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Version: 2.18.0-bp153.1.63
* Mon Aug 31 2020 Patrick Seidensal <>
- Update package with changes from `server:monitoring` bsc#1175478
  Left out removal of firewalld related configuration files as SLE-15-SP1's
  `firewalld` package does not contain prometheus configuration yet.
* Wed Jun 03 2020 Joao Cavalheiro <>
- Update change log and spec file
  + Modified spec file: default to golang 1.14 to avoid "have choice" build issues in OBS.
  + Rebase and update patches for version 2.18.0
  + Changed:
  * 0001-Do-not-force-the-pure-Go-name-resolver.patch
  * 0002-Default-settings.patch Changed
  * 0003-Add-Uyuni-service-discovery.patch
- Update to 2.18.0
  + Features
  * Tracing: Added experimental Jaeger support #7148
  + Changes
  * Federation: Only use local TSDB for federation (ignore remote read). #7096
  * Rules: `rule_evaluations_total` and `rule_evaluation_failures_total` have a `rule_group` label now. #7094
  + Enhancements
  * TSDB: Significantly reduce WAL size kept around after a block cut. #7098
  * Discovery: Add `architecture` meta label for EC2. #7000
  + Bug fixes
  * UI: Fixed wrong MinTime reported by /status. #7182
  * React UI: Fixed multiselect legend on OSX. #6880
  * Remote Write: Fixed blocked resharding edge case. #7122
  * Remote Write: Fixed remote write not updating on relabel configs change. #7073
- Changes from 2.17.2
  + Bug fixes
  * Federation: Register federation metrics #7081
  * PromQL: Fix panic in parser error handling #7132
  * Rules: Fix reloads hanging when deleting a rule group that is being evaluated #7138
  * TSDB: Fix a memory leak when prometheus starts with an empty TSDB WAL #7135
  * TSDB: Make isolation more robust to panics in web handlers #7129 #7136
- Changes from 2.17.1
  + Bug fixes
  * TSDB: Fix query performance regression that increased memory and CPU usage #7051
- Changes from 2.17.0
  + Features
  * TSDB: Support isolation #6841
  * This release implements isolation in TSDB. API queries and recording rules are
    guaranteed to only see full scrapes and full recording rules. This comes with a
    certain overhead in resource usage. Depending on the situation, there might be
    some increase in memory usage, CPU usage, or query latency.
  + Enhancements
  * PromQL: Allow more keywords as metric names #6933
  * React UI: Add normalization of localhost URLs in targets page #6794
  * Remote read: Read from remote storage concurrently #6770
  * Rules: Mark deleted rule series as stale after a reload #6745
  * Scrape: Log scrape append failures as debug rather than warn #6852
  * TSDB: Improve query performance for queries that partially hit the head #6676
  * Consul SD: Expose service health as meta label #5313
  * EC2 SD: Expose EC2 instance lifecycle as meta label #6914
  * Kubernetes SD: Expose service type as meta label for K8s service role #6684
  * Kubernetes SD: Expose label_selector and field_selector #6807
  * Openstack SD: Expose hypervisor id as meta label #6962
  + Bug fixes
  * PromQL: Do not escape HTML-like chars in query log #6834 #6795
  * React UI: Fix data table matrix values #6896
  * React UI: Fix new targets page not loading when using non-ASCII characters #6892
  * Remote read: Fix duplication of metrics read from remote storage with external labels #6967 #7018
  * Remote write: Register WAL watcher and live reader metrics for all remotes, not just the first one #6998
  * Scrape: Prevent removal of metric names upon relabeling #6891
  * Scrape: Fix 'superfluous response.WriteHeader call' errors when scrape fails under some circonstances #6986
  * Scrape: Fix crash when reloads are separated by two scrape intervals #7011
- Changes from 2.16.0
  + Features
  * React UI: Support local timezone on /graph #6692
  * PromQL: add absent_over_time query function #6490
  * Adding optional logging of queries to their own file #6520
  + Enhancements
  * React UI: Add support for rules page and "Xs ago" duration displays #6503
  * React UI: alerts page, replace filtering togglers tabs with checkboxes #6543
  * TSDB: Export metric for WAL write errors #6647
