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Change Logs

Version: 3.003-bp150.2.2
* Tue May 01 2018
- Release 3.003; Major changes:
  * New license:
    + Eliminated Hack Open Font License
    + Added MIT License for Hack work
    + These license changes eliminated the Reserved Font Name "Hack"
    in the typeface license
    + No changes to co-licensure with the Bitstream Vera license
    from upstream source
  * Only provide ttf
  * For details, see
- Update and to the versions from master
- Removed service file, seems unnecessary
Version: 2.020-2.1
* Thu May 12 2016
- Release 2.020:
  * adjusted size / positioning on a lot of glyphs.
* Thu Jan 21 2016
- Release 2.019:
  * adjusted size / positioning on a lot of glyphs.
- Update url for and to fetch released version
  of those files from github.
* Mon Dec 14 2015
- Fix license tag to SUSE-Hack-Open-Font-2.0 and
- Ensure to install and
* Tue Dec 08 2015
- Release 2.018:
  * Add missing glyphs (U+016C, U+016D.
- Changes from 2.016/2.017:
  * increased vertical position of the tilde.
  * increased width of the vertical stroke on the dollar symbol.
  * modified Cyrillic upper case C (U+0421) to differentiate from
    Latin C.
  * upper case theta (U+0398) to differentiate from lower case
  * add missing glyphs (U+0132, U+0133, U+013F, U+0140, U+0162
    U+0163, U+0138, U+266A, U+0149, U+1EF9, U+1EF8, U+1EBD, U+1EBC
    U+2116, U+01A4, U+0108, U+0109, U+011C, U+011D, U+0124, U+0125
    U+0134, U+0135, U+015C, U+015D, U+016C, U+016D, U+20B7.
  * fixed missing null glyph (U+0000) in regular, italic,
    bolditalic sets.
  * removed duplicate CR glyph (U+000D) in all sets.
  * updated ttfautohint to version 1.4.1 for TrueType.
* Thu Oct 08 2015
- Release 2.015:
  * new vertical metrics = decreased line spacing height
  * adjusted vertical position of the colon to a higher position,
    improves alignment with other punctuation glyphs (U+003A).
  * changed vertical position of the dash (U+002D) so that regular
    and oblique, bold and bold oblique are properly aligned.
  * updated hinting algorithm for bold set (improved point position
    over stem of lowercase j/i for some text sizes).
  * underscore (U+005F) centered, increased width, increased height
    & aligned vertical position closer to baseline.
  * increased vertical position of dieresis mark on lowercase u
    dieresis (U+00FC), on lowercase i dieresis (U+00EF), on
    lowercase e dieresis (U+00EB).
  * decreased vertical position of the asterisk (U+002A).
  * new design for ascii tilde - broader curves, taller glyph with
  * goal to improve appearance at small text sizes where it tended
    to render like a dash (U+007E).
* Sat Sep 12 2015
- Update license spelling according to
* Sat Sep 12 2015
- Update to version 2.013
* Wed Sep 02 2015
- Improve specfile to follow openSUSE policy packaging rules.
* Wed Sep 02 2015
- use font rpm macros
* Tue Sep 01 2015
- Run spec-cleaner on specfile.
* Mon Aug 31 2015
- First build - version 2.010