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Version: 4.18-bp152.1.10
* Mon Mar 09 2020 Avindra Goolcharan <>
- Update to version 4.18:
  * Changes
    + layout saving: remanage window after property updates (e.g.
    + get_first_output: prefer primary output (e.g. when moving
    disabled outputs)
    + ipc: add window_type to nodes
    + ipc: add container id to nodes
    + allow dragging active titles for all container types (e.g.
    + allow dragging inactive titles after a 10px threshold
    + make tray icon order deterministic (sorted by class/instance)
    + implement focus next|prev
    + implement focus next|prev sibling
    + implement focus_wrapping workspace
    + exit with exit code 0 on --help
    + exec command: respect command criteria
  * Bugfixes
    + build: fix lcov support
    + build: use AC_REPLACE_FUNCS, drop bundled memmem
    + build: fix building with -fno-common (for gcc 10)
    + build: configure: deal with git worktree checkouts, where
    .git is a file
    + i3-nagbar: make debug log visible
    + i3-nagbar: fix small memory leaks
    + i3bar: fix small memory leaks
    + move workspace to output: don’t create duplicate numbered
    + correctly select output when pointer query fails
    + fix moving windows to scratchpad when using marks
    + fix startup workspace selection when workspace command
    uses options
    + do not try to center floating window on itself (fixes
    xterm placement)
    + fix “move window to <mark>” when target is a workspace
    + correctly activate windows behind a fullscreen window
    + fix back-and-forth after renaming workspaces
    + keep focus when moving container to marked workspace
    + do not show scratchpad windows upon move to position
    + reparent windows to their current position when unmanaging
    (fixes dock clients unexpectedly moving to different output)
    + fix crash when moving containers
    + scratchpad_move: un-fullscreen correct container
    + avoid crash when nc->window is NULL
* Sat Sep 14 2019 Avindra Goolcharan <>
- Update to version 4.17.1:
  * Bugfixes
    + unset _I3_RESTART_FD after restart (fixes crashes on restart)
    + default config: immediately refresh i3status after volume changes
    + default config: add XF86AudioMicMute
    + default config: mention loginctl lock-session alongside xss-lock
    + default config: use workspace number, not just workspace
* Tue Aug 06 2019
- Update to version 4.17:
  * Changes:
    + config: make binding modes case-sensitive
    + default config: mention ~/.config/i3/config
    + default config: start xss-lock, nm-applet, pactl (volume
    + docs/userguide: update syntax in strip_workspace_*
    + docs/userguide: add a section about hidpi displays
    + docs/userguide: document mark --replace
    + docs/userguide: uncomment and update mark section example
    + docs/userguide: point out differences of normal/pixel title
    + docs/userguide: clarify which config directives can be used
    at runtime
    + docs/userguide: for_window is a directive, not a command
    + docs/ipc: clarify event/reply types
    + docs/ipc: mention new i3-ipc++ C++ library
    + docs/ipc: clarify restart/exit behavior
    + docs/i3bar-protocol: add markup
    + man/ fix config file search order
    + ipc: make restart command send a reply once restart
    + ipc: use queue for all messages; fixes i3bar issues when
    switching between workspaces with many windows
    + i3-dump-log: clarify log message
    + i3-msg: exit with status code 2 when i3 returns an error
    + render left and right borders of titles in stacked mode
    + make swap work with floating windows, fix swap crash
    + switch to clang-format-6.0
    + add input and bounding shapes support (e.g. for the screen recorder)
    + preserve back_and_forth across restarts
    + allow partial UTF-8 to UCS-2 conversion for better handling
    of title bar content which cannot be represented (e.g. emoji)
    when using bitmap pixel fonts
    + check for duplicate key bindings in i3 -C
    + i3bar: support transparency via --transparency flag (RGBA)
    + i3bar: support for user-defined border widths
  * Bugfixes:
    + build: correctly depend on glib (for g_utf8_make_valid)
    + build: fix build when git is configured to show signatures
    + ipc: report correct workspace in init event after workspace
    + ipc: send missing window:focus event
    + i3bar: correctly recognize click events with text alignment
    + i3bar: fix running without fd 0
    + i3bar: correctly handle button presses on separator
    + i3 --moreversion: warn when $DISPLAY is unset
    + i3bar: support disabling click events
    + persist correct version number in docs
    + accept output names containing spaces (e.g. in assignment)
    + fix cursor resizing positioning
    + fix aspect ratio issues (e.g. with mpv)
    + fix brief focus flicker when renaming workspaces
    + fix crash when canceling i3 via ctrl+c
    + fix heap-use-after-free, memory leak
    + fix focus bugs in enabling/disabling RandR outputs
    + fix crash with popups when fullscreen is non-leaf
    + fix crash when moving a second window to mark
    + fix crash with programs with splash screen
    + fix atoms when closing inactive workspace
    + apply title_align to non-leaf containers
    + layout loading: correctly mark non-leaf containers
    + truncate wm_name utf8 strings to first zero byte
    (makes window titles work with buggy clients)
    + fix crash in workspace moving
    + export I3SOCK environment variable (again)
    + fix hanging flaky testcase by using the correct X11
    + resize: add missing error replies
    + don't pop up floating windows on the wrong workspace
    + remove extra \n from errx and die calls
* Wed Apr 10 2019 Avindra Goolcharan <>
- update to 4.16.1
  * Truncate wm_name utf8 strings to first zero byte (fixes window
    title corruption)
  * Apply title_align to non-leaf containers. Also, marks will now
    display for non-leaf containers.