  * TSDB: Improve query performance for queries that only touch the most recent 2h of data. #6651
  * PromQL: Refactoring in parser errors to improve error messages #6634
  * PromQL: Support trailing commas in grouping opts #6480
  * Scrape: Reduce memory usage on reloads by reusing scrape cache #6670
  * Scrape: Add metrics to track bytes and entries in the metadata cache #6675
  * promtool: Add support for line-column numbers for invalid rules output #6533
  * Avoid restarting rule groups when it is unnecessary #6450
  + Bug fixes
  * React UI: Send cookies on fetch() on older browsers #6553
  * React UI: adopt grafana flot fix for stacked graphs #6603
  * React UI: broken graph page browser history so that back button works as expected #6659
  * TSDB: ensure compactionsSkipped metric is registered, and log proper error if one is returned from head.Init #6616
  * TSDB: return an error on ingesting series with duplicate labels #6664
  * PromQL: Fix unary operator precedence #6579
  * PromQL: Respect query.timeout even when we reach query.max-concurrency #6712
  * PromQL: Fix string and parentheses handling in engine, which affected React UI #6612
  * PromQL: Remove output labels returned by absent() if they are produced by multiple identical label matchers #6493
  * Scrape: Validate that OpenMetrics input ends with `# EOF` #6505
  * Remote read: return the correct error if configs can't be marshal'd to JSON #6622
  * Remote write: Make remote client `Store` use passed context, which can affect shutdown timing #6673
  * Remote write: Improve sharding calculation in cases where we would always be consistently behind by tracking pendingSamples #6511
  * Ensure prometheus_rule_group metrics are deleted when a rule group is removed #6693
- Changes from 2.15.2
  + Bug fixes
  * TSDB: Fixed support for TSDB blocks built with Prometheus before 2.1.0. #6564
  * TSDB: Fixed block compaction issues on Windows. #6547
- Changes from 2.15.1
  + Bug fixes
  * TSDB: Fixed race on concurrent queries against same data. #6512
- Changes from 2.15.0
  + Features
  * API: Added new endpoint for exposing per metric metadata `/metadata`. #6420 #6442
  + Changes
  * Discovery: Removed `prometheus_sd_kubernetes_cache_*` metrics. Additionally `prometheus_sd_kubernetes_workqueue_latency_seconds` and `prometheus_sd_kubernetes_workqueue_work_duration_seconds` metrics now show correct values in seconds. #6393
  * Remote write: Changed `query` label on `prometheus_remote_storage_*` metrics to `remote_name` and `url`. #6043
  + Enhancements
  * TSDB: Significantly reduced memory footprint of loaded TSDB blocks. #6418 #6461
  * TSDB: Significantly optimized what we buffer during compaction which should result in lower memory footprint during compaction. #6422 #6452 #6468 #6475
  * TSDB: Improve replay latency. #6230
  * TSDB: WAL size is now used for size based retention calculation. #5886
  * Remote read: Added query grouping and range hints to the remote read request #6401
  * Remote write: Added `prometheus_remote_storage_sent_bytes_total` counter per queue. #6344
  * promql: Improved PromQL parser performance. #6356
  * React UI: Implemented missing pages like `/targets` #6276, TSDB status page #6281 #6267 and many other fixes and performance improvements.
  * promql: Prometheus now accepts spaces between time range and square bracket. e.g `[ 5m]` #6065
  + Bug fixes
  * Config: Fixed alertmanager configuration to not miss targets when configurations are similar. #6455
  * Remote write: Value of `prometheus_remote_storage_shards_desired` gauge shows raw value of desired shards and it's updated correctly. #6378
  * Rules: Prometheus now fails the evaluation of rules and alerts where metric results collide with labels specified in `labels` field. #6469
  * API: Targets Metadata API `/targets/metadata` now accepts empty `match_targets` parameter as in the spec. #6303
- Changes from 2.14.0
  + Features
  * API: `/api/v1/status/runtimeinfo` and `/api/v1/status/buildinfo` endpoints added for use by the React UI. #6243
  * React UI: implement the new experimental React based UI. #5694 and many more
  * Can be found by under `/new`.
  * Not all pages are implemented yet.
