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Change Logs

Version: 1.2.0-bp152.1.16
* Tue Jan 07 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update 0001-build-fixes.patch to build sccp_test with SOURCES,
  not LDADD.
* Sun Jan 05 2020 Martin Hauke <>
- Update to new upstream release 1.2.0
  * ASP FSM: Permit DOWN -> DOWN "transition"
  * xua: Implement traffic mode broadcast
  * osmo_ss7: Add osmo_ss7_asp_find()
  * introduce public enum osmo_ss7_asp_role for ASP/SG/IPSP
  * ss7: Implement AS traffic mode loadshare using round robin ASP
  * ipa: Fix crash when parsing of received IPA SCCP message fails
  * ipa: Don't send non-SCCP data over IPA/SCCPlite
* Thu Aug 15 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to new upstream release 1.1.0
  * OsmoSTP: enable statsd support
  * osmo-stp: register VTY commands for talloc context introspection
  * osmo-stp: expose root talloc context to the VTY code
Version: 1.0.0-bp151.1.5
* Mon Jan 28 2019
- Update to new upstream release 1.0.0
  * Bugfix release only.
    The full changelog is available via
- Update patch:
  * 0001-build-fixes.patch
* Tue Dec 11 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to new upstream release 0.10.0
  * ipa: Patch DPC/OPC information into SCCP Calling/Called Party
  * ipa: Automatically create / destroy route on IPA
  * ss7: Re-bind xUA server socket after setting new IP
  * osmo_ss7: Register 5000 as default port for IPA/SCCPlite
  * fix infinite recursion with routing by global title
  * fix use after free in osmo_sccp_simple_server_add_clnt()
  * fix memleak in ipa_rx_msg_sccp
  * fix two memleaks in ipa_rx_msg_sccp()
* Sat Mar 17 2018
- Derive libversion from version
- Create subpackage for osmo-stp
- Show testsuite.log when tests are failing
- Cosmetic fixes
- Fix url
Version: 0.8.1-bp150.2.4
* Thu Dec 28 2017
- Update to new upstream release 0.8.1
  * sccp_scrc: fix Network Indicator in SIO composition
  * osmo_sccp_addr_encode(): Fix truncation of point codes
* Thu Oct 26 2017
- Fix names of shared library packages: the version is
  and the soname contains the entire version. As this results in
  package rename, we exceptionally obsolete the old/wrong package
  name in order to facilitate error-free upgrades.
* Mon Oct 02 2017
- Update to new upstream snapshot
  * vty: add 'asp' / 'local-ip' command
  * osmo_ss7_vty: fix 'as' / 'routing-key' command
  * OsmoSTP: Install our default set of signal handlers
  * Fix SCCP client crash on xUA server (STP) disconnect
  * vty: hide SG commands when running as ASP
  * sccp: fix creating of the default route in simple client
  * sccp: derive local address from given sccp instance
* Fri Apr 28 2017
- Update to new upstream snapshot
  * Add new 'osmo_ss7' SS7 core code with M3UA, ASP/AS FSM, ...
  * Add SCCP <-> SUA message transcoding routines
  * Add tests for xUA code + SCCP/SUA transcoding
  * Add new SCCP implementation
  * Add M3UA RKM (routing key management) support, SGW side only
  * SCCP: Add VTY interface for SCCP
* Fri Jan 22 2016
- Update to new upstream snapshot
  * Properly define SCCP_SAP_USER without random magic number
  * Import SUA (SCCP User Adaptation) and SCCP User SAP
* Thu Sep 10 2015
- Update to new upstream release 0.7.0
  * sccp: Allow to specify the context of the incoming message
  * mtp: Correct the pointcode mask
  * mtp: Add implementation from cellmgr
  * m3ua: Add the definition of the protocol data header
  * xua: Generalize the m2ua_msg and call it xua_msg
  * XUA: Move m2ua headers to sigtran, create xua_types.h
  and m3ua_types.h
  * sccp: Create sccp_create_cr and use it in the connection creation
* Mon Jul 21 2014
- Initial package (version for