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Change Logs

* Wed Dec 30 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 5.0.0-1
  * Added support for libvlc as playback engine
  * Added support for INPUT_IPC_SERVER for mpv binary
  * One can change default config directory. Add new config
    directory path to ~/.config/kawaii-player/new_home.txt and
    restart application.
  * Deprecating Slave mode for mpv binary. Users should use mpv
    input ipc server. In other_options.txt set
  * opengl-cb api will be deprecated and no longer will be
    supported from now on. Users need to install pympv to use
    libmpv backend
* Sat Jul 13 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 4.2.0-1
  New Features:
  * When using libmpv, it is possible to show transparent
    widgets (ie playlist, titlelist, control frame etc..)
    directly on video. This property is available in
    Preferences->Appearance->Widgets on video.
  * In dark theme, users can manually change color of background
    and control frame. Few combinations are available by default
    Preferences->Appearance->Try. Users can choose any color,
    but most likely only dark shade of any color may look good
    on this theme (along with bold fonts).
  * Added Playlist Continue option in Preferences->Player
  Bug fixes and modifications:
  * fixed: cache pause seconds option when using libmpv
  * fixed: irregular global font size by fixing stylesheet
  * It is possible to pass http headers as dictionary to ccurl
  * No need to restart the application whenever changing mpv
    config options from Preferences, when using libmpv.
    (However, changing some options like vo/ao may need
  Feature removal:
  * Setting external player from Preferences has been removed.
    Option is still available, but user will need to manually
    edit the config files.
  * Music mode deprecated. As one can use detached video mode as
    music mode, the music mode somewhat became irrelevant.
    Moreover it became buggy and difficult to maintain over the
* Mon Jun 17 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 4.1.0-1
  New Features:
  * Thumbnail wall mode now applicable for both titlelist and
    playlist. (Thumbnail wall mode is lighter and faster
    compared to regular thumbnail grid mode, press F1 to switch
    to this mode).
  * Change number of thumbnails in each row using keys - and =
  * automatic resizing of thumbnails in thumbnail wall mode on
    widget resize
  Bug fixes:
  * Fixed: constant reappearance of cursor after fixed duration
    (in full-screen mode) on linux
  * Fixed: UI lock when libmpv could not generate
    thumbnails/preview due to corrupted file
  * Fixed: Automatic subtitle loading in pc-to-pc casting mode
    when using libmpv
  * Fixed: Maximum recursion depth limit error when window title
    is not available
  * Fixed: UnicodeEncodeError when sending playlist in pc-to-pc
    casting mode from master to slave
  * Multiple bug-fixes when using libmpv backend
  Modifications and improvements:
  * Allow setting timeout in wait_for_property
  * Generate new tokens for every playlist, when sending items
    from master to slave in pc-to-pc casting mode
  * Allow adding external audio by using command
    add-external-audio. Add keyboard shortcut to this command in
    the Shortcuts settings.
* Sat May 25 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 4.0.0-1
  New Features:
  * Experimental support for directly using libmpv as backend,
    instead of binary.
  * For generating preview and thumbnails, libmpv will be used
    by default.
  * Automatically prevent screen turn off or screensaver when
    playing video.
  * Removed variable_width_list property, since it is not
    required now. Application will automatically resize widgets
    when screen changes, on dual monitor/screen setup, even if
    application is placed on non-primary screen.
  * Added Device Pixel Ratio property in preferences. By default
    it is set to 1.0. For high resolution displays, it will be
    greater that 1.0. For retina displays it is 2.0. If video is
    appearing smaller then increase this value, when using libmpv
    as backend. If not sure, set it to 0.0, and application will
    try to adjust this value automatically.
  * Support added for both opengl-cb and opengl-render api of
  * Accurate live preview and improved gapless playback of
    network streams when using libmpv
  New Dependencies (names are given as per PyPI packages):
  * PyOpenGL
  * PyQtWebEngine (This is separate package now and won't be
    included in default PyQt5 installation)
  Optional dependency:
  * pympv (If user wants to use latest opengl-render api of
  Use of libmpv with kawaii-player:
  * python-mpv package, written by github user jaseg, with minor
    modifications. No need to install it separately. The main
    file with minor modifications is included in the
  * pympv. This package is optional and needs to be installed
    from PyPI, if user wants to use latest rendering api of mpv.
  * Those who want to use mpv/mplayer binaries, they can still
    use it. Support for binary mpv/mplayer won't be deprecated in
    the application. Advantage of using libmpv (apart from making
    cleaner code) is that, it will make application work better
    and uniform across all platforms (gnu/linux, windows and mac).
  * Playing video within thumbnails, won't work with libmpv as
    of now. So this feature has been disabled for libmpv, but it
    works as usual when using mpv binary.
* Fri Apr 19 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 3.9.0-1
  * Far too many changes to list, see
* Thu Nov 09 2017
- Update to version 2.8.0-0
  * better handling of fetching episode summary from tvdb
  * allow editing episode summary in summary box
  * summary tooltip added to thumbnail grid
  * keyboard shortcuts added for renaming to default
  * keyboard shortcuts added for fetching episode summary
  * more options added to context menu of playlist
  * separate meta_engine
  * tmdb bug fixed
  * a new command ytq: added, for quick casting of ytdl and
    torrent links from web interface
  * Support added for opening links to ytdl supported sites
  * Internal browser can be used for ytdl supported sites
  * default background image changed
  Web Interface:
  * Code has been adjusted as per server side changes
  * Show/Hide Top Menu Bar bug fixed for mobile browsers.
  * In remote control mode, support for queued items improved,
    achieving better synchronization between web interface and
    desktop interface.
  * Playlist shuffle mode fixed, in remote control mode.
