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Change Logs

* Mon Sep 04 2017
- Update to version 4.0.7.
- Build with fPIE.
- Rebased kicad-set-cxx-version.patch.
- Upstream changes:
  * Bugs Fixed:
  Fix broken links and add correct links to about dialog.
  Eeschema: highlight the first choice in rescue dialog.
  Eeschema: fix zone properties dialog level setting tooltip.
  Pcbnew: fix segfault when appending a board in GAL mode.
  Remove some useless or incorrect asserts in plot functions.
  Pcbnew: continue loading footprints after first failure.
  Eeschema: don?t apply last line width to text thickness in
  symbol library editor.
  Pcbnew: add option to plot DXF lines in outline mode.
  Pcbnew: add option to plot DXF editable text.
  Pcbnew: fix crash when dragging a track.
  Fix crash when dragging a track.
  Remove leading/trailing white space error message from field
  * Other changes:
  Pcbnew: fix bug loading board files written when layers could
  have numeric names.
  Pcbnew: prevent segfault when outline has no vertices reading
  P-CAD file.
  Pcbnew: fix tooltip error in copper zones dialog.
  Eeschema: move BOM scripts so they are installed correctly.
  Apply changes from master to GOST page layouts.
  Save text thickness in worksheet editor.
  Fix default line widths for non-mm units in DXF import.
  Better error messages when throwing an I/O error or parse error.
  Cvpcb: fix incorrect assignments when using .equ files and
  automatic association.
  Fix possible crash and issues when a incorrect fp lib table is
  Fix crash when writing zip archive file to folder that is not
  Fix issues in plot functions when used from python scripts.
* Wed Mar 22 2017
- Update to version 4.0.6
- Upstream changes
  * Library changes:
  You may need to update your footprint library table in pcbnew,
  because some footprint libraries have been renamed as follows:
    Buttons_Switches_ThroughHole.pretty ->
    Capacitors_ThroughHole.pretty -> Capacitors_THT.pretty
    Connect.pretty -> Connectors.pretty
    Diodes_ThroughHole.pretty -> Diodes_THT.pretty
    Display.pretty -> Displays.pretty
    Relays_ThroughHole.pretty -> Relays_THT.pretty
    Resistors_ThroughHole.pretty -> Resistors_THT.pretty
    Sockets_BNC.pretty -> Connectors_TE-Connectivity.pretty
    Sockets_Mini-Universal.pretty ->
    Sockets_WAGO734.pretty -> Connectors_WAGO.pretty
    Terminal_Blocks.pretty -> Connectors_Terminal_Blocks.pretty
  * Bugs fixed:
    Pcbnew: fix an issue where path separators are not translated
    from \ in Windows to / on Unix.
    Pcbnew: do not use default board solder mask clearance in
    footprint editor.
    Pcbnew: fix a potential incompatibility (due to an old bug)
    with files which could be created by some recent Pcbnew versions.
    Eeschema: fix rotate bug in symbol library editor.
    Replace avhttp with libcurl.
    Pcbnew: fix a potential bug where a GAL canvas method was
    called from the legacy canvas.
    Eeschema: reorder toolbar slightly.
  * The KiCad development team hopes you enjoy this latest stable
  release of KiCad.
* Wed Feb 01 2017
- use individual libboost-*-devel packages instead of boost-devel
* Tue Jan 10 2017
- Update to version 4.0.5
- The KiCad project is pleased to announce that it is the first
  electronic development application to fully support the Gerber X2
- Upstream changes
  * Bugs Fixed:
  KiCad: fix crash when attempting to view ERC log with text
  Pcbnew: fix several auto save file issues.
  Eeschema: fix assertion on delete node hot key while busy.
  Pcbnew: fix drill file naming issue.
  CvPcb: remove broken footprint documentation feature.
  Footprint editor: fix transform for incorrect mirroring of pads
  (only effects pads with offset).
