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Change Logs

* Wed Jan 24 2018
- Update to version 3.42:
  * Fix HL_OUTPUT in Lua state for HL_FORMAT_XHTML and
  * Fix lib-shared make target.
  * Update astyle code to release 3.1.0 beta.
  * Add Polygen and EBNF2 syntax definitions.
  * Add pywal terminal colouring template in extras/pywal.
  * Add reformatting style ratliff (replaces banner).
  * Add extras/langDefs-resources/cleanslate.lang.
  * Improve Perl6 compatibility.
  * Improve PHP string interpolation.
  * Improve Haskell definition.
  * CLI: Add --canvas option to define background color padding in
    ANSI output.
  * GUI: Add French translation.
  * GUI: Add Scripts tab.
  * GUI: Minor bugfixes.
- Rebase optflags patch on 3.42:
  * Remove highlight-3.34-use_optflags.patch.
  * Add highlight-3.42-use_optflags.patch.
* Wed Nov 29 2017
- Update to version 3.41:
  * Rename examples directory to extras.
  * Line anchors (-a) are attached as id attribute to the first
    span or li tag in HTML output.
  * Rename ID prefix in outhtml_codefold plug-in to be compatible
    with -a IDs.
  * Add fstab.lang and add anacrontab in filetypes.conf.
  * Remove references to OutputType::HTML32.
  * Add extras/css-themes and extras/langDefs-resources.
  * CLI: Remove deprecated indicator of --data-dir option.
  * CLI: Add --no-version-info option.
  * GUI: Fix initial theme selection.
  * GUI: Add "Omit version info comment" option.
  * GUI: Add "Copy with MIME type" option for HTML output.
- Rebase patch about documentation directory:
  * Remove highlight-3.32-fix-doc-dir.patch.
  * Add highlight-3.41-fix-doc-dir.patch.
* Wed Oct 25 2017
- Update to version 3.40:
  * Fix Ruby string parsing.
  * Fix segfault on sparc64.
  * Fix PureBasic definition.
  * Add CMake definition.
  * Add email definition.
  * Link scm suffix to lisp definition.
- Remove _service file (not used after all).
* Wed Jul 26 2017
- Update to version 3.39:
  * Add syntax for Docker and Elixir.
  * Improve HTML, Julia, Kotlin and Smalltalk syntax definitions.
  * GUI: Add "Paste, Convert and Copy" button.
* Sun Jul 23 2017
- Fix rpmlint warnings:
  * Convert some files to Unix end-of-line format using dos2unix.
  * Shorten subpackage summaries.
  * Add conditional in order not to call desktop_database_post(un)
    macros on Tumbleweed, as it's now handled by RPM filetriggers.
- Move Qt build dependency to gui subpackage.
* Wed Jun 21 2017
- Update to version 3.38:
  * Fix Bash variable highlighting issue
  * Update astyle code to release 3.0.1
  * Add bash_ref_man7_org.lua plugin
- Improve spec file:
  * Create separate gui-lang subpackage for gui translations
  * Use find_lang macro
  * Add desktop database update calls in pre and post
* Wed May 31 2017
- Update to version 3.37:
  * Fix Perl string highlighting issue
  * Fix highlighting if a line continues after the nested code
  * Update astyle code to release 3.0
  * Add examples/pandoc
  * Add syntax mapping for markdown
  * Add syntax mapping for clj
  * Improve Java definition
  * Add theme to JSON converter in examples/json
  * CLI: Add support for environment variable HIGHLIGHT_OPTIONS
* Sun May 21 2017
- Add service file
  * set_version (disabled)
  * download_files (disabled)
- Update highlight.keyring: Key had expired in 2017/02
* Fri Apr 14 2017
- Update to version 3.36:
  * Fix code folding plugin to support more Ruby conditional
  * Fix Perl quoted string highlighting
  * Add new GeneratorOverride syntax definition parameter
  * Add Filenames parameter in filetypes.conf to assign input
    filenames to syntax types
  * Add FASM definition and edit-fasm theme
  * Add outhtml_ie7_webctrl plug-in
  * GUI: File extensions can be configured for multiple languages,
    triggers syntax selection prompt
  * GUI: Added Italian translation
- Changes from version 3.35:
  * Fix code folding plugin to support Ruby conditional modifiers
  * Fix JSON definition
  * Fix output of unknown syntax warning with applied force switch
  * Add state trace parameter to Decorate plug-in function
  * Add GDScript definition and edit-godot theme
  * Update SWIG code samples
  * Update Artistic Style lib
  * Revise docs
  * CLI: Fix creation of hidden files if output filename is
    prepended by its input path
  * CLI: added switch --stdout
- Drop highlight-3.34-use-default-compiler.patch (fixed upstream).
