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Change Logs

* Fri Mar 09 2018
- Update to new upstream release 8.6.0
  * Enhancements:
  * spooler: rules support testing for out-of-office flag
  * kopano-spamd: new daemon for spam learning in Kopano/SpamAssasin
  * kopano-oof: new utility for Out Of Office
  * kopano-storeadm: new utility replacing the store functions
    of kopano-admin
  * daemons: added the --dump-config option
  * inetmapi: ensure all generated messages has a Message-ID
  * gateway: handle a zero-length PR_TRANSPORT_MESSAGE_HEADERS property
    as if it was absent
  * Changes:
  * gateway: generate Internet headers if missing
  * inetmapi: ensure all messages have a Message-Id
* Sat Mar 03 2018
- Update to new bugfix release 8.5.4
  * server: emit log entry when LDAP is missing server info objects
  * spooler: avoid deadlock due to double mutex acquisition
    within one thread
  * php: mapi_icaltomapi did not copy the iCal recipients to the
    MAPI object
  * archiver had forgotten to create its SQL tables on first use
  * php: make ParseICal able to deduce organizer addresses
  * admin: --user-count failed to print user counts
  * server: fix broken cache handling for ICS bulk restriction
  * icalmapi: handle BDAY VCF and REV VCF property
  * libserver: restore PR_EMS_AB_HOME_MDB
* Mon Feb 05 2018
- Update to final tag 8.5.0
  * libserver: store size for orphaned stores was reported
  * client: have OpenEntry check for NULL entryids and entryids
    too short
  * dagent, client: fix nonfunctional HTML filter
  * common: switch logging to stderr when pipe dies
  * spooler: avoid printing garbage when non-worker child exits
* Sat Jan 06 2018
- Update to new upstream tag 8.4.91 (RC)
  * Enhancements:
  * server: new "server_listen" directive replacing "server_bind"
  * server: stronger keep-alive
  * server: further general performance improvements
  * server: update PR_LOCAL_COMMIT_MAX on hard-deletes
  * server: speed up contact and search folder querying
  * server: skip some unnecessary attachment accesses
  * spooler: introduce indexed_headers config directive
  * search: pass "limit_results" to xapian to improve performance
  * search: optionally index draft folders
  * unixplugin: support multiple non_login_shells
  * unixplugin: add /sbin/nologin as a non_login_shell (new
    installs only)
  * gateway: RFC 6154 support
  * kopano-spamd: new program
  * icalmapi: support URL, NICKNAME, PRODID in vcards
  * Fixes:
  * gateway: generate envelope using inetmapi if not present yet
  * spooler: only evaluate rules that are explicitly enabled
    using PR_RULE_STATE
  * Changes:
  * /etc/kopano is no longer prepopulated, create .cfg manually
    if you need to override anything
  * server: remove support for upgrading databases older than ZCP
  * gateway: use threaded mode for reduced memory usage on
    many-user systems (new installs only)
  * gateway: the "imap_store_rfc822" config directive is removed
  * server: the "counter_reset" config directive is removed
  * spooler: the "always_send_utf8" config directive is removed
* Sun Dec 03 2017
- Add 0001-build-fix-build-error-w.r.t.-gettimeofday.patch
* Thu Nov 23 2017
- Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
  %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Wed Nov 15 2017
- Update to bugfix snapshot 8.4.4
  * common: fix detection of local connections that need not use
    zlib compression
  * libserver: improve ECICS error reporting
  * dagent: reenable automated backtraces when invoked with -f
  * php5-ext: fix positive retval setting in error case
  * dagent: redirect rule led to crash
  * inetmapi: overwrite recipients instead of appending
* Thu Nov 02 2017
- Update to bugfix release 8.4.2
  * server: revert NO_UNSIGNED_SUBTRACTIONS edit
* Wed Nov 01 2017
- Update to bugfix release 8.4.1
  * inetmapi: handle empty/invalid Sender in RFC2822 mails
  * spooler: for send-later mails, check trash, not outbox
* Tue Oct 31 2017
- Update to new upstream release 8.4.0
  * dagent, gateway: whitelist-based HTML filter
  * provider: speed up getIDsFromNames by reducing SQL queries
  * client: speedup from-scratch MAPI session creation by
    avoiding extraneous logon-logoff cycles during provider
  * client: add API for dump+restore of MAPI session profile data
    so libmapi users can skip provider reinitialization at
    program startup
