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Change Logs

* Thu Apr 12 2018
- Fix build with asciidoctor (bsc#1075764):
* Sun Mar 11 2018
- Use %license macro
- Fix rpmlint E: env-script-interpreter
- Add GPG signature
- Update to 4.15
  * build: AnyEvent::I3 moved to the i3 repository, so that its main
    consumer, the i3 testsuite, can use new features immediately (such as
    the tick event, in this case).
  * docs/hacking-howto: promote “using git / sending patches” and “how to
    build?” sections
  * docs/i3bar-protocol: document that pango markup only works with pango
  * docs/ipc: document focus, nodes, floating_nodes
  * docs/ipc: urgent: complete the list of container types
  * docs/ipc: document how to detect i3’s byte order in memory-safe
  * docs/ipc: document the GET_CONFIG request
  * docs/userguide: fix formatting issue
  * docs/userguide: explain why Mod4 is usually preferred as a modifier
  * docs/userguide: use more idiomatic english (full-size, so-called)
  * docs/userguide: switch from removed goto command to focus
  * docs/userguide: mention <criteria> in focus
  * docs/userguide: remove outdated 2013 last-modified date
  * dump-asy: add prerequisite checks
  * dump-asy: fix warnings about empty container names
  * i3-dump-log: enable shmlog on demand
  * i3-sensible-terminal: add “kitty”, “guake”, “tilda”
  * i3-sensible-editor: add “gvim”
  * i3bar: add --release flag for bindsym in bar blocks
  * i3bar: add relative coordinates in JSON for click events
  * ipc: rename COMMAND to RUN_COMMAND for consistency
  * ipc: implement tick event for less flaky tests
  * ipc: add error reply to “focus <window_mode>”
  * ipc: send success response for nop
  * default config: add $mod+r to toggle resize mode
  * default config: use variables for workspace names to avoid repetition
  * introduce “assign <criteria> [→] [workspace] [number] <workspace>”
  * introduce
    “assign <criteria> [→] output left|right|up|down|primary|<output>”
  * introduce a “focus_wrapping” option (subsumes “force_focus_wrapping”)
  * introduce percentage point resizing for floating containers:
    “resize set <width> [px | ppt] <height> [px | ppt]”
  * introduce “resize set <width> ppt <height> ppt” for tiling windows
  * rename “new_window” and “new_float” to “default_border” and
    “default_floating_border” (the old names keep working)
  * output names (e.g. “DP2”) can now be used as synonyms for monitor names
    (e.g. “Dell UP2414Q”).
  * the “swap” command now works with fullscreen windows
  * raise floating windows to top when they are focused programmatically
  * _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW: invalidate focus to force SetInputFocus call
  * make focus handling consistent when changing focus between outputs
  * round non-integer Xft.dpi values
  * tiling resize: remove minimum size
  * i3bar: fix various memory leaks
  * i3bar: fix crash when no status_command is provided
  * fix uninitialized variables in init_dpi_end, tree_restore
  * fix incorrectly set up signal handling
  * fix “swap” debug log message
  * fix crash when specifying invalid con_id for “swap”
  * fix crash upon restart with window marks
  * fix crash when config file does not end in a newline
  * fix crash in append_layout
  * fix crash in layout toggle command
  * fix crash when switching monitors
  * fix use-after-free in randr_init error path
  * fix move accidentally moving windows across outputs
  * fix crash when floating window is tiled while being resized
  * fix out-of-bounds memory read
  * fix memory leak when config conversion fails
  * fix layout toggle split, which didn’t work until enabling tabbed/stack
    mode once
  * move XCB event handling into xcb_prepare_cb
  * avert endless loop on unexpected EOF in ipc messages
  * perform proper cleanup for signals with Term action
  * don’t match containers in the scratchpad with criteria
  * fix “workspace show” related issues
  * fix config file conversion with long variable names
  * fix config file conversion memory initialization
  * prevent access of freed workspace in _workspace_show
  * disable fullscreen when required when programmatically focusing windows
  * free last_motion_notify
  * don’t raise floating windows when focused because of focus_follows_mouse
  * correctly set EWMH atoms when closing a workspace
  * don’t raise floating windows when workspace is shown
  * keep focus order when encapsulating workspaces
  * validate layout files before loading
* Sat Oct 07 2017
- Fix leap 42.x builds
- Remove duplicate install for man page
- Remove suse specific path from build folder to ease building
  for other non-SUSE, rpm based linux distributions.
