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Version: 1.69.2-bp150.2.4
* Wed Apr 20 2016
- Update to version 1.69.2:
  Minor Bug fix release.
* Thu Mar 24 2016
- Fix source url, point to
- Add org.linux.lmt.gui.policy to spec file.
- Add lmt-poll.service to %pre/%post/%preun/%postun.
- Clean-up spec file, require systemd-rpm-macro only if version is
  1315 or higher.
- Update to version 1.69.1:
  + Important Bug Fix release.
- Changes from version 1.69:
  + Wait for all forked modules to complete
  + Add new module: cputhotplug
  + CPU online/offine is reverse here
  + Fix shell syntax
  + Install policykit file
  + Detach polling daemon from main process
  + Do NOT touch speed if throttling is not set
  + Restore to MAX speed when back to AC Power
  + Fix manpage about DISABLE_ETHERNET_ON_BATTERY setting
  + Update documentation about ENABLE_LAPTOP_MODE_ON_AC setting
  + Change powersaving default for USB class devices
  + Drop usbhid from default (black)list
  + Add usb keyboard driver to the list default list
  + Be consistent with passing args to LMT from different invokers
  + Honor device plug/unplug events on a per device basis;
    like how Chromium initially submitted this patch
  + Also be consistent with option in the event parser
  + Update links in
  + Update new github homepage location
  + Add lmt-config-gui shell script
* Wed Feb 10 2016
- Add laptop-mode.timer and lmt-poll.service to spec file
- Fix spec file when checking suse_version macro
- Update to version 1.68.1:
  + Update details about runtime-pm in manpage
  + Revert "Drop out reload"
  + Log error more descriptively
  + Write to common stderr. Do not hardcode a specific one
  + Call lmt-udev in lmt-poll. Don't call the laptop_mode binary directly.
  + Helps in a lot of housekeeping
  + Direct stderr/stdout to journal
  + Fix stdout descriptor
  + Install the new .timer and poll service
  + Use _sbindir for RPM
- Changes from version 1.68:
  + Fix all instances for BATTERY_LEVEL_POLLING
  + Group kill the polling daemon so that its child process get the same signal
  + Release the descriptor explicitly
  + Add identifier about who's our parent
  + Narrow down our power_supply subsystem event check condition
  + Fine tune the .service file
  + On my ultrabook, AC as reported as ACAD
  + Enhance lmt-udev to better work with systemd
  + Add a timer based polling for LMT. It is the equivalent of battery-polling-daemon, using systemd
  + Disable battery level polling by default, because most systems will have systemd running
  + Add documentation reference in systemd files
  + Update release-checklist
- Rebase laptop-mode-1.53-fix-pm-utils-sleep-script.diff
* Mon Jan 04 2016
- Fix lmt-udev installation location (bsc#960497).
* Thu Jul 30 2015
- Update to version 1.67:
  + Relax minimum window size to accomodate low res screens.
  + Fix variable name to comply with our "constants" assuptions.
  + Get more aggressive in power saving for Intel HD Audio.
  + Account Device Mapper devices.
  + Add swsusp freeze support.
  + Switch battery-level-polling default to True.
  + Detect ethernet carrier, early and relibaly.
  + Changes the boolean setting *_ACTIVATE_SATA_POWER to a
    customizable *_SATA_POLICY, with backward-compatible defaults
    and documentation.
- Changes from version 1.66:
  + Handle device names with whitespaces.
  + Detach reliably closing all descriptors.
  + Add new Radeon power saving module.
  + Don't run LMT if it is disabled in config file.
  + GUI Tool refactoring.
- Changes from version 1.65:
  + Fix grep error on missing $device/uevent.
  + ethernet: replace sysfs/enabled by 'ip link down'.
  + wireless-iwl-power: sysfs attr enbable -> enabled.
  + wireless-iwl-power: Add iwlwifi support.
  + Use Runtime Power Managemet Framework is more robust now.
