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Change Logs

* Wed Mar 16 2016
- Fix install_info_{install,delete} usage: install-info does not
  allow file globbing.
* Thu Aug 06 2015
- Remove spurious install_info_delete in postun (bsc#940773).
* Mon May 04 2015
- Fix call of install_info.
* Mon Apr 20 2015
- Remove empty entry.
* Sun Apr 19 2015
- Use url for signature
- Add keyring file for automatic verification of signature
- Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
- Remove old ppc/ppc64 obsolete/provides
- Update info pre/post requires and replace postun with preun
* Fri Apr 17 2015
- Update to 2.4.6:
  Noteworthy changes in release 2.4.6 (2015-02-15) [stable]
  * New features:
  - LT_SYS_LIBRARY_PATH can be set in, or at configure time
    and persists correctly in the generated libtool script.
  * Bug fixes:
  - Fix a race condition in ltdl dryrun test that would cause spurious
    random failures of that test.
  - LT_SYS_DLSEARCH_PATH is munged correctly.
- Add tarball signature.
* Mon Feb 09 2015
- Add libtool-no_host_name.patch to remove the host name from
  generated scripts (bnc#916268).
* Thu Jan 22 2015
- Update to libtool 2.4.5
  New features:
  - Libtoolize searches for the best available M4 on the user PATH at
    runtime, rather than settling for the first one found.
  - Support munging sys_lib_dlsearch_path_spec with LT_SYS_LIBRARY_PATH
    environment variable.
  Bug fixes:
  - Bail out at configure time if the installed M4 is not sufficient
    for the purposes of libtoolize.
  - freebsd-elf library versioning was upgraded incorrectly in 2.4.4,
    but now works properly again.
  - Fix a 2.4.4 regression so that libltdl subprojects do not warn
    about missing libltdl/libltdl directory as in prior releases.
  - When using Sun C++ on Solaris or GNU/Linux we used to set libtool's
    postdeps permanently, based on the contents of $CXX and $CXXFLAGS at
    configure time, which was brittle and error-prone.  Now, we no
    longer check for a SunCC ABI at configure time, but augment the
    postdeps at libtool time based on the current invocation flags on
    each call.
  Changes in supported systems or compilers:
  - /usr/local prefixed rpaths are now added to the link-line on
    ia64-hp-hpux*, because the default system runtime loader path does
    not contain them.
  - Previously, when using Sun C++ on Solaris or GNU/Linux, `-Cstd -Crun`
    flags were added to $postdeps unless CXX or CXXFLAGS contained
    `-library=stlport4`.  Newer releases have added other compiler flags
    that are also incompatible with `-Cstd -Crun`, so now we don't add
    them if any of `-std=c++[0-9][0-9]`, `-library=stdcxx4` or
    `-compat=g` were found in CXX or CXXFLAGS when the Sun C++ compiler
    is detected.
* Sat Dec 06 2014
- Require M4 as libtool's libtoolize requires it since 2.4.3
* Sat Nov 29 2014
- Drop patch libtool-dont_delete_gnulib_files.patch which is
  included in 2.4.4
- Update to libtool 2.4.4
  * * New features:
  - Libltdl maintains its own fork of argz, with macros and files in
    the LT_ and lt__ namespaces (resp.) where they cannot clash with
    client projects' use of gnulib argz.
  * * Bug fixes:
  - Installation of 'libtoolize' once again obeys '--program-prefix',
    '--program-suffix' and '--program-transform-name' configure options.
  - `libtoolize` doesn't remove any files that it can't reinstall,
    including old versions of the snippet directory, and gnulib's
    version of the argz module and supporting files.
  - LT_FUNC_DLYSM_USCORE now works correctly on systems that don't
    support self dlopen()ing.
  * * Important incompatible changes:
  - LT_LIB_DLLOAD no longer prepends -ldl or -ldld to LIBS, causing
    duplicate occurrences in libltdl link lines.  If you need to
    add a library for dlopen() or shl_load() in your Makefile, then
    use $(LIBADD_DLOPEN) or $(LIBADD_SHL_LOAD) respectively.  If you
    are using libltdl, this all happens automatically, and the only
    difference you'll see is no more duplicated library names in the
    verbose link line.
  * * Changes in supported systems or compilers:
  - Preliminary support for tcc on linux*.  Although it already worked
    sometimes in previous releases, making sure to set LD correctly now
    avoids mis-matching GNU ld with tcc:
    ./configure CC=tcc LD=tcc
  - Added -os2dllname option to work around 8 character base name
    limit on OS/2.  The option has no effect on other systems.
  - Support for DLL versioning, -export-symbols and -export-symbols-regex
    on OS/2.
  - Support filename-based shared library versioning on AIX. See manual
    for details.
* Sat Nov 29 2014
* Fri Nov 21 2014
- Add libtool-dont_delete_gnulib_files.patch that prevents deletion
  of files from gnulib to be deleted by libtoolize.
- BuildRequire help2man.
- Remove unneeded clean section.
- Use rpm macros where possible.
- Pass V=1 to make to make compilation verbose.
* Mon Nov 03 2014
- Drop patch config-guess-sub-update.patch for libltdl/config as the
  folder no longer exists.
- Drop patch libtool-ppc64le.patch for ppc handling as it is already
  part of v2.4.3
- Update to libtool 2.4.3
  * * New features:
  - Moved to gnulib release infrastructure.
  - M4 is now used for scanning the M4 macros in your that
  'libtoolize' looks at to determine what files you want, and where you
  would like them installed.  This means that you can compose your
  version number or any other argument that Libtoolize needs to know at
  M4 time using git-version-gen from gnulib, for example.
