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Change Logs

* Sat Dec 23 2017
- Fix Factory build by requiring python2
* Wed Oct 11 2017
- Fix boost-devel bug boo#1062780
* Mon Apr 03 2017
- Update to version 0.35.3 - fixes gcc7 build
- Upstream changes:
  * add labels tp some LV2 plugs
  * fix fastmeter tickness in LV2 UI's
  * supress wrong compiler warnings array-bounds in jcm800pre
  * fix typo in gx_mbcompressor.lv2/modgui.ttl
  * add Relief to buttons
  * big commit of all faust files regenerated, new dsp2cc script
  * new version of gx_sceleton.lv2 and
  * fix compiler warning in rack.cpp
  * fix volume difference between 44.1khz and 96khz reported by
  * fix gx_livelooper.lv2 gain controller
  * fix jcm800pre on 96khz
  * fix bug #35 abs(uint32_t) is nonsensial and ill-formed
  * fix bug #36 std::abs used without include relevant header
  * fix Glib-GObject-CRITICAL when unref "liststore2"
  * use new togle state logic as well for toggle_type::OnOff
  * fix oversampling  presence
  * make file chooser blook free
  * correct phase on oscilloscope
  * use 96khz internal for presence unit
  * fix gx_vibrochump vibe selector direction
  * more vowel mutation checks
  * correct version of midknob in libgxw
  * add new vibe label for gx_vibrochamp.lv2
  * add On/Off switch for the vibe in gx_vibrochump
  * fix gx_jcm800pre lv2 plugs for the use in ardour
  * more vowel mutations
  * more vowel mutation protection
  * extend protection for vowel mutation in preset names
  * fix vibrochump max depth and redeye.ttl file
  * fix GxRedeye Vibro Champ for use with generic UI.
  * apply patch set from Valentin Vidic to start presets numbered
    by 0
  * apply changed_midi.patch from Valentin Vidic (thanks)
* Tue Feb 28 2017
- Update to 0.35.2 fixes buildfailure in openSUSE:Factory (boo#1023724)
- Remove guitarix-0.35.0-gcc6.patch  Fixed with 0.35.2 release
- Update to 0.35.2:
  * add stereo cabinet plugin
  * fix Bypass insert jack port with midi CC
  * fix insert bypass logic
  * add scroll wheel support to status images
  * add menu option to set a midi controller for engine bypass
  * switch to use glib-compile-resources instead gdk-pixbuf-csource to include images into libgxw.
  * replace deprecated gdk_pixbuf_new_from_data by gdk_pixbuf_new_from_resource
  * add new configure option --generate-resources to force re-generation of resource file (default=off)
  * fix names in GtkIconFactory
  * some re-generated plugs
  * remove G_GNUC_##_IGNORE_DEPRECATIONS macro, don't need it anymore
  * Fix Preset switching issue in lv2 amps and cabinet
  * disable midi control for un-loaded plugs
  * add check if LV2 ports are valid
  * change color for Error Box
  * add scriptset to simplify the build of LV2 plugs from gschem files
  * fix forgotten replace of Effect in generated ttl file
  * fix type in
  * fix (sf#p/guitarix/bugs/34)
  * fix build with gcc6
- Update to 0.35.1:
  * Add op777 SPICE model instead of removed with incorrect license and regenerate .lib script
  * Add oc_2 plugin to build script
  * Preset online window size
  * fix build with GCC6
  * fix icon size of widget-gxwidgets-gxhslider.png
  * fix range of graphic eq
  * add support for nominalBlockLength in GxAmps.lv2 and
  * fix base color in GtkTreeView
  * prepare to enable faust-0.9.73 as good version
  * commit faust sources, prepared and regenerated with faust-0.9.73
  * implement presence level as dry/wet control (smooth level change)
  * smooth level control for cabinet and amp impulse plugins
  * Aluminium theme: new textures
  * New Theme: Hippie
  * New Themes: grungy sun, grungy sun dark, grandma, psychedelic
  * remove debug print statement from dsp2cc tool
  * revert latest changes in presence, cabinet and ampimpulse control
  * enable smooth logo change (move logo draw to paintbox class)
  * add two new styles "Plain Dark" and "Nebula"
  * apply patch from rabit Fix: QWebView on android don't have localStorage
  * apply patch from rabit Fix: Port should be obtained from the current location
  * allow file browsing with remote interface
  * resolve hostname for folebrowsers in remote UI
  * add BassBoom plugin (sub-bass harmonics)
  * some rework on the fuzz plugins
  * add forgotten file
  * revert changes in fuzz faces
  * add tooltip to the Master Volume controller
  * add plugin id to message about detected DENORMALS
* Tue Jul 05 2016
- Drop "devel" subpackage, there are no devel files in it.