  * mapi: disable very slow RTF compression
  * server: add entry cache for S3 backend
  * icalmapi: handle up to three email addresses in a vcard
  * icalmapi: support ADR, ORG, TITLE tags in VCF files
  * backup: save and restore store-level ACLs
  * backup: merge store-level metadata
* Tue Aug 29 2017
- Add Requires for kopano-migration-imap [boo#1055939]
* Tue Aug 15 2017
- Update to new bugfix snapshot 8.3.3~24
  * server: fix disabling of shared reminders [KC-728]
* Tue Aug 08 2017
- Update to new bugfix snapshot 8.3.3~22
  * gateway: trim CRLF from PR_EC_IMAP_BODY{,STRUCTURE} and
    make Apple Mail client work again [KC-668, KC-720]
  * server: disallow empty value for embedded_attachment_limit
    and depth counting error [KC-745]
  * common: fix incorrect timeout check in scheduler which had
    disabled softdeletes [KC-638]
  * server: disable reminders from shared stores [KC-758]
  * catch pointer underflows / NULL pointers [KC-694, KC-60,
    KC-177, KC-355, KC-378, KC-379, KC-669, KC-754]
  * libserver: avoid creating multi-stream gzip files
    [KC-104, KC-304, KC-597]
* Thu Jul 06 2017
- Update to new bugfix release 8.3.1
  * inetmapi: do not force HTML when use_tnef is set
    to minimal [KC-664]
  * spooler: avoid a use-after-free, and a deadlock after
    this failure [KC-588]
  * server: avoid unchecked return value and unsigned
    underflow [KC-656]
  * php: rework pointer value storing
  * daemons: call initgroups when switching user and
    don't fall over [KC-684,KC-690]
- Update to new bugfix release 8.3.2
  * gateway: fix an IMAP protocol error [KC-668]
    Apple Mail/Alpine did not show mails with long encoded subjects
  * common: restore ability to output crashdump [KC-630]
  * inetmapi: avoid short allocation on group
    expansion [KC-388,KC-727]
* Thu Apr 27 2017
- Update to new upstream release 8.3
  * Enhancements:
  * migration-pst: call SaveChanges only once [KC-534]
  * Fixes:
  * caldav: avoid a nullptr dereference [KC-236]
  * cachestat: avoid exception and unpack tuple [KC-402]
  * ldapplugin: revert "catch empty ldap_search_base" [KC-602]
  * spooler: fix crash on forwarding rules [KC-608]
* Wed Mar 08 2017
- Update to snapshot 8.3.0~1007
  * Enhancements:
  * gateway: optimize LIST, SELECT, STATUS [KC-490]
  * icalmapi: VCF conversion [KC-420]
  * Fixes:
  * migration-pst: skip root folder more intelligently [KC-487]
  * migration-pst: MV properties are handled better [KC-457]
  * client: add extra checks for EID sizes [KC-500]
  * gateway: enforce user and password checking on local socket [KC-396,KC-490]
  * Changes:
  * migration-pst: ignore decode errors [KC-521]
  * common: fix empty text bodies when converting U+0000 from HTML [KC-557]
  * icalmapi: reworked copying description into mail body [KC-568]
* Thu Mar 02 2017
- Build-fix include of kopano-migration-imap
* Wed Feb 01 2017
- Update to snapshot 8.3.0~694
  * migration-pst: skip root folder without hard-coded name check
  * client: add extra checks for EID sizes to CompareEntryIDs
  * php-ext: use /usr/share/kopano/php for mapi classes
* Sun Jan 29 2017
- Update to snapshot 8.3.0~667
  * Changes:
  * server: make softdelete_lifetime config setting a reloadable
    property [KC-472]
  * icalmapi: handle missing timezone for RRULE [KC-414]
  * migration-pst: filter metadata at start of subject [KC-424]
* Tue Dec 20 2016
- Update to snapshot 8.3.0~334
  * Enhancements:
  * gateway, server: reload SSL certificates on SIGHUP [KC-301]
  * dagent: log_raw_message option can now be used selectively on
    users [KC-370]
  * Fixes:
  * gateway: report missing attachments over IMAP better [KC-436]
  * inetmapi: avoid overzealously generating winmail.dat [KC-348]
  * common: fix spurious crash in sk_SSL_COMP_free on shutdown
  * backup: improved logging when ACL does not resolve to
    user/group [KC-431]
  * migration-pst: show usage, not traceback, for invalid options
  * inetmapi: avoid buffer overread on rejected recipients
    (showed garbage in logs) [KC-398]
  * Changes:
  * server: compressed attachments now get the same permissions
    as uncompressed ones [KC-380]
  * backup: maintain deleted folders and add --purge N option
Version: 10.0.5-bp151.4.3.1
* Wed May 20 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to release 10.0.5
  * Enhancements:
  * gateway: support loading MAPI folders with slash in their name.