* Mon Sep 25 2017
- update to 4.14.1
  ? include AnyEvent-I3 in dist tarballs
  ? append_layout: validate JSON before loading
  ? move: fix erratic behavior with single container child jumping outputs
  ? ipc: rename COMMAND to RUN_COMMAND for consistency
* Mon Sep 04 2017
- update to 4.14
- Remove U_configure_ac.patch (was accepted upstream)
  * Aside from many bug and documentation fixes, the “swap” command is a notable
  addition of this release. As is almost tradition at this point, keybinding
  handling has seen some fixes as well. A noticeable change for users with such
  monitors is i3’s support for RandR 1.5, which transparently supports the TILE
  property of first-gen 4K monitors and current 5K or 8K monitors.
* Sun Feb 05 2017
- Update description
* Tue Dec 27 2016
- Add dependency of perl-AnyEvent-I3, which is required for i3-save-tree.
* Sun Dec 18 2016
- update to 4.13
- added: U_configure_ac.patch -- fixes autoreconf
- refreshed i3-desktop_file_valid.patch
* Fri Dec 16 2016
- Fix typo in package summary
* Thu Aug 11 2016
- Add "provides windowmanager" to fix bnc@992972
* Sun Jun 19 2016
* Add i3lock to recomends
* Fri Jun 17 2016
* Correct recommends to fix boo#985443
* Mon Mar 21 2016
- Added Recommends i3status to fix bnc#971897
* Tue Mar 08 2016
- update to version 4.12:
  * use https instead of git/http, update contact information, add GPG
  * docs/hacking-howto: fix old cfgparse.y reference to
  * docs/ipc: added link to i3ipcpp (C++ library)
  * docs/userguide: clarify no_focus documentation
  * docs/userguide: add documentation for binding modes
  * docs/userguide: fix rendering of __focused__
  * docs/userguide: improve placement of explicit IDs for headings
  * docs/userguide: make rendering of key bindings more consistent
  * docs/userguide: clarify quoting of ?exec? commands
  * man/i3-nagbar: fix example invocation
  * man/i3: add ?floating window? to terminology
  * i3-sensible-*: quote variables correctly
  * i3-sensible-editor: add neovim
  * i3-sensible-terminal: add termit, st
  * i3bar: use cairo for all drawing operations
  * i3bar: support per-statusblock border and background colors
  * i3bar: support different bar background colors depending on
    whether the bar
  * is on the focused output or not
  * i3bar: multiple tray_output directives on the same bar are now
  * i3bar: support disabling the modifier by specifying ?modifier
  * use cairo for all drawing operations
  * fix a number of memory leaks, thanks to AddressSanitizer
  * no_focus is now suppressed for the first window of a workspace
  * ?workspace next/prev? now looks for numbered workspaces after
    reaching the
  * last workspace (it used to incorrectly only look at named
  * multiple marks can now be set on a single window (but a mark can
    still only
  * be present on one window at a time)
  * the ?unmark? command now supports criteria
  * the ?con_id? criterion now supports the special value __focused__
  * the ?workspace? command now supports the --no-auto-back-and-forth
  * the ?move window to workspace? command now supports the
  * --no-auto-back-and-forth parameter
  * the ?resize grow|shrink width|height? command now works for a
    nested split
  * in the same direction
  * support _NET_WM_USER_TIME?s special 0 value, indicating that a
  * should not be focused
  * use 32-bit visual by default if available. This reduces graphical
  * when using transparency (which is still not officially supported)
  * the ?move position center? command now supports criteria
  * specifying invalid match criteria now results in an error instead
  * blindly applying the operation to the currently focused window
  * allow mouse bindings to run on the root window
  * support matching _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_NOTIFICATION in criteria
  * all criteria are now matched, even when con_id or con_mark are
    given (used to be a special case)
  * allow the ?id? criterion to be specified in any base recognized by
    strtol(), not only base 10
  * non-true color displays are now supported again (e.g. the
    Raspberry Pi)
  * the ?split? command now has a ?toggle? option
  * the additional color class ?decoration_border? was added
  * title_format is now stored on containers instead of windows,
    allowing the
  * use of title_format on split containers
  * On OpenBSD, i3 now uses pledge(2)
  * support _NET_WM_DESKTOP (for pager applications like gnome-panel)
  * floating workspaces are no longer available (they were not
    supported for a
  * while now)
  * floating windows now carry the I3_FLOATING_WINDOW atom so that
    tools like
  * compositors can be configured to match on floating windows
  * i3bar: display short text only on the monitor(s) on which it is
  * i3bar: explicitly set cursor using libxcb-cursor if available
  * i3bar: fix XEMBED messages
  * i3-nagbar: explicitly set cursor using libxcb-cursor if available
  * duplicated keybindings are now also detected when one uses
