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Change Logs

* Sat Sep 16 2017
- Update to version 3.26.0:
  + Javascript modernizations.
  + Adapt to gjs 1.50.
  + Adapt to gnome-shell/mutter 3.26.
  + Use the new clipboardText feature in the search provider.
  + Gtk4 3.91.2 compatibility.
- Replace pkgconfig(mutter-clutter-0) with
  pkgconfig(mutter-clutter-1) BuildRequires: following upstream
- Drop obsolete post(un) handling of
  glib2_gsettings_schema_post(un) and desktop_database_post(un)
  macros: No longer needed as file-trigger takes care of this now.
  Also drop glib2_gsettings_schema_requires macro, now obsolete.
- Run spec-cleaner, modernize spec.
* Wed Aug 16 2017
- Update to version 3.24.2:
  + `gpaste-client add` now accepts reading from stdin.
  + You can't have two passwords with the same name in the history
  + Prevent a bug adding a password both as password and text in
    some cases.
* Sat Apr 15 2017
- Update to version 3.24.1:
  + Fix a regression in Passwords handling.
- Changes from version 3.24.0:
  + Change the history format to 2.0 to be more flexible (backward
  + Unify and consolidate some clipboard interactions.
  + Handle text/html and text/xml mime types.
- Changes from version 3.23.90:
  + Applet and unity app-indicator have been removed.
  + A minimal applet is available there:
  + Dutch translation has been added.
  + gtk4 is now supported (--with-gtk=4.0).
  + gnome-shell/mutter 3.24 are now supported and required.
  + UI will now close when you select an item (configurable).
  + More intuitive search interactions in the ui.
  + Preparations for future other storage backends.
  + Preparations for mime types support.
  + More reliable "paste" behaviour part in some corener cases.
- Changes from version 3.22.3:
  + Fix switch in gnome-shell extension.
  + Fix some wrongly detected growing line.
- Changes from version 3.22.2:
  + Fix memory leaks in the debugging logs.
  + Fix some corner case in images handling.
  + Fix crash in UI when refreshing during search.
  + Stability improvements.
- Changes from version 3.22.1:
  + Fix some build system issues for vala and
- Changes from version 3.22.0:
  + Depend on gtk+ 3.22, glib 2.50, gobject-introspeciton 1.50.
  + Bug fixes and simplifications in pagination handling for
  + Fix bug with clipboard/primary selection synchronisation.
  + Fix racy calls to gtk_clipboard_store.
- Changes from version 3.21.91:
  + Lots of fixes in the gnome-shell extension pagination.
  + Fix a crash when trying to add binary data with gpaste-client.
  + Use GLib new structured logging.
  + Update appstream files.
- Changes from version 3.21.90:
  + Port from intltool to gettext.
  + pkg-config 0.29 is now required.
  + Port to the internal mutter-clutter.
  + gnome-shell extension cleanup.
  + Add pagination to gnmoe-shell extension.
- Changes from version 3.20.6:
  + Fix switch in gnome-shell extension.
  + Fix refresh with search in the ui.
  + Fix some wrongly detected growing line.
- Changes from version 3.20.5:
  + Fix memory leaks in the debugging logs.
  + Fix some corner case in images handling.
  + Stability improvements.
- Add pkgconfig(mutter-clutter-0) and pkgconfig(gjs-1.0)
  BuildRequires: new dependencies.
- Rename libgpaste6 subpackage to libgpaste9, following upstreams
  soname bump.
* Fri Nov 11 2016
- Add pkgconfig(systemd) BuildRequires: ensure to have the user
  services installed.
* Fri Jul 29 2016
- Update to version 3.20.4 (boo#1009441):
  + Fix some extensive CPU usage in some cases.
* Tue Jun 14 2016
- Update to version 3.20.3:
  + Fix soname versioning.
- Changes from version 3.20.2:
  + Add missing icon.
- Changes from version 3.20.1:
  + Fix crash when a search goes wrong.