* Sun Jul 03 2016
- add patch guitarix-0.35.0-gcc6.patch, fixed boo#985365
  * fix call of overloaded 'abs(double)' is ambiguous
* Sun May 08 2016
- Update to 0.35.0
  * New UI
  * Many new and improved plugins
- Remove guitarix-0.28.2-gperf_tmpl-fix.patch (included upstream)
* Sun Jun 28 2015
- fpexception.patch: gcc5 supports proper FP exception handling, so we
  have to take out the dummy exception handling that was in the headers
* Fri Jan 16 2015
- Update to version 0.32.2
  * fix some rcstyle bugs for gtk-2.24.25 and maybe fixed for KDE
  * allow load of preset-files witch contain Denormal Numbers (flush to zero)
  * add warning when denormal value found in preset file
  * if parameter is out of range, set it to the default value
  * add missing Icons to glade-gxw
  * add wavesharper plugin
  * use long int to compare regions size in -> (Gcc: 4.9.2)
- Use download Url as source
- Add pkgconfig(bluez), pkgconfig(eigen3) and pkgconfig(lilv-0) to
  requirements; new upstream dependencies
* Fri Mar 28 2014
- removed deprecated guitarix2-missing_libdl.diff
- added guitarix-0.28.2-gperf_tmpl-fix.patch which fixes some C++ compilations
- update from version 0.19.0 to version 0.28.3 which adds a lot of features
  and files which makes package splits inevitable:
  - a devel package with the libraries
  - a lv2 package
  - bestplugins which contains files for getting the guitar sound from famous
- see the accompanying changelog for a detailed list of changes
- fixed typos in package descriptions
* Mon Feb 13 2012
- patch license to follow standard
* Wed Oct 12 2011
- added guitarix2-missing_libdl.diff to fix build
- update to guitarix2-0.19.0
  * make convolver a rack module
  * add favourite list menu to the convolver
  * add zita-rev1 module (from faust distribution)
  * add stereo verb module
  * add some cabinet`s
  * fix bug in Ladspa plugins
  * add factory settigs by JP
  * made logger window resizeable
  * tuned switching of configurations without loud bang
  * plugged some memory leaks in rack order code (GList's not freed)
  * bug fix: GxScrollBox passed an uninitialized group to RadioButtons
  * introduce a plug-in based engine
  * a couple of invisible internal source changes and a couple of new development
  tools added
  * switch to use faust version 0.9.43
  * other small / big clean-ups
* Wed Aug 10 2011
- updated to guitarix2, it is a full replacement for
  guitarix and/or gx_head in any sense,
  changes in guitarix (0.18.0):
  * add tube model 12AT7
  * fix runtime isuess when build with g++ > 4.5
  * add presence level controller
  * add bass booster level controller
  * switch to function pointer based engine
  * fix isuess with GtkBuilder > 2.14
  * fix correct use of included zita-resampler source
  * add factory settings by a5Rutoandimat
  changes in guitarix2 (0.17.0) unstable
  * fix jack session support
  * add 2 new amp models
  * fix some speeling errors (patch by merlinthegreen)
  * sorce code formating and cleanup (Google C++ Style Guide)
  changes in gx-head (0.14.0)
  * add tube 6DJ8
  * add clean tube modes
  * reworked drive controller (bypass <-> wet)
  * add clipper
  * add mono level controller
  * add French translation by jy
  * add TACTILE skin by Pete Shorthose
  * add knob animation support by Pete Shorthose
  * add new knob images by Pete Shorthose
  * add new switch images by Pete Shorthose
  * fix 64bit bug in libgxw by Pete Shorthose
  * add factory settings by Dave Phillips
  * add 3bad EQ + sharper
  * add tremolo by transmogrifox (Rakarrack)
  changes in gx-head (0.13.0)
  * add post amp
  * add noise gate
  * add italian translation by 	Ivan Tarozzi
  * add desert skin by zettberlin
  * add factory settigs by zettberlin
* Fri Aug 27 2010
- updated to 0.11.1
  * fix Bug Echo/Chorus/Delay/Slooper dont work
  * add pre/post processing switch to all mono Effects
* Wed Aug 04 2010
- updated to 0.11.0
  * new version of the impulse response parameter editor. You can
    now graphically define a gain line to be applied to the IR data,
  * the multi-line distortion effect now has 4 frequency bands and
    is better optimized
  * fix regression from version 0.10.0: now the default preset file is
    created again if it doesn't exist (e.g. in new installations).
