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Change Logs

* Tue Jul 05 2016
- Kismet 2016-07-R1:
  * nl8011 support is fixed so finding the vif device works again
  * full 5GHz channel discovery works now
  * memory leaks in the drone are fixed
  * some ncurses compile bugs are resolved
* Wed Apr 13 2016
- Kismet 2016-01-R1:
  * force validation of fcs by default for all sources
  * support for recent autotools
  * fixes for crashes when alert backlog was set to zero
  * fixes for failures in some VIF situations
  * fixes to resizing windows
  * fixes to GPS averaging
  * fixes to Radiotap changes in recent kernels
  * add WPS state parsing
  * handle BSSTimestamp parsing
- upstream sources no longer signed, use source URLs
* Wed Sep 17 2014
- Require xz
* Tue May 27 2014
- version 2013-03-R1b
  * While this does not have major new features
  (phy-neutral is still in development)
  it includes a long list of bugfixes,
  including better ncurses color support, radiotap fixes,
  better interface control when setting channels, memory leak fixes,
  better packaging for distros, and various other quirks.
- Switch build to libnl3.
* Fri May 31 2013
- do not hardcode automake 1.12
* Sat Feb 23 2013
- Verify GPG signature only for 12.3 and up, fixing 12.2 build
- verify in prep section, and only if macro is available
* Wed Nov 28 2012
- Verify GPG signature.
* Thu Jul 19 2012
- fix ppc64 build
* Wed Sep 28 2011
- Kismet-2011-03-R2 released, includes:
- 2011-03-R2
  New release to address a crash bug in Kismet when operating as a drone
  (either kismet_server or kismet_drone).
- 2011-03-R1
  fixes problems with changes in ncurses 5.8 (for the few
  distributions which picked it up already) and is REQUIRED for Kismet
  to work with ncurses-5.8.  Also introduced is marginally more accurate
  GPS averaging (still all the problems of weighting and averaging,
  but eliminates the float drift), some compile time updates, other
  minor tweaks.
  Under the covers 2011-03 also contains the start of the new phy-neutral
  common tracker layer, which will be replacing the current model of an
  802.11-centric tracking layer.  Anyone working on capture plugins for
  non-dot11 protocols should start taking a look at the new tracking
  layer.  The dot11 tracking is being ported to the new layer and
  eventually they old tracking code will be disabled.
- 2011-01-R1
  Lots of bugfixes (netxml reference, 802.11d, mac80211 on legacy cards,
  client preferences, client display options)
  Ruby network API and example clients
  Wifi NIC performance shoot-out tool
  WPA Migration Mode detection
  GPS logging in PPI pcap files
  Per-capture source per-network and per-client signal tracking
  Packaging scripts
- 2010-07-R1 changes:
  Ruby interface and examples
  Proper TCP Async (for large numbers of drones and other situations)
  Add hidedata= option for "safer" sniffing in public environments
  Kluged escape handler for broken ncurses arrow handling on some systems
  Add --no-root option for zero-priv drone-only deploys
  Fix installation on Ubuntu dash
  IPC updates and fixes for drone
  IPC architectural fixes
* Tue Sep 27 2011
- Cleanup spec file and fix build for < openSUSE 12.1
* Fri Sep 16 2011
- Select libnl-1_1-devel
* Thu Apr 15 2010
- Kismet-2010-01-R1 released, includes
  - fixes to segfaults
  - compiling problems on Snow Leopard
  - GPS, and sundry other quirks
  - and enhancements to the UI
  - support for the new GPSD JSON-only protocol
  - and a BT scanning plugin for BT device discovery.
- Kismet-2009-11-R1 released, Release includes:
  - fixes to crashes on resizing terminals
  - tweaks to plugins
  - addition of the autowep plugin
  - improved plugin handling
  - plugin support on OSX
  - initial support for Snow Leopard
  - fixes to PPI corruption
  - XML fixes
  - and quite a lot of other bugfixes.
* Wed Aug 26 2009
- buildrequire pcre-devel and libnl-devel added to enable
  more features.