  * Status: Cardinality statistics added to the Runtime & Build Information page. #6125
  + Enhancements
  * Remote write: fix delays in remote write after a compaction. #6021
  * UI: Alerts can be filtered by state. #5758
  + Bug fixes
  * Ensure warnings from the API are escaped. #6279
  * API: lifecycle endpoints return 403 when not enabled. #6057
  * Build: Fix Solaris build. #6149
  * Promtool: Remove false duplicate rule warnings when checking rule files with alerts. #6270
  * Remote write: restore use of deduplicating logger in remote write. #6113
  * Remote write: do not reshard when unable to send samples. #6111
  * Service discovery: errors are no longer logged on context cancellation. #6116, #6133
  * UI: handle null response from API properly. #6071
- Changes from 2.13.1
  + Bug fixes
  * Fix panic in ARM builds of Prometheus. #6110
  * promql: fix potential panic in the query logger. #6094
  * Multiple errors of http: superfluous response.WriteHeader call in the logs. #6145
- Changes from 2.13.0
  + Enhancements
  * Metrics: renamed prometheus_sd_configs_failed_total to prometheus_sd_failed_configs and changed to Gauge #5254
  * Include the tsdb tool in builds. #6089
  * Service discovery: add new node address types for kubernetes. #5902
  * UI: show warnings if query have returned some warnings. #5964
  * Remote write: reduce memory usage of the series cache. #5849
  * Remote read: use remote read streaming to reduce memory usage. #5703
  * Metrics: added metrics for remote write max/min/desired shards to queue manager. #5787
  * Promtool: show the warnings during label query. #5924
  * Promtool: improve error messages when parsing bad rules. #5965
  * Promtool: more promlint rules. #5515
  + Bug fixes
  * UI: Fix a Stored DOM XSS vulnerability with query history [CVE-2019-10215]( #6098
  * Promtool: fix recording inconsistency due to duplicate labels. #6026
  * UI: fixes service-discovery view when accessed from unhealthy targets. #5915
  * Metrics format: OpenMetrics parser crashes on short input. #5939
  * UI: avoid truncated Y-axis values. #6014
- Changes from 2.12.0
  + Features
  * Track currently active PromQL queries in a log file. #5794
  * Enable and provide binaries for `mips64` / `mips64le` architectures. #5792
  + Enhancements
  * Improve responsiveness of targets web UI and API endpoint. #5740
  * Improve remote write desired shards calculation. #5763
  * Flush TSDB pages more precisely. tsdb#660
  * Add `prometheus_tsdb_retention_limit_bytes` metric. tsdb#667
  * Add logging during TSDB WAL replay on startup. tsdb#662
  * Improve TSDB memory usage. tsdb#653, tsdb#643, tsdb#654, tsdb#642, tsdb#627
  + Bug fixes
  * Check for duplicate label names in remote read. #5829
  * Mark deleted rules' series as stale on next evaluation. #5759
  * Fix JavaScript error when showing warning about out-of-sync server time. #5833
  * Fix `promtool test rules` panic when providing empty `exp_labels`. #5774
  * Only check last directory when discovering checkpoint number. #5756
  * Fix error propagation in WAL watcher helper functions. #5741
  * Correctly handle empty labels from alert templates. #5845
* Wed May 13 2020 Joao Cavalheiro <>
- Update Uyuni/SUSE Manager service discovery patch
  + Modified 0003-Add-Uyuni-service-discovery.patch:
  + Adapt service discovery to the new Uyuni API endpoints
  + Modified spec file: force golang 1.12 to fix build issues in SLE15SP2
* Mon Jan 27 2020 Witek Bedyk <>
- Update to Prometheus 2.11.2
* Mon Nov 25 2019 Joao Cavalheiro <>
- Patch macros on spec file to support builds on SLE 12
* Wed Nov 20 2019 Joao Cavalheiro <>
- Update Uyuni/SUSE Manager service discovery patch
  + Modified 0003-Add-Uyuni-service-discovery.patch
  + Fixes crashes when systems have no FQDN
  + Adds Parallel calls to Uyuni API, meaningful performance increase
  + Adds Support for system group labels
* Mon Sep 23 2019 Micha? Rostecki <>
- Do not install the firewalld config file on Tumbleweed (on
  versions newer than Leap 15.1). It's installed in the main
  firewalld package.
* Fri Aug 16 2019 Jan Fajerski <>
- remove 0004-prometheus-buildmode-pie.patch
  + this patch produces binaries that crash immediately
- add -v to promu build command for better build debugging
- reorder some %install tasks
* Fri Aug 02 2019 Jan Fajerski <>
- Add network-online (Wants and After) dependency to systemd unit bsc#1143913
* Wed Jul 31 2019 Andreas Schneider <>
- Build with PIE
  + Added 0004-prometheus-buildmode-pie.patch
* Wed Jul 31 2019 Andreas Schneider <>
- Only package required files (reduces rpm size by 4 MB)
- Add sysconfig file
- Add firewall config file
- Use variables for defining user and group
* Thu Jul 25 2019 Joao Cavalheiro <>
- Add support for Uyuni/SUSE Manager service discovery
  + Added 0003-Add-Uyuni-service-discovery.patch
* Thu Jul 18 2019 Simon Crute <>
- readded _service file removed in error.
- Update to 2.11.1
  + Bug Fix:
  * Fix potential panic when prometheus is watching multiple zookeeper paths.
- Update to 2.11.0
  + Bug Fix:
  * resolve race condition in maxGauge.
  * Fix ZooKeeper connection leak.
  * Improved atomicity of .tmp block replacement during compaction for usual case.
  * Fix "unknown series references" after clean shutdown.
  * Re-calculate block size when calling block.Delete.
  * Fix unsafe snapshots with head block.
  * prometheus_tsdb_compactions_failed_total is now incremented on any compaction failure.
  + Changes:
  * Remove max_retries from queue_config (it has been unused since rewriting remote-write to utilize the write-ahead-log)
  * The meta file BlockStats no longer holds size information. This is now dynamically calculated and kept in memory. It also includes the meta file size which was not included before
  * Renamed metric from prometheus_tsdb_wal_reader_corruption_errors to prometheus_tsdb_wal_reader_corruption_errors_total
  + Features:
  * Add option to use Alertmanager API v2.
