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Change Logs

* Thu Dec 19 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update eto release 0.4.0
  * This release allows explicitly unsetting the binary
    attributes when combining attributes using
* Mon Jan 07 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to new upstream release 0.3.2
  * Allow compilation in C++ with pre C++11 compilers.
  * A new function is provided which determines the width of a
    string with explicit length.
  * Replacement functions for determining the length are provided
    that return a size_t instead of an int.
  * Includes a C++ class which wraps a t3_window_t pointer and
    forwards all the functions. Otherwise behaves like
    std::unique_ptr, to make memory management simpler.
  * Prefer to use Unicode line-drawing characters if they are
    available. Some terminals explicitly disable the alternate
    character set if UTF-8 encoding is enabled, resulting in bad
  * Don't use the alternate characterset for line drawing if the
    terminal type is ansi, or if the smacs capability is not
  * Internal tables were updated to Unicode 10.0.
  * Terminal size detection is done based on cursor position
    reporting if no other information is available.
Version: 0.2.3-bp150.2.4
* Thu Feb 19 2015
- Update to version 0.2.3
  * Re-release of version 0.2.2 to update the configure script.
* Mon Jul 21 2014
- Update to new upstream release 0.2.2
  * This release fixes the handling of the nul character.
* Fri Feb 07 2014
- Declare CC=gcc to ensure we build with gcc; seems make falls back
  to 'c99' otherwise (instead of requiring posix_cc).
* Mon Jun 10 2013
- Initial package (version 0.2.1) for