    bindcode but the
  * other(s) use(s) bindsym
  * keymap fallback for servers without XKB (e.g. TightVNC) has been
  * using pango markup in mode names is now optional, fixing a
    regression in i3
  * v4.11 where modes which contained characters such as ?<? would
  * moving windows to a workspace by specifying a mark now works
  * the root output is now used when any RandR request fails (for
  * assignments are now marked as run before executing them,
    preventing endless
  * loops/crashes when assignments cause another assignment evaluation
  * splitting/floating a dock container no longer crashes i3
  * correctly compare modifier mask when identifying keybindings
  * bindings which use --release)
  * no longer fail config validation when there is no newline at the
    end of
  * the config file
  * scrollwheel buttons are now only grabbed when necessary, allowing
    the use
  * of ?bindsym button*? or scrolling in windows without focusing them
    (in case
  * no ?bindsym button*? is present)
  * parse con_id in base 16 (affected FreeBSD only)
  * fix crash when opening a large number of windows
  * reject empty swallow definitions to avoid crashes
  * don?t remove SubstructureRedirect event mask temporarily (fixes
  * stopping after system suspend)
  * move urgent flag before killing the parent to avoid a crash
  * correctly validate ?kill? command to avoid crashing when ?kill? is
  * on workspace containers
  * actually accept the documented ?workspace? token as an alternative
    to ???
  * in assign statements
  * remove _NET_WM_STATE on withdrawn windows to comply with the spec
  * the ?border? command now uses logical pixels (relevant for hi-dpi
  * ?tray_output primary? does not properly fall back and hence was
  * from the default config again
  * correctly determine focused workspace when moving workspace to
  * revert to default binding mode before reloading the config file
  * correctly interpret _MOTIF_WM_HINTS (endianness-dependent)
* Thu Oct 01 2015
- Update to v4.11
- Changes in i3 v4.11:
  * docs/debugging: provide instructions on how to debug i3bar
  * docs/debugging: added a note about sensitive data
  * docs/userguide: add a note to both ?exec?s about semicolon and comma
  * docs/userguide: quoted strings need to be used, escaping isn?t possible
  * docs/userguide: make syntax of syntax descriptions consistent
  * docs/userguide: recommend ?exec exec? for correct signal handling
  * docs/userguide: explain i3-config-wizard?s behavior
  * i3-nagbar: open on the primary screen
  * i3-config-wizard: respect XDG config directories
  * i3-input: position i3-input at window with input focus
  * i3bar: use a reasonable default sep_block_width if a separator_symbol is given
  * i3bar: add binding mode indicator
  * i3bar: add bindsym command (deprecates wheel_{up,down}_cmd)
  * i3bar: make tray padding configurable
  * makefiles: respect EXEC_PREFIX and PKG_CONFIG
  * added a --toggle switch to mark: ?mark [--toggle] <mark>?
  * added ?focus_on_window_activation? directive
  * added ?no_focus? directive
  * added ?move [container|window] [to] mark <str>? command
  * added ?move [window|container] [to] position mouse|cursor|pointer? command
  * added ?title_format? command
  * added ?resize set [width] [height]? command
  * added ?sticky? command (for floating containers)
  * added ?workspace? criterion
  * added ?window_type? criterion
  * make center coordinates relative to current workspace
  * draw marks in window decoration (configure with show_marks)
  * only mark a window if only one window is matched
  * make floating window mouse handling consistent with tiled windows
  * add a --border flag to enable mouse binds to trigger on border click
  * set the _NET_WM_STATE_HIDDEN atom on windows that are currently not visible
    due to being in the non-focused tab of a stacked or tabbed container
  * ignore InputHint when not in WM_HINTS
  * display which config is used in i3 --moreversion
  * support config file line continuation
  * use WM_SIZE_HINTS when present to set the geometry of floating windows
  * add ?tray_output primary? to the default config
  * use libxkbcommon for translating keysyms, support all XKB groups
  * support special value ?__focused__? in criteria
  * support _NET_WM_VISIBLE_NAME
  * make sure borders are never counted as adjacent to the edge for floating
  * support moving dock clients to another output
  * let ?focus? report success depending on whether a window was matched
  * handle _NET_WM_STATE_STICKY (for floating containers)
  * make ?debuglog on? command persist over restarts
  * randr: use root window in case of no randr outputs
  * set proper WM_CLASS on frame windows
- Bugfixes:
  * i3bar: only detect clicks within the statusline width
  * i3bar: fix flickering shortened status bar on other output(s)
  * i3bar: send custom-defined command upon click on the non-statusline part of
    i3bar even if workspace_buttons is set to ?no?.
