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Change Logs

Version: 93vu-bp153.2.1
* Wed Mar 31 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Remove BuildRequires: bind-libs. Requiring libs this way
  is just wrong.
* Wed Jan 27 2021 Ludwig Nussel <>
- prepare usrmerge (boo#1029961)
- clean up SLE11 compat sections
* Thu Jan 21 2021 Thorsten Kukuk <>
- remove pwdutils buildrequires, it's not needed and pwdutils got
  dropped many years ago
* Fri Nov 13 2020
- remove sys/sysctl.h include as it no longer exists in linux
  new patch: ksh93-no-sysctl.dif
* Fri Sep 06 2019
- fix build by removing -Werror=return-type and using
  - ffat-lto-objects
Version: 93vu-bp150.1.3
* Wed Dec 20 2017
- fix build with new glibc versions
  new patch: ksh93-filedefined.dif
* Wed Oct 12 2016
- fix locking error in spawn implementation [bnc#988213]
  new patch: ksh93-spawnlock.dif
- make patch ordering the same as in sle-11
* Tue Jul 05 2016
- own the ksh files in /etc/alternatives [bnc#987362] [bnc#962069]
- fix leak in optimize processing [bnc#982423]
  new patch: ksh93-optimizeleak.dif
- fix editor prediction code garbling input [bnc#964966]
  new patch: ksh93-edpredict.dif
* Wed Dec 16 2015
- add ast suffix to optbin manpages to prevent file conflicts
- fix fd leak when doing redirects in a subshell [bnc#954856]
  new patch: ksh93-redirectleak.dif
- rewrite ksh93-backtick.dif to a more correct version
  [bnc#953533] [bnc#955221]
- also tweak ksh93-backtick.dif so that the pipe is drained after
  io_restore is called.
* Tue Sep 15 2015
- fix freeing memory twice if an array is turned into an
  compound variable and then unset [bnc#924043]
  new patch: ksh93-nvtree-free.dif
- backport fix for segmentation fault with 'typeset -RF'
  new patch: ksh93-int16double.dif
- backport hanging command substitution with large output fix from
  upstream [bnc#887320] [bnc#926172] [bnc#934437]
  new patch: ksh93-backtick.dif
- backport job list corruption fix from ksg93v [bnc#924318]
  new patch: ksh93-jpold.dif
* Fri Jun 12 2015
- go back to ksh93u to have a stable version in SLE-12
  use 93vu as version so that the software stack sees this
  as an update. (FATE#319107, bsc#939252)
- add back the following patches:
  * astksh_builtin_poll20120806_001.diff
  * ksh93-backticks.dif
  * ksh93-crashes.dif
  * ksh93-dttree-crash.dif
  * ksh93-fdstatus.dif
  * ksh93-heredoclex.dif
  * ksh93-jobs.dif
  * ksh93-sfio.dif
  * ksh93-uninitialized.dif
- fix stk aliasing code [bnc#844071]
  new patch: ksh93-stkalias.dif
- fix stk restoration in sh_exec [bnc#844071]
  new patch: ksh93-stkfreeze.dif
- make a unknown location fatal in stkset so that we get a core
  dump right away instead of later in an unrelated part of code
  new patch: ksh93-stkset-abort.dif
- fix build with std malloc
  new patch: ksh93-malloc-hook.dif
- backport job locking code fix
  new patch: ksh93-joblock.dif
- disable vfork, use fork instead
  new patch: ksh93-disable-vfork.dif
- fix crash when the subshell number overflows [bnc#893031]
  new patch: ksh93-longenv.dif
- fix path normalization in cd command [bnc#867401]
  new patch: ksh93-cdpwd.dif
- fix segfault in dirname when cwd is gone [bnc#852160]
  new patch: ksh93-subshellpwd.dif
- Fix ksh using wrong files is some elements in the path do not
  exist [bnc#899014]
  new patch: ksh93-path-skip.dif
* Thu Jun 11 2015
- cpp.patch: fix use of cc -E without -P
* Fri Aug 01 2014
- Disable patch ksh93-backticks.dif as it breaks several test cases
* Thu Jul 31 2014
- Rename rpmlintrc to %{name}-rpmlintrc.
  Follow the packaging guidelines.
* Fri Jul 18 2014
-  Add patch ksh93-backticks.dif to allow the ksh to use more than
  65536 characters in the output of old fashion `...` commands (bnc#887320)
* Thu Jul 17 2014
- Skip signal test as currently ksh93 uses malloc() within signal
  handlers and this cause deadlocks even with libast memory
* Tue Jul 08 2014
- Update to 2014-06-26 of ksh93v- version
  * A bug on some systems in which cd to a directory without execute
    permission would not fail has been fixed.
  * The BASH_SOURCE variable was added when ksh is run in bash mode.
  * The -D and -E options have been added to the complete builtin.
  * References to were deleted.
  * The -l flag to trap and the -p flag to umask were added as in bash.
  * In bash mode ${!parameter} is treated like ${$parameter}.
  * Fixed a bug in which eval inside a dot script invoked by a profile file
    terminated the dot script prematurely after running the eval command.
  * Added parameter expansion operator ${$parameter} for variables and
    positional parameters.
  * Added -a option to read which is equivalent to -A.
  * Fixed a bug in builtin -p.
  * Added -n option to builtin to disable builtins.
  * Fixed a couple of file completion bugs.
  * When compiled with the SHOPT_BASH and run with the name bash,
    the shell now uses dynamic scoping for name() and function name.
    In addition the builtins declare and local are supported.
    The SHOPT_BASH option is on by default in the Makefile.