  + Fix hanging issue due to gtk+ race (?) in gtk_clipboard_store.
  + Fix the gnome-shell menu sometimes displaying twice.
  + Add debug logs to the core library.
  + Fix some build issues with some toolchains.
  + Updated translations.
- Drop gpaste-support-gnome-shell-3_16.patch: fixed upstream.
* Sun May 22 2016
- Add gpaste-support-gnome-shell-3_16.patch: "Fake" compatibility
  with gnome-shell 3.16.x by patching the metadata file
* Thu Mar 31 2016
- Update to version 3.20:
  + Relicensing from GPL-3 to BSD-2.
  + Detect the presence of more features at runtime instead of
    compile time.
  + The gpaste-client cli has been mostly rewritten.
  + gpaste-client file now supports adding images to the history.
  + The legacy gpaste cli is gone.
  + gnome-shell extension cleanups and compatibility with 3.20.
  + automake 1.15 is required.
  + pkg-config 0.27 is required.
  + gtk+ 3.20, vala 0.32 (if ?enable-vapi) and
    gobject-introspection 1.48 are required.
  + gpaste-ui now has a "new" button to add new contents to the
  + The daemon now reexecs itself on SIGUSR1.
  + Avoid having two passwords under the same name in history.
  + libgpaste now logs into its own G_LOG_DOMAIN.
  + GPaste components now write their pid to a file.
  + A new tool is provided for debugging, but not installed:
  + systemd user units are provided.
  + Build system cleanups.
  + Outdated translations have been dropped.
  + gobject-introspection fixes.
  + Fix style with gtk+ 3.20.
  + Implement the new shortcut window from gtk+.
  + Various code cleanups.
- Changes from version 3.18.3:
  + Fix synchronisation issues between clipboard and primary
  + Fix a memory leak.
  + Never handle images when images support is disabled.
- Rename libgpaste4 subpackage to libgpaste6, following upstreams
  soname bump.
* Tue Dec 01 2015
- Update to version 3.18.2:
  + Fix disabling legacy cli.
  + Fix gnome-shell empty button.
  + Fix emptying the active history.
  + Fix showing about dialog.
  + Updated translations.
- Changes from version
  + Few build system cleanups.
  + gobject-introspection fixes.
- Changes from version 3.18.1:
  + Fix a regression in growing lines detection.
- Changes from version 3.18:
  + Warning, this is a big release, with changes in API, you might
    have to kill your old daemon after upgrading.
  + The "gpaste" cli is now "gpaste-client". old name can still be
    enabled with ?enable-cli for now.
  + The "gpaste settings" tool is gone, use the "burger" menu from
    "gpaste-client ui".
  + The graphical tool now allows you to fully manage your
  + The graphical tool now allows you to restart the daemon.
  + The graphical tool now allows you to edit an element from the
  + The graphical tool new allows you to upload an element to a
    pastebin service (requires wgetpaste).
  + The graphical tool now displays the size of each history.
  + The graphical tool now displays the index of each element in
    the history.
  + The graphical tool has been slightly redisigned.
  + A new gnome-shell search-provider is provided by the daemon.
  + When searching e.g. "42", the 42nd element from hsitory will
    be included in search results.
  + gpaste-client gained a new subcommand: "get-history" to get
    the name of the current history.
  + gpaste-client gained a new subcommand: "replace" to replace
    the content of an item in the history.
  + Compatibility with gnome-shell 3.18.
  + The daemon now "works" on wayland using XWayland and
    gnome-shell 3.18.
  + The dbus interface name is now org.gnome.GPaste1.
  + The "Empty" dbus method has been renamed "EmptyHistory".
  + The "NameLost" and "ReexecuteSelf" dbus signals are gone.
  + Three new dbus signals: "DeleteHistory", "EmptyHistory" and
  + The daemon gained new dbus methods: GetItemKind, GetElements,
    GetHistoryName, Replace.
  + BackupHistory EmptyHistory and DeleteHistory now take the
    history as a parameter instead of the current one.