  * i3-config-wizard: Make window size and click coordinates dependent on font
  * i3-save-tree: retain ?rect? for floating cons
  * move urgency hint when moving container
  * fix percents when attaching a window to a ws creates a new split con
  * cope with non-null-terminated x class properties
  * get workspace name when renaming current workspace
  * allow single-child non-default layout cons to be moved between outputs
  * allow --whole-window right after 'bindsym' within binding modes
  * remove windows from the save set when unmapping (fixes problems with e.g.
    owncloud when restarting i3)
  * serialize con_id with %p in run_binding()
  * initialize workspace rect to the output's upon creation
  * mkdirp: do not throw an error if directory exists
  * grab all buttons when managing a window to also allow 'bindsym
  - -whole-window button4 ?' to work correctly
  * properly clear the urgency hint when set by i3
  * layout restore: load floating containers correctly
  * layout restore: remove remaining criteria when swallowing window
  * layout restore: When appending a layout containing a marked container, make
    sure that any other containers with the same mark are unmarked during
    insertion of the new container.
  * use the EWMH support window rather than the root window as an input focus fallback
  * use the focused container to determine the target window_mode when using
    floating mode_toggle
* Tue Sep 08 2015
- Update to v4.10.4:
  * Bugfixes:
  - revert: disable physically disconnected RandR outputs
  - i3-msg: strdup getenv() result before freeing
- Changes of v4.10.3:
  * Bugfixes:
  - serialize con_id with %p in run_binding() (For FreeBSD)
  - ignore InputHint when not in WM_HINTS (fixes e.g. mupdf focus)
  - disable physically disconnect RandR outputs
  - initialize workspace rect to the output's upon creation
  - userguide: quoted strings need to be used, escaping isn?t possible
  - mkdirp: do not throw an error if directory exists (fixes layout loss for
    in-place restarts)
  - i3bar: fix freeing static strings
* Thu Apr 16 2015
- Update to v4.10.2:
  * Bugfixes:
  - Cope with non-null-terminated x class properties.
  - Get workspace name when renaming current workspace (fixes crash).
  - Use a reasonable default sep_block_width if a separator_symbol is given.
  - Remove windows from the save set when unmapping.
* Tue Apr 07 2015
- Update to v4.10.1:
  * Changes in i3 v4.10.1:
  - i3bar: cut long statuslines from the left
  - i3bar: add support for the short_text property
  - i3-sensible-terminal: launch i3-nagbar when no terminal is found
  - i3-config-wizard: switch modifier on key up/down
  - docs/layout-saving: added a troubleshooting section
  - docs: degender all the terms
  - Revert "Workspace command number selection"
  - don?t parse blocks as markup by default
  - Allow escaping backslashes in commands.
  - switch default font from ?DejaVu Sans Mono 8? to ?monospace 8?, which is
  - typically a synonym, except for users who prefer a different font.
  - When renaming a workspace, look for assignments and move the renamed
  - workspace to the appropriate output.
  - i3-save-tree: make --workspace optional by defaulting to the focused
  - Allow nop command without argument
  * Bugfixes
  - i3bar: buffer the statusline to avoid flickering
  - i3bar: fix click events for workspace buttons with long statusline
  - i3bar: set correct initial position when reconfiguring
  - i3bar: reconfigure strut partial on reload
  - i3-nagbar: fix sizes/positioning on hi-dpi displays
  - i3-config-wizard: fix sizes/positioning on hi-dpi displays
  - i3-input: fix sizes/positioning on hi-dpi displays
  - Fix scrolling in window decoration with hidden cursor.
  - workspace rename focus mismatch
  - Don?t overwrite border width when already set (placeholders).
  - fix a segfault during config file validation
  - Restore placeholder windows after restarting.
  - Don?t focus placeholder windows.