    More work remains with the bash compatibility option.
  * Fixed a bug in vi command completion in which tab did not work
    after a space.
  * Replaced the -p option for read with -p prompt.  For backword
    compatibility, if a coprocess is running and prompt begins with -
    or is a valid variable name, -p causes the read from a pipe.
  * Modified the -u option for read and print so that it accepts the
    option argument p to indicate the coprocess file descriptor.
- Remove patch ksh93-cd_pwd.dif and ksh93-jobs.dif as now upstream
* Fri Jun 27 2014
- Add patches
  ksh93-cd_pwd.dif to see error if a directory does not have execution bit
  ksh93-jobs.dif to avoid a crash due broken optimization in job locking
* Thu May 15 2014
- Add SIGALRM to sigexec
- Enforce reentrant usage of glibc
* Wed May 14 2014
- Update to 2014-05-09 of ksh93v- version
  * A bug in the option parser which could cause 'X -a v=((...)...) to
    core dump has been fixed.
  * A change to improve the performance of appending an element to an
    array has been fixed.
  * A complilation option to add programmable completion with the two
    new builtins, complete and compgen has been added.  It should behave
    the same as it does with bash.  Please try this out and report any
    problems you find.  Use compgen --man and complete --man to get the
    man pages.  Use the bash documentation for now for information about
    programmable completion.  The compilation is on by default for now.
  14-05-12 libast:
  * features/lib: mmap() error return may be ((caaddr_t)0) or ((caaddr_t)-1)
  * misc/optget.c: save opt_info state in case infof callout munges it
  * misc/spawnvex.c: fix nil pointer deref
- Modified patch ksh93-crashes.dif to remove fixed issues
* Tue Apr 29 2014
- Update to 2014-04-15 of ksh93v- version
  * A bug in which type name starting with the letter a, did not
    allow instances to be created has been fixed.
  * A bug which caused a syntax error when a here-doc was embedded
    in `` command substitution has been fixed.
  * A bug in `` command substition of a pipeline which could cause
    memory problems has been fixed.
  * A bug in which the assignment A=() when A is an index array of types
    did not eliminate the zero-th element has been fixed.
  * A bug in which the braceexpand option was ignored when noglob was
    on has been fixed.
  * A bug in which a timer alarm during a built-in could cause a core
    dump has been fixed.
  * A bug in which creating an empty array of a type variable with
    required fields has been fixed
  * A bug which occurs in an interactive shell when a file is opened as
    file descriptor 3 for reading which causes a subsequent read
    command to fail to read a line from the file  has been fixed.
  14-04-15 libast:
  * sfio/sfcvt.c: fix flot bug that printed |x|<1 as 0
- Modified patch ksh93-crashes.dif to fix two new issues
* Wed Apr 23 2014
- avoid hanging build on probe run
* Fri Apr 11 2014
- Update to 2014-03-01 of ksh93v- version
  * The description of .sh.match in the sh.1 man page was fixed.
  * A typeset -p bug for an associative array of types has been fixed.
  * A process substitution bug which caused a process to hang has been
  * Another bug in which extended regular expressions give with the =~
    operator in [[...]] gave syntax errors with multiple (...){...} has
    been fixed.
  * The value of errno is now saved and restored during shell interrupt
  * A bug in which a read from a script invoked with set -m could stop
    when trying to read, and cause the parent to try to restart which
    causes a loop has been fixed.
  * A bug in the right shift operator in arithmetic expressions when the
    shift count is greated then the number of bits in a long integer has
    been fixed.
  * Another memory leak which occured for functions defined in subshells
    has been fixed.
- Add patch ksh93-crashes.dif to fix various crashes as shown in
  bnc #844071
  * Avoid double free() as well as sfclose()
* Thu Feb 20 2014
- Update to 2014-01-14 of ksh93v- version
  13-12-05 cmd/builtin:
  * Round about 10 bugs had been fixed
  14-01-14  --- Release ksh93v- ---
  * More than 120 bugs had been fixed
  14-01-14 libast:
  * Round about 80 changes
  13-12-05 libcmd:
  * Round about 35 changes
  13-07-24 libcoshell:
  * Two fixes had been done
- Deleted the following patches
  * astksh_builtin_poll20120806_001.diff
  * ksh93-dttree-crash.dif
  * ksh93-fdstatus.dif
  * ksh93-heredoclex.dif
  * ksh93-jobs.dif
  * ksh93-pwd.dif
  * ksh93-sfio.dif
  * ksh93-uninitialized.dif
  as now upstream
- Modify or extend the following patches
  * ksh-locale.patch
  * ksh-qemu.patch
  * ksh93-alias-k.dif
  * ksh93-aso.dif
  * ksh93-builtin.dif
  * ksh93-compat.dif
  * ksh93-env.dif
  * ksh93-foreground-prgrp.dif
  * ksh93-gcc.dif
  * ksh93-heredoc.dif
  * ksh93-ia64.dif
  * ksh93-limit-name-len.dif
  * ksh93-pathtemp.dif
  * ksh93-profile.dif
  * ksh93-reg.dif
  * ksh93-s390.dif
  * ksh93-shift_ijs.dif
  * ksh93-signals.dif
  * ksh93-suid_exec.dif
  * ksh93-test.dif
  * ksh93-typedef.dif
  * ksh93-unset-f.dif
  * ksh93-vi.dif
  * ksh93-vm.dif
  * ksh93.dif
  * workaround-stupid-build-system.diff
  to work with new ksh93v release
* Sat Feb 08 2014
- adjust update-alternative usage to packaging policy