  + GPasteClient hasn?t the "name-lost" and "reexecute-self"
    signals anymore.
  + GPasteClient gained three new signals: "delete-history",
    "empty-history" and "switch-history".
  + GPasteHistory gained a new "switch" signal.
  + GPasteHistory now tracks dconf to switch between histories.
  + A few formerly private constructors and methods are now
    publicly available.
  + The way GPaste handles dbus conection and objects have
    significantly been reworked.
  + Everything is now handled using 64bits types (the numeric
    settings have thus been reset and some max values changed).
  + A lot of code cleanup and rearchitecturation.
  + Signals are now properly documented for gobject-introspection
    and thus bindings.
  + Various build system cleanups (gobject-introspection and
    vapigen are now required to build from git).
  + Shell completion updates.
  + Updated translations.
- Changes from version
  + Fix a regression in growing lines detection.
- Changes from version 3.16.3:
  + Various gnome-shell extension fixes.
  + Prevent potential crash from external library users.
- Rename libgpaste3 subpackage to libgpaste4, following upstream
  soname change.
* Wed Jul 29 2015
- Update to version
  + Fix error in pipe detection.
- Changes from version 3.16.2:
  + Allow password to be taken from stdin.
- Changes from version 3.16.1:
  + Bump max history size.
  + Fix weird behaviour wrt screensaver.
- Changes from version 3.16:
  + New subcommand: gpaste merge to merge various entries
    (with ?decoration and ?separator).
  + New tool: gpaste-ui (minimal graphical interface).
  + Legacy applet reworked to use gpaste ui.
  + Ubuntu app indicator reworked to use gpaste ui.
  + New keybinding to launch gpaste ui.
  + New keybinding to upload clipboard content to a pastebin
    service (requires wgetpaste >= 2.26).
  + The daemon now returns standard DBus errors on invalid input.
  + Name dbus parameters.
  + Gnome-shell 3.16 support (require gnome-shell 3.16 because
    of breaking changes).
  + Require glib 2.44 and gtk 3.16.
  + Compatibility with new glib autoptr mechanism.
  + Fully switch to appstream.
  + Updated shell completions.
  + Various libgpaste api cleanups (bump soname to 3,
    rework libtool versioning).
  + Detect applet and app-indicator at runtime instead of
    build time.
  + Fix bug with recent glib.
  + Make a lot more stuff async.
  + Gpasted is dead (long live gpaste-daemon).
  + Changed DBus signal is dead.
  + Drop old ubuntu compat patches.
  + Drop gpaste-config.h.
  + Drop old manual pages for applet and app-indicator.
  + Drop legacy gpaste subcommands (raw, oneline, zero, favor
    ?raw, ?oneline and ?raw).
  + Various bugfixes.
  + Some progress regarding wayland support.
- Changes from version 3.14.3:
  + Fix crashes related to images support.
- Changes from version 3.14.2:
  + Improve zsh completion.
  + Fix a bug causing the gnome-shell extension to randomly crash.
- Changes from version 3.14.1:
  + Search is now always done by the daemon, not the gnome-shell
  + New gpaste subcomand: search.
  + Gpaste now accepts --online --raw and --zero options.
  + Search is now async.
  + Various gnome-shell extension fixes.
  + Updated completions.
  + We now restore the clipboard contents when unlocking the
  + Updated translations.
- Rename libgpaste2 subpackage to libgpaste3, following upstream
  soname change.
* Wed Feb 18 2015
- Move GPaste.Settings.service out of -devel, enabling regular
  users to run GPaste settings.
* Tue Dec 16 2014
- Add explicit pkgconfig(gnome-keybindings) BuildRequires:
  configure looks for it.
- Add pkgconfig(vapigen) BuildRequires and pass --enable-vala to
  configure: build vala bindings.
* Mon Nov 24 2014
- Update to version 3.14 (boo#905909):
  + Update for latest gobject-introspection.
  + Support gnome-shell 3.14.