* Wed Feb 01 2017
- use individual libboost-*-devel packages instead of boost-devel
* Tue Jan 24 2017
- Update to 3.34:
  * Fix segfault with --skip applied on a single file input list
  * Add support for Python 3.6 syntax
  * Add GitHub and Sourceforge themes
- Rebase highlight-3.30-use_optflags.patch, renamed into
- Add highlight-3.34-use-default-compiler.patch: Don't force the
  use of the clang compiler for GUI.
* Sat Nov 05 2016
- Update to 3.33:
  * Fix highlighting of nested section delimiters
  * Fix PHP definition
  * Fix font family declaration in SVG
  * Fix user defined encoding in ODT
  * Fix unnecessary output of style file with --inline-css
  * Add vimscript language definition
  * Add Coffeescript language definition
  * Add PureBasic definition and theme
  * Add JSX language definition
  * Add PO translation definition
  * Add plug-in outhtml_add_figure.lua
  * Update js definition
  * Update Artistic Style lib
  * Improve various color themes and syntax definitions
* Tue Sep 27 2016
- Patch to actually fix doc directory for GUI package:
  * Change default value of DOC_DIR to %{_docdir}/%{name} in as custom values are not correctly taken into
  * Rename highlight-2.10-makefile_suse.patch into
* Mon Sep 26 2016
- Update to 3.32:
  * Add support for true color escape codes (--out-format
  * Fix xterm256 output for paging with less
  * Fix operator regex in rnc.lang, crk.lang and yaml.lang
  * Add Pony and Whiley definitions
  * Update Ceylon, Julia and TypeScript definitions
  * Add Go, AutoHotKey, TypeScript and R to the foldable list in
    the outhtml_codefold.lua plug-in
  * Remove plugins/bash_ref_linuxmanpages_com.lua
  * GUI: fix README, ChangeLog and License file paths on Linux
* Thu Aug 11 2016
- Build highlight-gui with Qt5 instead of Qt4.
* Thu Aug 11 2016
- Add signature verification:
  * Add highlight.keyring (highlight's main developer Andre Simon
    public key)
  * Add highlight-3.31.tar.bz2.asc
- Update highlight-3.31.tar.bz2:
  * Updated by upstream
  * Windows line endings has been replaced by UNIX ones
  * A useless file has been removed
- Update highlight-3.30-use_optflags.patch:
  * Switch to UNIX line endings
* Mon Aug 01 2016
- Update to 3.31:
  * Revise documentation
  * GUI: fix minor layout issues
- Change arguments order for suse_update_desktop_file: GenericName
  was not set.
* Wed Jul 06 2016
- Update to 3.30:
  * The data directory can be defined with the HIGHLIGHT_DATADIR
    environment variable
  * Fix RTF output of UTF-8 input; needs input encoding set to
  * Fix XML comment recognition
  * Data search directories is appended to the result of
  - -list-scripts
  * Revise older syntax definitions
  * Update base URLs of bash_ref_linuxmanpages and
    cpp_ref_qtproject plug-ins
  * GUI: add system copy and paste shortcuts for clipboard
- Remove highlight-3.29-use_optflags.patch
- Add highlight-3.30-use_optflags.patch (rebased)
* Tue May 24 2016
- Update to 3.29:
  * Add Ansible Yaml definition (thanks to Raphael Droz)
  * Add Chapel definition (thanks to Lydia Duncan)
  * Fix gcc 6 warnings about deprecated auto_ptr usage
  * GUI: fix style file output if "write to source directory"
    option is checked (thanks to Jim Pattee)
- Remove highlight-3.25-use_optflags.patch
- Add highlight-3.29-use_optflags.patch (rebased)
* Mon Mar 21 2016
- Fix licence in spec file: it's GPL-3.0+ since v2.10.