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Change Logs

* Fri Apr 13 2018
- Update to 0.5.1
  * New (backported) supported protocol decoders:
  - ac97: Audio and modem control for PC systems
  - ds243x: Maxim DS243x series 1-Wire EEPROM protocol
  - maple_bus: Maple bus peripheral protocol for SEGA Dreamcast
  - morse: Demodulated morse code protocol
  - graycode: Accumulate rotary encoder increments, timing statistics
  - counter: Count number of edges
  - sda2506: Serial nonvolatile 1-Kbit EEPROM
  - rc_encode: PT2262/HX2262/SC5262 remote control encoder protocol
  * The library API and ABI is compatible with version 0.5.0
  * Support for the PD v2 API has been dropped. All PDs distributed
    with libsigrokdecode were converted to the new, query-based API.
* Sat Jul 01 2017
- Remove Obsoletes: libsigrokdecode3. Obsoletes implies a conflict,
  so there is no way in rpm to trigger deinstalation of deprecated
  shared library packages.
* Tue Jun 13 2017
- Update to 0.5.0
  * New supported protocol decoders:
  - ade77xx          Poly phase multifunction energy metering IC protocol
  - adf435x          Wideband synthesizer with integrated VCO
  - dali             DALI lighting control protocol
  - dsi              DSI lighting control protocol
  - eeprom93xx       93xx series Microwire EEPROM protocol (bug #931)
  - iec              Commodore serial IEEE-488 (IEC) bus protocol
  - microwire        3-wire, half-duplex, synchronous serial bus (bug #931)
  * Add support for the new query-based PD v3 decoder API.
* Mon Dec 26 2016
- Update to 0.4.1
  * New (backported) supported protocol decoders:
  - aud              Renesas/Hitachi Advanced User Debugger (AUD) protocol
  - avr_pdi          Atmel proprietary interface for the ATxmega MCU
  - dmx512           Professional lighting control protocol
  - em4305           EM4205/EM4305 100-150kHz RFID protocol
  - gpib             IEEE-488 GPIB / HPIB protocol
  - ps2              PS/2 keyboard/mouse interface
  - rgb_led_ws281x   RGB LED string protocol (WS281x)
  - ssi32            Synchronous Serial Interface (32bit) protocol
  - t55xx            T55xx 100-150kHz RFID protocol
  - wiegand          Wiegand interface for electronic entry systems
  * Introduce a decoders/common facility for code shared between PDs (bug #804).
  * Supply metadata to all stacked decoders, not just low-level ones (bug #664).
  * Various Doxygen/documentation improvements.
  * Factor out a srd_decoder_apiver() internal helper function.
  * srd_inst_decode(): Return SRD_ERR_ARG if unitsize is 0.
  * Print error messages when decoders fail load time checks (bug #704).
  * Fix multiple valgrind warnings (memory leaks and such).
  * Build system: Sort PD list alphabetically in "make install".
  * Enhancements to several PDs, see NEWS for details.
- Drop upstream 0001-Supply-metadata-to-stacked-decoders.patch
* Fri Feb 12 2016
- Propagate metadata (e.g. samplerate) to stacked decoders
  * Add 0001-Supply-metadata-to-stacked-decoders.patch
* Sat Jan 30 2016
- Update to 0.4.0
  * New supported protocol decoders:
  - adns5020:      Bidirectional command and data over an
    SPI-like protocol
  - am230x:        Aosong AM230x/DHTxx/RHTxx humidity/temperature
  - arm_etmv3:     Decode ETM instruction trace packets
  - arm_itm:       Trace data from Cortex-M / ARMv7m ITM module
  - arm_tpiu:      Filter TPIU formatted trace data into separate
  - eeprom24xx:    24xx series I²C EEPROM protocol
  - em4100:        EM4100 100-150kHz RFID protocol
  - jitter:        Retrieves the timing jitter between two digital
  - max7219:       8-digit LED display driver
  - mdio:          Half-duplex sync serial bus for MII management
  - modbus:        Modbus RTU protocol for industrial applications
  - mrf24j40:      IEEE 802.15.4 2.4 GHz RF tranceiver chip
  - nrf24l01:      2.4GHz transceiver chip
  - pwm:           Analog level encoded in duty cycle percentage
  - qi:            Async serial protocol for Qi charger receivers
  - rfm12:         HopeRF RFM12 wireless transceiver control
  - sdcard_sd:     Secure Digital card (SD mode) low-level
  - spdif:         Serial bus for connecting digital audio devices
  - stepper_motor: Absolute position and movement speed from
  - swd:           Two-wire protocol for debug access to ARM CPUs
  - tca6408a:      Texas Instruments TCA6408A 8-bit I²C I/O
  - timing:        Calculate time between edges
  - usb_power_delivery: USB Power Delivery protocol
  - usb_request:   USB (low-speed and full-speed)
    transaction/request protocol
* Fri Sep 25 2015
- Track GIT version (upcoming 0.4.0)
  * update libsigrokdecode-versioned-decoders.patch
* Tue Aug 04 2015
- New version: 0.3.1:
  * This is mostly a bugfix-release, the C library API was not
  * Improvements and bugfixes in existing protocol decoders.
  * New decoders: adns5020, am230x, arm_etmv3, arm_itm, arm_tpiu,
    eeprom24xx, jitter, mdio, mrf24j40, nrf24l01, pwm, rfm12,
    spdif, stepper_motor, swd, tca6408a, timing.
* Fri Oct 24 2014
- Add libsigrokdecode-versioned-decoders.patch: move decoders to
  a versioned subdirectory.
- Change RPM Group of the library package to System/Libraries.
* Thu Oct 23 2014
- Keep the decoders under /usr/share/libsigrokdecode (unversioned)
  otherwise the library won't find them.
* Sun Aug 03 2014
- Change package license to GPL-3.0+ according to README
- Minor spec file cleanup
* Mon Jun 02 2014
- sync spec file with .spec from rmax
* Fri May 30 2014
- Update to 0.3.0
  * New supported protocol decoders:
  - guess_bitrate  Guess the bitrate/baudrate of a signal
  - ir_nec         NEC infrared remote control protocol
  - ir_rc5         RC-5 infrared remote control protocol
  - midi           Musical Instrument Digital Interface
  - parallel       Parallel synchronous bus decoder
  - rgb_led_spi    RGB LED string decoder (SPI)
  - xfp            10 Gigabit Small Form Factor Pluggable Module
  - z80            Zilog Z80 microprocessor disassembly
  * New features:
  - Support for annotation rows (groups of annotation classes to be shown together).
  - The new OUTPUT_BINARY facility allows PDs to output decoded data in various (file) formats (e.g. I²S output in WAV format, USB output in PCAP format for Wireshark, LCD controller output in PNG format for viewing, and so on).
  - The new OUTPUT_META facility allows PDs to report certain data points or events to the frontend, which can be used for various post-processing and statistics purposes (e.g. simple counts, average/mean values, min/max values, and more).
  - The protocol decoder API has changed, the API version is bumped to 2. Decoders using the old PD API no longer work with this library release.
  - A large amount of PD fixes have been done to improve the usability of all PDs when used with GUIs (long/short annotations for zoom-dependent display, corrected annotation sample numbers, use of annotation rows, and so on).
  - Various API improvements were also performed to allow for all the new features. You can take a look at the API docs for more details.
  - And of course all PDs and the library code have received quite a few bugfixes, as usual.
* Thu Jan 24 2013
- Requires python3.
* Wed Jan 16 2013
- Initial build from git snapshot.