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Change Logs

Version: 1.4.0-bp150.2.4
* Tue Apr 08 2014
- Removed ivtv-ctl and v4l2-ctl utilities which are now provided by v4l-utils
  package (avoid conflicts during installation) and added a dependency to
  v4l-utils package for them.
* Wed Feb 06 2013
- drop off ivtv-firmware to separate package (bnc#757539)
- package pm-config file for ivtv (bnc#781377)
* Wed Sep 12 2012
- license update: GPL-2.0
  SPDX format
* Mon May 17 2010
- added modalias supplements for firmware package (bnc#534216)
* Mon May 17 2010
- update to 1.4.0
  - Updated for kernel 2.6.29.
  - Fix and enhance ivtv private packet decoding.
  - Update to latest v4l2-ctl.
  - Removed v4l2-dbg: use the version from the official v4l-dvb
    repository instead.
* Fri Dec 04 2009
- de-fuzz the Makefile patch
* Wed Aug 26 2009
- make patch0 usage consistent
* Fri Jun 19 2009
- disable as-needed for this package as it fails to build with it
* Fri Feb 27 2009
- update to svn to fix build
* Fri Jan 09 2009
- use ExclusiveArch as in /SRC/arch/
* Mon Sep 29 2008
- update to 1.3.0 (upstream name is now ivtv-utils)
  * ivtvctl has been renamed to ivtv-ctl. This makes it consistent
  with the naming of other v4l2 utilities.
- kmp packages (drivers) are now gone, all in upstream kernel
* Wed Oct 17 2007
- update to 1.0.3, the main driver is now upstream and built
  in the kernel source
- here are the ivtvfb and saa717x drivers
* Sun Jun 10 2007
- avoid comparison with string literal
* Tue Jun 05 2007
- update to 0.10.3
- make it compile with current kernel
* Thu Apr 05 2007
- make it compile with current kernel
* Tue Apr 03 2007
- added licence files to firmware
* Wed Mar 28 2007
- update to 0.10.1
  - Fix bug where the 'App not reading fast enough' message was repeated
    continuously. It should only show it once, until the application is
    reading again.
  - Allow hex input for setting controls (-c option) in v4l2-ctl.
  - Show the actual amount of bytes read from /dev/videoX in the
    LOG_STATUS text.
  - Due to a bad copy-and-paste the i2c subsystem used I2C_HW_B_BT848
    instead of I2C_HW_B_CX2341X.
  - Still allow 256 KB encoder firmwares for compatibility with
    blackbird cards.
  - Fix PIO support.
  - Pass correct values for ENC_MISC(3, ...)
  - Fix ivtvfbctl option handling on ppc.
* Sun Mar 18 2007
- removed /lib/firmware directory from filelist (in filesystem)
* Wed Jan 17 2007
- hack to build on 2.6.20pre
* Sat Jan 13 2007
- update to 0.9.1
- 0.9.1 stable release
  - Fix busy wait loop
  - Remove 2.6.18 workaround: no longer needed in 2.6.19.
- 0.9.0 stable release
  - minor updates for 2.6.19: fix compile warnings and update VIDIOC_G_SLICED_VBI_CAP
  ioctl to the changed v4l2_sliced_vbi_cap struct.
  - Improve the output of VIDIOC_LOG_STATUS.
  - Fix handling of corrupt tveeprom.
- 0.8.2 stable release
  - Fix handling of corrupt tveeprom.
  - Fix busy wait loop
- 0.8.1 stable release
  - vbi test tool accepts -d1 as a shortcut for /dev/video1
  - added videodev2.h in utils since distros often are sloppy
  in updating this file in a new kernel release.
  - some usability improvements to v4l2-ctl. Please note! Some
  options have new names.
  - workaround VIDIOC_INT_S_REGISTER kernel bug (wrong ioctl value
  in the v4l2-common.h header, this is fixed in 2.6.19).
  - saa717x fixes for Japanese cards.
  - reported pix format was V4L2_PIX_FMT_UYVY instead of V4L2_PIX_FMT_HM12.
  - added missing VIDIOC_ENUM_FMT ioctl.
  - added new IVTV_IOC_STOP ioctl (thanks to Martin Dauskardt <>)
  - added new IVTV_IOC_PAUSE_BLACK ioctl (thanks to Martin Dauskardt <>)
  Similar to IVTV_IOC_PAUSE, but it turns the output black when paused.
  - Fix encoder pause/resume: these two were swapped.
  - Firmware loading has been made more robust
  Thanks to Robert Hardy <>.
  - Firmware loading once again supports ppc.
  - Fix nasty bug when loading the init mpeg file
  Thanks to Robert Hardy <>.
  - Enabling of newi2c support now depends on the presence of an IR-blaster.
  - No longer turn the digitizer off and on when changing channels, this
  caused the tinny audio!
  - Fix VIDIOC_STREAMOFF support.
  - Detection of Hauppauge cards is now fully based on the tveeprom,
  PCI IDs are ignored. Other cards still use the PCI ID for detection.
  - The detection of the first or second unit of a PVR500 is now done based
  on the PCI 'slot' used on the PVR500 card. The first unit has slot 8,
  the second has slot 9.
  - Added IR-blaster detection, with thanks to Hauppauge's Steven Toth for
  providing this information.
  - Fix initial PAL/SECAM/NTSC tuner defaults.
  - Fix driver cleanup in case an error occurs.
  - Ripped out dynamic buffer allocation: it never worked right and gave
  some people a lot of grief.
  - Make i2c errors (missing i2c devices) more readable.