    Deprecates module usb-autosuspend.
  + Fix multiple hibernate issue.
  + When resuming, run LMT in force initialization mode.
  + Add module for Intel PState driver.
  + GUI: Implement suspend/hibernate interface.
- Rebase laptop-mode-1.49-new-dirty-ratio-defaults.diff.
- Package new module-helper pm-freeze.
* Fri Jul 24 2015
- Make the previous commit work on openSUSE42 and SLE12, the
  pm-utils is not needed on 13.2 either
* Fri Jul 10 2015
- Make it build without pm-utils
* Fri Jun 19 2015
- Clean up all various rpmlint warnings
* Wed Dec 18 2013
- Update to version 1.64
  + Don't touch USB Controller power settings. The individual devices,
    when plugged in, while on battery, inherit the power settings
    from the USB controller
  + start-stop-programs: add support for systemd.
  + Replace hardcoded path to udevadm with "which udevadm".
  + Honor .conf files only.
  + Make '/usr/lib' path configurable. This is especially useful for
    systems that use /usr/lib64, or /lib64 directly
  + Don't call killall with the -g argument.
  + Fix RPM Spec file build errors
- Changes from 1.63
  + Kick the power savings back in, as soon as the stick is unplugged
  + Release lock descriptors in start-stop-programs module.
  + Add option to disable alarm level check. This is helpful if
    you have a broken battery reporting incorrect states
  + Check for external helper application's presence. And if not
    available, handle it.
  + Added PCIe ASPM module.
  + Do not ship the board-specific/ folder in default installs
- Remove AUTHORS section
- Remove laptop-mode-1.49-initscript.diff and
  fixed on upstream release
- Switch to systemd
* Sun Aug 11 2013
- own all directories in /usr/lib/pm-utils/* to prevent build
  failure in case the pm-utils packaging changes again
* Fri Mar 08 2013
- laptop-mode-1.62-customize-installation-of-udev-systemd-files.patch:
  introduce $LIB_D in so we can customize the installation
  of systemd/udev files.
- drop laptop-mode-1.60-local-can-only-be-used-in-a-function.patch:
  not need it anymore as 1.62 version has the fix.
* Mon Feb 04 2013
- update to 1.62:
  * Add systemd support
  * Be specific on what file systems we want to handle. Given the
    wide range of file systems Linux has, we don't want to consider
    them all as not all of them fall under the power saving scenarios.
  * Factor out some common code
  * Do not touch autonegotiation settings. Fiddling with
    auto-negotiation settings can cause more problems and the
    standards expect them to be always on
  * Trim mount point display
  * Organize state/STATE tracking so that we get actual results.
  * cleaner output when asking status.
  * Append to stdout/stderr to avoid truncating file logs
  * Fix spec file for RPM syntax
- fix some rpmlint warnings
* Wed Jul 25 2012
- Local variables can only be used in a function.
  add: laptop-mode-1.60-local-can-only-be-used-in-a-function.patch
* Fri Apr 13 2012
- update to 1.60:
  * Check for block device's existence. Thanks to Simon Que.
  * Add suspend/resume helper tools: pm-helper, pm-suspend, pm-hibernate.
  * What laptop-mode-tools is stopped from init, also kill polling daemon.
  * Reliable and much better locking mechanics.
  * Make polling dameon lock safe.
  * Make lmt-udev distro neutral. Thanks to Simon Que.
  * Change Intel HDA Audio's default power save timeout to 2 seconds.
* Thu Sep 15 2011
- update to 1.59 (excerpt):
  - add support for kernel 3.x (this makes
    laptop-mode-tools-1.57-kernel3.0.patch superfluous)
  - add USB auto-suspend whitelist
  - Check for files instead of kernel version numbers
  - Enable new in-kernel polling mechanism for block devices
    (Debian BTS: #617705, #574867)
  - Add new module nmi-watchdog to handle NMI Watchdog related power
    savings. Thanks to Quentin Denis for the report
  - More minor fixes...