  * Added humanizePercentage function for templates.
  * Include InitContainers in Kubernetes Service Discovery.
  * Provide option to compress WAL records using Snappy.
  + Enhancements:
  * Create new clean segment when starting the WAL.
  * Reduce allocations in PromQL aggregations.
  * Add storage warnings to LabelValues and LabelNames API results.
  * Add prometheus_http_requests_total metric.
  * Enable openbsd/arm build.
  * Remote-write allocation improvements.
  * Query performance improvement: Efficient iteration and search in HashForLabels and HashWithoutLabels.
  * Allow injection of arbitrary headers in promtool.
  * Allow passing external_labels in alert unit tests groups.
  * Allows globs for rules when unit testing.
  * Improved postings intersection matching.
  * Reduced disk usage for WAL for small setups.
  * Optimize queries using regexp for set lookups.
* Thu Jul 04 2019 Simon Crute <>
- rebase patch002-Default-settings.patch
- Update to 2.10.0:
  + Bug Fixes:
  * TSDB: Don't panic when running out of disk space and recover nicely from the condition
  * TSDB: Correctly handle empty labels.
  * TSDB: Don't crash on an unknown tombstone reference.
  * Storage/remote: Remove queue-manager specific metrics if queue no longer exists.
  * PromQL: Correctly display {__name__="a"}.
  * Discovery/kubernetes: Use service rather than ingress as the name for the service workqueue.
  * Discovery/azure: Don't panic on a VM with a public IP.
  * Web: Fixed Content-Type for js and css instead of using /etc/mime.types.
  * API: Encode alert values as string to correctly represent Inf/NaN.
  + Features:
  * Template expansion: Make external labels available as $externalLabels in alert and console template expansion.
  * TSDB: Add prometheus_tsdb_wal_segment_current metric for the WAL segment index that TSDB is currently writing to. tsdb
  * Scrape: Add scrape_series_added per-scrape metric. #5546
  + Enhancements
  * Discovery/kubernetes: Add labels __meta_kubernetes_endpoint_node_name and __meta_kubernetes_endpoint_hostname.
  * Discovery/azure: Add label __meta_azure_machine_public_ip.
  * TSDB: Simplify mergedPostings.Seek, resulting in better performance if there are many posting lists. tsdb
  * Log filesystem type on startup.
  * Cmd/promtool: Use POST requests for Query and QueryRange. client_golang
  * Web: Sort alerts by group name.
  * Console templates: Add convenience variables $rawParams, $params, $path.
- Upadte to 2.9.2
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Make sure subquery range is taken into account for selection
  * Exhaust every request body before closing it
  * Cmd/promtool: return errors from rule evaluations
  * Remote Storage: string interner should not panic in release
  * Fix memory allocation regression in mergedPostings.Seek tsdb
- Update to 2.9.1
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Discovery/kubernetes: fix missing label sanitization
  * Remote_write: Prevent reshard concurrent with calling stop
- Update to 2.9.0
  + Feature:
  * Add honor_timestamps scrape option.
  + Enhancements:
  * Update Consul to support catalog.ServiceMultipleTags.
  * Discovery/kubernetes: add present labels for labels/annotations.
  * OpenStack SD: Add ProjectID and UserID meta labels.
  * Add GODEBUG and retention to the runtime page.
  * Add support for POSTing to /series endpoint.
  * Support PUT methods for Lifecycle and Admin APIs.
  * Scrape: Add global jitter for HA server.
  * Check for cancellation on every step of a range evaluation.
  * String interning for labels & values in the remote_write path.
  * Don't lose the scrape cache on a failed scrape.
  * Reload cert files from disk automatically. common
  * Use fixed length millisecond timestamp format for logs. common
  * Performance improvements for postings.
  Bug Fixes:
  * Remote Write: fix checkpoint reading.
  * Check if label value is valid when unmarshaling external labels from YAML.
  * Promparse: sort all labels when parsing.
  * Reload rules: copy state on both name and labels.
  * Exponentation operator to drop metric name in result of operation.
  * Config: resolve more file paths.
  * Promtool: resolve relative paths in alert test files.
  * Set TLSHandshakeTimeout in HTTP transport. common
  * Use fsync to be more resilient to machine crashes.
  * Keep series that are still in WAL in checkpoints.
- Update to 2.8.1
  + Bug Fixes
  * Display the job labels in /targets which was removed accidentally
- Update to 2.8.0
  + Change:
  * This release uses Write-Ahead Logging (WAL) for the remote_write API. This currently causes a slight increase in memory usage, which will be addressed in future releases.