* Wed Aug 05 2009
- updated to 2009-06-R1
  * Restore battery/power reporting functionality
  * Default to VAP creation on mac80211 sources
  * Revamp IP range guessing
  * Added mouse support for network and client lists
  * Properly handle PHY packets
  * Fix filter string parsing for double-negate
  * Add low-level mac80211 control options for FCS and PLCP failure filtering
  * Added arbitrary tagging strings to clients
  * Add preserved tagging (~/.kismet file)
  * Restored linux-cap dropping on capture
  * Handle sources being disconnected under some libpcap versions
  * Restored daemonize
  * Revamped network details text
  * Restored decloaked SSID caching
  * Add plugin API for adding menus
  * Improved Nokia ITT support
  * Restore missing alerts
  * Added "user notes" to networks and clients
  * Various and sundry UI usability changes
  * Multiple crashes, internal inconsistencies, and rare but unpleasant bugs fixed
* Tue Jun 09 2009
- fix build with glibc 2.10
* Mon Jan 05 2009
- added libexpat-devel to BuildRequires (needed to build gpsmap)
* Mon Jan 05 2009
- added libexpat-devel to BuildRequires (needed to build gpsmap)
* Mon Sep 01 2008
- add ncurses include path to cflags
* Wed Jul 09 2008
- updated to 2008-05-R1
  * wrt54 fixes
  * Multiple Darwin fixes
  * GPS rewrite and fixes
  * Nokia tweaks
  * Imagemagick fixes
  * More wrt54 prism0 hacks
  * Tweaked the wrt54 stuff more (where does prism0 come from?)
  * Tweaked wrt54 source
  * Added configure patch for OSX and debian control files from
    Evan Broder
  * Fixed imagemagick detect on modern IM installs
  * Added gpsmap patches from Kripton to support open street maps
  * Added DLT80211 and DLT80211_AVS to the linktype setting code
    on Darwin, BSD
  * Added 'kismet' wrapper binary, conf files to clean/distclean
  * Fixed assorted messages being printed in quiet mode
  * Added additional warnings/info for madwifi-ng about autocreate=none
    when other vaps are found.
  * Removed wlancond/power setting on Maemo/Nokia since it doesn't seem
    to reliably help
  * Merged patches from Alexandre Balavas to clean up warnings on CentOS
  * Re-ordered headers in panelfront_display to prevent weird compiler issue
    on Darwin
  * Fixed gpsd speed issue on water mode, thanks again to Antonio
  * Fixed segv on gps=false introduced in recent gps rewrite
    (thanks Antonio Eugenio Burriel for patch)
  * Added rt61 and rt8187 source names
  * Fixed segv on OSX in client on closedir
  * Revamped GPS to use 'watch' mode in GPSD
  * Revamped GPS again to work with watch better and to dynamically use poll
    mode on older GPSD implementations
  * Revamped GPS a third time in the same day to take the seemingly broken Maemo
    GPSD into account and use R=1 debug mode on Maemo devices
  * Added Hildon GPS support
  * Fixed huge bug in IE tag parsing that ignored large beacon frames,
    thanks to Duane Compton
  * Disabled probenojoin by default in config, it's sort of a useless alert
    which makes a lot of noise.
  * More capture source control changes to try to solve problems capturing reliably
    on Nokia 8x0 devices
  * Nokia-specific changes
  * Added kernel version detection for Darwin to accept enX on >= Leopard,
    VERY NEW LIBPCAP required.
  * Fixed admtek fatal error on ssid zero (errors now ignored)
  * Fixed a problem where the first connection to the server would be ignored.
  * Merged a patchset from Pavol Rusnak and SUSE including some ncurses cleanups,
    format string quirks with size_t, and header massaging
  * Fixed 'make install' and 'make suidinstall' not dep'ing 'kismet' binary
  * Added --disable-dbus to configure for environments which don't detect properly
- fixed return of random data from nonvoid function (nonvoid.diff)
- removed obsoleted patches:
  * bool.diff (included in update)
  * includes.diff (included in update)
  * intptr.diff (included in update)
  * wtap.diff (included in update)
* Thu Feb 21 2008
- correct buildrequires after wireshark-devel changes
- only link with the needed libraries