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Change Logs

* Tue Apr 16 2019
- Update to 3.2.0
  * Capture counting corrected
  * Do not connect to EkosLive with empty username
  * Also accept .fits.fz in FITSViewer
  * Fix slew and sync in KStars Lite
  * Clean module registration
  * Use click to trigger the change since the signals are attached
    to the button clicked event
  * Show toolip explicitly on button click
  * Add information icon to explain what the guiding rate control
    is for
  * Resume KStars if paused in EkosLive
  * Make sure clock is ticking and sync with system time when
    websocket connection is established
  * Move auto star selection for calibration to main guide module
    to make it more accessible
  * Fix issue with online solver args
  * Add RC telescope type
  * Fix capture delay when using legacy polar alignment tool
  * If primary or guide IDs are zero or less, set profile scope to
  * Add support to updating scopes and profiles
  * Scope commands do not require active connection
  * GET_SCOPES can now be sent before Ekos is online
  * Add scope websocket functions to add and delete scopes.
    Improve getScopes to cover all available telescopes
  * Send profile when deleting or adding one
  * Unchecking the meridian flip checkbox reset the meridian flip
  * Do not change filter directly, use the filter manager
  * Fix infobox setting not sticking for some reason under Qt 5.12
  * Save focus module filter wheel and filter in options
  * Fix altitude restriction log and allow restriction down to -15
  * Wait until backlash builds up before moving to more aggressive
    pulses that might cause overshooting the target position
  * Add debug log for remaining angle for mount rotation in
    alignment module
  * Add websocket function to get all drivers
  * Update docs
  * Profile management via websocket is ready for testing
  * Initial work for profile and driver exposure to ekoslive
  * Bugfix: proper usage of abort() for finishing a capture
    sequence queue
  * Reduce calibration iterations to 3 by default as it is mostly
    what is required for most cases
  * Prevent rescheduling aborted jobs until all jobs are processed
  * Make Scheduler robust against guiding problems
  * Keep meridian flip in capture and mount in sync (kde#405325)
  * Fix websocket getting called from a different thread
  * Add EkosLive DBus methods and properties
  * Display saved DSLR infos
  * Making the StarProfile Viewer fix from 3.1.0 work for Guide
    and Focus Views too
  * Load captured RAW images in summary without have to
    double-covert them since they are converted once in INDI::CCD
  * Only remove .fits explicitly from base name instead of finding
    last decimal point since this causes conflicts with exposures
    in file names
  * Make the mount window resizable to fit on different DPIs
* Mon Mar 11 2019
- Update to 3.1.1
  * Comment out obsolete slot connect
  * Remove unrequired attributes (kde#405188)
  * Notify user of error in focusing even when not in autofocus
  * Add support to sending horizontal coordinates from the mount
  * Improve behavior for dark and flat frames capture when it comes
    to covering the mount
  * Support converting images to FITS
  * Before loading next image, check if current image is temporary
    and if yes remove it from disk
  * Add notification dialog for user to cover scope with flat field
    light source in case of manual source
  * Making the initial path change automatic
  * More PHD2 fixes
  * Add comet and asteroid orbital elements auto update on startup
  * Make selection behavior single rows for the capture jobs
  * Deleting arbitrary imaging sequence in the Capture module
  * Fix upload issues to the cloud with compressed images
  * Fix state of ekoslive button toggle on startup
  * fitsviewer: Do not exit program on error, return error code
* Wed Feb 27 2019
- Update to 3.1.0
  * Fixed a few bugs with the Ekos Scheduler along with making
    steady improvements to cover all corner cases for multi-object
    multi-night scheduling which can become quite complex
  * Added a new feature to the Focus module: Ring-field focusing
  * Migrated the Meridian Flip handling code to the Ekos Mount tab
  * Migrated online Ekos documentation to KStars official
  * Introduced manual workflow for users who would like to use Ekos
    Polar Alignment Assistant Tool with manual non-GOTO mounts
  * The LiveView window received a few enhancement to enable
    zooming and panning for supported DSLR cameras
  * The FITS Viewer window is now automatically raised to the
    foreground when a new image arrives
  * Dark Library now considers all DSLRs to be shutterless
  * Mounts are grouped by manufacturer in the Equipment Profile
  * Preliminary support for websocket to INDI::CCD on the client
  * DBus interface expansion to provide more fine control over
  * Fixed relative focuser bug in autofocus mode
  * Improved multi-channel histogram by providing dedicated controls
    to each channel
  * Fixed Auto-Stretch affecting raw image values
  * Support for compressed FITS (*.fits.fz) in INDI. This can cut
    the transmission time to 30%!