  * Fixes:
  * admin: fix stack exhaustion calling AclRightsToString.
  * admin: fix out-of-bounds access in ConsoleTable.
  * dagent: change SMTP error code for plugin failure from
    permanent to transient category.
  * server: recognize more MariaDB-specific status codes and
    initiate reconnect if needed.
  * server: fix a cache pollution with PR_HTML and
  * dagent: failure to run actions will no longer stop rule
  * mapi4linux: avoid M4LMAPISession going away while ECMsgStore
    object(s) still alive.
* Mon Apr 13 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to release 10.0.4
  * Enhancements:
  * daemons: service units now run with systemd protections on.
  * icalmapi: support reading multi-iCal and multi-vCard files.
  * Fixes:
  * dagent, spooler: workaround crash during Python GC.
  * dagent, gateway: avoid stack exhaustion in HTML filter.
  * gateway: avoid non-atomic replacement of SSL context.
  * gateway: avoid one crash case for deeply-nested HTML mail.
  * server: cure a mysql wait phase during shutdown.
  * server: cure a crash when the SQL server has shut down.
  * daemons: avoid deadlock during signal handling.
  * libserver: fix use-after-free and crash on shutdown.
  * Various null deref warnings from clang --analyze were fixed.
  * libserver: resolve memory leak of MYSQL objects.
* Wed Mar 18 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to release 10.0.3
  * Enhancements:
  * server: new config directive request_log_method and
  * server: The log_level=0x100000 bit (SOAP) no longer has a
    meaning; use the request_log_file mechanism instead.
* Wed Mar 11 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to release 10.0.2
  * dagent: add processing time stats and publish via surveyclient
  * common: fix a malloc/delete[] mismatch in kc_utf8_to_punyaddr
  * Respect KOPANO_SOCKET environment variable in all programs
  * server: support numeric UID/GID for local_admin_users directive
  * daemons: support numeric UID/GID for run_as_* directives
* Wed Jan 22 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to release 10.0.1
  * common: avoid computing log messages that will not get
    shown [KC-1674]
  * freebusy: fix crash in RecurrenceState::Exception instantiation
  * client: IDN support [KC-1659]
  * In config files, fractional values can now be used
    for sizes ("0.5G").
* Mon Dec 16 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to release 9.0.2
  * Enhancements:
  * storeadm: print entity types in orphan list [KC-718]
  * client: improve dreaded "gsoap connect: ()" reporting
  * server: fix dreaded "SSL_accept: (null)" reporting
  * ECtools: add kopano-vcfimport
  * Fixes:
  * client: resolve rogue file descriptor closing [KC-1397,
    KC-1462, KC-1518, KC-1584, KS-42330, KS-43193, KS-43409,
    KS-43618, KS-43677, KS-43693, KS-43907, KS-43925, KS-43936]
  * dagent: resolve crash when appointment has empty
    organizer [KC-1637]
  * spooler: regard redirected messages as having
    recipients [KC-1638]
* Fri Nov 08 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Drop chown calls from scriptlets [boo#1154309]
* Wed Nov 06 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to release 8.7.85
  * daemons: support "%xxx"-style interface identifiers in bindspecs
    (the "server_listen" or similarly-named directives in
    .cfg files)
  * client: send fewer logoff calls [KC-1590]
  * daemons: AF_LOCAL sockets were erroneously owned by root
    rather than run_as_user [KC-1616]
