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Change Logs

* Thu Oct 31 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 3.3.11
  * Fixed lots of possible crashes in the IT, XM, S3M, STM, STX,
    AMF, IMF, GDM and MED module loaders.
  * Fixed a possible endless loop in the IT loader with
    malformed files.
  * Fixed signed integer overflow leading to crashes in the
    sample loader.
  * Fixed a possible crash in MMCMP depacker with malformed
  * Fixed the broken fixed-line comment reader which might
    possibly lead to crashes, and also badly translated several
    song messages. The new code is adapted from libopenmpt.
  * Support for building the Windows version using Open Watcom
  * A few minor OS/2 fixes.
  * CMake updates.
  * Other minor fixes/tidy-ups.
  version 3.3.10:
  * Fixed windows builds when UNICODE is defined. (Thanks S.
  version 3.3.9:
  * Amiga, AHI driver: Fixed a crash upon driver shutdown.
  * Amiga: Updates. Added standalone makefiles with cross-build
  * RAW file writer: Changed to use ansi stdio functions instead
    of posix unistd, for better portability.
  * Playercode: Allocate the right channel reverb buffers only
    if the mixer is setup for stereo mode. (Helps with ports to
    memory-tight platforms. Patch from Andrew Rossignol.)
  * Fixed access to uninitialized memory in the simpleplayMEM
    example program.
  * Added a configuration option to exclude the hqmixer (off by
  * Using locale-insensitive ctype.h and casecmp functions in
  * Configury: New --disable-alldrv option to disable all of the
    audio output drivers.  If additional --enable-xxx options are
    given, the specified drivers will be enabled.
  version 3.3.8:
  * Handle the FastTracker2 pattern loop (E60) bug. Modules
    abusing this bug (roadblas.xm) should play correctly now.
    Thanks to Eugene Toder.
  * AMF loader: Fixed segmentation fault in case of bad sample
    offsets in broken files. ( bug #26, thanks to 'Saga'
    of OpenMPT project for the report and analysis.)
  * AMF loader: Fixed loading of v10 files where sample loop
    start and end values must be read as 32 bits, not 16 bits.
    (Tested with Maelcum's "the tribal zone" and "the way its
    gonna b". Noticed in OpenMPT source)
  * Fixed a possible undefined behavior in the XM loader.
  * Support for MMCMP, Amiga PP20 (PowerPack), STC (Stone
    Cracker S404) and XPK compressed module formats, based on
    public domain code from libmodplug and libxmp.
  * Support for OpenBSD sndio.
  * Fixed SDL output driver, so that it doesn't crash upon
  * Disabled the gt2 loader until it is completed properly. (It
    has been always non-functional since its introduction in
  * Updated configury. The aix, hpux, bsd/sunaudio and sgi audio
    drivers are now configurable and not built unconditionally.
    Haiku support thanks to Jérôme Duval.
  * Documentation update.
  * Update DOS build for the new djgpp-2.05 release.
  * Minor fix/tidy-ups.
- Spec cleanup