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Haskell Evaluation inside of LaTeX code


The /haskintex/ (Haskell in LaTeX) program is a tool that reads a LaTeX file and evaluates Haskell expressions contained in some specific commands and environments. It allows you to define your own functions, use any GHC Haskell language extension and, in brief, anything you can do within Haskell. Additionally, it is possible to include expressions of 'LaTeX' type (see /HaTeX/ package) and render them as LaTeX code. You can freely add any Haskell code you need, and make this code appear /optionally/ in the LaTeX output. It is a tiny program, and therefore, easy to understand, use and predict.

Additions from last version:

  • /haskintex/ is now able to detect that is running on a cabal sandbox, and

will use the sandbox package db if this is the case. Unless the flag '-nosandbox' is given, in which case the sandbox will be ignored.

  • New flag '-nosandbox'. Ignore sandbox if /haskintex/ runs on one. .

License: BSD-3-Clause



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