  * Default time retention is used only when no size based retention is specified. These are flags where time retention is specified by the flag --storage.tsdb.retention and size retention by --storage.tsdb.retention.size.
  * prometheus_tsdb_storage_blocks_bytes_total is now prometheus_tsdb_storage_blocks_bytes.
  + Feature:
  * (EXPERIMENTAL) Time overlapping blocks are now allowed; vertical compaction and vertical query merge. It is an optional feature which is controlled by the --storage.tsdb.allow-overlapping-blocks flag, disabled by default.
  + Enhancements:
  * Use the WAL for remote_write API.
  * Query performance improvements.
  * UI enhancements with upgrade to Bootstrap 4.
  * Reduce time that Alertmanagers are in flux when reloaded.
  * Limit number of metrics displayed on UI to 10000.
  * (1) Remember All/Unhealthy choice on target-overview when reloading page. (2) Resize text-input area on Graph page on mouseclick.
  * In histogram_quantile merge buckets with equivalent le values.
  * Show list of offending labels in the error message in many-to-many scenarios.
  * Show Storage Retention criteria in effect on /status page.
  + Bug Fixes:
    + Fix sorting of rule groups.
    + Fix support for password_file and bearer_token_file in Kubernetes SD.
    + Scrape: catch errors when creating HTTP clients
    + Adds new metrics:
    + Fix panic when aggregator param is not a literal.
Version: 2.7.1-bp151.1.1
* Fri Feb 22 2019 Jan Fajerski <>
- fix spec file: actually ship promtool
* Fri Feb 08 2019 Jan Fajerski <>
- Update to 2.7.1:
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Fix a Stored DOM XSS vulnerability with query history (boo#1124610)
  * prometheus_rule_group_last_duration_seconds now reports seconds instead of nanoseconds
  * Make sure the targets are consistently sorted in the targets page
- Update to 2.7.0:
  + cli flag depreacted: storage.tsdb.retention use storage.tsdb.retention.time
    instead; depreacted flag will be removed in 3.0
  + Features:
  * Add subqueries to PromQL
  * Add support for disk size based retention. Note that we don't
    consider the WAL size which could be significant and the time
    based retention policy also applies (experimental)
  * Add CORS origin flag
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Don't depend on given order when comparing samples in alert unit testing
  * Make sure the retention period doesn't overflow
  * Don't generate blocks with no samples
- Update to 2.6.0:
  + Remove default flags from the container's entrypoint, run Prometheus from
    /etc/prometheus and symlink the storage directory to /etc/prometheus/data
  + Promtool: Remove the update command
  + Features:
  * Add JSON log format via the --log.format flag
  * API: Add /api/v1/labels endpoint to get all label names
  * Web: Allow setting the page's title via the --web.ui-title flag
  + Enhancements:
  * Add prometheus_tsdb_lowest_timestamp_seconds, prometheus_tsdb_head_min_time_seconds
    and prometheus_tsdb_head_max_time_seconds metrics
  * Add rule_group_last_evaluation_timestamp_seconds metric
  * Add prometheus_template_text_expansion_failures_total and prometheus_template_text_expansions_total metrics
  * Set consistent User-Agent header in outgoing requests
  * Azure SD: Error out at load time when authentication parameters are missing
  * EC2 SD: Add the machine's private DNS name to the discovery metadata
  * EC2 SD: Add the operating system's platform to the discovery metadata
  * Kubernetes SD: Add the pod's phase to the discovery metadata
  * Kubernetes SD: Log Kubernetes messages
  * Promtool: Collect CPU and trace profiles
  * Promtool: Support writing output as JSON
  * Remote Read: Return available data if remote read fails partially
  * Remote Write: Improve queue performance
  * Remote Write: Add min_shards parameter to set the minimum number of shards
  * TSDB: Improve WAL reading
  * TSDB: Memory improvements
  * Web: Log stack traces on panic
  * Web UI: Add copy to clipboard button for configuration
  * Web UI: Support console queries at specific times
  * Web UI: group targets by job then instance
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Deduplicate handler labels for HTTP metrics
  * Fix leaked queriers causing shutdowns to hang
  * Fix configuration loading panics on nil pointer slice elements
  * API: Correctly skip mismatching targets on /api/v1/targets/metadata
  * API: Better rounding for incoming query timestamps
  * Discovery: Remove all targets when the scrape configuration gets empty
  * PromQL: Fix a goroutine leak in the lexer/parser
  * Scrape: Fix deadlock in the scrape's manager
  * Scrape: Scrape targets at fixed intervals even after Prometheus restarts
  * TSDB: Support restored snapshots including the head properly
  * TSDB: Repair WAL when the last record in a segment is torn
- Update to 2.5.0
  + Group targets by scrape config instead of job name
  + Marathon SD: Various changes to adapt to Marathon 1.5+
  + Discovery: Split prometheus_sd_discovered_targets metric by scrape and
    notify (Alertmanager SD) as well as by section in the respective configuration
  + Enhancements:
  * Support s390x platform for Linux
  * API: Add prometheus_api_remote_read_queries metric tracking currently
