FT dialog.
  * Working on drag & drop for activity list.
* Tue Mar 26 2019 Perry Werneck <>
- Fixing osc source_validator errors.
* Thu Feb 28 2019 Perry Werneck <>
* Fixing centos build.
  * Adding drag&drop support in the activity list component.
  * Implementing drag&drop on the file settings widget.
  * Updating old (V5.1) transfer dialogs to follow gnome visual layout.
  * Fixing old FT dialog.
  * Updating transfer settings dialog.
  * Refactoring single file transfer dialog.
  * Refactoring simple file transfer dialog.
  * Adding compatibility FT dialog.
  * Fixing RHEL-7 build.
* Tue Dec 04 2018 Perry Werneck <>
* Refactoring build process.
  * Spliting gtk library from pw3270 main project.