  * Improved display of Parked status
  * KStars defaults to limited resource mode on ARM architecture
  * When there is binning change, always FORCE setting of frame
    values even if they did not change
- Add "AND GPL-3.0-or-later" to the license, a few source files
  require that
* Thu Dec 20 2018
- Update to 3.0.0
  * New XPlanet Solar System Viewer
  * Improved FITS Viewer GUI
  * Ekos scheduler improvements
  * Improvements to Scripting & DBus support
  * Lunar Eclipses: added functionality to calculate and draw the
    earth's shadow disk on the Moon from any distance. There is a
    new eclipse tool in the astrocalc which can find lunar eclipses
    quite fast.
  * Find Dialog is now persistent so it remembers the past searches
  * The capture module now incorporates a cooler On/Off button.
    Additionally, user can now clear Camera configuration.
  * Dedicated Binary Object channels when communicate with INDI
    driver to increase throughput and responsiveness of drivers
  * Fixed performance regression in Star Profile viewer
  * Guide mode resets calibration when it detects pier side
  * Migrating code to new style Qt Signal/Slot connections
  * J2000/JNow support in Mount Module
  * Do not cast DSO coords seconds to int as we lose important
    precision. Use full resolution as double.
  * Fix issue with subframed calibration when auto-select star is
    not enabled. Now subframed star position is set properly in the
    internal guider before.
  * Support for compressed FITS files (.fits.gz)
  * Add live view support to focus module and rework existing one
    in capture to be icon based
  * Show loaded coords in sexigesimal format and in high precision
    when possible
  * Do not add any camera or ST4 devices to guide module if guider
    is external. Instead put guider type in guider dropdown and
    disable it.
  * Honor settling time in Polar Alignment Assistant tool
  * Add warning when slewing to Sun. Adjust tracking rate if
    supported by the mount depending on the object type.
  * Add option to control DSLR image viewer. It can now be turned
  * Improve PHD2 support
- Drop disable_downloading_into_system_dirs.patch, the kauth helper
  that writes files to system dirs has been disabled upstream
  because of reliability problems
* Mon Aug 20 2018
- Update to 2.9.8
  * Fixed several issues in the Ekos scheduler to enable running
    duplicate jobs
  * Fixed many problematic i18n strings that accumulated over the
  * Improved KStars Lite android build process and fixed touch
  * Fixed several issues with Ekos PHD2 support
  * Fixed logging out in capture module
  * Fixed minor EBN issues
  * Using Max RMS value as the threshold to abort the guider
    instead of maximum pulse length
* Fri Jul 27 2018
- Trim redundancies from the description again.
* Thu Jul 26 2018
- Update to 2.9.7
  * The Ekos scheduler's behavior has been improved under a number
    of scenarios
  * The Polar Alignment Assistant tool received few improvements to
    simplify the process, it's now literally a 1-button click
  * Support for EkosLive is added in this release
  * KStars now offers an easy method to add INDI custom drivers
  * Support for loading compressed FITS (*.fits.gz) in FITS Viewer
  * Android fixes + improvements by GSoC 2018 student Csaba
  * Disabled internet check for online astrometry solver to
    workaround Qt bug
  * Fixed PHD2 file not found issue
  * Added option to restart alignment process in scheduler in case
    of calibration failure
  * Support for manual dither plus dithering to a specific X,Y
  * Support for Auto Park Timer in Mount Module
  * Support for Remote Drivers in the Profile Editor
  * Added video exposure duration control to the Video Stream
- Rebase disable_downloading_into_system_dirs.patch
- Update build requirements
- Build with gcc7 on Leap 42.3, it doesn't compile with 4.8 anymore
- Update package description
* Mon Jul 09 2018
- Update to 2.9.6
  * Fixed long-standing bug where Time zone was not updated
    correctly from INDI GPS
  * Fixed Filter Manager settings as it was not updating the
    database properly
  * Fixed centering & tracking of empty sky
  * Fixed Polar Alignment Assistant rotation in the southern
  * Added a method to clear DSLR info in case they were entered
  * Added J2000 support in the Mount Control panel in addition to
    the standard JNow
  * Alignment FOV is now always editable
  * CCD Capture format and directory are now persistent
  * Guiding is aborted when mount is slewing or parking
  * Clang fixes by Csaba Kertesz as part of GSoC 2018
- Drop Fix-build-with-Qt-511.patch, merged upstream
* Sun Jun 03 2018
- Add Fix-build-with-Qt-511.patch
- Run spec-cleaner
Version: 2.9.5-bp150.2.5
* Wed Apr 25 2018
- Update to 2.9.5
  * New experimental adaptive HFR Thresholding algorithm that
    selects the median HFR value filter-wise
  * Ekos Scheduler module has received major patches from Eric
