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Change Logs

* Thu Jun 04 2020 Bjørn Lie <>
- Export -fcommon to optflags, fixes build with gcc 10. Yes this is
  a cheat, but good enough for this more or less abandoned package.
* Wed Mar 04 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
- Add patch to port a script to python3:
  * use-python3.patch
- Use %license
* Thu Jan 30 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
- No longer recommend -lang: supplements are in use
* Tue Aug 27 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Avoid use of /? signs in specfiles as per guidelines.
- Specfile modernization: remove %clean, %defattr and BuildRoot.
Version: 2.1.5-bp150.1.3
* Fri Feb 03 2017
- Drop pkgconfig(webkitgtk-3.0) BuildRequires: No longer depend on
  old inscure webkitgtk3.
* Thu Jun 11 2015
- Update to version 2.1.5:
  + Improvements:
  - Port to GStreamer 1.0.
  - Upgrade sjcd plugin to use latest sound juicer code.
  - Refactor deprecated GtkTable replacing with GtkGrid.
  + Bugsfixes:
  - Fixes the setting display of the repository file settings.
  - Update install instructions and documentation.
- Replace BuildRequires for port to GStreamer 1.0:
  + Drop pkgconfig(gstreamer-0.10), pkgconfig(gstreamer-base-0.10),
    pkgconfig(gstreamer-pbutils-0.10) and
  + Add pkgconfig(gstreamer-1.0), pkgconfig(gstreamer-base-1.0),
    pkgconfig(gstreamer-plugins-base-1.0) and
- Replace pkgconfig(libmusicbrainz4) BuildRequires with
  pkgconfig(libmusicbrainz5), following upstreams port.
- Add pkgconfig(iso-codes) BuildRequires to detect iso3166 support
  during build.
- Add pkgconfig(libdiscid) BuildRequires: new dependency.
* Sat Sep 07 2013
- Update to version 2.1.4:
  + Bugfixes:
  - Playlist display and coverart display.
  - Fix showing tracks of selected artist on 64-bit systems.
  - Handle attempts to create duplicate-named playlist.
  + Improvements:
  - Update to support anjuta releases up to 3.9.1.
  - Update clutter, glib and gtk deprecations and updates the
    glib minimum version to 2.31 which was released in 2011.
- Drop gtkpod-gdl362.patch: fixed upstream.
- Drop gtkpod-anjuta-3.8.0.patch: fixed upstream.
* Wed May 08 2013
- Replace gtkpod-gdl362.patch with what upstream commited, as
  commit 47a3bc.
- Add gtkpod-anjuta-3.8.0.patch: fix build with anjuta 3.8.0.
* Sun Jan 06 2013
- Update to version 2.1.3:
  + Improvements:
  - Solve the confusing sorting of the track display. Track
    display sort order is only applied if the tm_autostore
    preference has been set. Otherwise sorting of tracks in a
    playlist is completely manual through a set of radio buttons,
    as well as selecting the column names.
  - Reduce number of selection changed callbacks making track
    selection more efficient.
  - Make it easier for the user to retry entering a valid
    playlist name.
  - Fix to cater for changing API in anjuta version 3.5.3+.
  + Bug fixes:
  - Avoid filter tab categories having null values by including a
    default value.
  - Ensure files with an upper case file extension are loaded
  - Selection of bugs identified in atomic parsley library.
  - Fix setting the default width of main window.
  - Do not accept empty names for smart playlists.
  - Fix segfault when using playcount spin buttons.
  - Fix multiple icons appearing when toggling plugins in
    preferences window.
  - Fix m4a track length value calculated in atomic parsely
  - Fix for potential crashes when deleting all tracks.
  + Updated translations.
- Drop gtkpod-buffer-overflow.patch and gtkpod-anjuta36.patch:
  fixed upstream.
- Drop libtool BuildRequires and call to, as we don't
  carry any patch touching the build system.
* Mon Nov 26 2012
- Add gtkpod-gdl362.patch: Fix build with gdl 3.6.2.