  - Invoking 'libtoolize --ltdl' no longer maintains a separate autoconf
  macro directory in the libltdl tree, but automatically adjusts the
  installed libltdl configuration files to share whatever macro
  directory is declared by the parent project. (Note: if you were
  already sharing a macro directory with AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR(ltdl/m4)
  or similar, that still works as does any other directory choice).
  - Invoking 'libtoolize --ltdl' no longer maintains a separate auxiliary
  scripts directory in the libltdl tree, but automatically adjusts the
  installed libltdl configuration files to share whatever auxiliary
  scripts directory is declared by the parent project. (Note: if you
  were already sharing an auxiliary directory with subproject libltdl
  using AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR(ltdl/config) or similar, that still works as
  does any other directory choice).
  - The legacy tests have all been migrated to the Autotest harness.
  - The Autotest testsuite can be run without the especially time consuming
  tests with:
    make check-local TESTSUITEFLAGS='-k "!expensive"'
  * * Bug fixes:
  - Fix a long-standing latent bug in autom4te include path for autotests
  with VPATH builds.
  - Fix a long-standing latent bug in libtoolize that could delete lines
  from libltdl/ in recursive mode due to underquoting in a
  sed script.
  - Fix a long-standing bug in libtoolize, by outputting the 'putting
  auxiliary files in' header with 'libtoolize --ltdl --subproject'.
  - Fix a long-standing bug in libtoolize subproject installation, by not
  installing a set of autoconf macro files into the parent project if
  there is no present to use them.
  - The libtoolize subproject mode selector is now named '--subproject'
  and is equivalent to the implied '--subproject' mode when no other
  mode is selected; '--standalone' never worked, and is no longer
  - Libtool and libtoolize no longer choke on paths with a comma in them.
  - In the case where $SHELL does not have the same enhanced features
  (e.g. the ability to parse 'var+=append') as $CONFIG_SHELL, libtool
  will now correctly fallback to using only vanilla shell features
  instead of failing with a parse at startup.
  - Correctly recognize import libraries when Microsoft dumpbin is used
  as the name lister and extend the dumpbin wrapper to find symbols
  in import libraries using the -headers option of dumpbin. Also fix a
  bug in the dumpbin wrapper that could lead to broken symbol listings
  in some corner cases.
  - Use the improved Microsoft dumpbin support to mend preloading of
  import libraries for Microsoft Visual C/C++.
  - No longer mangle module-definition (.def) files when feeding them to
  the Microsoft Visual C/C++ linker via the -export-symbols argument to
  the libtool script, thus matching how .def files are handled when
  using GNU tools.
  - Recognize more variants (e.g. those starting with a LIBRARY statement)
  of module-definitions (.def) files when using them instead of a raw
  list of symbols to export.
  - Fix a long-standing bug when using libtoolize without automake; we
  no longer remove install-sh with --force, since it's not a file
  libtoolize will reinstall without --install..
  * * Important incompatible changes:
  - GNU M4 is required to run libtoolize in a directory with a
  '' (or '') that needs tracing to determine
  what modes and directories have been specified.
  - The use of the idiosyncratically named '' in nonrecursive
  libltdl builds is deprecated, although it will be supported for one
  more year or until the next release, whichever takes longer.  Please
  upgrade to the more standard naming of '' in keeping with other
  GNU projects.
  - libtoolize now behaves consistenty in respect of multiple directory
  arguments to ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS and multiple invocations of AC_CONFIG-
  _MACRO_DIRS, where the first directory is always selected.  Previous
  releases took the first ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS argument, but the last
  invocation of AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIRS.
  - The libtoolize program now advises use of the new Autoconf
  AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIRS declaration.  If you follow that advice, all
  your developers will need at least autoconf-2.70 and automake-1.13
  to rebootstrap your probject.  If you still need to support
  bootstrap with older Autotools, then you should add the following
  to your file:
  - Overhead of probing for a non-backslash crippled echo equivalent
  during initialization of every script has been removed in favor of
  trusting that "printf %s\n" works out of the box on all non-museum
  host architectures.  Manually setting ECHO appropriately in the
  build environment will be necessary on some ancient architectures.
  * * Changes in supported systems or compilers:
  - Support for bitrig (*-*-bitrig*).
  - Solaris 7 and earlier requires ECHO=/usr/ucb/echo in the build
  environment, to build and use libtool.
* Tue Sep 09 2014
- install COPYING as %doc
* Mon Jul 14 2014
- Add libtool-ppc64le.patch to fix libtool-testsuite tests
* Tue Nov 26 2013
- Change License as described in bnc#818958.
* Sat Feb 02 2013
- Add config-guess-sub-update.patch:
  Update config.guess/sub for aarch64
* Thu Jul 19 2012
- buildrequire makeinfo which is a seperate package now.
* Tue Nov 29 2011
- buildrequire automake for file list check
* Thu Nov 10 2011
- update to 2.4.2:
  - The generic approximation of the command line length limit (when getconf is
    not available) works again.  Regression introduced in v2.2.6-39-g9c3d4d8.
  - The bug that leaked developer tool paths into the release tarballs
    from ./bootstrap is fixed.
  - Improved support for the Cuda Compiler Driver (nvcc) on Darwin.
  - For GCC LTO support, the -fuse-linker-plugin switch is now also removed
    when computing compiler postdeps.
  - The undocumented hardcode_libdir_flag_spec_ld tag variable has been
    removed in favor of using hardcode_libdir_flag_spec with $wl set to empty.