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Change Logs

* Thu Dec 07 2017
- Escape the usage of %{VERSION} when calling out to rpm.
  RPM 4.14 has %{VERSION} defined as 'the main packages version'.
* Sat Jul 01 2017
- Version bump to 2.3.16.
  * Added check for buffer overflow in l2rshell.cpp
    during construction of command line for latex2rt.exe
  * Released as v.2.3.16
  * Fixed ukrainian.cfg
  * Updated version info for l2rshell
  * Released as v.2.3.15
  * Fixed bug when \int was followed by \frac
  * Fixed bug when \int was followed by \left or \right
  * Released as v.2.3.14
  * Added support for package bm, supporting \bm (bold math)
  * Fixed bug in main.c line 368: comparison changed to using
    strcmp() (was =)
  * Released as v.2.3.13
  * Updated documentation for installation under unix
  * Changed variable PREFIX to DESTDIR in MAKEFILE
  * Added error message if output file is equal to input file
  * Fixed windows gui shell handling of output file choice
  * Released as v.2.3.12
* Thu Aug 04 2016
- Version bump to 2.3.11a.
  * Increased malloc size for character array by one to allow
    terminating null character in definitions.c line 157,
    graphics.c line 1882, tables.c line 1548 and line 1561.
  * Released as v.2.3.11.
- Remove unneeded patches:
  * `latex2rtf-fix-memory-leak.patch`
  * `texinfo5.patch`
* Thu Jun 02 2016
- Add patch ` latex2rtf-fix-memory-leak.patch` to fix a memory leak
  in `abbreviate` function. For more information, see:
* Sun Jan 10 2016
- Run spec-cleaner.
* Sun Jan 10 2016
- Fix permissions of doc directory.
- Remove unnecessary %check section.
* Sun Jan 10 2016
- Change license to GPL-2.0+ and add doc/copying.txt as per
  babelworx request.
* Mon Dec 28 2015
- Change patch `fix_latex2rtf_info.patch` to
  * The info page is now built during the build process. Thus,
    the new patch fix the .texi file so that the build process
    create the correct info page.
- Run spec-cleaner.
- Remove white spaces in `latex2rtf.changes`.
- Version bump to 2.3.10.
  * Version 2.3.10 fixes a bug (potential vulnerability in
    processing the LaTeX command \keywords{})
  * Version 2.3.9 switches to the recent version of Ghostscript.
    Use eps2eps from Ghostscript instead of from MikTeX
    distribution. Therefore changed the order of program folders
    in PATH setting in l2rshell.exe (windows GUI) as well as in
    l2rprep.bat Modified latex2png script for compatibility with
    Ghostscript 9.14 and newer (gs 9.14 and newer use a different
    eps2eps script producing better quality eps files on the
    expense of containing binary stuff)
* Mon Sep 07 2015
- The patch `texinfo5.patch` must also be applied for texinfo 6.
  Otherwise, latex2rtf build will fail for Tumbleweed and Factory.
* Fri Apr 24 2015
- Fix the permissions of directory /usr/share/latex2rtf/cfg
* Fri Apr 24 2015
- Add ToDo and credits to the documentation.
* Fri Apr 24 2015
- Add texinfo as a build requirement.
* Fri Apr 24 2015
- Add a patch (texinfo5.patch) to fix building of latex2rtf using
  makeinfo 5. This patch was obtained from Gentoo ebuild of
* Fri Apr 17 2015
- latex2rtf 2.3.8