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Change Logs

* Mon Jan 08 2018
- Update to version 0.12+git20161002 (changes since 0.8.5):
  * Add several more effects.
  * Pretty buttons with icons, tooltips on buttons with icons
  * Add implode and explode effects, a qimageblits dependency to
    get more effects.
  * Use the qimageblitz library for more effects; it seems to be
    able to use some cpu optimisation pure QImage isn't.
  * Change button labels to icons.
  * Replace the "mono" effect with histogram equalisation.
  * Add a configuration option for contrast enhancement.
  * UI tweaks for buttons.
  * Better scaling of toolbar buttons
  * Fix compiler and QML runtime warnings.
  * Move effect processing into the capture thread. This fixes
    unresponsiveness of the whole UI when using CPU-intensive
    effects (like emboss or oil paint) with large resolution.
  * Fix tabs.
  * Add burst mode; Add Capture Group in settings with setting for
    Timer timeout, Burst shot number of pictures and burst shot
  * Image controls in the settings dialogue: Brightness, contrast,
    saturation and hue.
  * Fix sound files lookup.
  * Port to Qt5/KF5.
  * Fix DropShadows.
  * qml: Use pointSize instead of pixelSize for fonts.
  * config: Flip defaults for normalization and aspect ratio lock.
  * Wait 3 frames before taking the photograph. Useful on laptops,
    so the white screen can work like a flash.
  * Don't group photo notifications.
  * qml Button: Change cursor shape when hovered.
  * Streamline notification buttons.
  * Add an ability to open the photo by clicking on the preview.
  * Use QDesktopServices instead of xdg-open directly for
    "Open directory" button.
  * Prevent previews being clicked when hidden.
  * Update translations.
- Add kamerka-suse-qimageblitz.patch.
- Add a phonon backend requirement.
* Tue Dec 25 2012
- Update to version 0.8.5
  * Added few basic filters and mirroring support
  * Added option for locking image preview proportions
  * Fix initial window size being hardcoded to 640x480
  * Coding convention fixes
  * Added Portuguese translation, Traditional Chinese translation and
    Dutch translation
* Mon May 14 2012
- Use %{_kde4_sharedir}/config.kcfg instead of %{_kde4_configkcfgdir} for
  fix compilation on openSUSE <= 11.4
* Fri Apr 20 2012
- initial import from 0.8.1