  * pyko: avoid circular strong reference from notification
    to store [KC-1572]
  * php: add missing successful return value for
    zif_mapi_vcfstomapi [KC-1487]
  * client: unbreak translation of newly created store
    folder names [KC-1607]
  * dagent: the server_bind_intf option is removed in favor of %xxx
  * search: put back the old value for limit_results=1000
* Sun Oct 06 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to release 8.7.84
  * server: new installations will use files_v2 by default [KC-567]
  * icalmapi: vCard 4.0 (RFC 6350) is now emitted
  * kopano-set-oof has been removed; use `kopano-oof` instead [KC-981]
  * kopano-localize-folders has been removed;
    use `kopano-storeadm -Y` instead
  * admin: the --mr-process option has been added
  * dbadm: the "populate" action has been added
  * daemons: the {pop3,imap,etc.}_listen directives can now take an
    interface specifier similar to ping(8), e.g. "%eth0"
  * server/ldapplugin: LDAP group membership cache [KC-1588]
* Thu Sep 12 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to release 8.7.83
  * libserver: fix "withholding" of properties from clients [KC-1547]
  * dagent, spooler: threaded more is enabled by default now [KC-1475]
  * ldapplugin: 22% speedup in retriving the entire user list [KC-1399]
  * client: enable write-caching for properties on stores and folders;
    improves e.g. store creation time by 17% [KC-1585]
  * Dropped Python2 and PHP5 support
* Tue May 28 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to new upstream release 8.7.3
  * Fixes:
  * dagent: standard casing for RFC 5322 headers [KF-2100]
  * daemons: do not fail startup on IPv4-only systems [KC-1400]
  * Feed HTML through libtidy before using it for the to-plaintext
    conversion stage [KS-40722]
  * server: fix crash on shutdown [KF-2179]
  * server: address a potential crash due to type mismatch [KF-2151]
  * server: use utf8mb3 with mysql 5.1 [KC-1423]
  * server: avoid entering truncated tproperties data into the
    cache [KC-1417]
  * server: avoid using OpenLDAP-specific filters that 389-ds
    does not know about [KC-1402]
  * server: fixed TLS negotiation errors with openSSL 1.1.1 [KC-1439]
  * spooler: avoid unnecessary QP encoding in header fields [KC-1430]
  * spooler: fix hang on process termination [KC-1449]
  * srvadm: do not complain about default_store_locale [KC-1416]
  * dbadm: some long-running statements can now be run in parallel
    with the new -j option [KS-42617]
  * pyko: expand stubbed messages when dumping [KC-1159,KC-1168]
  * pyko: don't mix str/int busy statuses [KC-1433]
  * oof: fix erroneous -u parsing [KC-1425]
  * oof: make --message option set the right property [KC-1435]
  * server: complete utf8mb4->utf8 fallback for RHEL6 [KC-1423]
  * inetmapi: modified appointments need to produce a new
    Message-ID [KC-1458]
  * dagent: set Bcc/RecipMe flags appropriately [KC-319]
  * inetmapi: restore FQDN in Message-IDs [KC-1393]
  * inetmapi: parse fake "From:" header better to hinder
    proliferation of impersonations [KC-1350]
  * stats: print "PR_..." instead of proptag numbers [KC-1495]
  * server: no more unbounded thread number increase [KC-1446]
  * php: fix crash in zif_mapi_getprops [KC-1507]
  * Enhancements:
  * backup: do record outofoffice settings
  * php-ext: performance measurement log now contains a
    timestamp, thread identifier, and global monotonic counter.
    This can be used for estimating the achieved command rate.