  + Start redesign of the gnome-shell extension.
  + New gpaste show-history command.
- Changes from version
  + A bug preventing the history to be saved to disk has been
  + Prevent a segfault when loading large histories.
  + Add a new gpaste oneline-history command.
- Changes from version 3.12.3:
  + gpaste-daemon now has an Update dbus signal more precise than
  + Desktop files fixes.
  + All calls to clipboard are now async.
  + Performance improvements.
  + gpaste-client has been updated to match gpaste-daemon changes
    with an update signal.
  + gnome-shell extension has been ported to the update signal.
  + applets have been ported to the update signal.
  + gnome-shell search bar now matches the user theme.
- Changes from version 3.12.2:
  + gpasted has been renamed gpaste-daemon.
  + Desktop files have been fixed.
  + Fixes for the ubuntu app-indicator.
  + Keybinding to mark an item as being a password.
  + All libgpaste-* have been merged into a single libgpaste.
  + Misc bugfixes reported for debian packaging.
- Changes from version 3.12.1:
  + Systemd support has been removed.
  + GPaste is now compliant with
  + GPaste now has built-in support for managing passwords, blog
    post coming.
  + Completions and man pages have been updated.
  + Translations have been updated.
  + Miscellaneous bugfixes with static analysis.
  + The search feature of the gnome-shell extension has been
- Rework subpackages, following upstream changes:
  + Drop libgpaste-core4, libgpaste-daemon1, libgpaste-keybinder3,
    libgpaste-applet1, libgpaste-settings1 and libgpaste-client3.
  + New subpackage libgpaste2.
- Drop gpaste-gnome-shell-version-3.12.2.patch: fixed upstream.
* Fri Jun 06 2014
- Update to version 3.12:
  + Improved compatibility with GNOME 3.12
- Changes from version 3.10.1
  + gpasted no longer fails at runtime if gnome-shell's settings
    schema is not installed
  + growing lines are detected for lines getting expanded at their
    left too
  + gnome-shell extension has been rewritten
  + gnome-shell extension now has a search bar
  + translations update
  + misc bugfixes
- Changes from version 3.10
  + Follow GNOME versionning
  + Don't display error on daemon-reexec
  + Fix coredumps due to g_error
  + New library: libgpaste-applet
  + Unity support (for Ubuntu 14.04 and above) using
  + Port legacy applet to libgpaste-applet and rename to StatusIcon
  + Redesign GPaste StatusIcon to make it simpler and similar to
    gnome-shell extension
  + Vala is no longer required to build the applet (rewritten in C)
  + Lower automake dependency to 1.11
  + Be compatible with gnome-shell up to 3.12
  + libgpaste-settings: add reset
  + gpaste settings: add reset buttons
  + gpaste settings: add a switch to enable the gnome-shell
  + The gnome-shell gsettings schema is now required when
  - -enable-gnome-shell-extension is provided (default)
  + gpasted: GetElement now returns the display string
  + gpasted now forwards the full history via dbus, letting the
    client manage the display limit
  + gpasted gained GetHistoryLength, GetRawHistory, GetRawElement
    and About
  + gpasted gained a new Version property
  + Add about dialog to all components
  + Prefer dark theme
  + Display more info at the end of configure
  + Provide appdata files
  + Parallel build fixes
  + Fix build issues for Fedora, Ubuntu and Debian
  + clang related fixes
  + Fix warnings
  + Translations update
- Changes from version 3.8
  + Fix german translation
  + No longer depend on libxml
  + Update Portugueuse and French translations
  + New growing-lines feature
  + Misc bufixes
- Create new subpackage for the new libgpaste-applet1 library
- Replace subpackage to new version of libraries(libgpaste-client3,
- Add gpaste-gnome-shell-version-3.12.2.patch
* Sat Dec 07 2013
- Update to version 3.7:
  + "Paste and Pop" is now only "Pop"
  + Fix SEGV when deleting last item of history
  + New gnome-shell DBus client library
  + DBus client libraries are now async
  + Keybinder now uses gnome-shell if available to grab keys
  + Preparations for wayland port
  + Enhance internal memory management
  + Code cleanup
  + Misc bug fixes
  + German translation
- Changes from version 3.6:
  + GPaste settings look has been updated to better fit with recent
  + Performance improvements
  + Daemon now fully evenmential (no more polling, less power
  + GPasteClipboard now has a "owner-change" signal similar to
    GtkClipboard's one
  + Misc. bugfixes
  + New setting to set the maximum amount of memory used by data in
  + FIFO mode has been dropped (lacking design)
  + Code cleanup and modernisation
  + g_paste_history_add is now transfer full
- Create new subpackage for the new libgpaste-gnome-shell-client0
- Replace subpackage to new version of libraries(libgpaste-client2,
  libgpaste-keybinder3, libgpaste-core3).