  * Show message on using torrent commands from wrong section
  * New text command clear:cache added for clearing server side
  Media Server:
  * Implemented server side cache for video, music and playlist
    section for faster fetching.
  * Bug fixed in identifying same titles but different content.
  * Handles queue item remove request in remote control mode
  * Handles clear cache request
  * Allow better synchronization between desktop client and web
    interface in remote control mode
  Desktop client:
  * Thumbnail grid mode made faster, responsive with better zoom
    in/out support.
  * Various bugs fixed in thumbnail grid mode
  * Thumbnail generation in list mode improved without blocking ui.
  * some changes in player stop method to restore state before
  * Better handling of peer-to-peer mode in thumbnails
  * context menu added to playlist column for renaming file names
    to default.
  * context menu added to playlist for removing thumbnails.
  * bugs fixed in ordering of playlist column in video section
    using page up/down button keys
  * bugs fixed in resizing images
  Other Design Issues:
  * Separate single thumbnail directory for both desktop and web
  * use of hashing to get thumbnails quickly without querying to
    database, for both desktop client and web interface.
  * In custom playlist, artist can be added manually. Use '::' to
    delimit title from artist when renaming using key F2.
  Web Interface:
  * show torrent status immediately as soon as it is started
  * allow absolute seek from status bar for both remote control
    and client mode
  * allow synchronization as much as possible between web
    interface and remote controlled desktop application
  * changes in get m3u method
  * hide top menu bar properly in mobile interface while scrolling
  * allow m3u generation of playlist history
  * change bottom progress bar properly according to remote
    control on/off state
  Media Server:
  * total_ui_navigation function added for remote controlled mode
  * handle request for force play and pause
  * handle request for absolute seek
  Desktop Interface:
  * crashing of player fixed when server ip address changes
  * thumbnail generation method made responsive
  * allow deleting music library entries
  * reduce time delay between thumbnail generation
  Major changes made in the web interface:
  * Proper context menu support added for both queue and playlists
    for performing multiple operations
  * Legacy menu removed and replaced with Top menu bar
  * Small status bar added to the bottom that will be displayed
    while scrolling long playlist
  * Status bar and Menu bar can both be hidden
  * Thumbnail support added which can be activated using playlist
    context menu
  * Grid layout used for control buttons
  * Bug fixed in torrent streaming within web interface
  * Added buttons for navigating playlist history
  * clear:playlist_history command added, which can be sent using
    search box
  Remote Control mode:
  * Feature added to queue items from web interface for playing on
    kawaii-player server
  Peer to Peer mode:
  * Faster login to peers
  * Better Support for thumbnail display
  * Fetch thumbnails from peers without blocking UI
  * Server can handle multiple thumbnail image requests
  * Server can remember playlist navigation history for the session
  * Server can remember thumbnail activation mode on web interface
    for the session
  * Improved Web Interface
  * Thumbnail support added in both web interface and peer to peer
  * Context menu added in web interface
  * notify broken libtorrent with code 0
  * send_notification function modified
  * qtwebengine related bugs fixed
  * do not update playlist widget for empty list
  * do not allow update values to site_option in serverlib
  * curl globoff by default
  * fullscreen on double click added
  * catch errors in PlayerGetEpn
  * allow mode a+v in get_yt_url
  * 480p quality fixed for yt videos
  * support external audio files properly
  * initialize idw when none
  * some unnecessary variables removed
  * stop arrow timer when active on focussed playlist
  * replace n_art with blank space when none in media_server
  * many bugs related to nt platform fixed
  * signature of ccurl changed
  * fetching of images from fixed
  * binary for gnu/linux fixed for torrent streaming
  * Allow using mpv input.conf for keyboard shortcuts by setting
    MPV_INPUT_CONF=True in other_options.txt.
  * option to disable aspect ratio
  * log output changed
  * faster login in peer-to-peer mode
  * bugs fixed in getting next file in the playlist when mpv
    doesn't emit EOF code:1
  * Bug fixed in looping file when mpv doesn't emit EOF code:1
  * get external links in addons in asynchronous manner, causing
    major changes in codebase.
  * notify properly when authentication fails in p2p mode
  * allow hierarchy in titlelist
  * allow viewing history in myserver addon
* Sat Sep 02 2017
- Fixed version number
* Thu Aug 31 2017
- Update to version 2.2.0-1
  * Improved video management functionalities.
  * Allows creating new video categories
  * Allows renaming of title and playlist entries
  * Group rename of playlist entries
  * Improved contextmenu with grouping of various categories
  * Allows getting information for entire collection
  * TMDB support added
  * Supports both duckduckgo and google as search engine backend
    for getting information from either TVDB or TMDB.
  * Keyboard shortcuts have been changed
  * Allows direct jump on title starting with letter when keyboard
    button pertaining to that letter is pressed
  * Firefox related bug fixed when loading subtitles
  * New background image modes with shortcuts (ctrl+0 and ctrl+9)
  * Some image resizing issues fixed with python-pillow
  * Allows using the application as both server as well as client
  * Added new MyServer addon for managing peer-to-peer mode.
  * Servers can broadcast themselves in the local network so that
    clients can discover it without having to remember local IP
    address of each media server.
  * Allows modifying broadcast message of server
  * Users can manually set server's upload speed
  * mpv now remembers last aspect ratio
  * Better OSD display on changing aspect ratio
  * Critical bug fixed in deleting bookmarked playlist
  version 2.0.0-0:
  * Various modules separated and major overhaul of large codebase
  * Headless browser included
  * Proper support added for qtwebkit along with qtwebengine as
    backend for headless browser
  * Multiple bug fixes
* Tue May 23 2017
- Fixed source URL
* Sat May 20 2017
- Initial package (1.4.0-0)