    executed or waiting remote read API requests
  * Remote Read: Add prometheus_remote_storage_remote_read_queries metric
    tracking currently in-flight remote read queries
  * Remote Read: Reduced memory usage
  * Discovery: Add prometheus_sd_discovered_targets,
    prometheus_sd_received_updates_total, prometheus_sd_updates_delayed_total,
    and prometheus_sd_updates_total metrics for discovery subsystem
  * Discovery: Improve performance of previously slow updates of changes of targets
  * Kubernetes SD: Add extended metrics
  * OpenStack SD: Support discovering instances from all projects
  * OpenStack SD: Discover all interfaces
  * OpenStack SD: Support tls_config for the used HTTP client
  * Triton SD: Add ability to filter triton_sd targets by pre-defined groups
  * Web UI: Avoid browser spell-checking in expression field
  * Web UI: Add scrape duration and last evaluation time in targets and rules pages
  * Web UI: Improve rule view by wrapping lines
  * Rules: Error out at load time for invalid templates, rather than at evaluation time
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Change max/min over_time to handle NaNs properly
  * Check label name for count_values PromQL function
  * Ensure that vectors and matrices do not contain identical label-sets
- Update to 2.4.3
  + Bug Fixes:
    [BUGFIX] Fix panic when using custom EC2 API for SD #4672
    [BUGFIX] Fix panic when Zookeeper SD cannot connect to servers #4669
    [BUGFIX] Make the skip_head an optional parameter for snapshot API #4674
- Update to 2.4.2
  + Bug Fixes:
    [BUGFIX] Handle WAL corruptions properly prometheus/tsdb#389
    [BUGFIX] Handle WAL migrations correctly on Windows prometheus/tsdb#392
- Update to 2.4.1
  + New TSDB metrics
  + Bug Fixes:
  Render UI correctly for Windows
- Update to 2.4.0
  + The WAL implementation has been re-written so the storage is not forward
    compatible. Prometheus 2.3 storage will work on 2.4 but not vice-versa
  + Reduce remote write default retries
  + Remove /heap endpoint
  + Features:
  * Persist alert 'for' state across restarts
  * Add API providing per target metric metadata
  * Add API providing recording and alerting rules
  + Enhancements:
  * Brand new WAL implementation for TSDB. Forwards incompatible with previous WAL.
  * Show rule evaluation errors in UI
  * Throttle resends of alerts to Alertmanager
  * Send EndsAt along with the alert to Alertmanager
  * Limit the samples returned by remote read endpoint
  * Limit the data read in through remote read
  * Coalesce identical SD configuations
  * promtool: Add new commands for debugging and querying
  * Update console examples for node_exporter v0.16.0
  * Optimize PromQL aggregations
  * Remote read: Add Offset to hints
  * consul_sd: Add support for ServiceMeta field
  * ec2_sd: Maintain order of subnet_id label
  * ec2_sd: Add support for custom endpoint to support EC2 compliant APIs
  * ec2_sd: Add instance_owner label
  * azure_sd: Add support for VMSS discovery and multiple environments
  * gce_sd: Add instance_id label
  * Forbid rule-abiding robots from indexing
  * Log virtual memory limits on startup
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Wait for service discovery to stop before exiting
  * Render SD configs properly
  * Only add LookbackDelta to vector selectors
  * ec2_sd: Handle panic-ing nil pointer
  * consul_sd: Stop leaking connections
  * Use templated labels also to identify alerts
  * Reduce floating point errors in stddev and related functions
  * Log errors while encoding responses
- Update to 2.3.2
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Fix various tsdb bugs
  * Reorder startup and shutdown to prevent panics.
  * Exit with non-zero code on error
  * discovery/kubernetes/ingress: fix scheme discovery
  * Fix race in zookeeper sd
  * Better timeout handling in promql
  * Propogate errors when selecting series from the tsdb
- Update to 2.3.1
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Avoid infinite loop on duplicate NaN values.
  * Fix nil pointer deference when using various API endpoints
  * config: set target group source index during unmarshalling
  * discovery/file: fix logging
  * kubernetes_sd: fix namespace filtering
  * web: restore old path prefix behavior
  * web: remove security headers added in 2.3.0
- Update to 2.3.0
  + marathon_sd: use auth_token and auth_token_file for token-based authentication
    instead of bearer_token and bearer_token_file respectively
  + Metric names for HTTP server metrics changed
  + Features:
  * Add query commands to promtool
  * Add security headers to HTTP server responses
  * Pass query hints via remote read API
  * Basic auth passwords can now be configured via file across all configuration
  + Enhancements:
  * Optimise PromQL and API serialization for memory usage and allocations
  * Limit number of dropped targets in web UI
  * Consul and EC2 service discovery allow using server-side filtering for performance improvement
  * Add advanced filtering configuration to EC2 service discovery
  * marathon_sd: adds support for basic and bearer authentication, plus all
    other common HTTP client options (TLS config, proxy URL, etc.)
