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Update Info: openSUSE-2021-824
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Change Logs

* Mon May 31 2021 Marcus Meissner <>
- Updated to 2.12.1
  This is a bug-fix release fully compatible with the previous 2.12.0
  version. Notable changes:
  - Improve diagnostic messages for compression tests.
  - Tests performed in a GitHub continues integration are faster.
  - Use GitHub actions to perform CI tests also on ArchLinux, Mageia,
    Mandriva, and OpenSUSE.
  - Relax context value up to 13 characters including an underscore
    character in modulemd v2 format. This reenables scratch-builds in MBS.
    Migrate Packit tests from a deprecated current_version_command to
    a newer actions/get-current-version.
Version: 2.12.0-bp152.5.6.1
* Tue Feb 02 2021 Neal Gompa <>
- Update to 2.12.0
  + Add support for 'buildorder' to Packager documents
  + Fix issue with ModuleIndex when input contains only Obsoletes documents
  + Extend read_packager_[file|string]() to support overriding the module name
    and stream.
  + Ignore Packager documents when running ModuleIndex.update_from_*()
  + Add python overrides for XMD in PackagerV3
  + Add python override to ignore the GType return when reading packager files
  + Add PackagerV3.get_mdversion()
- Drop patch incorporated in this release
  + Patch: 0001-Fix-integer-size-issue-on-32-bit-platforms.patch
Version: 2.10.0-bp152.5.3.1
* Sun Nov 29 2020 Neal Gompa <>
- Update to 2.10.0
  + Add modulemd-obsoletes
  + Add modulemd v3 format
- Fix build for 32-bit architectures with patch from upstream
  + Patch: 0001-Fix-integer-size-issue-on-32-bit-platforms.patch
* Tue Jul 07 2020 Neal Gompa <>
- Rebase to 2.9.4
  + Deprecate reset methods in favor of clear methods
  + Add modulemd-validator man page
  + Add Module.search_streams_by_glob()
  + Add ModuleIndex.search_streams() method
  + Add Modulemd.Module.search_streams_by_nsvca_glob()
  + Add ModuleIndex.search_streams_by_nsvca_glob()
  + Add ModuleIndex.search_rpms()
  + Add ModuleStreamV2.search_profiles()
  + Add framework for handling modulemd-packager YAML documents
  + Return appropriate error when parsing a ModulemdStream doc fails
  + Rework ModulemdError and ModulemdYamlError
  + Improve Modulemd*ErrorEnum deprecations
  + Use the new error enums everywhere
  + Fix inconsistent error setting
  + Make SKIP_UNKNOWN return UNKNOWN_ATTR in strict mode
  + modulemd-packager: Check for extraneous attributes
  + Fix bug printing negative buildorder values
  + Handle NULL nsvca_patterns for globs
  + Relax handling of differing content for the same NSVCA