  * attach_to_workspace: set new parent before tree_render (fixes
    a heap-use-after-free)
  * Use ipc queue for all messages (fixes an i3bar crash)
  * Fix crash with popups when fullscreen is non-leaf
  * Fix: render_con shows floating containers on wrong workspace
* Mon Nov 05 2018
- update to 4.16
  * see
    for bugs fixed, features added, etc
  * drop i3-asciidoc-fix.patch (ascii for title bar has been fixed) (bsc#1075764)
- switch to release tarball (drop auto* deps)
* Sun Sep 24 2017
- bump to 4.14.1
- Create _service file
- Fix 32-bit ARM build
* Thu Apr 12 2018
- Fix build with asciidoctor (bsc#1075764):
* Thu Mar 15 2018
- update to
  * minor: fix version so it's recognized as a release version.
* Sun Mar 11 2018
- update to 4.15
  * i3-sensible-terminal: add “kitty”, “guake”, “tilda”
  * i3-sensible-editor: add “gvim”
  * dump-asy: add prerequisite checks
  * dump-asy: fix warnings about empty container names
  * i3-dump-log: enable shmlog on demand
  * i3bar: add --release flag for bindsym in bar blocks
  * i3bar: add relative coordinates in JSON for click events
  * ipc: rename COMMAND to RUN_COMMAND for consistency
  * ipc: implement tick event for less flaky tests
  * ipc: add error reply to “focus <window_mode>”
  * ipc: send success response for nop
  * introduce “assign <criteria> [→] [workspace] [number] <workspace>”
  * introduce “assign <criteria> [→] output left|right|up|down|primary|<output>”
  * introduce a “focus_wrapping” option (subsumes “force_focus_wrapping”)
  * introduce percentage point resizing for floating containers:
    “resize set <width> [px | ppt] <height> [px | ppt]”
  * introduce “resize set <width> ppt <height> ppt” for tiling windows
  * rename “new_window” and “new_float” to “default_border” and
    “default_floating_border” (the old names keep working)
  * output names (e.g. “DP2”) can now be used as synonyms for
    monitor names (e.g. “Dell UP2414Q”).
  * the “swap” command now works with fullscreen windows
  * raise floating windows to top when they are focused
  * _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW: invalidate focus to force SetInputFocus call
  * make focus handling consistent when changing focus between outputs
  * round non-integer Xft.dpi values
  * tiling resize: remove minimum size
  * doc updates to ipc and userguide, some changes to default config
  * i3bar: fix various memory leaks
  * i3bar: fix crash when no status_command is provided
  * fix incorrectly set up signal handling
  * fix crash when specifying invalid con_id for “swap”
  * fix crash upon restart with window marks
  * fix crash when config file does not end in a newline
  * fix crash in append_layout
  * fix crash in layout toggle command
  * fix crash when switching monitors
  * fix use-after-free in randr_init error path
  * fix move accidentally moving windows across outputs
  * fix crash when floating window is tiled while being resized
  * fix out-of-bounds memory read
  * fix memory leak when config conversion fails
  * fix layout toggle split, which didn’t work until enabling
    tabbed/stack mode once
  * move XCB event handling into xcb_prepare_cb
  * avert endless loop on unexpected EOF in ipc messages
  * perform proper cleanup for signals with Term action
  * don’t match containers in the scratchpad with criteria
  * fix “workspace show” related issues
  * fix config file conversion with long variable names
  * fix config file conversion memory initialization
  * prevent access of freed workspace in _workspace_show
  * disable fullscreen when required when programmatically
    focusing windows
  * free last_motion_notify
  * don’t raise floating windows when focused because of
  * correctly set EWMH atoms when closing a workspace
  * don’t raise floating windows when workspace is shown
  * keep focus order when encapsulating workspaces
  * validate layout files before loading
- cleanup with spec-cleaner
* Fri Oct 27 2017
- Have i3-gaps-devel conflict with i3-devel.
* Sat Oct 07 2017
- Fix Leap 42.x build
- Drop _service file
- Drop dead code in .spec file
- Properly set "Conflict" to other providers of i3
* Mon Sep 25 2017
- bump to 4.14.1
- Create _service file
- Fix 32-bit ARM build
* Mon Sep 04 2017
- Bump to 4.14
- Reformat spec file to match i3