* Sun Oct 13 2013
- Update to version 3.5:
  + Compatibility with gnome-shell 3.9.90 and above
  + The gnome-shell applet has totally been rewritten and is now
    more intuitive.
  + Port to newer glib
  + Don't use deprecated stuff from gtk+
  + The X11 keybinder is now optional
  + New keybinding to sync the clipboard to the primary selection
  + New keybinding to sync the primary selection to the clipboard
- Remove gpaste-gnome-3.9.patch
* Thu Jul 25 2013
- Update to version 3.0.2:
  + Fix build without gnome-control-center installed
  + Fix focus when using <Ctrl><Alt><H< in gnome-shel extension
- Changes from version 3.0.1:
  + Fix build.
- Changes from version 3.0:
  + Various build fixes.
  + Support of gnome-control-center for setting keybindings.
  + Compatibility with newer gnome-shell.
- Changes from version 2.99.2:
  + Fix a bug making gpaste settings ui a no-op.
  + Don't close legacy applet menu when deleting an item.
  + Fix vala bindings.
  + Updated translations,
- Changes from version 2.99.1:
  + Fix a few typos in the conditional code for applet and
  + Fix make install when GPaste is not yet installed.
  + Clean desktop files.
- Changes from version 2.99:
  + Compatibility with recent development releases of gnome-shell.
  + "gpaste f" now defers the file reading to the GPaste daemon.
  + libgpaste-client does now fully cover the GPaste DBus API.
  + libgpaste-keybinder has been ported to use XInput2.
  + keybindings have been fixed.
  + The gnome-shell extension has been ported to use
  + A systemd user unit is now provided.
  + New library: libgpaste-settings-ui.
  + gpaste-settings has been ported to libgpaste-settings-ui.
  + The gnome-shell extension now has a pref.js module based on
  + An autostart desktop file is now provided with the legacy
  + gobject-introspection and vala support are now optional.
  + Various code cleanup.
- Add gpaste-gnome-3.9.patch: Declare GNOME 3.9.x as compatible.
* Sun Dec 02 2012
- Update to version 2.9.1:
  + Fix memory leak when handling images.
  + Fix duplicated images in history.
  + Fix "changed" signal in GPasteSettings.
* Wed Oct 10 2012
- Update to version 2.9:
  + Now depends on intltool 0.50
  + Automake stack is even more modular
  + libgpaste has been split into sublibs: libgpaste-core,
    libgpaste-keybinder and libgpaste-settings
  + New libraries: libgpaste-client and libgpaste-daemon
  + gpaste CLI is rewritten in C
  + Keybindings have totally been reworked
  + Performance improvements
  + Various code cleanup
  + Images support can now be disabled
  + Paste and Pop keybinding may behave weirdly because of gtk+
- Drop libgpaste1 sub-package: this library name no longer exists.
- Create new subpackages for the new libs (libgpaste-core1,
  libgpaste-keybinder1, libgpaste-settings1, libgpaste-client0 and
* Sun May 06 2012
- Update to version 2.8.1:
  + Fix crash in gpaste_daemon_tracking.