  * Provide machine type metadata and labels in GCE service discovery
  * Add pod controller kind and name to Kubernetes service discovery data
  * Move TSDB to flock-based log file that works with Docker containers
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Properly propagate storage errors in PromQL
  * Fix path prefix for web pages
  * Fix goroutine leak in Consul service discovery
  * Fix races in scrape manager
  * Fix OOM for very large k in PromQL topk() queries
  * Make remote write more resilient to unavailable receivers
  * Make remote write shutdown cleanly
  * Don't leak files on errors in TSDB's tombstone cleanup
  * Unary minus expressions now removes the metric name from results
  * Fix bug that lead to wrong amount of samples considered for time range expressions
- Update to 2.2.1
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Fix data loss in TSDB on compaction
  * Correctly stop timer in remote-write path
  * Fix deadlock triggered by loading targets page
  * Fix incorrect buffering of samples on range selection queries
  * Handle large index files on windows properly
- Update to 2.2.0
  + This release introduces improvements to the storage format and fixes a
    regression introduced in 2.1. As a result Prometheus servers upgraded
    to 2.2 cannot be downgraded to a lower version anymore!
  + Rename file SD mtime metric
  + Send target update on empty pod IP in Kubernetes SD
  + Features:
  * Add API endpoint for flags.
  * Add API endpoint for dropped targets.
  * Display annotations on alerts page.
  * Add option to skip head data when taking snapshots
  + Enhancements:
  * Federation performance improvement.
  * Read bearer token file on every scrape.
  * Improve typeahead on /graph page.
  * Change rule file formatting.
  * Set consul server default to localhost:8500.
  * Add dropped Alertmanagers to API info endpoint.
  * Add OS type meta label to Azure SD.
  * Validate required fields in SD configuration.
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Prevent stack overflow on deep recursion in TSDB.
  * Correctly read offsets in index files that are greater than 4GB.
  * Fix scraping behavior for empty labels.
  * Drop metric name for bool modifier.
  * Fix races in discovery.
  * Fix Kubernetes endpoints SD for empty subsets.
  * Throttle updates from SD providers, which caused increased CPU usage and allocations.
  * Fix TSDB block reload issue.
  * Fix PromQL printing of empty without().
  * Don't reset FiredAt for inactive alerts.
  * Fix erroneous file version changes and repair existing data.
- remove pr-3174.patch, has been fixed in
* Wed Mar 14 2018
- spec: fix directory for fdupes
* Thu Jan 25 2018
- Update to 2.1.0:
  + Features:
  * New Service Discovery UI showing labels before and after relabelling.
  * New Admin APIs added to v1 to delete, snapshot and remove tombstones.
  + Enhancements:
  * The graph UI autcomplete now includes your previous queries.
  * Federation is now much faster for large numbers of series.
  * Added new metrics to measure rule timings.
  * Rule evaluation times added to the rules UI.
  * Added metrics to measure modified time of file SD files.
  * Kubernetes SD now includes POD UID in discovery metadata.
  * The Query APIs now return optional stats on query execution times.
  * The index now no longer has the 4GiB size limit and is also smaller.
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Remote read read_recent option is now false by default.
  * Pass the right configuration to each Alertmanager (AM) when using
    multiple AM configs.
  * Fix not-matchers not selecting series with labels unset.
  * tsdb: Fix occasional panic in head block.
  * tsdb: Close files before deletion to fix retention issues on Windows
    and NFS.
  * tsdb: Cleanup and do not retry failing compactions.
  * tsdb: Close WAL while shutting down.
* Thu Nov 09 2017
- Update to final v2.0.0 release (bsc#1067341):
  + Compared to version 1.x, this release includes a completely rewritten
    storage engine, huge performance improvements, but also many backwards
    incompatible changes.  For more information, read the announcement blog
    post and migration guide:
  + Changes:
  * Completely rewritten storage layer, with WAL.  This is not backwards
    compatible with 1.x storage,  and many flags have changed/disappeared.
  * New staleness behavior. Series now marked stale after target scrapes
    no longer return them, and soon after targets disappear from service
  * Rules files use YAML syntax now.  Conversion tool added to promtool.
  * Removed count_scalar, drop_common_labels functions and keep_common
    modifier from PromQL.
  * Rewritten exposition format parser with much higher performance.  The
    Protobuf exposition format is no longer supported.
  * Example console templates updated for new storage and metrics names.
    Examples other than node exporter and Prometheus removed.
