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Change Logs

* Tue Feb 06 2018
- update to version 2018.0.0
  The version 2018.0 is mainly a bug fix release and introduce some minor new features.
  Several improvements for optimizer tabs:
  * mark deselected images
  * allow changing optimizer variables for all selected images at once
  * option to ignore line cp
  * hugin_stacker: New tool to stack overlapping images with several
    averaging modes (e.g. mean, median).
  * Hugin: Added option to disable auto-rotation of images in control
    point and mask editor.
  * Nona, verdandi and hugin_stacker can now write BigTIFF images
  * Added expression parser to GUI: This allows to manipulate several
    image variables at once. (This is the same as running pto_var
  - -set from the command line.) This can be used e.g. to prealigns
    the images in a given setup and then run cpfind --prealigned to
    search control points only in overlapping images.
  * Add user-defined assistant and expose it in the GUI. It allows
    to set up different assistant strategies without the need to
    recompiling. Provide also some examples (scanned images,
    multi-row panoramas with orphaned images, single-shot panorama
- drop python dependencies
* Thu Feb 01 2018
- Pass -DPYTHON_EXECUTABLE=/usr/bin/python2 to CMake, ensuring we
  use the python2 interpreter.
* Sun Dec 24 2017
- update to final version 2017.0.0
* Mon May 22 2017
- update to version 2017.0 snapshot from today
* Wed Feb 01 2017
- use individual libboost-*-devel packages instead of boost-devel
* Sun Sep 18 2016
- Updated to version 2016.2.0
  * Allow reading of image positions from Papywizard XML files: First add the image to a new project and then select File, Import settings from Papywizard XML file... This will read the lens settings, the image positions and also, if applicable, the bracket settings. After this, the usual workflow is to run cpfind with --prealigned switch and then geocpset to connect orphanded images.
  * The internal blender and verdandi got the possibility to blend seams as alternative to current hard seam: For each seam the color of second image is adapted to the match the color of the first seam. For this blender, the blender order changes according to the overlap. The blending starts with the exposure anchor and blends then all overlapping images. This blending mode is not suited if there are bigger misalignments or bigger parallax errors.
  * The display of the control point error (after optimizing and in fast preview window) and the control point list window can now limited to take only control points in active images into account (menu Edit, Optimize only active images, connected with the setting on the optimizer tab).
  * Improvements to mask tab in Hugin (edit crop of all images of the same lens at once) and find panorama dialog in PTBatcherGUI (remove images from found panoramas, split found panorama into two).
  * Fixes several issues with fast preview window which could result in random crashes (uninitialized variables, memory leaks).
* Tue Jun 28 2016
- Build with wxWidgets 3
* Sun Mar 20 2016
- Updated to version 2016.0.0
  * Added user defined output. The user can define own output sequences to implement new use cases, e.g. zero noise output.
  * Added --clip-exposure switch to nona to automatically mask over and under exposed areas in input images.
  * Color management
  * * GUI tools (Hugin, calibrate_lens_gui) take ICC profiles in files and monitor color profile into account to display images.
  * * celeste and cpfind converts internal image to sRGB before working.
  * Some buttons got a context menu for easier access to some function
  * * Show all in fast preview window to allow better interaction with stacked projects
  * * Celeste in cp tab: the button can now create cp or clean cp
  * Updated internal levmar library to version 2.6
  * The identify tool in the fast preview window shows now also the image numbers on top of the images. (This can be suppressed by pressing the alt button).
  * Fixes internal image format for GPU remapping. This should fix the "unsupported framebufferformat" error.
  * Use own code for OpenGL intialization. Now freeglut is not needed anymore. (This should prevent the appearing of window when running "nona -g". Linux/Window only)
  * Control point and mask editor retain viewpoint when changing zoom factor.
  * PTBatcherGUI: Minimize to tray is now user configurable.
  * Fixes a bug in photometric optimizer and merge projects with line control points.
- Hugin is built in "build" subdirectory (in-source builds are not allowed now).
* Tue Feb 02 2016
- Added hugin.appdata.patch to fix appdata.xml and desktop file
  consistency. see boo#952324 and boo#962214
- Added find-hugin-provides.prov to enable hugin to provide
  appdata.xml and desktop files to fix installation system problems.
  hugin didn't provide them due to the internal dependency generator
  having to be disabled to deal with complex wxWidget requires.
* Sun Jan 17 2016
- Remove useless tclap dependency
* Sun Aug 30 2015
- Updated to version 2015.0.0
  * The makefile based stitching engine has been replaced with direct calls to the underlying programs.
  * Hugin now has it's own blender, verdandi, based on a watershed algorithm, which has been included in 'nona'.
  * The lensfun library has been removed as it did not fulfill our expectations. It has been replaced with our own camera and lens database which uses a data mining approach and operates automatically without user intervention.
  * The fast preview window has a new tool to add or remove control points to selected areas in the output projection.
  * Automatic exposure stack detection is now applied when loading images, and an option has been added to unlink image position when adding stacks.
  * The fine-tune and auto-estimate functions in the control point tab have been made projection aware.
  * PTBatcherGUI has more choice for the end of the process: depending on the operating system the PTBatcherGUI can be closed, the computer can be shut down or send to the hibernate mode.
  * PTBatcherGUI now shows the thumbnails when searching for images in directories.
  * Many of the underlying tools in hugin are now able to use available cpu cores.
  * New command line tools for CLI processing: verdandi, hugin_executor, hugin_lensdb
  * Many more improvements and bug fixes.
- Removed hugin-boost-1.56.0.patch (included upstream).
- Removed hugin-lensfun-0.3.patch (support for lensfun has been dropped).
* Mon Mar 02 2015
- Add hugin-lensfun-0.3.patch: Fix build with Lensfun 0.3.
* Fri Dec 05 2014
- Add hugin-boost-1.56.0.patch: Fix build with Boost 1.56.0. Patch
  taken from upstream.
* Fri Oct 10 2014
- Updated to version 2014.0.0
  * inherit many of the libpano improvements (of version 2.9.19)
  * the translation plane variables Tpy and Tpp have been added to the GUI
  * improvement of the GPU remapping code
  * better support for line control point in Control points tab
  * obsolete programs matchpoint, nona_gui and PTBatcher have been removed
  * outdated translations have been removed from the default install
  * initialize the colour balance values during loading with EXIF values
  * improved the assistant
  * allow customization of exiftool command used to copy metadata to output images
  * New command line tools for CLI processing: pto_mask, pto_template, pto_move
  * Many more improvements and bug fixes.
* Thu Apr 24 2014
- Add make as requires (needed for photo stiching) (bnc#822775).
* Mon Oct 28 2013
- Updated to version 2013.0.0:
  * Redesign of the (Graphical) User Interface (GUI). The user interface now consists of three modes: Simple, Advanced and Expert.
  * New tool pto_var ( change image variables inside pto files).
  * New tool pto_lensstack (modify assigned lenses and stack in pto files).
  * New tool geocpset  (set/add geometric constraints for multirow panorama with featureless images).
  * Many more improvements and bug fixes.
- Removed hugin-perl-5.18.patch (included upstream).
* Fri Oct 25 2013
- Work around missing RPATH (bnc#846944).
* Sat Aug 10 2013
- Fix build on factory with new cmake.
* Fri Jul 26 2013
- Fix build with perl 5.18 by adding hugin-perl-5.18.patch
- Remove old opensuse version conditionals as the package anyway
  builds only on 12.3 and later, unresolvable on older ones.
* Mon Apr 22 2013
- Add libXi-devel and libXmu-devel BuildRequires: cmake checks for
  their presence.