* Wed Jul 20 2011
- Support kernel 3.0
- Remove dependency on haldaemon since hal is an optional
  requirement, the package can work without it just fine.
- Update to 1.57:
  * many fixes
  * support for newer kernels
  * Add a new "exec-commands" module
  * Updated manpages
* Tue Dec 07 2010
- prereq init script haldaemon
* Thu Feb 25 2010
- drop laptop-mode-1.49-moblin-disable-control-hd-powermgmt.patch
  again which was just changin a setting from another patch
  upstream has CONTROL_HD_POWERMGMT="auto" now
- update to 1.53
  * Add global enable/disable switch for laptop-mode-tools
  * Add scheduler power saving module for SMT processors. Thanks to John
  * Add a new "Auto Modules" mode which enables all modules whitelisted as
    auto with a single configuration setting, ENABLE_AUTO_MODULES.
  * Add LM/NOLM option for Intel SATA Power Management
  * Do a check before trying to write to the SuperHE Control File
- update to 1.52
  * Initialize DEBUG to 0 by default. THanks to Matthijs Kooijman for pointing
    it out.
  * Add an option to completely disable ethernet devices when on battery.
  * Introduce hooks to enable debug mode for individual modules
  * Use iwconfig to determine device type for iwlwifi devices also
  * Collect the correct exit code for iwconfig execution.
  * Use iwconfig in wireless-iwl-power. Thanks to Darren Hoo for spotting it
  * Handle spaces in mount point names. Thanks to Louis Simard for the patch
  * Clarify about Global Debug mode and Module Specific Debug mode.
  * Fix incorrect variable reference in video-out module. Thanks to Hans Werner
    for noticing that.
- update to 1.51
  * Add option to blacklist usb devices by their device id.
    Thanks to for the patch
  * Trigger timer change for power mgmt by doing a device open/close
    The open/close operation can fail if the audio device is busy.
    Since this failure is non-fatal (worst case is that the timer changes
    don't get activated), we don't bother if it was successful or not.
  * Add support for EeePC FSB Control. Thanks to James Rayner
  * Update iwlwifi power modes. Thanks to Clemens Buchacher
    See Debian BTS: #540639
  * Use the standard pm-hibernate script from pm-utils for hibernation
    See Debian BTS: #541447
  * Check if wireless device is disabled before attempting to power configure it
    Thanks to Clemens Buchacher. See Debian BTS: #541997
  * On speed change, an ethernet device can lose connectivity. Document that in
    the config file
- update to 1.50
  * Ship pm-utils hooks in /usr/lib/ and not in /etc/pm/
    Distributions will always want to have customized settings in /etc
    and default upstream settings in /usr/lib. See LP: #384875
  * Fix incorrect explanation of Intel HDA Power Savings. See Debian
    BTS: #532733
  * Don't clutter screen with print messages.
  * Add patch from Mulyadi Santosa that adds ability to lm-profiler to show
    read/write frequency of each collected program. Thank you.
  * Enhance usb-autosuspend module to be executed under conditions. Also explain
    the weirdness of broken usb drivers. Fixes Debian Bug #535051
  * Do the test comparision of integeres using string operators. Fixes Debian
    Bug #535650
  * Run pidof with the -x Script Mode switch. Thanks Matthijs Kooijman
  * Disconnect descriptors when backgrounding a script. Thanks Matthijs Kooijman
  * Add option to run in shell debug mode
  * Add a spec file to generate an RPM package
* Fri Dec 04 2009
- Add laptop-mode-1.49-moblin-enable-intel-hda-powersave.patch for
  enable audio power saving even using ac-power.
* Thu Nov 19 2009
- Add laptop-mode-1.49-moblin-disable-control-hd-powermgmt.patch to
  disable the APM level setup to harddrive. (bug #545681)