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Change Logs

Version: 6.11-bp152.1.1
* Sun Mar 08 2020 Cor Blom <>
- Update to 6.11:
  * Added turned capital F (U+2132) to Libertinus Serif Regular.
  * Fix advance width for Serbian alternate U+0431 in Libertinus
    Serif Semibold.
  * Unify Cyrillic small letter ef (U+0444) shape in Libertinus
    Serif SemiBold fonts.
  * Add U+1D35, U+1D51, U+1D4B, U+1DA4, U+1DB6, U+2132,
    U+A71C-A71D, and U+A78A-A78C to Libertinus Serif fonts.
  * Add U+2982 and U+2A3E to Libertinus Math.
  * Various cleanups to Libertinus Mono font, removing erroneous
    glyphs and unsuitable features.
  * Improve the metrics of math italic v, w, and y.
  * Work around a bug in old versions of FreeType when rendering
    Linertinus Sans Italic m.
  * Fix alignment of multiplication sign in Libertinus Serif and
    Mono Regular fonts.
  * Make sizing of vertical and double vertical bar consistent
    with other math delimiters.
  * Improve spacing above and below fraction rule.
  * Various fixes to combining marks placement.
* Thu Jul 18 2019 Cor Blom <>
- Update to 6.10:
  * Improve math italic j and i spacing
  * OpenType layout tables are now compiled with FontTools's feaLib
    instead of FontForge's own OpenType layout support.
  * Various internal cleanups.
  * Drop "case", "frac", "tnum" and "pnum" features from the
    Libertinus Mono font, they either were broken or not appropriate
    for a monospace font.
* Mon Jun 03 2019 Cor Blom <>
- Update to 6.9:
  * Many mathematical operator in Libertinus Math were scaled up
    and redesigned for better use in math mode.
  * Libertinus Math now has fraktur alphabets (copied from STIX
    Two Math font) and sans serif italic Greek (slanted from the
    upright version).
  * Overline mark (U+0305) no longer make i and j dotless.
  * Overline mark should be placed higher than glyph ascenders.
  * Fonts are now autohinted with Adobe’s psautohint instead of
    FontForge’s autohinter.
  * Libertinus Keyboard had the German keys Bild misspelled as
    Build in both glyph name and ligature string.
  * Several changes to glyph names for consistency and accuracy.
  * Several minor reorganization to the OpenType features.
- Update URL
- Run through spec-cleaner
* Sun Apr 07 2019 Cor Blom <>
- Update to 6.8:
  * Fix missing “math” OpenType script from Libertinus Math.
  * Add \QED symbol to Libertinus Math, also add Add ⦇ (U+2987) and ⦈ (U+2988).
  * Fix misencoded glyphs in Libertinus Serif Semibold Italic.
  * Make digits fitted in Libertinus Serif Initials font, and drop incomplete
    Greek, Cyrillic and Hebrew support.
  * Add U+AB52 and U+A793 to Libertinus Serif Regular.
- Update to 6.7
  * Add Cyrillic to Libertinus Serif Bold Italic.
  * Many character additions to Libertinus Math.
  * Set “is extended shape” flag to relevant Libertinus Math glyphs to fix script
    position on large symbols in Microsoft Word.
  * Improve \coloneq and \eqcolon by increasing the space between the colon and
    the equal sign.
  * Make upright \partial and \mbfpartial look upright, and make \mbfpartial
    really bold.
  * Make the vertical bars in Libertinus Math match the height of the other
  * Use smaller value for SubscriptBaselineDropMin, the subscripts applied to sub
    formulas were positioned too low.
  * Fix the side bearings for italic mathematical glyphs in Libertinus Math,
    making them symmetrical (20 units) and rework kerning tables according to
    text font kerning.
  * Fix vertical variants of math symbols.
  * Add more ligatures to Libertinus Serif, and add missing ligatures to other
    Libertinus Serif fonts for parity with the regular style.
  * Move Th ligature to Discretionary Ligatures (“dlig”).
  * Discretionary Ligatures can also be enable using ZWJ control character.
  * Drop “fina” feature for Greek sigma, this feature is for Arabic-like scripts.
  * Move short f substitutions to the more appropriate “calt” feature instead of
  * Drop “nalt” feature as all glyphs it substitutes to are encoded Unicode
    haracters that can be accessed directly.
  * Rename font files to match the PostScript name of each font.
  * Make Libertinus Serif Semibold work on legacy applications that support only
    4 styles per family.
  * Fix disordered BlueValues causing warnings with Ghostscript.
  * Make the PUA symbols that were in Libertinus Keyboard accessed as ligatures.
  * Align the bottom of the colon with the period.
  * Kern alternate W glyph similar to regular one.
  * Harmonize the design of italic figures.
  * Extend caps lining figures to (almost) all Serif faces and both proportional
    and tabular spacing.
  * Fix Libertinus Serif Italic ђ, it looked like an т.
  * Make few marks that combine two glyphs higher, so that they don’t bump into
    glyph ascenders.
  * Lower Libertinus Mono asterisk and make it bigger.
  * Make combining low line and over line contiguous.
  * Make OpenType features more consistent across fonts.
- Update Url.