    Dejouhanet to improve its reliability and fix some corner cases
  * A quite illusive and annoying time-zone related bug was fixed
    when using INDI GPS devices
  * Align module FOV now defaults to zero on startup
* Wed Apr 18 2018
- Update to 2.9.4
  * New highly efficient binary interface for asteroids that would
    allow quite large (> 100MB) and distant catalogs to be loaded
    into KStars without a major impact on performance
  * Automatic Flat field calculations were fixed for multi-channel
    DSLR frames along with an improved DSLR popup dialog
  * The Ekos scheduler workflow was revamped to evaluate all jobs
    every time a new job is invoked to ensure all scores are
    updated accordingly and not only on the first job run
  * More SEP work for star & galaxy detection is merged into the
    internal guide module resulting in a better object detection
    even in noisy environments
  * The guide module is now a lot more tolerant to passing clouds
  * Users can now instruct Ekos to take flat field frames exactly
    at the same focus position where light frames of the same
    filter were captured
  * FITS handling code was optimized with loading times improving
    on the order of 300%
- Mark license files as %license instead of %doc
* Sat Mar 03 2018
- Update to 2.9.3
  * several important fixes, mostly in Ekos scheduler and capture
* Mon Jan 29 2018
- Update to 2.9.2
  * New theming support
  * Add the found stars to the Zoom Menu
  * Add Mount Control Panel access to the telescope tool bar
  * Add support to Sensor FOV that can be triggered from the Ekos
    tool bar, Color can be set from color scheme
  * Use Human counting in the Star Profile Viewer
  * Nicer icons for the Star Profile Viewer
  * Only apply PA calculation on square FOVs
  * Adding experimental support for differential slewing in align
  * Sync INDI drivers list
  * Remove completed jobs from sorted jobs
  * Display local meridian even if grids are off or in equatorial
    mode (kde#389289)
  * Add option to skip sorting jobs and run them as-is in the order
    they are added
  * Reset to correct page in wizard
  * Remove Breeze icons and relying on install theme. Changing some
    icon to look better with the default KStars theme
  * Add logging when saving FITS to disk
  * Update appstream screenshots
  * band-aid fix for cursor bug in FITS View
- Drop upstreamed fix-build-with-gcc48.patch
* Sat Jan 20 2018
- Update to 2.9.1
  * Easier to set Park Position
  * Additional PHD 2 Support
  * Drift Graphics Updates
  * New 3D Star Profile and Data Visualization Tool
  * Bugfixes and other improvements
- Add fix-build-with-gcc48.patch to make it build with gcc 4.8 on
  Leap 42
- Build with Qt5DataVisualization (new in Qt 5.7) on Tumbleweed and
  Leap 15 to enable the new "3D Star Profile and Data Visualization
* Wed Dec 20 2017
- Update to 2.8.9
  * kstars is released independently from KDE Applications now
  * Lots of changes since 2.7.10 that was shipped with KDE Applications
    17.08.3, please see or the
    included ChangeLog file (in /usr/share/doc/packages/kstars/)
    for details
* Thu Nov 09 2017
- Update to 17.08.3
  * New bugfix release
  * For more details please see:
- Changes since 17.08.2:
  * None
* Mon Oct 16 2017
- Update to 17.08.2
  * New bugfix release
  * For more details please see:
- Changes since 17.08.1:
  * None
* Thu Sep 07 2017
- Update to 17.08.1
  * New bugfix release
  * For more details please see:
- Changes since 17.08.0:
  * None
* Fri Aug 11 2017
- Update to KDE Applications 17.08.0
  * New feature release
- Changes since 17.04.3 :
- Too many changes to list here
* Sat Aug 05 2017
- Update to KDE Applications 17.07.90
  * KDE Applications 17.07.90
- Add disable_downloading_into_system_dirs.patch. Saving runtime files into
  system directories is not allowed.
* Sat Jul 15 2017
- Update to 17.04.3
  * New bugfix release
  * For more details please see:
- Changes since 17.04.2:
  * None
* Wed Jun 07 2017
- Update to 17.04.2
  * New bugfix release
  * For more details please see:
- Changes since 17.04.1:
  * None
* Wed May 17 2017
- Update to 17.04.1
  * New bugfix release
  * For more details please see:
- Changes since 17.04.0:
  * None
* Mon May 01 2017
- Add libnova-devel and gsl-devel build requirements, necessary
  when building with libindi now
* Sun Apr 16 2017
- Update to 17.04.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
- Changes since 17.03.90:
  * None
* Wed Apr 12 2017
- Update to 17.03.90
  * New bugfix release
  * For more details please see:
- Changes since 17.03.80:
  * None
* Sat Mar 25 2017
- Update to 17.03.80
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
- Changes since 16.12.3:
  * Too many changes to list here
* Thu Mar 09 2017
- Update to 16.12.3
  * New bugfix release
  * For more details please see:
- Changes since 16.12.2:
  * None
* Sat Feb 25 2017
- Enable wcslib-devel build requirement also for Leap >= 42.3.