* Sat Oct 13 2012
- Add gtkpod-anjuta36.patch: Adapt to Anjuta 3.6 API change.
- Add ldconfig call to post/postun of libatomicparsley0 subpackage.
* Mon Jun 18 2012
- Update to version 2.1.2:
  + New Features:
  - sjcd plugin, incorporating the sound juicer CD ripper into
  - external player plugin restoring functionality to play tracks
    through a configured external media player
  - replace dependency on libmp4v2 (incompatible licence) with
    integrated mp4 read/write library based on the atomic parsley
    application (
  + Improvement:
  - Reduce time for listing of tracks in track display in big
  + Bug fixes:
  - Fix threading issues / deadlocks with music player, filters
    and track display
  - Fix crash when anjuta g_settings schema is not installed
  - Fixes highlighted by clang compiler (thank to Daniel Forsi)
  - Fix for double free when adding music using the 'add folder'
- Add new BuildRequires following upstreams changes and extensions:
  + pkgconfig()-style: gstreamer-0.10, gstreamer-base-0.10,
    gstreamer-pbutils-0.10, gstreamer-plugins-base-0.10,
    libbrasero-media3, webkitgtk-3.0.
  + gcc-c++, libdiscid-devel
- Replace old style BuildRequires with pkgconfig() style:
  + Old style: curl-devel, flac-devel, libid3tag-devel
  + New style: libcurl, flac, id3tag
- Add subpackage for new shared library libatomicparsley0.
- Add gtkpod-buffer-overflow.patch: Fix bufferoverflow reported by
* Mon Jan 09 2012
- Update to version 2.1.1:
  + New Features:
  - Clarity plugin for alternative display of coverart using
  + Improvements:
  - Make splash screen preference to allow it to be disabled
  - Update core app code to align with current anjuta
  + Bugs fixed:
  - Reintroduce track normalization
  - Allows the LOG path to contain spaces.
  + libgtkpod bugfixes:
  - Allow broadcast of string preferences
  - Provide some sensible sorting of tracks when added from files
    and directories
  - Ensure progress bar is updated when saving ipod database
  - Avoid possibility of symlinks, when adding files, hanging
  - Display track conversion progress correctly
  - Fix for track volume control
  + Various plugin bugfixes.
- Add pkgconfig(clutter-gtk-1.0) BuildRequires for the new
  alternative coverart plugin.
- Drop gtkpod-gtk_box.patch: fixed upstream.
* Fri Dec 02 2011
- add libtool as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Tue Aug 09 2011
- Update to 2.1.0:
  + Minor code fixes / build fixes compared to the beta.
- Rebase gtkpod-gtk_box.patch: Only part of the patch was merged.
- Drop gtkpod-gdk3.patch and gtkpod-g_const_return.patch: fixed
* Mon Aug 01 2011
- Update to version 2.1.0.beta:
  + Media player plugin fixes:
  - When the stop button is pressed, ensure that the play/pause
    button is reset accordinly.
  - Add some warning and debug information if the player fails to
  + Track plugin fixes:
  - Stop the Rating column from being expanded to a too long size
  - Align 2 checkboxes in the preferences to make them look a
    little neater
  - Populate the horizontal scrollbar checkbox with its value
  + Cover art display fixes for colors and updating
  + Stop volume property warning when media player loaded
  + Fixes cover art preference stretching.
- Add patches:
  + gtkpod-gdk3.patch: Fix detection of GSEAL enabled gdk version.
  + gtkpod-g_const_return.patch: No longer use G_CONST_RETURN.
  + gtkpod-gtk_box.patch: Stop using deprecated gtk_[hv]box_new.
  + gtkpod-glade.patch: Fix the glade files to no longer use
    deprecated GtkComboBoxEntry.
- Add gsettings schema handling macros to post/postun.
* Mon May 16 2011
- Update to version 2.0.1:
  + Only link plugins to their respective libraries rather than
    libgtkpod library.