* Tue Mar 12 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to 8.7.0 stable git HEAD
  * dagent: standard casing for RFC 5322 headers [KF-2100]
  * daemons: do not fail startup on IPv4-only systems [KC-1400]
  * Feed HTML through libtidy before using it for the to-plaintext
    conversion stage [KS-40722]
  * server: fix crash on shutdown [KF-2179]
  * server: address a potential crash due to type
    mismatch [KF-2151]
  * server: use utf8mb3 with mysql 5.1 [KC-1423]
  * srvadm: do not complain about default_store_locale [KC-1416]
  * dbadm: some long-running statements can now be run in parallel
    with the new -j option [KS-42617]
  * pyko: expand stubbed messages when dumping [KC-1159,KC-1168]
* Mon Feb 04 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to 8.7.0 stable
  * server: fix disappearing inbox rules [KC-1359]
  * kopano-dbadm: new action "usmp" and "usmp-charset"
  * server: no more automatic upgrade to utf8mb4,
    use `kopano-dbadm usmp` instead [KF-1394]
  * dagent: the spam_header_name was not matched
    correctly [KF-1961]
  * dagent/client/libserver: fix inadvertent AF_LOCAL->SSL
    redirect [KC-1368]
  * client: ABEIDs were parsed wrong (and it broke with
    gcc8) [KC-1386]
  * php7-ext: cease modifying potentially-immutable
    PHP variables [KC-1355]
* Sun Oct 21 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to 8.7~beta release (8.6.90)
  * dagent, gateway, ical: modern socket specification in .cfg
    with lmtp_listen=, pop3_listen=, imap_listen=, ical_listen=,
  * dagent: PF_LOCAL socket support for communicating with postfix
  * dagent: limited support for RFC 6531 (SMTPUTF8)
  * server: LDAP STARTTLS support for user backend
  * spooler: new config value log_raw_message=error
  * daemons: coredumps no longer rely on fs.suid_dumpable
  * server: support for Unicode supplemental plane (Emojis)
  * spooler: add copy_delegate_mails=move-to-rep config directive
  * kopano-ibrule: new utility for MAPI rules
  * server: experimental "files_v2" attachment storage
  * kopano-statsd: new daemon that records dagent/server/spooler
  * This is an abridged list; there are more changes to
    configuration and behavior; see RELNOTES.txt in the
    "kopano-common" package for more details.
* Sun Aug 26 2018
- Update to new snapshot
  * Fixes:
  * gateway, spooler: (re-)activate RFC 2047 header generation
    (Outlook is still unable to read the RFC 2231 headers that
    are generated normally) [KC-1226]
  * srvadm: make --purge-softdelete=0 work
  * Enhancements:
  * dagent: advertise 8BITMIME/RFC6152 support [KS-41452]
  * dagent/client: fixed broken umlauts in PR_EC_BODY_FILTERED
    when input was not UTF-8 [KC-1225]
* Mon Aug 06 2018
- Update to new upstream release 8.6.6
  * ical: handle double quotes in Content-Type header
  * server: repair broken timing log messages for ldapplugin
  * php7-ext: cure stack corruption in mapi_vcftomapi
  * gateway: avoid uncaught exception when client disconnects midway
  * dagent: avoid always running into K-2383
  * server: avoid SSL crash near ERR_clear_error on shutdown
* Tue Jul 03 2018
- Update to new upstream snapshot
  * Fixes:
  * ical: handle double quotes in Content-Type header
  * Enhancements:
  * client: now emits warnings about own incomplete PR_RULES_DATA
  * inetmapi: now emits a warning when runtime vmime is too old
  * server: fewer stat calls to the attachment backend
  * Changes:
  * dagent: default for log_timestamp changed to "yes"
* Mon May 28 2018
- Update to new upstream snapshot
  * Fixes:
  * Fix crash due to ODR violation
  * libserver: drop all remains of clientupdatestatus table
  * gateway: fix crash when new client immediately disconnects
  * mapi: avoid garbage at end of malformed RTF
  * Enhancements:
  * kopano-dbadm: new diagnostics program for offline database
  * kopano-server: allow use of --ignore-da to skip schema update
    that won't complete
  * build: support ICU 61
  * propmap: expose kopanoHidden LDAP attribute as PR_EC_AB_HIDDEN
  * Changes:
  * daemons: disable SSL renegotiation for OpenSSL 1.1+
  * server: invalid port strings are now rejected
  * client: quiesce verbose logon failure messages
  * boot: set default and UTF-8 locale for services
* Fri Apr 06 2018
- Update to new upstream release 8.6.1
  * Fixes:
  * backup: ignore error when server cannot find attachments
  * server: search folders were not loaded on startup
  * monitor: handle absence of config file
  * dagent: do not treat -d option like -c was given
  * server: fix a case where an old kopano-server would refuse to
    start with a newer database even if --ignore-da was used
  * server: fix server/client getting slower when named properties
    are created multiple times [KC-1108]
  * client: fix data corruption when server returns high named
    property IDs [KC-1107]
  * Changes (generally requires admin action):
  * inetmapi: stop treating empty indexed_headers as "X-*"
  * dagent: cease indexing X-Headers by default
  * dagent: turn indexed_headers from a prefix list into an
    exact-match set
  * If you need certain e-mail headers copied into named
    properties, they MUST be explicitly listed _one by one_ in
    dagent.cfg:indexed_headers now.
  * Enhancements:
  * server: reorder SQL log messages so the error is shown first,
    and do say when the message was truncated