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Change Logs

* Wed Jan 13 2021 Martin Hauke <>
- Update to version 5.4.0
  * Improvement on literal matcher "Fat Teddy" performance,
    including support for Intel(R) AVX-512 Vector Byte Manipulation
    Instructions (Intel(R) AVX-512 VBMI).
  * Introduce a new 32-state shuffle-based DFA engine ("Sheng32").
    This improves scanning performance by leveraging AVX-512 VBMI.
  * Introduce a new 64-state shuffle-based DFA engine ("Sheng64").
    This improves scanning performance by leveraging AVX-512 VBMI.
  * Introduce a new shuffle-based hybrid DFA engine ("McSheng64").
    This improves scanning performance by leveraging AVX-512 VBMI.
  * Improvement on exceptional state handling performance for LimEx
    NFA, including support for AVX-512 VBMI.
  * Improvement on lookaround performance with new models,
    including support for AVX-512.
  * Improvement on DFA state space efficiency.
  * Optimization on decision of NFA/DFA generation.
  * hsbench: add CSV dump support for hsbench.
  * Bugfix for cmake error on Icelake under release mode.
  * Bugfix in find_vertices_in_cycles() to avoid self-loop checking
    in SCC.
  * Bugfix for issue #270: fix return value handling in chimera.
  * Bugfix for issue #284: use correct free function in logical
  * Add BUILD_EXAMPLES cmake option to enable example code
  * Some typo fixing.
* Mon May 25 2020 Martin Hauke <>
- Update to version 5.3.0
  * Improvement on literal matcher "Teddy" performance, including
    support for Intel(R) AVX-512 Vector Byte Manipulation
    Instructions (Intel(R) AVX-512 VBMI).
  * Improvement on single-byte/two-byte matching performance,
    including support for Intel(R) Advanced Vector Extensions 512
    (Intel(R) AVX-512).
  * hsbench: add hyphen support for -T option.
  * tools/fuzz: add test scripts for synthetic pattern generation.
  * Bugfix for acceleration path analysis in LimEx NFA.
  * Bugfix for duplicate matches for Small-write engine.
  * Bugfix for UTF8 checking problem for hscollider.
  * Bugfix for issue #205: avoid crash of hs_compile_lit_multi()
    with clang and ASAN.
  * Bugfix for issue #217: fix cmake parsing issue of CPU arch for
    non-English locale.
  * Bugfix for issue #228: avoid undefined behavior when calling
    close() after fdopendir() in loadExpressions().
  * Bugfix for issue #239: fix hyperscan compile issue under gcc-10
  * Add VLAN packets processing capability in pcap analysis script.
  * Avoid extra convert instruction for "Noodle".
  * Add Hyperscan version marcro in hs.h.
Version: 5.1.1-bp151.1.1
* Wed Apr 10 2019 Martin Hauke <>
- Update to version 5.1.1
  * Add extra detection and handling when invalid rose programs are
  * Fix CMake parsing of CPU architecure for GCC-9.
  * Fix rose literal programs for multi-pattern matching when no
    pattern ids are provided.
  * Fix library install path in pkg-config files.
* Thu Jan 31 2019
- Update to version 5.1.0
  * Improve DFA state compression by wide-state optimization to
    reduce bytecode size.
  * Create specific interpreter runtime handling to boost the
    performance of pure literal matching.
  * Optimize original presentation of interpreter (the "Rose"
    engine ) to increase overall performance.
  * Bugfix for logical combinations: fix error reporting
    combination's match in case of sub-expression has EOD match
    under streaming mode.
  * Bugfix for logical combinations: fix miss reporting
    combination's match under vacuous input.
  * Fix compile error with Boost 1.68.0.
  * avoid pcre error for hscollider with installed PCRE package.
  * Update version of PCRE used by testing tools as a syntax and
    semantic reference to PCRE 8.41 or above.
- Remove patch:
  * hyperscan-build.patch (fixed upstream)
* Tue Sep 25 2018
- Add patch
  * hyperscan-build.patch (fix build for Tumbleweed)
* Tue Jul 10 2018
- Update to version 5.0.0
  * Introduce chimera hybrid engine of Hyperscan and PCRE, to fully
    support PCRE syntax as well as to take advantage of the high
    performance nature of Hyperscan.
  * New API feature: logical combinations (AND, OR and NOT) of
    patterns in a given pattern set.
  * Windows porting: hsbench, hscheck, hscollider and hsdump tools
    now available on Windows 8 or newer.
  * Improve undirected graph implementation to avoid graph copy and
    reduce compile time.
  * Bugfix for issue #86: enable hscollider for installed PCRE
* Tue Jun 05 2018
- Ensure neutrality of descriptions.
* Mon Jun 04 2018
- Moved inline changes to hyperscan.changes
- Specfile cleanup
* Mon May 28 2018
- Minor spec improvements
* Fri May 18 2018
- Boost 1.67.0 update
* Fri Apr 13 2018
- Adapted for openSUSE Tumbleweed
* Wed Feb 07 2018
- Rebuilt for
* Thu Jan 25 2018
- upstream bugfix release
* Fri Sep 22 2017
- latest upstream release
* Wed Aug 02 2017
- Rebuilt for
* Thu Jul 27 2017
- upstream bugfix release
* Wed Jul 26 2017
- Rebuilt for
* Fri Jun 16 2017
- upstream bugfix release
* Fri Jun 09 2017
- Update to latest upstream
- Removed CMakeLists.txt patch, moved into upstream
* Fri May 12 2017
- Update to latest upstream
- Add CMakeLists.txt path patch
- Spec file updates to meet packaging standards
* Fri Sep 02 2016
- Updated to latest upstream release.
* Fri Jul 01 2016
- Initial package of Hyperscan.
Version: 5.2.1-bp152.1.15
* Wed Oct 30 2019 Martin Hauke <>
- Update to version 5.2.1
  - Fix compile issue when `BUILD_SHARED_LIBS` is on in
    release mode.
- Update to version 5.2.0
  - Literal API: add new API `hs_compile_lit()` and
    `hs_compile_lit_multi()` to process pure literal rule sets.
    The 2 literal APIs treat each expression text in a literal
    sense without recognizing any regular grammers.
  - Logical combination: add support for purely negative
    combinations, which report match at EOD in case of no
    sub-expressions matched.
  - Fix uninitialized use of `scatter_unit_uX` due to padding.
  - Fix numerical result out of range error.
  - Avoid corruption of pending combination report in streaming mode.
  - Fix scratch free issue when memory allocation fails.
- Builds are broken with LTO - disable for for now