  + Bugfixes:
  - Stop exporter plugin crashes by avoiding display of dialogs.
  - Stop unloading plugins when quitting. Avoids throwing a
    gobject exception.
  - Dispose directory paths when quitting.
  - Fix segfault if gstreamer plugins are not installed.
  - Allow compiling of m4a and mp4 plugins against older versions
    of libmp4v2.
  - Formatting strings correction in gtkpod_log_error.
  - Remove deprecated gtk code.
  - Final removal of glade dependencies but still need to depend
    on libxml2.
- do not export LDFLAGS="-Wl,--as-needed". It became the default.
* Mon Mar 21 2011
- Update to version
  + UI completely reworked with anjuta as the windowing system.
  + Provide major features as plugins that can be added and removed
    depending upon user preference.
  + Replacement of glade with gtkbuilder (apparently incomplete)
  + Updated translations.
- Split out -devel package and libgtkpod1 as per SLPP.
- Add BuildRequires: fdupes, pkgconfig({libanjuta-1.0,gdl-1.0})
- Pass disable-static to configure and delete *.la in _libdir
- use make_install macro
- Link duplicate files in _datadir using fdupes.
- Rebase gtkpod-pref.patch: moved to libgtkpod and mountpoint
  default path is now correct by default.
* Sat Feb 12 2011
- Call relevant macros in %post/%postun:
  + %desktop_database_post/postun because the package ships at
    least one desktop file.
  + %icon_theme_cache_post/postun because the package ships themed
- Pass %{?no_lang_C} to %find_lang so that english documentation
  can be packaged with the program, and not in the lang subpackage.
- Split lang subpackage.
* Wed Aug 11 2010
- Update to version 1.0.0:
  + Final release of gtkpod before the major UI refactorings with
    anjuta are incorporated.
  + Make dialogs transient with gtkpod window
  + Make the no extended database message clearer
  + Failure to read lyrics file no longer displays a warning dialog
    for each track. Instead it displays the error in the lyrics
  + Track filter tends to display no results
  + Various deficiencies with audiobooks.
  + Memory leaks.
  + Updated translations.
- Remove unneeded gnutls-devel BuildRequires.
* Mon Mar 22 2010
- Remove unneeded BuildRequires: gnutls-devel,
  libgnomeprintui-devel, libgnomeui-devel, libwnck-devel,
* Mon Mar 22 2010
- Update to version 0.99.16:
  + Volume control added to detail window for setting the volume of
    a track.
  + Migration from hal, which is now deprecated, to gio.
  + Support for using CMake as well as autotools
  + Code compatibility for compiling using Clang
  + BUGFIX: Crash when a cover art image is dragged and dropped.
  + BUGFIX: Freeze when changing from the photo window back to the
    playlist window.
  + BUGFIX: Numerous double frees and memory leaks.
  + Translations support.
- BuildRequire intltool.
* Wed Aug 26 2009
- make patch0 usage consistent
* Thu Jul 16 2009
- update to version 0.99.14
  * Help system, still very preliminary
  * Video thumbnail generation
  * Lyrics may be viewed and edited via the Details window for a
    track. Only mp3 files are supported currently
  * Add a search bar, to quickly filter tracks
  * New application icon
  * Preferences dialog redesigned from the ground up for
    GNOME HIG compliance
  * Updated translations
  * Numerous UI cleanups
  * Support for chapter data
  * Use cairo for coverart display effects.
  - > dropped dependency to libgnomecanvas
  * Coverart display performance has been improved
  * Set track->lyrics_flag for mp4 files in addition to mp3 files
  * Use the Artist tag for the Artist and fall back to the Album
    Artist tag only when the former does not exist. For Album
    Artist, use the Album Artist tag, but only if the Artist tag
    does exist
  * The Photo "playlist" is a separate object in the Playlist view
  * Numerous memory leaks fixed
  * Many other bug fixes and cleanups.
- dropped gtkpod-non_static_decl.patch
- refactored gtkpod-pref.patch