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Change Logs

* Thu Mar 16 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
- Use qt6_build macros to fix build in SLE15 SP5
* Wed Mar 15 2023 Max Lin <>
- Fix a typo in kvantum-themes dep-requirement
  * Change kvanum-qt5 to kvantum-qt5
* Thu Dec 01 2022 Konstantin Voinov <>
- Version 1.0.7
  * Don't rely on the (undocumented) "Destroy" event to remove
    destroyed widgets from lists. In this way, the cause of a rare
    crash is removed.
  * Better guarantee for the lack of scrollbars in the config page
    of Kvantum Manager when it's visited for the first time.
* Wed Nov 23 2022 Konstantin Voinov <>
- another fixes in naming
* Wed Nov 23 2022 Konstantin Voinov <>
- Proper naming
* Wed Nov 23 2022 Konstantin Voinov <>
- Update Summary
* Wed Nov 23 2022 Konstantin Voinov <>
- fix build Qt6 version for 15.4
* Wed Nov 23 2022 Konstantin Voinov <>
- simplify conditions
* Wed Nov 23 2022 Konstantin Voinov <>
- use singlespec muiltibuild
* Tue Nov 22 2022 Konstantin Voinov <>
- attempt to multibuild
* Tue Nov 22 2022 Konstantin Voinov <>
- Version 1.0.6
  * Added workarounds for Kate's new side-pane and status-bar buttons
    (which still have wrong style codes).
  * Silenced the compilation warnings with Qt 6.4.
* Wed Sep 21 2022 Konstantin Voinov <>
- Version 1.0.5
  - Added a workaround for a new bug in Krita 5.1.0 (which could
    make Krita freeze if a Kvantum theme requested a progress-bar
    height greater than that of Fusion).
  - Also, added safeguards against two kinds of wrong app codes.
  - Added a condition for window dragging under Wayland, especially
    for dragging from buttons.
  - Simplified finding of Qt modules with cmake.
* Mon Aug 08 2022 Konstantin Voinov <>
- Verion 1.0.4
  - Added a workaround for Qt6's double click problem with window dragging.
  - Added a workaround for Qt6's window dragging when the cursor
    is outside the widget after the drag is finished (previously,
    its hover state would persist).
  - Don't start window dragging if a popup menu is shown and
    closed quickly (may happen very rarely).
  - Added 1px to button arrow margin.
  - Considered more details in drawing menu arrows of buttons
    (especially when QToolButton is null).
  - Removed button contents shift (it was useless and inconsistent).
  - Added a pushbutton with menu to kvantumpreview.
  - To find the sunken button that has triggered a menu, check whether
    that menu really belongs to it.
  - Improved the workaround for Qt's hover bug in buttons.
  - Made menu shortcuts a little paler than menu texts.
  - Added a workaround for LibreOffice's header view.
  - Removed the old HDPI workaround.
* Thu Jul 07 2022 Konstantin Voinov <>
- Version 1.0.3
  - Fixed drawing of large label images that don't fit in the
    available space.
  - Prevented redundant updates of frameless scroll-areas.
  - Changed the default layout spacing to 3px.
  - Set the minimum contents height of tabs to 16px.
  - Added workarounds for stylesheet interference in spin-boxes.
  - Disabled "ChangeSelectionColor" in all KDE color schemes.
* Wed May 18 2022 Konstantin Voinov <>
- Version 1.0.2
  - Added "widgets" to "" for Qt ≥ 6.2.4.
  - Don't set the active/inactive palettes of item views (when they
    are shown/activated/deactivated) if the inactive state is ignored.
  - Force palettes (of item views) on event filtering only if needed.
  - Apply blurring to the whole rectangles of menus/tooltips that
    aren't drawn by Kvantum.
  - Workarounds for issues in LibreOffice's Qt skin (guarantee
    opaque backgrounds for LibreOffice's spin-boxes and editable
    combo-boxes, work around bugs in tab positions, and give enough
    space to tabs and spinboxes).
  - Allow translucency in Qt widgets with LibreOffice.
  - Added a workaround for QML tool buttons.
  - Added a warning dialog that shows up when the user enables
    kinetic scrolling.
* Tue Mar 08 2022 Konstantin Voinov <>
- Version 1.0.1
  - The minimum required version of Qt is bumped to 5.15.0 and that
    of KF5 to 5.82.0, thus openSUSE/SLES 15.3 is not supported anymore.
  - A workaround is added for the wrong style code of
    KisDoubleSliderSpinBox in Krita ≥ 5.0.0.
  - Options are added (to Kvantum Manager) for setting corner radii
    when blurring translucent menus and tooltips with rounded corners.
    Usually, a value of 2 is enough for preventing blur artifacts.
  - 16px is given to the width of vertical spinbox buttons.
  - Small fixes.
* Fri Jan 07 2022 Konstantin Voinov <>
- Disable 32-bit builds for x86_64
* Mon Dec 20 2021 Konstantin Voinov <>
- Version 1.0.0
  - Enabled experimental compilation of Kvantum's plugin against Qt6.
    With cmake, "ENABLE_QT5" should be set to "OFF" (as in `cmake ..
  - DENABLE_QT5=OFF`) — it's "ON" by default.
  - A little more precise calculation of sizes of buttons with bold texts.
  - Take "ToolButtonFollowStyle" into account when getting the style
    from the toolbutton itself (a logical consideration with no effect).
  - Added a workaround for missing panels and frames of LibreOffice's
    input fields.
  - Made Kvantum Manager a little more keyboard friendly.
  - Ensure that the left mouse button is pressed on starting window
    dragging (it may not be pressed in very rare cases, where a popup
    is shown after moving the cursor and closed before dragging).
  - Added a variant of KvCurves3d with light selection color.
  - Derive the disabled highlighted text color from the active
    highlighted text color.
  - Consider the mouseover state for icons of check boxes and radio
    buttons if relevant.
  - Added an example of progress-bar inside view-item to kvantumpreview.
  - Added a workaround for KWin-Wayland's menus and tooltips (they're
    polished before the platform name is set to "wayland").
  - Added an option (to Kvantum Manager) for not blurring inactive windows.
  - Removed the workaround fo the fixed Qt5 bug QTBUG-47043 but added
    another workaround for a similar Qt6 bug.
  - Limit the transparency of PCManFM-Qt's view to its main window.
* Wed Sep 15 2021 Konstantin Voinov <>
- Version 0.20.2
  - Respect KDE's scrollbar click behavior by default.
  - Elide push button text if there isn't enough space for it.
  - Allow opening of the user config file from Kvantum Manager.
  - Added LibreOffice to the black list of window dragging (as a
    workaround for issues related to its Qt5 skin under Wayland).
* Thu Aug 12 2021 Konstantin Voinov <>
- Version 0.20.1
  - Blacklisted QQuickWidget with window dragging.
  - Made the workaround for bad hard-coded styles of line-edits less strict.