  * Admin and lifecycle APIs now disabled by default, can be reenabled via
  * Flags switched to using Kingpin, all flags are now --flagname rather
    than -flagname.
  + Features:
  * Remote read can be configured to not read data which is available
    locally.  This is enabled by default.
  * Rules can be grouped now.  Rules within a rule group are executed
  * Added experimental GRPC apis
  * Add timestamp() function to PromQL.
  + Enhancements:
  * Remove remote read from the query path if no remote storage is
  * Bump Consul HTTP client timeout to not match the Consul SD watch
  * Go-conntrack added to provide HTTP connection metrics.
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Fix connection leak in Consul SD.
* Tue Nov 07 2017
- Update to v2.0.0-rc.3 (bsc#1067030):
  + Enhancements:
  * Remove remote read from the query path if no remote storage
    is configured.
  * Bump Consul HTTP client timeout to not match the Consul SD
    watch timeout.
  * Bump up a too small max block duration to the min block
    duration instead of returning an error.
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Avoid needless padding of 4 zero bytes in index files.
  * Delete old blocks during reload (necessary on MS Windows).
  * Fix regression of alert rules state loss on config reload.
  * Serialize background WAL operations to avoid data races.
  + This also contains bugfixes and remote-storage features from
    the 1.8 branch.
* Fri Oct 27 2017
- Update to v2.0.0-rc.2 (bsc#1065377):
  + Enhancements:
  * Handle WAL segments with corrupted header gracefully
  * Stabilize memory usage during WAL replay
  + Changes:
  * Prefix all storage metrics with prometheus_
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Correctly handle label removal in remote read
  * Fix chunk misalignment causing out-of-order samples
  * Fix connection leak in Consul SD
  * Handle invalid chunk dereferences gracefully
  * Prevent potential deadlock during failing querier construction
* Thu Oct 19 2017
- Update to v2.0.0-rc.1:
  + Features/Enhancements:
  * Added a warning for time-drift between the browser and the
  * Much faster WAL read-back on restart.
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Fixed Remote-read to not drop the first series.
  * Validate recording-rule names.
  * Fix several races.
  * Only close blocks if there are no iterators accessing it.
- Refresh 0002-Default-settings.patch
* Wed Oct 11 2017
- Update to v2.0.0-rc.0:
  + Numerous changes to the new storage layer, the main changes being:
  * Remove `count_scalar`, `keep_common` and `drop_common_labels` functions
  * Breaking change in the index format for better consistency
  * Fix panic due garbage collected mmap'ed strings
  * Fix broken snapshots and admin APIs
  * Send HTTP Accept header when scraping
  * Use the WAL flush interval passed instead of the hardcoded value
  + This release requires a clean storage directory and is not compatible
    with files created by previous beta releases
- Refresh 0002-Default-settings.patch
* Sun Sep 24 2017
- Fix loopback address for REST API gateway (bsc#1059462)
  + Added pr-3174.patch
* Fri Sep 22 2017
- Update to v2.0.0-beta.5:
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Remove deadlock on startup when restoring WAL
  * Fix semantical races resulting in invalid persisted files
  * Correctly read back WAL in certain edge cases
  * Prevent crashes caused by changing metric representations in target's
  + Enhancements:
  * Overall memory usage reduction
  * Serve debugging endpoints while TSDB is loading
  * Healthy endpoint correctly reflects liveness during startup
  * Switch to consistent usage of go-kit/log
  + This release may have issues with files written by previous beta releases
- Refresh 0002-Default-settings.patch to apply cleanly again
* Mon Sep 18 2017
- Update to v2.0.0-beta.4:
  + Numerous changes to the new storage layer, the main changes being:
  * Single, compacted write ahead log
  * Single in-memory block with garbage collection
  * Improve compression of index files
  * Cache series dropped via metric_relabel_configs
  * Pool byte buffers for scraping
  + Overall the changes achieve a baseline reduction in memory consumption
    and reduce peak memory usage by 30-40% compared to 2.0.0-beta.2
  + This release requires a clean storage directory and is not compatible
    with files created by previous beta releases
* Tue Aug 22 2017
- Update to v2.0.0-beta.2
  + vendor: update prometheus/tsdb (Fix panic caused by 0 division)
* Wed Aug 16 2017
- Update to v2.0.0-beta.1
  + Includes a new storage layer, which reduces bottlenecks and shows
    considerable performance improvements, but does not work with old v1
    storage data.
- Refresh 0002-Default-settings.patch to apply cleanly again
* Tue May 09 2017
- Add systemd unit file and default config (/etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml)
- Run as unprivileged "prometheus" user
- Default to /etc/prometheus for config and /var/lib/prometheus for metrics
  + Added 0002-Default-settings.patch
* Wed Apr 26 2017
- Add BuildRequires: glibc-devel-static to fix aarch64 build
* Wed Mar 29 2017
- Initial version