* Mon Mar 16 2015
- Update to v4.9.1:
- Bugfixes:
  - i3bar: fix incorrect y-offset for text
  - fix key bindings on big-endian platforms
  - fix key bindings using Mode_switch
  - fix keyboard layout change detection
  - revert "Handle WM_CHANGE_STATE requests for iconic state" (fixes problems
    with application windows disappearing, like SDL-based games when switching
  - insert id-based match at HEAD, not TAIL (fixes window swallowing not
    working when the criteria match the placeholder window)
  - improve error messages on failing commands
  - replace ~ in filepath when calling append_layout
  - properly error out when the layout file cannot be read
* Mon Mar 02 2015
- Update to v4.9
- Changes (
  - docs/ipc: use an actual event type
  - docs/debugging: use
  - docs/testsuite: add hint to use xvfb-run
  - testcases: use Xephyr instead of XDummy
  - i3-sensible-*: use command -v (built-in) instead of which(1)
  - i3.xsession.desktop: set DesktopNames (which gdm uses)
  - i3-save-tree: interpret commandline parameters as utf-8
  - i3-save-tree: add 'mark' as allowed key to i3-save-tree output
  - i3bar-protocol: ensure align = left is the default
  - i3bar: implement custom mouse wheel commands
  - i3bar: improve error message when a full_text property is missing
  - i3bar: respect the urgency flag on status blocks
  - i3bar: inset the urgent background of a status block for consistency with
  - workspace buttons
  - i3bar: suspend the child when bars are fully obscured
  - i3bar: use Pango markup
  - ipc: implement the window::close event
  - ipc: implement the window::move event
  - ipc: implement the window::floating event
  - ipc: implement the window::urgent event
  - ipc: set ws reply "num" member to -1 when named
  - ipc: add deco_rect property to con in ipc response
  - ipc: include workspace con in workspace event
  - ewmh: implement property _NET_NUMBER_OF_DESKTOPS
  - ewmh: implement property _NET_DESKTOP_VIEWPORT
  - ewmh: implement property _NET_DESKTOP_NAMES
  - ewmh: handle _NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP requests
  - ewmh: handle _NET_CLOSE_WINDOW requests
  - ewmh: handle _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE requests
  - implement mouse bindings (e.g. bindsym button3 kill)
  - add mouse binding --whole-window flag
  - add mouse binding --release flag
  - switch to xcb-xkb and libxkbcommon, removing our last direct Xlib dep
  - make ?move [direction]? work with criteria
  - make ?move <window|container> to <absolute> position? work with criteria
  - ?workspace <n>? and ?move to workspace <n>? now look for a workspace
    starting with number <n> (unless there is a workspace exactly matching that
    number). I.e., ?workspace 4? will go to a workspace called ?4: www? unless
    you have a workspace ?4?
  - ?focus <direction>? now focuses floating containers when there are no
    tiling containers on the destination output
  - take the motif border into account when calculating floating window
  - revert ?Disable pointer warps when focus_follows_mouse is disabled? as it
    was unexpected by a number of users. Sorry for the back-and-forth
  - handle WM_CLASS changes
  - raise floating windows on ?focus <direction>?
  - align lower line of bar decoration to border width
  - parse tray_output as a word, not string
  - allow to validate the config file without X
  - do not resend focus on click, fixes compatibility problems with some wine
    or mono apps (e.g. Office 2010)
  - don't draw borders wider than actual width
  - prevent workspace change during global fullscreen
  - extend the fullscreen command (fullscreen <enable|toggle|disable> [global])
  - fix start_application() doc about which shell is used
- Bugfixes:
  - i3-dmenu-desktop: quote path
  - i3bar: fix a double free when changing color configuration
  - i3bar: render bars after the first chunk of JSON
  - i3bar: add a sync call to confirm reparents before exiting (fixes tray
    restart issues)
  - i3bar: correctly calculate clicks on i3bar status blocks
  - i3bar: make click events on status blocks work with 'workspace_buttons no'
  - retina support: convert logical to physical pixels for default_border_width
  - retina support: treat everything up to 120 dpi as 96 dpi
  - don?t set input focus if not accepted (fixes problems with xfce4-notifyd)
  - don?t focus unmapped container on manage
  - create the directory for storing the restart state
  - avoid changing border width when changing containers from tiling to
  - layout saving: properly restore workspace containers
  - rerender the decoration when the container requires a pixmap and doesn?t
    have one
  - don?t set focus in con_set_layout() on invisible workspaces
  - properly handle windows unsetting WM_TRANSIENT_FOR
  - use the command parser to properly extract workspace names
  - copy binding before run (fixes reloads)
  - revert "Bugfix: Set input focus with last timestamp"
  - render floating windows during global fullscreen
  - actually parse client.placeholder
- Added i3-4.9.tar.bz2
- Removed i3-4.8.tar.bz2