  Pcbnew: prevent drawing tracks on non copper layers in GAL
  Fix crash when BOARD members are changed and PNS is active.
  Fix wrong CSV BOM format using bom2csv.xsl script with custom
  * Changes:
  Fixed a crash when drawing a single point polyline.
  Gerbview: make print dialog display graphic layers list on some
  windows managers like Unity.
  Pcbnew: fix epic footprint editor DXF import fail.
  Fixed a crash when a negative (although invalid) net code
  occurs in legacy plugin.
  Pcbnew: prevent reversal of pad loading order when loading board.
  Fix incorrect indentation which generates compiler warnings.
  Pcbnew: make polygons strictly simple before fracturing them
  in zone fill calculations.
  Fix off-by-one in saving bitmaps.
  Version string improvements.
  * The KiCad development team hopes you enjoy this latest stable
  release of KiCad.
* Tue Nov 22 2016
- No longer depend on boost_1_58_0 explicitly as it now provides
  boost-devel with correct version numbers.
* Mon Sep 12 2016
- Update to version 4.0.4
  * bugfix release
- Ran dos2unix and rebased
- Rebased kicad-set-cxx-version.patch,kicad-suse-help-path.patch,
  and kicad-user-library.patch.
* Sat Aug 27 2016
- Pull some coroutine changes from kicad master, to fix build
  with boost 1.61 (boo#994383). Use on Leap and TW.
  * Add kicad-boost-1_61-boost-context-changes.patch
- Set C++ version to C++11, required by boost patch
  * Add kicad-set-cxx-version.patch
* Mon Aug 08 2016
- Update to version 4.0.3
  * Bugfix release
  * Drop obsolete kicad-swig-3.0.10.patch
* Thu Jul 07 2016
- Fix broken swig import script when using swig >= 3.0.10
  * kicad-swig-3.0.10.patch
* Fri May 06 2016
- Added kicad-suse-help-path.patch to enable help in kicad.
- Added post and postun macros to allow proper integration with
  various gui systems.
* Mon Mar 21 2016
- Update to version 4.0.2
  * Bugfix release
* Wed Dec 09 2015
- Update to version 4.0.1
* Sun Dec 06 2015
- Increase diskspace constraints to 8GB
* Mon Nov 30 2015
- Update to version 4.0.0
  Changes from previous stable release:
  * New graphics rendering backend GAL (OpenGL and Cairo)
  * New s-expression based pcb format (.kicad_pcb)
  * New footprint library format (.pretty folder with .kicad_mod footprints)
  * Updated footprint editor
  * More advanced footprint manager concept called footprint library table (fp-lib-table)
  * Ability to download footprints on the fly from git repositories
  * Official libraries are now stored on github and regularly updated
  * Awesome/Advanced Push and Shove (PnS) router (only usable with GAL renderer)
  * Interactive differential trace routing and tuning
  * Interactive trace length tuning
  * Much more realistic 3D board rendering
  * Intelligent library search with preview in Eeschema
  * Initial Python api for Pcbnew
* Mon Nov 09 2015
- Update to version 4.0.0-rc2
* Wed Sep 30 2015
- Set minimal memory size for building: 3500 Mb
* Sun Sep 13 2015
- Update to version 4.0.0-rc1
  * Drop kicad-gost package
  * Drop
  * Drop container_fwd.hpp.patch
  * Drop kikad-no-templates-install.patch
- Change license to "GPL-2.0+ and GPL-3.0+" due to source code changes
- Use user library instead of system
  * kicad-user-library.patch
- Replase kicad-libraries package with
  script for creation offline library copy.
  * kicad-library-repos-install.patch
* Tue Jun 30 2015
- Mend build breakage by using 'system' list class rather than kicad/boost one
  * container_fwd.hpp.patch
* Wed Mar 25 2015
- Do not conflict with self-provides
* Tue Feb 25 2014
- Update to version 20140120
  * Bug fixes