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Change Logs

* Sun Nov 22 2015
- Update to 0.13.3
  * Revert "Clear `REDIS_CONNECTED` flag when connection is
  * Make tests pass on FreeBSD
- Changes for 0.13.2
  * Prevent crash on pending replies in async code
  * Clear `REDIS_CONNECTED` flag when connection is closed
  * Add MacOS X addapter
  * Add Qt adapter
  * Add Ivykis adapter
- Changes for 0.13.1
  * Fix memory leak in async reply handling
  * Rename struct member to avoid name clash with pre-c99 code
- Changes for 0.13.0
  * Windows compatibility layer for parser code
  * Properly escape data printed to PKGCONF file
  * Fix tests when assert() undefined
  * Implement a reconnect method for the client context, this
  changes the structure of `redisContext`
- Drop hiredis-pkgconfig.patch
  * fixed in upstream
* Tue Mar 03 2015
- Add hiredis-pkgconfig.patch: Fix generation of .pc file.
- Pass PREFIX and LIBRARY_PATH (lib/lib64) to make (and make
  install): the build phase needs this info for the .pc file
- Make use of the new DESTDIR support.
* Mon Mar 02 2015
- Update to 0.12.1
  * Fix `make install`: DESTDIR support, install all required
    files, install PKGCONF in proper location
  * Fix `make test` as 32 bit build on 64 bit platform
- Changes for  0.12.0
  * Add optional KeepAlive support
  * Try again on EINTR errors
  * Add libuv adapter
  * Add IPv6 support
  * Remove possiblity of multiple close on same fd
  * Add ability to bind source address on connect
  * Add redisConnectFd() and redisFreeKeepFd()
  * Fix getaddrinfo() memory leak
  * Free string if it is unused (fixes memory leak)
  * Improve redisAppendCommandArgv performance 2.5x
  * Add support for SO_REUSEADDR
  * Fix redisvFormatCommand format parsing
  * Add GLib 2.0 adapter
  * Refactor reading code into read.c
  * Fix errno error buffers to not clobber errors
  * Generate pkgconf during build
  * Silence _BSD_SOURCE warnings
  * Improve digit counting for multibulk creation
* Tue Aug 20 2013
- Package hiredis 0.11.0 for openSUSE