  * changes that might be interesting for Developers:
    Guitarix team put the Guitarix widgets into a library, with the goal of
    making them usable independently from Guitarix. You can build
    it as shared library and there's a c++ (gtkmm) wrapper, a python
    wrapper and glade support.
* Sun Jul 11 2010
- updated 0.10.0
  * add tonestack models
  * add 2. amp model
  * add cabinet impulse response modul
  * add Patch Info widget
  * add Preset File Load/Export option
  * add simple looper
  * add Oscilloscope and tuner state to main settings
  * selectable distortion model (multi/single line)
  * selectable EQ model (fixed/scalable freq)
  * free mem when not used (delay lines)
  * reworked Gui
  * fix varios bugs
* Thu Jul 08 2010
- updated to 0.09.0
  * make distortion a multiband distortion
  * fix bug in resample IR-files
  * resample IR-files now on-the-fly
  * add insert point ports to the effect chain
  * add --optimization flag for configure the build
  * switch to double precision instead of single precision
  * fix bug in reconfigure convolver when preset change
  * add patch from Peder Hedlund, build against gtk-2.12.9 and gcc-4.3.1
  * add faust 0.9.24 to the "good_faust_versions"
* Thu May 27 2010
- updated to 0.08.0
  * new portmap window
  * add Quad Filter
  * add Moog Filter
  * add Flanger
  * add new post processing tube3
  * add two 10 band parametric EQ's
  * add oversample mode selector
  * fix some bugs in midi out
  * reworked tuner interface (show frequency(hz))
  * add new configure options (see ./waf --help form more info)
- changes in guitarix 0.07.1
  * version check of ~/.guitarix was commented out
- changes in guitarix 0.07.0
  * nearly complete reworked source by Andreas Degert
  * amp and effect units based direct on faust expressions
  * all faust sources included
  * new accumulated tuner unit with new interface (analogue Style needle meter)
  * Midi controller connections could saved with in presets and/or general
  * a editable Midi controller map  is available
  * new human readable preset style
  * knobs could be used like sliders (press ctrl + mouse-button
    and move the mouse horizontal, leave the ctrl and hold mouse-button
    for fine tune), or like real knobs (turn them around)
  * convolution unit based on zita-convolver is now integrated in the engine
  * presets could change with Midi Program Messages
* Wed Mar 10 2010
- updated to guitarix 0.06.0
  * bug fix for multi core build
- changes in version 0.05.9-1
  * add Midi learn support
  * add amp chooser
  * fix and posible add some Bugs
* Fri Jan 08 2010
- updated to guitarix 0.05.8-1
  * fix memory leak
  * add multi band filter
- changes in version 0.05.7-1
  * fix name mixmatch for jconvolver
- changes in version 0.05.6-1
  * optimize Gui thread
  * add delay unit
  * put effects in a scrollbox
  * varius bug fixes
  * set dependency finaly down to Gtk+2.12