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Version: 0.4.1-bp150.2.4
* Thu Sep 04 2014
- libee-exports.patch Only symbols prefixed with "ee_" are part
  of the public API. gems such as "callback"(!?) or "cjson_" should
  remain private as they will certainly clash with the names
  of other shared libraries or application code.
* Wed Jul 11 2012
- License is LGPL-2.1+
* Tue Jul 03 2012
- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile, kill .la files
* Sun Jul 01 2012
- update to Version 0.4.1 (rgerhards), 2012-04-16
  - fixed in regard to math lib
- also incorporates Version 0.4.0 (rgerhards), 2012-02-21
  - rename convert tool to prevent name clash with ImageMagick's tool
  - support for decoding json added
  - bugfix: ee_newFieldFromNV() did not work correctly
    value was set, but number of values were not corrected, this the
    value could not be used (looked like non-present)
- also incorporates Version 0.3.2 (rgerhards), 2011-11-22
  - API enhancements:
  * added capability to enumerate tags inside a tagbucket
  * added capability to obtain tagbucket for an event
  - -> ee_EventGetTagbucket()
  * added capability to add a string value to a field in one call
  - -> ee_addStrValueToField()
  * added ee_getTag(), ee_setTags()
  - added additional parser
  * RFC5424Date
  - potentially problematic API change: in earlier versions, the
    function ee_TagbucketHasTag() was errornously name ee_BucketHasTag().
    This has been corrected, potentially resulting in API
    incompatibility. We have accepted this, because we are at level 0.x
    AND know that potentially no current user has ever used this
    function, but instead the upper-layer equivalents. But if thinks
    break, you now know why ;)
  - flat tags are no longer encoded in the CEE encoders as CEE does not
    support flat tags. However, this can be turned on via context flags,
    if desired
  - bugfix: compile problems under Solaris
  - bugfix: ee_EventGetTagbucket() always returned -1 (error)
- also incorporates Version 0.3.1 (rgerhards), 2011-04-18
  - API extensions
  - brought tag handling a bit inline with upcoming 0.6 draft CEE spec
- also incorporates Version 0.3.0 (rgerhards), 2011-04-06
  - extended API
  - added support for tags
- also incorporates Version 0.2.0 (rgerhards), 2011-04-01
  - added additional parsers
  * Time12hr
  * Time24hr
  * ISODate
  * QuotedString
  - added CSV encoder (very experimental)
  - removed dependency on libxml (which we currently do not need)
* Fri Feb 11 2011
- Initial rsyslog event expression library package